Fishing BLIND for $100,000- Pickwick Bassmaster Elite Day 1&2 - Unfinished Family Business Ep.15(4K)

Scott Martin

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    Massive Floods changed everything and we have start all over! Pickwick Lake is full of big bass and we will have to catch a bunch of them to win this Bassmaster Tournament.
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    1. Scott Martin

      To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying check out Policygenius: Thanks to Policygenius for sponsoring this video!

      1. Exodus fivesixfivesix

        Dude your Father has helped me so much with being a better fisherman through his videos. Much love brother and may God bless you guys!

      2. Michael Miller

        Hey Scott I've been watching you for about two to three weeks now, I just started fishing myself about a month ago - bought a rod, and I am using some of my dad's old poles and lures. I bought a bunch of my own tackle - I was wondering, how did you become sponsored? What are some of the steps to become a legendary bass fisherman?!

      3. TravisHardinFishing

        You are amazing Scott, don’t let things fog yourself head. Stick to what you know in your heart!!! Go with your gut

      4. TravisHardinFishing

        Dude I literally smiled from ear to ear the entire video!!!!!!!

      5. Richie _k_68

        Wow I watched the whole one hour video it was good I liked it good for you man you’re moving up the rankings and you always say thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ.🙏🏼✌🏼🎣🙏🏼

    2. C Dots bot

      Where can I find the same bait caster Scott uses ?

    3. 78freewheeler

      Don’t know if it’s been answered but 2 years ago I think it was, we saw around 240,000 CFS I believe. That was the year we re set the record for water level. You couldn’t get under little bear creek bridge on hwy 72 if that gives you any reference

    4. Deltadawg660

      Mr. Scott - do you do all of this video editing yourself? If so - you should hang up fishing because you are missing your calling....LOL The storyline and progression of the videos are superb. Kind Regards

    5. Steve Hogan

      Evidently Biggens are a fish that looks much like a Black Bass but vairies in size form 1#+ to 4 lbs.

    6. Steve Hogan

      Good thinking on the 3rd 1st. Day. Right there in the trees with the bridge and the Statue in the shot.

    7. Blue Ball Comedy

      It's crazy to think that one catfish, weighed more than your entire bag of tournament fish. Amazing how different fish can put it in perspective.

      1. Nick Shifflett

        If I was allowed to bag that catfish. 1st place

    8. Daniel Dejarnette

      Scott I respect you man stay doing your thing brotha

    9. Logan Greeno

      Love these tournament videos helps me get pumped up for my high school tournaments

    10. Noah Upton

      This is one of the best fishing videos I've watched in a while keep up the great work sir.

    11. Dwayne


    12. Fathead's Outdoor Channel

      Man I was getting excited watching day two love it man thank u for the great video

    13. TheDd85

      Fire me up brother Scott is back... and welcome to all new sponsors I'm a life long fan... policygenius mega kutos for the support keep it going brother scott Martin is the man...


      i haven't even gotten 3 minutes in and the best intro ive ever watched just smacked me in the face

    15. Nathan Cooper

      Just some food for thought what if you and g-man make a few videos together???

    16. Dave Dangles

      That Ranger got lucky, he talking like that when Scott’s reeling and if Scott lost one...naw uh

    17. nick aguirre

      It's a beautiful thing to see that Clickbait in competitions

    18. Thomas Pevahouse

      The most I've ever seen Pickwick Lock discharge CFM 595,425 on 2/24/2019 it was a 100 year flood I live about 40 miles from Pickwick in a small town of Clifton,Tn and I was there at Florence Alabama to watch the weight in on Sunday unfortunately I didn't get to meet you and try to get an autograph but keep up the determination and hard work it will pay off for you. Best of Luck.

