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    Take a Candy Leave a Candy, Act of Kindness Captured on Halloween Via Ring Video Doorbell 2
    "My husband put a sign out that read: “Take all you want, just not the starbursts. My wife loves them.” said Ashleigh.
    These two boys took the joking sign to heart, taking candy from their own Halloween bags and leaving it at the doorstep.
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    1. Discjunky12

      Wow! What great kids! They are every parent's dream.

    2. Glizzy iOS

      Dang, this is more than kindness.

    3. Deborah Phillips

      Awwww! Such sweet caring kids!!!!!

    4. Joris Popplin


    5. aesthixoreo

      Awwww this melts my heart ❤️✨

    6. Tiktoks Altitude

      Wait ring has KGup?!

    7. Welllwell Sellem

      It was on 0:25

    8. Welllwell Sellem

      Did y’all see something in the back it was like something flying

    9. Evelyne kasih

      What kind heart kiddos ✨✨

    10. Mario1611

      0:22 Check out the sky in the background.

    11. Trisha Casida


    12. Simply Dilan

      Such amazing kids!

    13. Hello Bree

      Im kinda confused tho. 🤨

    14. Markyboy68

      Hey his is so wholesome 🥺

    15. Gracie

      Hmmm, maybe there never were any starbursts.

    16. jakayla reid


    17. Monica T

      🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love u guys ... ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗

    18. Susann Levy

      Really nice Boys...but i dont understand,why put starburst outside,if you want them for yourself?

    19. marzinjedi

      Good kids exist !

    20. Nakiyah Benson

      I wish kids did this more instead of bullying ppl and trying to get attention in bad ways💯

    21. Superman animations studios

      Bruh the kid just wants to be famous. 🤦‍♂️ Dumb shit KGup video.

    22. Po Panda

      Why did the lady want the Starbursts????? Taking from the nice boys?

    23. Dżejpa 2020

      There are still good people in the world

    24. Holly Ruck

      Oh these boys! How precious! 🎃

    25. Samantha mother of cats

      Aww that was so sweet of them, their parents raised them well.. and my boy Miguel with his head in the bag 😂😂 lmao. Only thing confusing me is, why even put the starburst outside tho if they don’t want them taken?

    26. Patricia Cabrera

      Every time I see this video I smell there real .So many SMILING FACES cockroaches out there that we think are good .But we can not desive God cause he knows are heart and mind and hidden camera s because they see everything when you think no one is seeing . These two boys have a humble heart and the bag over his head is freaking ADORABLE!!!!

    27. Dopelenii

      Why do these comments have no replies?

    28. Hihi10s


    29. Des Tree

      They didn't even hesitate ❤️

    30. Avea Diamond


    31. Deanna Rose

      Awww they were so happy to do it too! Such sweet little boys, their parents did an awesome job!

    32. Marina Krsmanovic

      Honey boys ❤️

    33. seiom jvony

      This what people should be like

    34. Google Account

      Lovely kids. Parents would be proud. Love how one dude put his head in the sack

    35. Beach Town Reseller

      Good kids. Oh my goodness, they still exist in 2020!❤️

    36. Jessah Christee Egonia

      Is that a firefly at 0:24 mark? I'd like to believe it's a fairy. Anyway, well done boys!!!

    37. freaky toonz

      Love the people saying this is an act of kindness and the parents raised them well.... Its a fuckin piece of candy XDDDDDD

    38. Nova Amor

      Nice kids 💕

    39. luster 5

      Wow, kindness still breathing

    40. Ronald Timbalaco Villamor

      I don’t know what is happening

    41. Cynthia Marie

      Omg my heart just melted these kids are ONE of a kinda bless them and there parents who did an amazing job raising them

    42. Justa Clapper

      I LOVE these kids. Reminds me of my son

    43. Gudiana

      0:24 OMG firefly in The background!

      1. seiom jvony

        Who took the star?? Lmbooo

    44. Renee Howard

      Lmao he stuck his whole head in the bag looking for the starburst

    45. Clemdane

      That's so cute!

