NBA "The Dream Team 1992" Full Documentary


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    1992 United States men's Olympic basketball team
    1st American Olympic team to feature active professional players from NBA
    Dream Team 1992
    USA vs Germany 1992 Barcelona Olympics Game 3

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    1. Rodney Crosby


    2. TP Productions

      this documentary really makes liberals look like the pieces of trash they are. I really wish we could trade all these traitors for patriots of other countries who know the true value of freedom. BLM should be ashamed of themselves they are marxist communist losers who have no idea about what it means to be an American, this country is not racist, they are the ones obsessing over skin color. God bless America.

    3. Razvan Kirchoff

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    6. sbtopjosh

      I wonder what does it feel like standing there as Chris Mullins? NO ONE CARES!

    7. Ngo Ngoc Canh

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    9. Anant Garg

      Why they didn't include Rodman? Was he not good enough?

    10. Thomas Allen

      “Who came to Barcelona at the peak of his powers.”

    11. Tony Z

      Barkley - “Duh, I’m 7 feet tall and I don’t know what the fuck my my IQ is. I think it’s 1.

    12. Tony Z

      Here are a bunch of freakishly large men who were born on third base and grew up thinking they hit a triple!

    13. Zachary louisn

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    15. Sir_Valion

      It's great to see Black Americans showing pride in their country instead of contempt.

    16. Mantas Jokubaitis

      52:17 The guy on the bench that was taking pictures is Arturas Karnisovas. He is currently the executive vice president of the Chicago Bulls btw :)

    17. Jimmy Darby

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    18. Edsel 0201

      19:45 Nice wig

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    21. George Martinez

      Charles Barkley was a big bully, what's his problem, he must have personal problems acting like a BOY...hahahaha, otherwise we Americans are so proud of these professionals for their personal best.....

    22. kelly williams

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    23. Benjamin Reyes


    24. Balázs Holocsi

      OMG last shots were so intense.. thank you! It was a really great documentary to watch!

    25. maharty leftiky

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    26. Andrea Victors

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    27. aisforairborne

      Scottie Pippen, always so humble.

      1. Balázs Holocsi

        Yep, thats the man! Always so underrated, he is the best of the best.

    28. steve k

      like aids kill the sexual revolution covid virus has killed sport idols and entertaiment idols - thank God long overdue. i only watch half of the ugly team because it was boring. narcissistic jordan, fornicating with hundreds of girls johnson, 13 year old girl impregnated by 20 year old malone, barkley spitting on 7 year old girl in game and christian laettner was a college player and had not prove himself in nba yet.

    29. Raymond Thomad Wormald

      Wow what a team

    30. Robert Farrington

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    31. keith erickson


    32. Jamie Thompson

      I've been around Charles Barkley a few times at Tahoe celebrity golf tournament and he is the nicest celebrity there. He has no problem signing autographs. Jordan on the other hand not so much. I did get to shake Jordan's hand though. I just reached out and he took it. Pretty cool

    33. Mike S

      Of all the friendships that were made from the "Dream Team" the most endearing friendship that blossomed in Barcelona was no doubt Larry Bird and Patrick Ewing.

    34. Jordan Lewis

      Kobe better than literally every single player on the dream team...RIP BEAN BEAN

    35. Dirty Beef Curtains

      Around 38:00 mark - what a shame this won’t ever happen again. No one is even close to this as competitive anymore. All would rather be butt buddies instead!

    36. CodeAlias

      58:22 hey that's the Chad Kroeger from Nickelback

    37. moebility.t.v seven

    38. Shield of Pistis

      Has any team every had this much talent?

    39. rilenixx

      I just can't believe that shooting a ball through a hoop gets this much attention. It is unreal. You have all these prominent people around the world discussing basketball as if it brain surgery or these players are real life heroes who are saving people's lives everyday. This is so comical to me. So many people look up to these people as if they're gods or something. They are just athletes who can dribble a basketball and put it through a hoop. They are greatly over paid and the numbers this year are showing that the masses are finally getting tired of this sport. The ratings are dropping more and more every year.

