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    Mario Judah’s “Die Very Rough” quickly became a viral hit after he dropped the track in September. The song, which is produced by Mario Judah himself and features his signature producer tag, has more than 16 million Spotify plays to date and has spawned countless TikTok memes. On the latest episode of 'Verified,' the beatmaker turned rapper-singer explained how the song came together and broke down its lyrics.
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    1. garik capretta

      This guy is acc jokes 🤣

    2. pauhull

      1:54 when you're on a bridge in pubg

    3. عبدالله الدخيل


    4. Feorge

      I like how he said the word 'lion'.

    5. TayStacks

      weird boul

    6. Ya like Jizz?

      Everyone always asks "Where tf is Mario Judah, but no one asked "how tf is mario judah😔✊

    7. O_O Lel

      1:52 12 year old me when i found a black spot on my foot

    8. Wallus

      Autotune real life mario judah

    9. prod. kajro

      my man doesnt miss

    10. Anthonny Pantoja

      Wr the fk is Mario judah

    11. The big Mystic

      He creeps me out

    12. Empire_ STARZ

      I respect you a lot just work on some of your lyrics put more meaning behind them not hating just some constructive Criticism ya know love ya music a lot but a little more meaning and stuff I love your music a lot and stuff your very talented and you have a good voice


      2:30 was awesome it blessed my face a.k.a my pfp!

    14. AlTiUCOFe

      Has he really not giving a voice acting career a try? He's yelling so... crisp. Fuck it, Mario Judah voicing an anime protagonist.

    15. maleighyah pitt

      The song is 🔥

    16. Chigozie Umeukeje

      1:52 POV : when your crush expects you to say something funny

    17. Toxic The gamer

      Why’s it sound like queen

    18. Grand

      1:52 sounds like when lamar is roasting franklin

    19. o b l i v i o n

      1:38 my friend said he sounds like a slave owner 😂

    20. Piercodio

      Pontiac Bandit is that you?

    21. Mamma Mimmi

      saying he is speak clearly but then... Bih Yah

    22. ElecTr1229

      He is nothing without autotune

    23. Dimitrije Vlastelica

      so there is mario judah

    24. NayBabbyy

      Lmao this nigga funny asl

    25. Pika

      1:51 this is what your here for

    26. Springs The funi man

      I think I found Mario Judah

    27. Jakob Smith

      I could see him being an actor

    28. HaTaRii

      Nobody: Lamar: 1:53

    29. RustaldoShackleford

      Yea he is not racist but what if a white man sung this song would he be racist?

    30. Jordan Francisco

      he should be a metal vocalist respect to him for putting some balls to the genre

    31. Camyboy 10833 Ide

      1:56 black kid when he loses the rap battle

    32. Death note Kira

      Mans sounded like a anime character at the take your like part

    33. Schliick

      If Mario Judah streams in twitch I am watching it.

    34. Fonty


    35. Fonty


    36. ツ『 T R X S H 』

      A black man makes the N word sound racist.

    37. luis frutos

      So when is the metal track coming out?

    38. Jojo is daddy


    39. Thomas P

      Seems like a genuinely cool guy lol keep the heaters coming my man

    40. Spanky

      2:17 “pull up on ya fuck ya bitch” if the song isn’t about having money or fuckin my bitch it’s not a song!

    41. Mr I love Fortnite Ballards

      The real question is how is mario judha

    42. Black Rose

      I would love to see a episode about him in boondocks

    43. Evan W

      damn no audio toon

    44. Edward Bustillo

      1:54 the best n word I ever heard

    45. kekej13ify

      My throat hurt

    46. Sojo Slim

      The jean chain?

    47. OwO._. OwO

      this is not Super Mario

    48. name

      0:05 The first line "im a big dog" is literally a metaphor 😂

    49. L0b0 to Will0

      Rock never dies kids 🤘🔥🔥🔥

    50. Mickstar

      He would lowkey sound good doing scremo!

    51. Charles the king10

      “But I don’t know when growing up I’ve always had a character to me” We’ve found a character for you big dog big bear

    52. kick'n' knowledge

      I be on the same vibe, and One day I will make a mixtape with him... I’m speaking it into existence 🤷🏾‍♂️

    53. Dominic Velpel

      i found mario judah

    54. BrodyBagster

      I found Mario judah

    55. YaBoi Hitoshi

      Is this the big ass n I bba drinking a caprisun

    56. Godtastic

      This SUCKS, XD

    57. Angie Zing

      I came here to watch this because my small guy friend recommended it. I honestly love this man, bless him.

    58. ASuz31

      2:28 lol

    59. JASON G

      this nigga really weird bro cant be real

    60. LAZY RAT JR

      Can y'all do WHITEBOIJAY. He's a underground soundcloud rapper that needs more recognition

    61. Obito Uchiha

      1:01 1:35 I came for this partt

    62. Gidione Ikiraneza

      This song without a beat kinda sounds like he's preaching😂

    63. Professional Disappointment

      Meh legit ab him and Playboi carti shootin shots at him

    64. TCT

      Didn't expect the dude to sound down to earth

    65. Tc Thompson

      Imagine juice wrld and Mario Judah doing a song together

      1. Tc Thompson

        @Mamad Taheri ok

      2. Mamad Taheri

        They can't

    66. Curious

      Still can’t find where he is

    67. LJ Butler

      1:54 Is The Best Shit EVER 😂😂😂😂😂

    68. Kanser TheCrab

      Give this man a rock band already

    69. OOO

      Phil anselmo if he was black

    70. braydon corter

      trippie redd bouta be on the remix im calling it

    71. powerbabs

      “All that racist shit pretty funny” 😂 I guess that’s one way to look at it

    72. Jaycat232

      This mo fo scares me but the song goes hard

    73. Haziq Safwan Zulkarnain


    74. Chris Leone

      Instant fan

    75. Jake Pankau

      How did you find Mario judah

    76. Marvin M

      Die Very Rough should be used in an anime intro. It's the hood equivalent of "omae wa mou shindeiru."

    77. Mattlexic

      For the last time...where is Luigi Judah?!

    78. Alex TheGamerAndBeatBoxer

      Yeah but where is Mario Judah?

    79. The Dope Show

      I love this man 🤣

    80. Zane Cj

      Who else heard the stutter right before he sung?

    81. Lucas Thompson

      Why does he act like an anime character?

    82. Juan Joachin

      1:54 Dixie be like 😂😂😂

    83. macius 350

      On śpiewaj jak gość w kościele

    84. Joel Gigi

      They found Mario judah

    85. Kacey Bennett

      I think this is what emo music will sound like in the future

    86. jo momma

      Rod wave on xgames mode

    87. Duncan Campbell

      everyone says tho thiss song is racist someone help

    88. Taylor Bales

      Your voice is he sounds like Auto-Tune

    89. Soviet Raccoon

      what were all here for... 1:54

    90. My Gamio

    91. Umeed Bandu

      2:29 man X would of loved this guy 😂😅

    92. Andrei Secan

      "I'm gonna make it the fuck I want" that sounds like FaZe Jev when he yells😂

    93. skrimmzyy


    94. vivi_ etc

      Lovely peaches😍😍😍

    95. Seam

      Hey look it's black Ronald McDonald

    96. [GD] Skobby

      mario Judah in die very rough: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE mario Judah irl:✨

    97. Ezekiel Ballesteros

      Mario judah = evil rod wave

    98. Erner

      Dude please act

    99. spookbtw

      Hearing Mario Judah talk is the weirdest feeling.

    100. chris kurtz

      he’s so well spoken. everyone makes fun of him but he’s got honest potential