SSC Tuatara hits SOME SPEED

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    SSC to re-run record attempt: read the latest developments here →
    28/10/20: SSC responds to 331mph video accusations →
    29/10/20: Update and SSC statement →
    31/10/20: SSC to re-run record attempt →

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    1. Top Gear

      Update: SSC responds to 331mph video accusations. We speak to Jerod Shelby, CEO of SSC

      1. Acti0n


      2. Acti0n


      3. B Rush

        Gearing sound frequency will change dependant upon how hard you move through them. Do a sound analysis of the video below, where the Tuatara hits 242mph on a short airport runway. In the video 0:22 to 0:25 is the Tuatara covers .2 miles, going off of the measurement tool on Google maps. East Oregon Regional Airport runway 25, starting at the runway marking 45.6954712, -118.8368107 to 45.6954691, -118.8407200 this comes out to a speed of 240 mph, So if it covers .2 miles in 3 seconds it equates to 240mph, which lines up with the claim it reached 242mph in just over .5 miles on runway 25 at that airport. The car can definitely hit +300mph when given more room, during a Vmax run. Listen to the gears during the race, starting in 1st he shifts 4 times, ending the race in 5th gear, at +240mph. This falls directly in line with the numbers provided by Mr. Shelby (which I have provided below) Tuatara (Top Speed Model) Tech Specs Ratios/Speed, using the 2.92 final-drive ratio Gear Ratios/Top Speed (Gears 1-6 have 8,800 RPM REV LIMIT) 1st Gear: 3.133 / 80.56 MPH 2nd Gear: 2.100 / 120.18 MPH 3rd Gear: 1.520 / 166.04 MPH 4th Gear: 1.172 / 215.34 MPH 5th Gear: .941 / 268.21 MPH 6th Gear: .757 / 333.4 MPH @8800 * 7th Gear: .625 / 353.33 MPH (Estimated max @7,700RPM in 7th gear - Designed as mainly an overdrive highway cruising gear) The Tuatara did reach over 300mph, the video is just edited at a 6th grade video class level. They (SSC) have other videos on their channel showing how hard this car can pull, watch the street lines and listen to the engine note. They would NOT need to fake a 300mph run, especially with ALL the money and time they put into setting up the event and all the filming collaboration.

      4. Capt Mifune

        @Complex One Keep telling yourself that, if it makes you sleep better at night lol Americans are so easily fooled xD

      5. Complex One

        and the car still can go faster they just wanted to break the

    2. リナ.


    3. MCES LEX

      Bugatti is like but but but our cars costs up to 18 million dollars 😂😂😂

    4. Feel The Beat

      350km/h on bugatti chiron : a guy in normal clothes with sunglasses just chilling . 200km/h on a Ssc or a Koenigsegg car : full racing and safety gear . That's the difference

      1. Takashi

        You should watch stradman's video pal, cuz driver of the SSC (ceo himself) has casual clothes, sunglasses and airpods and he was casually chilling at 389 km/h.

    5. Danilo Ricardo do Valle Ribeiro

      just like the man on the moon, a hoax!!!! Shame on you!

    6. Nitin Petwal

      Crown 👑 prince Bugatti is now dead😭😭

    7. Christian Mulipola

      This is soo fake. HAHAAH losers not odfficial bugatti on top losers

    8. Rayhan Rizvi

      SSC hit "some speed" rip

    9. Lucas bac a sable

      brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr STUUUUU brrrrrrrrrrrrr STUUUUUU brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    10. James Shunt

      Liar liar pants on fire!

    11. Dilbert Doe

      My dog would love sticking his head out the window.

    12. Tatiane Sousa


    13. xiami

      wow they changed the thats funny

    14. Zephyy

      Fake btw.

    15. trunks ko

      it's fake cause if not he can do another run pretty soon and official.. now it's been one month no news

    16. GuninGames

      Sigh, this is all fake, sorry guys the Chiron still holds the record for fastest production car

    17. Monkey

      Veyron hit 279 Chiron does 291 Koeniggseg did 302 and they all struggled for those final mph with top speed car tunes and aero packs Then comes SSC and beats them over 30mph. I totally believe that

      1. Takashi

        significantly more aerodynamic, significantly lower frontal area which makes the car even more aerodynamic, more horsepower, much stronger torque, lighter car

    18. al ferrari

      Fake fake the cactus is passing by at the same speed every time 🤣

    19. Adrian Tracz

      I cant believe some people think it is not fake.

    20. Chris 6.0 or die

      That helmet won't save you at those speeds i would've took it off

    21. Rodel Riniopa

      Maybe repair your speedometer 😂 That was so fast to count.

    22. K272

      I think its fake, look the video from shmee. The company who deliever the gps data have denied the record. The helicopter with tv crew can only fly 140 mph and ist still at 180 mph at the side of the car.......

    23. Tamo wittig

      240-330 mph im 6ten Gang. Sie glauben diese Geschichte ist wahr?

