Slap or kiss? #shorts


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    1. DavidGamz

      Lol I am not here

    2. YSN 227

      That's where this meme comes from

    3. Melanie Cajbon

      That's mek me laugh in my bed

    4. Luke Barnett

      The end though

    5. · Flvffy Clxxdx ·

      Omg I knew I have seen this guy before-

    6. Nette' Wright

      : your sus heheheh

    7. Tocaworldseries Sunny

      but it if was his mom..

    8. a troll


    9. müffiñ Bøi

      tHaTs rAcIst

    10. -YNW_MELLY-

      The first one rascist

    11. Psycho_RainDup

      Ooo plot twist: not onely did the man not kiss one of them for reasons but all the girls that kissed him couldve had corona that why they where lik 😮

    12. Liaxpea

      I can’t laughing😹😹

    13. Mela Kuku

      This is the first video I've watched in this channel.

    14. Nestor Navarro

      Me and friend:*kiz or slap* Man:comes in* Me and friend:*drop the board*

    15. Abby Hyma


    16. discord1821x


    17. Ivan brown

      Little guy face so funny when he got slapped

    18. Kevin Oliphant

      The 2 one was really funny

    19. Minoru._ _.Mineta


    20. Carter got handles For life

      I knew it

    21. Trenia James

      Facial expressions of little man got me

    22. Anthony Gonzales

      Girls in reality:stands there til it goes up

    23. Fabiana Fernandes

      When the girls slap the lil one and his face like how dare u

      1. Death Phoenix

        I mean come on

      2. Death Phoenix

        Really your going to call him the little one

    24. Olivia Berss

      Umm no mask?

    25. Sean Stewart


    26. Carolyn Whare

      Hahahaha That was so haleris

    27. Anthony Shears


    28. deine Mutter du hund


    29. Bea Alluna


    30. Big Jay

      They slapped 'em cuz he was blacK

    31. Veljko Simic Vlll6


    32. HaloPenguin


    33. The Gaming Frill

      Bro this shit has that royalty free recorder shit Is it funny because his head is shaped like a ( i don't get it

    34. HeyHey OMG


    35. Eisthebest

      R a c i s t

    36. julius pigao


    37. i love Five Nights at Freddy's


    38. Seria Madix



      He really thought girl number 2 was gonna kid him lol

    40. Kayla Mcfarland


    41. Blu . Starz シ

      When man walks into the elevator *nope just go to the corner ok*

    42. BoxZing

      I knew Ksi was short but god dam

    43. FunForLife_FFL

      First one was racist and 3 one omg lol

    44. Comfipeach -.-

      Chile anyways so

    45. Miguel Fernandin

      Ronaldinho Gaúcho anão kkkkkkk

    46. Cady juarez

      IM WHEEZING 🤣🤣🤣

    47. Joseph Guity


    48. Joseph Guity


    49. Hammer Sandoval

      Kevin Hart is too funny 🤔❤️😃👍

    50. Kimberly Dearth

      This is a good one! Had me dying!

    51. Decaelo Smith

      it's all fun and games until a guy shows up

    52. David Sanchez

      Me and my brother kept watching it like 9 times 😂

    53. M aone

      That big one wanted to kiss him

    54. Jania Graves

      The Lil guy face when he got slap

    55. Abinash .R

      That little guy expression 😂😂

    56. Mario Delgado

      The little guy reaction when he gets slap ,😂😂

    57. Samantha Villaflores

      Hahahha funne

    58. Lily Juniana

      That poor dude

    59. Bestr

      He looks like small version of KSI 😂😂😂

    60. harley harper

      His face do

    61. Ellen Cherricks

      The second girl like I really really really like ya cut G

    62. crazy squad

      That second one hits different

    63. Trevor Mendez

      You made the rules this is a time when it's okay to be a pimp🤔🤔😉😀😄

    64. Tomi Montonen

      Ronaldinho jr

    65. Mundo Celular

      Try the milia Charlie de Melo

    66. shinobi_raix

      Its hilarious everytime he gets slaps he makes a serious faces Girl: "I like ur cut g" Man: 👁👄👁

    67. Kunjasakhi Singha

      After seeing this video my laugh was out of control🤣🤣🤣🤣

    68. Dolores Sanchez

      Haaa 😂🤣🤣 she slapped you to guys

    69. giantliar Mauricio

      Poor small boy

    70. Pooh123king

      Let's me see how much sub can i get from this comments: Subs: 0 Hope to get 1k one day to show them that no matter if you stuttering or have speech problems you can one day become famous. 😌🙂👏🏿

    71. Kelly Printz


    72. Nguyên Nguyên


    73. Katherine Hernandez

      I'm confused

    74. Matt Braley

      The secound girl would be me lol

    75. Robert Carter

      I see black people of all sizes make a fool out of themselves just to be famous for the white man

    76. sdnvceffhgb finb

      @Juan jhhggt

    77. Subish DW

      The little man at the end lol

    78. Skatas

      Ronny had some hard time at prison..

    79. Elena Macovei


    80. Always Kendra

      Poor guy

    81. Carlito Bondero

      Yo,little man need to keep his back to the wall. If you know what I mean.

    82. Bobbie Leggett


    83. Trill Bands

      But this is staged

    84. Trill Bands

      That bitch said you thought lil man

    85. macey bond

      Thats joke

    86. Itxchi Anbu

      That’s racist

    87. Neha Wadhwani


    88. Moammar Said


    89. D’Kyra Butler

      So funny

    90. Trish Dematto

      The way that kid looks at her

    91. Red Engineer

      Everybody gangsta til the 5 year old gets on by himself

    92. Tony Brad

      What that mean the song you look at him

    93. Kate Huber

      So funny I love it

    94. Geethaps

      Girl: *goes in different elevator*

    95. ruby w

      Cringe. And they look middle aged while the girls look like teens. Yikes 🤢😬

    96. Fradle McNoogin


    97. Cesar Samaniego

      Mini Ronaldinho..!!

    98. 8D Rap Geek キング

      Ronaldinho Rebaixado? :0

    99. annagail davis

      Ghost of stuff is that bad bad for mommy mama mama daddy

    100. Lisey M

      The second girl lol and the one guy never got a kiss 💋