CRASHED the New DJI Drone - You Better Find It!

Scott Martin

39 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

    Finally got the Brand New DJI Drone and Macoy Did something really Stupid!...Really Stupid!
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    1. Justin Treto

      This must be how my dad got to school

    2. Esteban Gonzalez

      What happened to Brandon?

    3. Wes P’s World

      It's a DJI, If he would've took the controller with him he would have found it easy. It has GPS and would've took him straight to it on the map. I've got one and had to use the GPS for that same reason.

    4. PersonaGrip

      ALWAYS fly can reverse it in editing to get that glorious "Pull Away" shot. As long as there are no cars in the background driving backward giving away the secret, you'll never lose another drone.

    5. Jace DeGough

      Didn’t realize Jimmy lived in Sulphur OK. I’ve been there many times. Very neat place.

    6. James Casper & Samantha Lintner

      Jimmy love ya, Scott lighten up , like that drone is going bro break you.. come on...

    7. Steve Hogan

      Cactus is ripe. also it was a Rattle snake. Love you Jimmy Houston. Don't kill the snake. Leave it alone. Beautiful country Jimmy. Good to see you happy and healthy. and always laughing.


      That was a diamond back bro, be carful next time trekking through the woods dude.

    9. Bassing around

      I though those have a locator device like a phone have

    10. Risen Son Adventures

      I have to commend the young man, I have the mavic air 2 and i would throw up if that happened to me. Way to go McCoy, glad you didnt get bit by that snake. And if Scott Fires you, go work for HillarySue. HAHAHAHAHAH. It time to go Kayak Fishing Scott, time for you to get a Hobie, Like Ike.

    11. Chris Gable

      The way he was just running threw the woods at first its amazing he didnt get bit

    12. BJC Counter

      McCoy could've been stalked by a mountain lion.

    13. Donovan Johnson

      Super THICC

    14. Chris Willis

      ( If you dont find it your fired, now edit that in lol) 😭🤣

    15. The_NC_Bass_Slayer

      Scott I thought you were your father for a minute 🤣🤣🤣

    16. Shaun Benedum

      I cant believe he doesn't know what kind of snake that was. That was a rattlesnake. Duh

    17. James Payne

      If you take a good look at the drone controller, the stick on the left increases the altitude by pushing up.

    18. Steven Thomas

      I was thinking about ticks and chiggers for poor ol' McCoy.........wasn't even thinking about a venomous snake....Yikes! Lucky guy!!

    19. jasontheryan

      Jimmy Houston!!

    20. David McCallister

      C'mon bro lol How do you not know that is a rattlesnake

    21. Jessie Mayes

      McCoy deserves a raise. 😂

    22. D. Love

      Yes, that was definitely POISON IVY.

    23. D W

      I imagine Scott behind the camera is a different person. I thought at first he was joking with McCoy...but he was being a jerk. If McCoy had got snake bit over a drone I wonder how Scott would have felt. Seems like a jerk...that is probably why Brandon left...

    24. Rowdy Broomstick

      I'd say Jimmy said a little prayer for him to find it, that's just way Jimmy is

    25. Braden Tucker

      rattle snakes will normally be under logs and large rocks so watch out my dude

    26. Bobby Batey

      Scott your a good fisherman. You have already proved that but if you want to win again, you need to get your head in the game. Right now you've got your head up your ass worried about youtube videos and selling shit for sponsors. If you really want that bassmasters classic win, your gonna have to get back to the old Scott Martin

    27. Evan Fagerty

      Plz bring B back. McCoy sucks!!!!

    28. Rob Fike

      Scott, Having McCoy run around the wilderness in flip flops and shorts for a drone is crazy. If that Diamond Back bit him you would have felt awful. Give McCoy a big raise. Crazy stuff. Of course he would be in serious trouble. Most likely would have died being up on that mountain alone!

    29. Big Banana Fishing

      lol, copperhead. Copperheads are no big deal. But that rattlesnake will kill you dead :D

    30. Anthony Clark

      Scott you need to do a Brandon - McCoy ghost pepper challenge

      1. Anthony Clark

        @Scott Martin so no ghost pepper what about a chilly cook off you and billy could be the judges

      2. Scott Martin

        Macoy would die


      Could've saved so much time just by looking at the GPS location of the drone on the controller and walking straight to the drone. Wonder if he has his part 107 haha!

    32. Tim Vaughan

      Scott seemed super pissed at the begining

    33. SF7Dragon

      MaCoy, that is a rattle snake my friend. You're lucky you didn't get bit and lucky that drone was still intact. Scott, you owe your boy a meal for going into the thick and almost getting bit my a rattler.

      1. SF7Dragon

        @Scott Martin I wouldn't say MPV (whatever that means) because he still downed the drone which caused you to stop what you were doing with Jimmy to go find that thing. I would definitely make him wash the boats and truck for a month to make up for this mistake.

      2. Scott Martin

        Macoy is for sure the MPV for being able to save the drone.

    34. Chris W

      Scott, it is so awesome to see you hanging out with your dad's friends! You are so blessed!