      1. rilenixx

        @Balázs Holocsi Oh and by the way, everything I mentioned about basketballs ratings tanking more and more every year are what intelligent people call facts. So looks like I am not the only one who sees basketball for what it is. So you read my post where I say I just can't believe prominent people discuss basketball as if its brain surgery and the players are real life heroes. Then you attack me personally and say I must have a sad life and you feel sorry for me? You essentially proved another point for me that i was not even trying to make because you couldn't even read and comprehend what it was my post was even alluding to. Thank you. There is nothing more I need to say here.

      2. rilenixx

        ​@Balázs Holocsi You feel sorry for me because of what I posted? I think grown men who sit around and praise men like they're gods of some sort who happen to dribble a basketball up and down a court, and put it through a hoop are the ones with a sad life. What a sad pathetic life one must have to memorize a players/teams stats, a team's strengths and weaknesses, and of course watch games and analysts talk about all of this daily. Unless you're are a teenager or get paid to discuss sports for a living then yes, then there is no excuse. If your hobby is talking about grown men who have the IQ of a rock that put a ball through a hoop and get paid more then neurosurgeons do then I feel sorry for you. It is a little crazy how defensive and personal you took my post. Then you attack me and say I have a sad life. Bro I actually have an exciting and productive life. I have a semi professional career in MMA and compete in powerlifting. I have my own stats to talk about and don't sit around discussing someone else's.

      3. Balázs Holocsi

        You must have a really sad life.. I feel sorry for you.

    40. Cameron

      Micheal Jordan is a jerk.

    41. duck dong

      the guys who didn't make this team would kick the asses of every other "dream team".


      no dennis rodman , garbage team

    43. Noushad Simno

      The avengers of basketball

    44. Vlin Grungir

      No Isiah, no dream team at that time. Best assembled, but not the best that COULD have been assembled.

    45. Lee P

      Pippen said "we wanted to guard Kukoc on the bench" 😬... jeez! Toni Kukoc had no chance lol

    46. Goran Spirovski

      This "dream team" didnt play against true Yugoslavia "dream team". Yugoslavia fall apart in 1991. Clubs from Yugoslavia dominated Europe from 1985 - 1992 (6 Europe titles). Yugoslavia was 1990s world basketball champion and didnt defended the crown. Croatia was a part of mighty team which would dominate 90s. With Petrovic, Radja, Kukoc, Divac, Bodiroga, Djordjevic, Danilovic .... Yugoslavia had a "golden generation" and all of them deserved to be in that final. USA dream team deserved to play against a true European "dream team" and that would be a real clash of titans.

      1. Goran Spirovski

        @Balázs Holocsi I wrote those sentences because that is the truth. They didnt play against the best. They didnt play against world and European champion holders. They played only against part of that team. I also think that USA "dream team" would win that match. Yeah, they would probably win but in best of 5 (3-1 or 3-2).

      2. Balázs Holocsi

        Yeah, you just wrote these sentences for what? Still any team, including your Big Yugoslavia team would have lost against them by 30 points.

    47. Matty Daddy

      Redeem team next???

    48. christian smith jr

      ll the people tht killed my hildre re bout to be killed

    49. Jeffrey Chaney

      scotty was the most underrated player of all time.

      1. Ya Diggg



      Special thanks to Chuck Daly, who have united 12 super different egos in one brotherhood. That's what we, all humans should embrace. Bring humanity together, no fights, no war, no discrimination between all races. Respect for each other and making friendship in the process.

    51. Frano Petrusa

      You can't imagine how big it was for Croatia.

    52. Kevin McKinlay

      Anyone else notice that Edward Burns is the narrator? Brothers McMullen, She's the One, Saving Private Ryan, and many other great films.

    53. Aaron Samuel

      Great Documentary.. Good Work

    54. Mr. No Weapon

      its amazing how OTHER folks view u ..

    55. Mr. No Weapon

      Laetner.. wont ever make the HOF

    56. Mr. No Weapon

      how about the women there tho.. hahahahhha

    57. Mr. No Weapon

      every Player was envious of Jordan... trust me

    58. Mr. No Weapon

      heyJohn... when ur white .. short noone cares lol

    59. drakestar13

      THE ONE AND ONLY REAL DREAM TEAM!!!! I was 16 and watches all games!!!!

    60. Jop

      Or what it’s like whacking off at your own images ... humility is a virtue too

    61. Mr. No Weapon

      chuck daly.... was wrong for NOT speaking up for THOMAS

    62. Mr. No Weapon

      pippen deserve it ..

