10 Things Lil Durk Can't Live Without | GQ


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    There are a few things Grammy nominated rapper Lil Durk can't live without when he hits the road. From his Flamin' Hot Cheetos and his Lamborghini to headphones and video games, these are Lil Durk's travel essentials.

    Listen to Lil Durk's latest album, “Just Cause Ya’ll waited 2” here: open.spotify.com/album/2lTzPbjHdZgNyV5cvhT7qE

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    10 Things Lil Durk Can't Live Without | GQ

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    1. keshia brown

      What if von was there and durk said my brother can’t live with out him💔💔 LL grandson

    2. Luck

      Dior Sauvage is a kids cologne

    3. Den nis

      Literally no one: Lil Durk: 24/7 RIP V.ROY🌹


      Feel bad for lil durk losing his best friend "King Von". We all know we'll see are friends and loved one's someday I know it. RIP KING VON

    5. Baddie_period Moore

      I fell to sleep on this video before

    6. Aaliyah Cobbin




    8. Keonta Willingham

      His eyes so pretty 😭✨

      1. Justin 2K


    9. Dabrat Ty


    10. Rike Adeleke

      I love durkio so much🥺🥺. He’s just like arghhh so perfect

    11. The Phoenix Is Rising

      We know he can’t live without his kids but what about his wife 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

    12. James Mwase

      U literary forgot lean and perks.. 😂

    13. Rukeiyah Smith


    14. Earl Shakur

      That women sounds like a video game voice instructing you on a mission

    15. Young Golo

      he finally back bcuz he wanted to do his jewrly first

    16. Donte Black

      Lil durk and king von is the best crazy story remix

    17. Imani M

      Him n Von are twinsssss

    18. vToxic LF


    19. vToxic LF

      Durk is a GOAT 🐐 RIP VON AND NUSKI

    20. Ninos Youtube



      he seem sad look 4:52

    22. LaShonda Goins

      Durk and Von I’m a fan

    23. Sybria’sworld K.

      my lovee .

    24. Trapboii Murko


    25. Kada 200

      He left out killing people..we can make that number 11

    26. Filsan Ali

      It’s sad how him and lil durk lost count how many funerals he’s been to

    27. B K

      What if he said he used 300 sprays? 😂

    28. Shaniece H

      1 things Lil Durk can’t live without: ME 😂😂

    29. Drakkar_Night

      Dior sauvage... throw that axe spray in the trash. That’s a 2015-2016 hyped fragrance.

    30. Mason Williams

      Lil Durk also can not live with out his brother, R.I.P to dayvon

    31. Baby Capp

      I’m loving the urus I ordered it

    32. Jermaine Ferguson

      No gun?

    33. Barbara Lopez

      Savauge dior colone is my favorite

    34. Gato

      His hair look good

    35. DDW BeatYonce` Female Producer

      That Sauvage by Dior smells so good. Got my bae some

    36. Laddy Thomson

      Nobody Lil Durk: “24/7”

    37. London King

      THIS MAN!!!!!!!!

    38. Drākøz Bārbiez

      Durk eyes so pretty😍

    39. kordarrion lyons KK

      Lil durk can't live without von his twin

    40. ZINXY ZER0

      Lil durk my fav gamer

    41. YTK Odog

      Lil durk give me those professional hot chip lessons lol

    42. Hassan Adan

      Were the quran bro 🤔🤔🤔

    43. Alexander Gibson

      that chain hit me hard thats very noble

    44. ashhh


    45. Trell Swervin

      Protect durk at all cost bruh please 💯

    46. Solo Dr3amsz


    47. Paulette Jordan

      Next person y'all should do is yungeen ace and jaydayoungan

    48. Flg Kc

      King von

    49. Lois Lee

      I was waiting for him to say India.....

    50. Beautifulsoul95 95

      Durk fine asl

    51. ZSU-23-4 Shilka

      How does Lil Durk eat with his diamond grills on?

    52. Aja Love


    53. Kirrea Bennett

      On gang

    54. Cory Bowers

      Nobody is allowed to steal that chain 😡

    55. neo animations

      I remember 2k being WWE

    56. Robert Freeeman

      Halapeno Cheetos are better than hot ones tho 😂

    57. Joshua Johnson

      Rip von

    58. Right Path

      To the 1% reading this, may God bless you and see you through whatever you are going through. 🙏 I want to be a big youtuber one day

    59. Unknown Unknown

      Lil durk is a humble guy how can you not like his personality

    60. SLINGZ

      I can’t live without air

    61. Mason Murf

      He looks sad

    62. Kota Lz

      I feel him on the Calvin white tees

    63. T m gang Love y’all

      It’s not my notice in the tape on his shirt

    64. Reggie Bell

      He forgot them percs

      1. lah_j7


    65. RetroDunkz-

      he looked like von the whole interview, take a close look before u say I’m wrong

    66. Mz Thing

      Polo tee he tweakingtweaking

    67. wxvlp The Goat

      Durk also cant live without his brudda von

    68. Kaiden Parks

      Lil Durk is my favorite rapper


      It would have been cute if he would have mention something about “I can’t live with out INDIA”

    70. itsDAK


    71. Teezy 2 Times

      rip von

    72. saul lopez

      New Year's Eve

    73. Ebony Shelton

      Im surprised that he never said dayvon first.

      1. uziluva

        it was pre recorded

    74. Mαteus シ


    75. King Idk

      The juvenile tax exceptionally check because lynx allegedly close towards a miscreant hose. sore, victorious french

    76. Tay2solidd


    77. Μιχάλης κορλεόνε

      11: King von

    78. Eric Burkett II

      This is how many times Durk said 24/7👉

    79. Nate Seamster

      The Realest I’ve seen on here 🤞🏾♥️💯

    80. Xian James

      Interviewer:Anything else? Lil Durk:King von(RIP)

    81. theedripboycriszz 22

      Surprised he ain’t say von but now he gon have to 😔

    82. Iso aholicx

      I know one thing he can’t live without Von RIP

    83. GeetSlapped

      Aww Willow his lock screen

    84. Emarian Walker

      Why he got them Romen noodles in his head

    85. FaceYourOwn

      I let mature ppl drive it haha

    86. Tiara Fefee

      I really miss king von

      1. Tiara Fefee

        🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 King von

    87. Saysay J

      mayne said like 12

    88. Makyah Allen

      His eyes and his voice 🔥😻

    89. Complxity_ty

      lol Durk back at it again with them unseasoned Ramen Noodles💀💀

    90. Itscorinnsky Sky

      I like hot Cheetos so good

    91. Ali Elhusseini

      na lil durk is trash'

    92. iiLondonIi

      I’m suprised he didn’t say “ bro ONE thing I can’t live without if my lil bro von . “

    93. Lukas AMV

      What flavour is that sauvage is??

    94. nflboy scott2

      My man need chips and his controller to play colo duty lol

    95. Hunter Conklin

      Why us it that all the rappers like white tee's

    96. dumb jay

      He needs king von so ooooooooooooooooooo why is king von not here

    97. Makeup Junkie

      The shirt lil Durk has on is off white 🤗

    98. Junior Mazibuko

      Check " 1 Corinthians 15 :1-4"

    99. kelz h2

      Got the same controller

    100. Faze tf Lucia

      Rip king Von love you bro