    35. Gilberto Soto

      Dude be easy on that man no amount of money is worth his life, that was a diamond back rattlenake

    36. Jerred Wayne

      Boy I bet he wish he had long britches and some boots. Im surprised he didn't get cut all to peices

    37. Kevin Sheddrick

      McCoy's video while searching for the drone... I wondered if he stumbled upon the Blair Witch Project! Luckily no stick figure people were hanging from the trees.

      1. Scott Martin

        😂 definitely looks like “lost footage” tapes.

    38. MaTruth N.M. Bassin

      KGupr life 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

    39. Living the Dream

      That's a rattlesnake not a copperhead lol

    40. Shawn Mote

      The snakes have been pretty bad this year. I live about 8 miles from there. Bad thing is most rattle snakes don’t rattle now because of the hogs. Hogs eat them and they’ve learned not to rattle. I’ve killed 4 this year and not one rattled.

    41. Brian Muldovan

      Only way your channel could get any better then it already is add ol Jimmy Huston to it has to be one of the nicest guys on the planet

    42. Chris Margarum

      Rattlesnake buddy...

    43. John Durbin

      Great adventure!

    44. James Mims

      Lol always an adventure with jimmy. Love it.

      1. Scott Martin

        Never a dull moment either😂

    45. George Shread III

      McCoy you rocked it dude!

    46. Elijah Southern

      Great job finding the drone man. Loved the nature hike😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    47. Jeffrey Perryman

      Rattle snake hunting in flip flops 🤣 Only Scott Martin

      1. Scott Martin



      Scott, I am a licensed FAA certified drone pilot and an avid bass fisherman! Here is a really cool FREE website that you can interact with your drone. Drop me a comment and we can make arrangements for me to show you how to pre-plan your drone flights before, during and after your tournaments. - Just like a pro pilot you can lay out your entire flight even before you arrive at your tournament and then when you get there you can simply put your drone in the air and press play and capture stunning video. Sort of like the first time you learned how to Texas Rig or Drop Shot. Too much fun!

    49. JB's Fishing Stuff N More

      Hey Scott . Saw you yesterday at Henry . I the bite is better later this week than it was yesterday.. we were having our classic and I never put a measurable fish in the boat . Tough day .

    50. Mark Brown

      Big ass Rattlesnake

    51. Brazos Gears

      Once a wise man said - "There's a fine line between Fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot."

    52. Jolly Giant

      I am sure, its a rattle snake.

    53. Chasen Gillz

      That was a big snake! Be careful bud

    54. Chris Adams

      Wonder how much poison ivy he got into?

    55. Clapmando

      Even a snake is a "Big'un" to Scott. Cracks me up. Now I'm saying it to my son every fish I catch.

    56. The Woodshop

      What is this we found it stuff?

      1. Scott Martin


    57. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      Bring more Jimmy to the channel 🤣 I will never forget when I was 7 I met him at the Hillsboro river ramp that leads to Tampa Bay and actually asked my dad to go back out and film an episode with him because our live well was slap full of sea trout and my first cobia. I literally asked my dad about that just before he passed 2 months ago. It’s stories like that that will stay with me forever

    58. J Tee

      I like at the end of the video Scott jokes with Jimmy that if Troy didn't find the drone he'd fire him, but Jimmy says no, and if he finds it he should get a bonus. He found it, the bonus is he gets to keep his job even though he forgot to connect his phone to the drone before the first flight, so it could be located in case of an accident 😊

    59. Bassfisher78 !!

      Great video as usual!!! Good luck at Neely Henry!! Looking forward to it myself. It's the lake where my bass tournament craze started. Maybe I get lucky and draw you or one of your traveling partners. If they pull any current it's going to be lights out. Coosa River spots fight like a smallmouth on steroids!!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man! Good luck in the tournament!

    60. living the outdoors

      I would love to hang out with jimmy he was my very 1st subscriber to my channel when I seen jimmy I thought I was on his channel for a minute lol

    61. living the outdoors

      Dam that was close glad you seen that rattler snake this video would been turned into mccoys goes to ER

    62. 6 Ner0

      What happened to spinner worm?

    63. Brock Johnson

      Wow Jimmy, what a piece of property! Also, wow McCoy your out of shape! Hahaha! Good stuff guys! Godbless

    64. Tiger Outdoors

      Count them blessings Macoy. That was close with that diamondback. That thing was no baby. I'd say a 5 footer at least. I nearly lost my drone in Watts Bar lake because an osprey tried to attack it. To make things more interesting, I forgot to calibrate my drone so it refused to fly right. It would only go up, down, reverse, and rotate. It was maybe 200 yards away when it said flight limit reached.

    65. Rogbass

      On a more serious note. I’m Looking forward to a game plan video for Neely. Weather looking tricky. And a question. Do you Castledine and Upshaw make any side wagers on who does better for the week? Ok fine im here to get info from all three of you because next year I’m going to enter tourneys. There I said it. I don’t want to look like a fool on my first tourney. So I come here. Learning all I can. Going back through hundreds of vids. Practicing when I can. Gathering the gear and the funds to make a real go at it. I feel bad for not saying this sooner. Lol.