    63. Mr. No Weapon

      jordan caused .... Isaiah thomas to be left off.. what a shame

    64. Mr. No Weapon

      christian laetner.. should NOT have been there.... shaq should be

    65. Chris Lee

      In retrospect I think it was the right decision to not have Isiah on the dream team. I know he's upset about it but he needs to own up to his own actions that led to others not wanting him on that team. The 1992 Dream Team was the perfect mix of players who got along both on and off the court. I think with Isiah, there would've been more internal drama and fighting.

    66. Dallas

      Awesome quality footage

    67. Dallas

      They missed Bugs Bunny

    68. vince33x

      Who in the Mid-'60s presciently observed - The Olympics should be a "Pro-Am" Event because the Russians were already using "Pros!" You know who it was? William F Buckley Jr. ! He basically noted: If the Russians are going to bring pros then we (USA) should as well!!

    69. Karolis Likas

      "The guy on the bench taking pictures" is now GM of Chigago Bulls.. Just saying...

      1. Balázs Holocsi

        prove it

    70. Clemus Johnson

      The real winner..... The one college student that had front row seat watching the nba legends. Play

    71. jacobcook7

      That college spot should have went to Shaq

    72. Samet Özkan

      F to Rodman and his unused 16 jersey

    73. llongone2

      @41:50 What?! Did they go back in time? The landed in Barcelona in 1967? What's with that footage?

    74. R Garcia

      This must of destroyed issac and I love it!!

      1. M M


    75. Daniel Red

      These guys made America. Wish it could continue like this.

    76. GRIZZ 357

      The good Old Days

    77. grzegorzwarszawa

      7:16 -MJ, we need You ! - And that's when I took it personally

    78. mark schnabel

      Keep in mind nations had their very best pro basketball players playing and training yearly for many years prior to '92 Olympics. The USA team was at disadvantage due to college players participation. College kids who never played together. So the USA Olympic Committee made the change. And the world found out how good the USA could actually was.

    79. BassStudent4life

      Isiah Thomas is the only dream team player that wasn't on the actual roster. Even in documentaries, his name has to be mentioned. Can cock block greatness.

    80. Se 2333

      i don’t wanna be on magic team i want to play against him.. man have times changed

    81. G E

      1 year ago and everybody still active! deym those days of 1992

    82. Arfen Malik

      Loved the documentary but to say it is the greatest team ever assembled in team sports is just false I prefer futboll

      1. Se 2333

        stop it...

    83. Ace

      54:31 damn there's an uchiha here

    84. Don Evans

      Vow I think

    85. Jim Mundy

      Bonified DREAM TEAM! Great memories. These Athletes brought Americans together rather than dividing! It was an honor to witness! I will NEVER FORGET!

    86. samalatight pooper • 39 years ago

      How did Magic not get the original MJ moniker?? Never realized he had MJ initials(I know his real name is Earvin)

    87. Benjamin Reyes


    88. mikeobiwon

      It was the Memorial Coliseum and not the Rose Garden. The Rose Garden didn't open until 1995. Great documentary, though!

    89. Justin Powell

      The greatest sports team assembled

    90. SykeZ

      man I miss the 90s..the greatest decade

    91. yo yo

      Prime Bird on this team would have been so fun to watch

    92. mike

      This is the best team ever assembled almost all of them were on 50 greatest of all time

    93. Dan Edgar

      Imagine if they had put in a young college shaq instead of christian

    94. Brian Rubio

      3:25 is that Alex Caruso? 😭

    95. Dan Edgar

      1:03 because im a spoiled rat bastard

    96. Swarbhanu Banerjee

      Glad to watch it before it's deleted due to copyright strike

    97. Stjepan Drnasin

      The best team ever but I dont understand why like in the last dance documentary you just skip to tell anything about Drazen Petrovic? That is typical American propaganda, Drazen was the best European player maybe ever and on that particular night he score the most points 24 while Jordan scores only 22. But that is something you will leave out of this?

    98. Jadon Godsey

      53:33 Lemon lime Gatorade in a glass bottle. Memberberries

    99. Gerardo Garcia

      Imagine if they lost 😂