    46. Experiment Lad

      0:25 rockets going crazy in the background😂😂

    47. Experiment Lad

      Anyone noticed the rocket flying around in the background @0.25 it’s mad😂

    48. Orren Huiett

      Who the heck would dislike this

    49. Quay Styles


    50. Ms Lusiana

      Future President

    51. CutyFN

      0:21 whats the light in the backround

    52. Aria

      What’s that flying thing in the background????? 😱😱😱😱😱

    53. Blue Brain

      That bowl of candy would have not stand a chance against younger me

    54. Blue Brain

      Omg 🥺

    55. Ash Baxter

      Such gentlemen already at children’s ages! There is hope in this world wish there was more like them.. make sure my daughter has respect and kindness like these 2 boys well done boys

    56. ABen Ben

      This is our future what a beautiful sight

    57. helloimraven313 Follow Me

      Who took the star?? Lmbooo

    58. Colin W

      great costumes I must say

    59. Giaya Rhea


    60. Shauka Hodan

      how he puts his head in the bag tho...

    61. prizak

      What is a starrbust? A candy?

    62. Tyler Janssen

      what happens when u live ina good huwhite neighborhood had it been the hoods the whole bowl will be gone

    63. Kayotica

      I love how they were in shock someone actually took the starburst XDD so sweet

    64. kassandra hernandez

      She should have bought her own Starburst it's Halloween they should be able to pick geez I do it for myself so I don't have to tell the kids no like this lol... Seems kind of dumb

    65. Jazmin Valtierra


    66. hilda cruz

      These kids are going to be very good husbands very good fathers and very good citizens may God protect them always!!

    67. Amritpal Singh

      You are welcome 😅

    68. Marcelina

      That boy put his head in the bag 😂 dove right in. Wasn’t playing around. Starburst should give them a year’s worth of candy!

    69. Matt Dejoy

      I'm saying tho, how did he see with his head in a dark pillow case...haha cool kide tho

    70. Joseph Hammond

      Thats some good boys right there! Hats off to the parents.

    71. Kal


    72. bffeflirt7

      The way they paused & probably thought "frecck who took the starburst?!" 😭

    73. Khycyclaire RN

      Kudos to those 2 kiddos and their parents who raised them well.. ❤️❤️❤️

    74. Vivimus Jenos

      That kid with his head in the bag was like Goku if he could read💜

    75. Vivimus Jenos


      1. Shauka Hodan


    76. ryan zheng


    77. Fonsy ツ

      Oh thats nice

    78. Danielle Pratt

      Sharing is caring. And to say the kids was willing to give what they had to make someone else happy. Love it

    79. Danielle Pratt

      Great parenting!! That was so sweet

    80. lawrence mcgrogan

      Man I would of took the whole bowl lmao

    81. April Anne

      Dear friend, I hope all is well with you and that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit. 3 John 1:2 NLT

    82. Amanda W

      I wish someone could find these kids and give them an awesome college grant or something. Well raised!!

    83. Daniel Jimenez

      These are the type of kids that deserve as much candy as they want.

    84. Maddy Morrison

      OMG there was a shooting star in the back at the first 36 seconds omg

    85. Maddy Morrison

      There was a shooting star in the back of them at the first 36 seconds omg

    86. Eileen

      Now them boys was raised right. Congrats to the parents of these sweet young men!

    87. Business Use

      Good kids.they should get a year supply of starburst for such kindness

    88. Natalia Hernandez

      Aww the cutest

    89. axis gaol

      The masked kid is kinda smart, he's so careful of the situation around. The other kid is so cute and very kind. Both are Pure hearted and innocent as well. Love them both.

    90. Brenna Landron

      Sweet boys!

    91. Gavin Cyr

      Then why put the starbursts out?

    92. scott wheeler

      What great kids

    93. Patricia Haynes

      These two are hilarious!!! (Someone stole our whole bowl of candy and the bowl this year)

    94. Syc Myers

      They are so sweet thry are mot greedy in any way shape or form .if you do not lokk how much people do 👇

    95. Anthony Jonas

      Good kids.

    96. Yushih Lee

      Want to thank the parents who raise them well.

    97. sagarrett

      Great kids! Part of the Solutions not part of the problem!

    98. Yvonne Ali

      What good kids. Heartwarming to see

    99. J Garcia

      Aww,my heart fluttered!