Kash Doll ft. DJ Infamous, Mulatto & Benny The Butcher - Bad Azz (Official Music Video)


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    Music video by Kash Doll, DJ Infamous performing Bad Azz. © 2021 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. Gavin Doby


    2. Rasta Gideon

      Y'all should be shouting out the REAL BAD AZZ from the LBC.

    3. Jupiter Star

      This song should be number 1🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    4. Thomas Pena

      So Nobody Talkin About How Cardi Made “Up” Right After Kash Said “ If It’s Up Then It’s Stuck, no OFF Switch “ HUHHHH??

    5. Tamea Flinton

      Swing my way

    6. Juliana Marcelino Baus

      Deserved so much more recognition🔥

    7. Janice Simmons


    8. OThisMe

      Kashdoll the Hardest female rapping

    9. Mac entertainment enterprise. M E E


    10. Tamea Flinton


    11. Tamea Flinton

      Hashem jamaken and white I'm cryen

    12. Tamea Flinton

      Not boy friends I'm cryen

    13. Tamea Flinton

      Who's she I'm cryen

    14. Tamea Flinton

      Is she jamaken

    15. Peter Funk


    16. Eric Juvon

      Young KD 💖💖💖

    17. Jamesette Baxter

      This is certified!

    18. Intellectual Glam

      Did cardi steal from her too up its stuck

    19. Au Natural

      Representing the "D".....Detroit Finest

    20. Sumesh Shetty

      0:48 if it’s up, it’s stuck! Cardi B 🤣

    21. Missy Locks


    22. Cherrell Mahone

      Did Cardi B steal lyrics from her? “If It’s Up, Then It’s Stuck”.

      1. Jamesette Baxter

        yh i heard it too like what the fuckkkkk

    23. CLIFFORD Williams


    24. Jelisa Miller

      Okaayyyy this shit 🔥 imma play this all summer

    25. Frank Maphoto

      This is straight fire.

    26. Eve Calibabe

      What the fucccc why am I just now listening to this. It’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

    27. nicole williams


    28. Be Joyful

      ❤🔥❤🔥 Yaassss ladies. I'm strictly f*cking with these female rappers. They. Are. All. Killing. It!!!!

    29. amirrah she

      No lie latto been bringing all these women together and i love it

    30. Felecia J

      Since2016💙🔥N I'm listening to Cardi "Up"Today 7x On the radioLV@Work😩I Swear I hear "If It's up Then it's Stucc..Ain't No off Switch"🤞🤣...N Big Birkin Bag On ahhh Broke Bisshh😊😍

    31. Tara One

      Stop making bs raps,man since rona i ain't ever heard such crappie music, fuck going on in here😖

    32. Josh L

      this slaps, the video jus needed a black range rover

    33. Yulema Altamirano

      lol not kash doll coming at everyone's existence lmfAo

    34. Mon'cherri

      Finally a COLLAB

    35. Racks Cj

      Man Benny got bars no cap i just got hip

    36. curtis richard

      This hold song should platinum and more 🙏🏿🙏🏿 everybody verse 💯💯👑👑👑

    37. Jonhi Sutton


    38. Quennie Bando

      Boyyyyyy I play this so much ❤️❤️❤️ 🥴 a bitch can’t tell me shit🔥

    39. Squidkid aka Inklingsquad

      So this is where the Roblox phrase "KA$H DOLL" came from.

    40. MzSwagger81

      They all snapped but I think latto spit the flames... Big Birkin Bag on a Broke Bitch!! That shit hit different...

    41. DoughBoy Stevie


    42. Erika Lindsey


    43. Erika Lindsey


    44. Erika Lindsey


    45. Nancy Murphy

      This rocks so hard!!! I love seeing women empower each other instead of tearing each other down. We all have more than enough room in our lives for every single female rock star and more.

    46. Katherine Schultheis

      Just seeing these 2 girls together makes me smile!! 🤩🤩❤️❤️ + SEEING KASH + MULA SMILE MAKES ME SMILE EVEN MORE!! 😘😘💎💎🧊🧊💍💍

    47. Still Dirty


    48. Valencia Dixon

      I like this!!

    49. Devaune Temple

      Anybody else come here for the dog & bars?