    24. Tiagolarose

      On dirait un avion la voiture 😅

    25. The Car Industry

      Yeah, rumors spread that SSC faked it

    26. Blanco


    27. scfog90

      You can see on the speedometer that he made 254 mph Max.... I call BS on this video. Please take it down, if you go some dignity left. Clarkson and co. would've laughed and destroyed this video

    28. Santi 360

      esa nave cuantos millones vale

    29. 20alphabet

      _FAKE and GAY_

    30. Lieutenant Aldo Raine

      Look at the video of Shmee150 it’s proven to be fake

    31. Lieutenant Aldo Raine

      Seems pretty fake to me... Frist struggling to get to 300 km/h and than accelerating 400-532 like a rocket All in second highest gear (6 of 7)

    32. Sami Benyoussef

      سترون تقنية السرعة من السجن! 😉👈

    33. Vulp

      Haha US Fake-Ass. It was so obvious it was fake

    34. Roger Kőller

      v(t) = 550* (1 - (1-400/550)*e^(- 0,1*t)) That is the possible equation of motion that the Tuatara had driven at 533 km/h. From 400 km/h towards 500 km/h it went slightly uphill, then downhill up to a 3% gradient. Therefore, the v-t function shown is still a little too slow above 500 km/h. The vehicle should have covered a distance of around 2700 m from 400-530 km/h. If the driver had stayed on the gas on the downhill stretch, the Tuatara would certainly have been able to drive a lot faster. The gear ratio (final ratio 2.92 and 6th gear 0.757) also enables a top speed of 335 mph = 540 km/h with the 345/30 ZR 20 tires. In my opinion, the hypercar had at least 1750 hp in the run shown. The low air density made this insane speed possible From 400-530 km/h the time is ~ 20 s Its nearly the same like in the Top Speed Run Video

    35. pafpaf paflol

      532 kmh fake

    36. Fly_ Phil

      Nice Fake.I mean ive never seen a car going quicker from 400-500 then its going from 200-300

    37. MX. LM


    38. Andrew Valencia

      0:53 when you have speed 2 and hyperspeed/max pov in minecraft:

    39. Angel Nuñez

      The ssc tuatara is fake, the data does not match, the Bugatti chiron that reached 494.5kmh has many more air intakes than the SSC tuatara. If the Tuatara really reaches that speed, repeat the test.


      Why says daniel abt its fake

      1. Woran HatsGelegen

        Because it is

    41. Alain MB

      Would like to the speedometer itself...this looks like some kind of video game gauge where you can reach 500mph so easily.

    42. Erik Voli


    43. pranjay kadian


    44. Christian Olesen

      Is this real? I mean 532 kmh is pretty insane

      1. Woran HatsGelegen

        No its Not Look how slow the landscape passe away and how fast he is making 300-400, faster then 200-300

    45. Daniel Allen

      I just seen this car do 242 mph in just over a half a mile.

    46. MAHI production

      My cars speed

    47. KnallM1ch Böll3r

      Nice fake guys... lets see what comes next

    48. Jan Ruud

      Can we just appreciate how INSANELY badly the filming is? I mean... This must hold the WORLD RECORD for the worst filmed world record attempt in the world.

    49. Londres Berlin

      😍 Monster 🥁 🚀.

    50. M S

      Guys Jarod Shelby is preparing to make an announcement regarding all of the criticisms and accusations... He will make the announcement at a place called Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

    51. Emarld_Bois Teow


    52. gmc sierra2015


    53. mhmh144


    54. Eli Wolf

      I don't think that this is real

    55. Jan 18

      There is no wheel who can drive so fast on a car the Video is fake

    56. Jan 18

      This Video is Fake 100%

    57. LiRiM

      *OLD TITLE* WORLD’S FASTEST ONBOARD: SSC Tautara hits crazy 331 mph top speed! | Top Gear *NEW TITLE* SSC Tautara hits SOME SPEED

    58. Tsoff Ff


    59. Koabe K


    60. Trev Logie

      Shmee's breakdown of the video is very interesting, if his data is accurate.

    61. Patrick


    62. FN_ olive_YT

      I’m bout this mans whole career this 1. How do the tires survive 2. On his POV they are covering the speed gauge.

    63. louis seeger

      Fake ! GPS fail

    64. SAACAAS


    65. saggasg saggag

      *!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SSC SPEED IS FAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    66. Bülent Kubasik


    67. Ryan Taylor

      Jesus is coming ⏳⌛️

      1. pida siouy

        Fake, but good camera settings!

    68. Chrst .n


      1. pida siouy


    69. i qswjx wd

      why people are saying that this is fake?

      1. Woran HatsGelegen

        It is fake Look how fast it goes from 300-400, faster then 200-300 and the landscape Pasing away too slow

      2. Kuya Trafala

    70. Zaki Darlan

      Why you guys still post this video eventhough you know this video is a mistake as the SSC had said?

    71. ByteScout71

      Yeah, and Donald Trump drove it. Tell me the reason why the spedometer has been blurred?

    72. Mohammed Waheed

      Then why it's not famous

    73. pida siouy

      apply a 1.48 correction factor and display the "corrected" speed. This would be easy to verify if they simply released the raw GPS data, which will never happen.