    19. Quinn Witters

      20 mins in finally some fishing

    20. Antonio Patrick

      Great job Scott love watching your videos. Learn so much from your videos. Great inspiration

    21. John Hancock

      Even though he was tournament fishing, he can't say that catfish weren't fun to catch.🤣

    22. Kenton Lemon

      I do a bunch of kayak tournaments I would love to sit down with ya a ask some questions. Great videos. Keep em coming

    23. Robert Cibak

      This series is awesome! And Pat is one cool dude, it's super cool to see someone you've talked to on local lakes be in your video!!

    24. Dylan Newman

      Anybody know what frame those costas are?

    25. Stiks fishing channel

      you set the hook on that cat i was like Holy Crap.

    26. Dustin Youngblood

      Texas road house is good me and my family eat their a lot

    27. Chris Lane

      Awesome video, great job going in blind.

    28. Jesse Floyd

      Yesterday there were pulling 204,000 feet of water per second

      1. Jesse Floyd

        Out of the pickwick lock and dam

    29. Droptyne Outdoors

      Great video! What is Scott Canterbury's walk out song?

    30. Eli Banks

      If I ever wanted anyone to win the bass master classic, 100% without a shadow of doubt, Scott Martin is at the top.


      Scott “That’s a big-gun....well not as big as I thought” martin

    32. cy912

      Drink every time he says "It's a biggun".

    33. Alton Coker

      Scott Martin,.... I don't know who you think you done outgrown but you better learn how to say hi to your mom and daddy too while you on that stage sir. Better get right don't make me come to clewiston Florida.

    34. coopergotstobass

      Man I don’t if it was just me but that marchel on day 2 sounded like he had sum sugar in his tank😅😂

    35. christian Aldrich

      Awsome videos 👋

    36. Kuehner Racing #49

      I really hope you win this event keep digging god bless you

    37. Brady Gies

      Thank you for the content. God bless brother. He has risen!!!

    38. Jake Dombroski

      Great stuff! Keep this series going & good luck to you out on the water 🤙

    39. lincoln clevinger

      Yea baby you have no idea how fired up I got while watching the intro. Go out there and get em scott bring it home baby !!!! Woooooh

    40. Savioun Johnson

      It’s been tough out there I’m waiting for them to close the spillways that’s the best time to fish on our lake 🤝 I saw you Martin out yesterday great job big inspiration to my bass fishing

    41. TeX xX

      Scott “it’s a biggin” Martin. I could watch you fish all day my friend. Nice job!!!

    42. Brad Bush

      Love these tourney vids!

    43. Joe Brings

      Watch it be Amelia that wins the classic. That would be dope.

    44. Adam Cawthon

      None of yall can help Matt with his hoodie strings? Shame 1 is a nub and 1 is 3 ft long.

    45. LucidoMafia

      Love the vids as always. Keep it up brother. God bless and tight lines

    46. matt harvey

      Every fish is a biggin!! But what matters at the end of the day is a heavy bag!!!

    47. Hunter Cardwell

      What is the song called at the 18 minute mark.

    48. richard hemmings

      Great video!

    49. DJ nuukkinkold


    50. Thomas Oatman

      I know hw did not just say "remember when that river monster guy was cool" good video scot but rive monsters is a goatee show haha

    51. Brandon Jay 95 Kiser

      I love your videos Scott your a awesome angler

    52. Kyle Jordan

      Big fan since 2016. Just curious the reason for slow uploads based on events. Maybe there’s more content or editing but I miss watching these videos during the work week on my lunch break

    53. kaleb nicklas

      What Bladed jig trailer ?? Hahaha great content love it !!!

    54. ctnugget

      What model costa glasses are those? They are not the same model as the link.

    55. Jacob Peterson

      gollee didnt even way that fatty flat head. what a goat!

    56. VitaminDee TV

      Hands down one of my favorite fisherman and KGup’r. Such an inspiration. PS I just caught my PB bass the other day! Thanks for all the tips and information you give us! -D

    57. Bill Ernst

      Typically I skip the intros on fishing videos because I’ve seen them so many times but I can’t skip this intro. I watch it every time and it gives me chills. Such an awesome story and I hope it all happens for you Scott.