    66. Josh M Moore

      Kennel up dog😂

    67. Rogbass

      Just had hip replacement and I’m pouring photon water on my leg and I believe I’m healed. I just can’t stop I’m sorry. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    68. Josh M Moore

      Twin Eagle Lake is an amazing place! Jimmy and Chris have an amazing 2000 acre ranch in Oklahoma. I had an amazing dream come true and won an all day fishing trip and was able to fish half a day with Jimmy and half with Hank Parker! It was a dream come true and I'll never forget! Caught 4lbers all day long then sat down and ate a steak, potato and homemade pecan pie made by Chris, Jimmy's wife! Jimmy is a Legend and I'll be grateful forever for the opportunity! Great job finding that drone🤣

    69. Kevin Wells

      Oh my gosh! I won't repeat that statement, but I bet McCoy will. Glad you found it though, and I love your video's guys. Keep it going!

    70. SOC Travels

      McCoy you only get to crash one per year, Scott will crash the rest of them through the year. 🤣


      Well this was interesting lol!

    72. Tou Xiong

      Well Jacob blew a wheel out and he didn’t get fire.

    73. Austin Spriggs

      As soon as I saw that snake I knew it was a rattler, glad he’s okay scary situation there!

    74. Jackson Ham

      Like if jimmy reminds you of your country grandpa

    75. Disney Plus

      I stepped over a log once fishing and my foot landed 10 inches from a cotton mouth and I just kind of stared at me and I ran away luckily

    76. Wayne Blackburn

      Okay first of all you can use the app to track the Drone. A drone pilot myself that appears to be a phantom 4 Pro, which should have obstacle avoidance. I do not understand why it did not stop or simply avoid the tree. I'm glad everything ended well.

      1. Scott Martin

        Didn’t work very well


      Next time buy the DJI Magic 2 Pro or the new DJI Magic Air. Only $799

    78. Teggy 53647 Gj

      Jimmy's humble being always touches my soul deeply. Scott you blessed to share time with such a legend

      1. Scott Martin

        Jimmy is awesome!


      Take the remote control with you. It will show you where the drone is.

    80. Ethan Eveler

      That is crazy it took over 1 hour to find the drone but at least McCoy found it. That mountain you guys were standing on was cool nice view and them deer are cool how they are his own deer the little one walked over to you right away and the buck was like no I am leaving. And one last thing at least none of you got bit by that rattle snake that thing was huge hopefully he can catch it sometime and get rid of it.

    81. APOFishing

      never go into the woods without a blue jeans and boats and Macoy had to have been so cut up after going through all them briars

      1. Scott Martin

        I still have a few scratches on my legs too

    82. Jamil Gill

      I didn't expect to like this video as much as I did!

    83. Ian Bellomo

      I’d rather get Scott a new drone than get bit by a rattler...! I littered piss myself if I saw that thing...! 😂 Glad you’re okay Macoy!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        So close!

    84. Aaron Granger

      Western diamondback?

      1. Scott Martin

        I think so

    85. P Frost

      Need a gps on that drone

      1. Scott Martin


    86. Tim Johnson

      Scott wanted no part of that rattlesnake, we see you arriving last to the woodpile Scott! 😂

    87. Aaron Granger

      Looks like my annual trip attempting to n prepare for deer season. There is nothing ever easy in south Louisiana

    88. Jeremiah LBFG

      Camera guy so scared he turned red 😂

      1. Scott Martin

        He was sooo scared lol

    89. Joseph Stephens

      Amazing vid

    90. Jacob Jones

      Big rattle snake

    91. Doc Phillips

      Hey Guys, there are Drone Trackers out there. From my previous live in media days we found them a necessity. They are available on line or at some drone stores. While I am not recommending or promoting any product our producers and budget people, like Trackimo and Flytrex. They are GPS enabled, most have a dial in SIM card and operate on the current 3G networks.

      1. J Tee

        That drone has it built in.

    92. Rogbass

      I can’t stop watching this video. Hahahahaha. I’m in tears. 😂😂

      1. Scott Martin


    93. Cody Phillips

      Scott! Your dad, jimmy, and bill dance are engrained into brain as the original fishing legends!! Who are those guys for you?

      1. Scott Martin

        My buds..😃

    94. Chuck Steele

      Dont be so hard on him Scott. How would you feel if the wife did that to you every time you loose a fish in a tournament. Lol.

      1. Tanner Warren

        lol. I’m dying 😂😂😂😂 True though

    95. David Williams

      Scott you better start a 401k for McCoy after that

    96. Hooks to Antlers

      Man.. that’s definitely the biggest rattlesnake I’ve seen haha

    97. Joe the Prooo!

      You need to learn your snakes better kid just saying always look down when walking

    98. Jake Schisler

      Scott you going to buy McCoy a new Camaro too?

    99. Ron Robison

      McCoy is the man.

    100. Jake Schisler

      Jimmy knows too well about snakes