    74. GRRB

      Shameful, top gear's reputation fading fast

    75. tx7750680

      That’s cool. The Knight Ridder car Kitt could only hit 310 mph

      1. pida siouy

        Accelarating faster from 300-400 than 100-200 seems legit

    76. Leroy L. Bates

      0:17 min you would never past a person that slow at 100km/h

    77. David

      You still have this video on your channel. Dumb idiots :)

    78. Thinzar Shein

      You little dummies its a fake speed record only bugatti can hit 300 mph dont u get it ssc is a fake copyct

    79. P K

      Guys this Video is FAKE! This car never did 500kmh!

    80. Rocko Vincetti

      So this is fake ?

    81. Holger

      So real /4....

    82. Sascha R.


    83. Sven M

      Fake, but good camera settings!

    84. kevin Thomet


    85. felix ano

      Dude das ist fake haha. Gibt genug Reaktionen

    86. Uwe00Schneider

      😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Once upon a Maybe it would be better to delete the you really have no image to lose.

    87. Max Wirtz

      Bad fake

    88. vyger009

      Nice fake.

    89. IlIlItachI

      lol Who remembers when this video was called *"new top speed world record"* ?

    90. Sander Lattinne

      Accelarating faster from 300-400 than 100-200 seems legit

    91. Daniel Batori

      So the car change car from 5th to 6 th when goes about 235 mph 378km/h.. and accelerate in that one gear another 96 mph?

    92. Bruce Wayne

      I have a faster car

    93. Andres Larrondo

      Make TopGear Great again PLEASE!!!!

    94. gioyu comi

      Dewetron has literally put out an official statement saying that they did not validate this test. This is completely fake

    95. Ray Rocco

      Those New York City Pot Holes would eat this Car ! Can't own a Car like this anywhere !! LOL

    96. datsuntoyy

      A car would have a hard time accelerating that quickly at limit. Watch the Bugatti's runs, it takes a couple of seconds per MPH near the limit and it was something like 4 miles to reach top speed. This thing is still gaining at 320+ like it's doing a 100+ acceleration and it was only about 1.5 miles. Then there's the issue of tires able to run that fast. The Bugatti is limited by it's tires, why isn't this one? My $.02

      1. Takashi

        @datsuntoyy You aren't making any fucking sense pal. Koenigsegg tested pilot sport cup 2 *(exact same set of tires tuatara used in its world record attempt)* up to 530 km/h and it did very well for a full minute. Even michelin said that they weren't expecting it. So, what makes you think that Tuatara's (even lighter than jesko absolut) tires can't last up to 530 km/h bruh? Can you explain this? And of course weight matters when you are attempting to go over 500 km/h in a world record attempt, yeah? More weight means more stress to the tires, therefore lighter the car is the longer tires are gonna last. Chiron SS is almost 800 kg heavier than Tuatara so of course it fucking matters. Sounds like you are the one who doesn't know shit about physics. Look it up. A tire rated 300mph doesn't mean that its gonna explode when you go 1-2 mph faster. It doesn't work that way. *Ratings are only for safety reasons.* In reality its capable of withstanding probably like %25-50 more speed depending on the tire. For Pilot Sport Cup 2 the car would be fine until 350+ or more (don't know by how much though).

      2. datsuntoyy

        @Takashi tires go round and round. the faster they go, the faster they spin. Personally I thought anybody over the age of 7 would have known this. They even have letters to designate how fast a tire can go. Weight is a completely different rating. I suggest you retake BASIC autos class then you'd know "what the fuck I am talking about". I don't get my autos info from video games.

      3. Takashi

        @datsuntoyy Doesn't mean shit since koenigsegg tested pilot sport cup 2 up to 530 km/h and it held up well for about 1 minutes. Tuatara is an even lighter car. Just because fatass bugatti that weighs 2tons can't achieve 500 km/h because they don't wanna risk the tires doesn't mean koenigsegg, ssc or hennessey can't. *"In-house testing of an Agera RS with the standard tires of the latest hypercar revealed the rubber was able to withstand a speed of 330 mph for a full minute without any problems."* "still only rated to spin at a certain rpm regardless of the weight" what the fuck are you even talking about? Can you explain?

      4. datsuntoyy

        @Takashi still only rated to spin at a certain rpm regardless of the weight. Since many experts have found the car only did around 240, the point is moot.

      5. Takashi

        @Tippotipo Yeah, pilot sport cup 2 should be able to handle 530+ km/h on much lighter cars like jesko absolut and the tuatara if the cars are fast enough. It's all about how light the car is. The lighter the car is the less pressure applied to the tires, and kudos to bugatti for pushing the tires to the limits even though their car is 700+kg heavier. With a car that's as light as jesko absolut and that has a very low frontal area like the tuatara, tires aren't the problem. It's all about the weather conditions (for crosswinds) and confidence of the driver.

    97. Arar Mushroom yum

      The outside view ?

    98. YouTuber Baylee Xiong

      When you only have 1 hour to drive 331 miles

    99. Ryon Ford

      My mine is blown 🤯

    100. Let The Gains Begin

      imagine going 230mph and shifting UP