    50. iamcorrina jay

      The Aaliyah of rap 🤩 so laid back and I'm loving the tan in winter

    51. Jazira Prendergast

      "if its up then it stuck"

    52. Trippy Illusion

      Fucks with this song lol.. fucks with them verses especially benny



    54. malissevera

      This is SO GOOD

    55. Eunice Mendez

      I love you kd

    56. Krissy Hopkins

      So doppe

    57. Davina Elston

      Year 2021-

    58. Rebecca Hager

      In her 1st verse did u catch "if it's up then it's stuck?? Now I know who the other person with lawsuit against #CardiB

    59. Renee So Luminary

      I came for latto and Benny

    60. Saeed Major

      Kash😍doll is sooooooo Fkn sexyyy🤤

    61. Rosey Crew



      I’m sorry but Kash doll is average I don’t see nothing special bout her so I don’t anybody sleeping on her

    63. Prynce Charles the Ruler

      remix kgup.info/get/dotsaZSnm35njHs/video

    64. Lulzoe

      Kash gotta switch up the flow how u leave for that long and come back like...this?

    65. SeaFoodFest

      That Merle💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍🤾🏾

    66. Danielle R

      I like kash

    67. Leo Phoenix


    68. Royal_ Ashleynicole


    69. Social butterfly1

      Love me some Kash doll Straight boss and beautiful🌸

    70. Ablk Queen


    71. Zhané Brown

      If it’s up then it’s stuck? Yo lol

    72. Baebay Brown


    73. Crystal Lightbourne

      Just keep pushing. Don’t stop. You’ll get your breakthrough

    74. Shanika Walker

      Lit video love me some KASH 🌺‼️💯👑

    75. Lasandra Isome

      The butcher came thru with the sexy no shirt under the jacket...chains swanging..we see you B...😎😘..RUFF BUFF STAND UP...

    76. TamaraKay

      Kash Doll reminds me of Foxy Brown

    77. Shannon Jacobs

      🤔 I'm confused so why is she making a song with a racist w**** like that...

    78. em bfb

      Why cardi stole her line if it's up then it's stuck

    79. KJayy

      11111 kgup.info/get/i4KEkmzUpqdpdos/video

    80. Muthafuckinsunshine

      So I noticed the "if it's up then it's stuck" line in this song which came out way before cardi if it's up then it's stuck

      1. KJayy


    81. D1&onlee Meka

      I like this Kash🔥🔥🔥🔥yall snapped dam

      1. KJayy

        111 kgup.info/get/i4KEkmzUpqdpdos/video

      2. KJayy


    82. Kristy Marie Smith

      So Cardi stole if its up then it’s stuck and made a whole song? and I know that’s right from Saweetie and got number 1 what the fuck we all know Cardi don’t write her shit smfh pisses me off 🧐😡

    83. Kristy Marie Smith

      This is underrated! Shit fireeeee 🔥

    84. Alecia Davis

      Love this song👍👍

    85. Magda Hernandez

      Its soo much better than the cardi and Megan songs

    86. Carolina Knight


    87. Always KJ

      Kash doll is an amazing artist where is the credit that’s due!

    88. Teshia Taylor


    89. Lady N

      came here to see kash doll

    90. Ashlee Perry

      Man this lady underrated

    91. Bianca Love

      Let’s gooooo Benny ❗️🗣

    92. Chrissi Ambassador

      She sounds like Rubi rose here

      1. KJayy

        1111 kgup.info/get/i4KEkmzUpqdpdos/video

    93. YourGurl Loca

      Show em btch 🔥😍

    94. La Rue Life

      So Cardi took a line from Kashdoll verse and made it a whole song!? 🤔

      1. Kristy Marie Smith

        When I heard it I was like what the .... is it a coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences!

      2. Kristy Marie Smith

        I was thinking the same thing!!!!!!

    95. Nathalie Corchado

      Benny idk 😐 u coo but..that beginning verse was wack

    96. Nathalie Corchado

      This shit is poppin!! My neighbors must be sick of hearing this 😜💯 kash and lotto is a big vibe..

    97. Heidi MacDougall

      If it’s up... then it’s stuck...?

    98. Bruner Chan

      Crazy how she's not a international star!!!!

    99. Leeka Nickelson

      Latto fucking ateeeee🔥🔥🔥

    100. Jalen P