    58. SilentScope

      you can almost bet "it's a biggun" is not actually a biggun.

    59. Blake Ripley

      Dude it really sucks waiting for these videos to come out lol

    60. Jason McCorkle

      Can watch these videos for hours. Keep up the good work you been pullin them hogs up

    61. Connor Beacham

      Hey Scott, I’m wanting to buy a new bait caster and rod this year. I mostly fish with jigs and worms. What do you recommend?

    62. Micah York Music

      Next time you’re in Florence come to the 360 Grille! It’s the tower right beside Wilson Dam, Alabama’s only revolving restaurant. 22 stories up! Ask for Micah lol ✌🏻

    63. Days Off

      Scott I have watched 1:26 minutes of this video and I can only tell you one thing man. GOOD LUCK!!!!! I had the pleasure of meeting you at a meet and greet in GA a few years ago. I lost my dad last year in October to cancer and I wish every day that I could fish with him 1 more day. You still have your dad and have been following in his footsteps. That in itself is a major blessing. I hope that you kick butt and reach the goals you have set.

    64. Beau Walters

      I think haven a stick like Canterbury will up Scott's game this year. You wanna be the best you neednto compete with the best. Good luck this year.

    65. Ray Hollis

      My 8 year old son watches the videos with me and always says that we need to go stay in the houses ya'll stay at. Rooting for you this Season! Keep the videos coming!

    66. Nicholas Guidos

      Kind of fishing content we need more of 🙌🏼😍

    67. Beau Bellamy

      This series is incredible. I’ve been going crazy waiting for this video

    68. Jeff Sturmon

      Your Marshall was hilarious 🤣

    69. dippin 17

      Hope you take this to the end man. Good luck👌

    70. Kennan Stoker

      Hopefully you break the day three curse next tournament!

    71. Team Mainlake

      BOOM! Well done. Good luck on Day 3!

    72. Ajaree

      Such a great video! Honestly do these more often they’re so enjoyable to watch! Best of luck man!

    73. C Ham TROAE

      what a legend. Best of luck !

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      Texas Roadhouse is good Scott

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      when scott makes the donkey noises its a good day

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      Dude this video was awesome! Can’t wait for the next one!

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      Rosie's is the best hands down

    78. zach birmingham

      Anyone know what frame the costa’s are he is wearing?

    79. Mitchell Traxler

      That flathead would have been supper. Awesome catches man!

    80. Joseph Sharpe

      I hear you man. Be you and fish, don’t worry about filling in for your dad, just go fish snd be you. It will all fall into place. That will be more of a distraction than anything if you keep thinking about what your dad has and has not done. Good luck.

    81. Mark Hanes

      great video one of your best yet.

    82. G - Rod

      Great job on the bags! and great job on the videos as always, definitely addicted to your tournament videos!

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      Awesome opening segment Scott and team. Probably the best I've seen anywhere.

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      That intro doe!!!

    85. Brent Bloom

      Muddy water plus wind equals points of attack for bass the love muddy water makes eating prey easy

    86. Brent Bloom

      Muddy water plus wind equals points of attack for bass the love muddy water makes eating prey easy

    87. Deron Clark

      Last years flood pushed cfs close to 300,000 if not over. It was crazy below pickwick dam

    88. Keegan Hannan

      This journey is gonna be awesome Scott, we’re all cheering you on can’t wait to see we’re this go’s.

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      “Remember when that river monster guy thought he was cool” welcome to the boat marshal show!!!! Lol

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    93. Irish native 916

      Good luck scott dang that sucks your pops never won the classic I've been watching your dad since I was a kid my father was a huge fan of yours he passed away back in 1994 I was 12 wish I could send u a photo of my dads head stone theres large mouth bass jumping out the water engraved into the stone he loved roland martin jimmy an hank parker much love an god bless

    94. Jason Vallejo

      Great video!

    95. Grant Kelso

      Highest cafe for pickwick has been recorded at 557,100

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