Homemade Screw Tank #1 SCREWS


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    1. colinfurze

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      1. gone elsewhere

        Please invent something new werw so bored colin 😭

      2. Jon A

        Colin you're freaking me out. Please wear gloves

      3. 9 cats

        Why you don't give 35 or 45cm tube? Why all this?

      4. Ben jammin

        I did something like this but a lot worse lol: kgup.info/get/qmh6dWjPomd3emo/video

      5. CrazyMo Show

        colinfurze @colinfurze would this work ? If you changed the screws threading direction on one of the tracks, would it then now travel in a forwards motion ?

    2. PunishedDad

      6:15 I'd give it a go

    3. Titano-Man

      So, this is essentially a pontoon boat + a tank?

    4. Jaiden Reddy

      I wonder how many welding rods this man goes through daily

    5. jkwo2007

      Why would an English man like to use a metric unit ruler?

    6. ItzAyaanBTW

      Hello mate I subbed and hit that old Bell

    7. Moto Whellie

      I like how colin made everyone here a metal head

    8. Kskctb Griggs

      Quick question could you make this vehicle aquatic

    9. Jacob Wright

      Well? Where's the nuke, Collin??

    10. random gaming

      14:43 voice Crack

    11. Jacob Andrews

      That “nuke for ten mil” is really concerning given he’s nearly at 11 million.

    12. Nolan Hewitt

      Tube gives birth to man!

    13. OdniindO 1776

      I watched the video where you first rolled a piece of stainless for a Pulse Jet it looks so painful compared to the roller you guys used in about 5 minutes and had a nice round piece of sheet.

    14. wmart

      Fab work!

    15. Shane Forsythe

      6:15, what else could you use that for: Amsterdam green heads - of a robot , of course, what did you think i meant.

    16. Keeva Grace

      Poggers for God..

    17. Andrew Werner

      I really enjoy the calming music over a build montage aesthetic... Normally. But it's quite jarring coming from this channel lol. jk though, I appreciate the experimentation. Keeps it fresh

    18. FNAF Bros

      Thanks for the advise

    19. Maximum Effort

      Perfectly square cylinder? 🤔 sounds about right

    20. Liam Jago


    21. Jonathan Cobos

      11:43 his voice cracks

    22. WishBoy

      At a certain point, you begin to recognize the music before even hearing the lyrics, and I think that's when it's time to stop binging Furze videos

    23. Mccoll666

      C U Next Tuesday, what is that song I need it haha 😂

    24. Skytail And Longtail

      Yo it's the guy from nitrotype

    25. R Marsh

      First is the spring bike. Now there's a screw tank. What's next. A drill rocket?

    26. Bradley Wilcox

      I prefer the “see you next furzeday” version of see you next Tuesday lol

    27. Hallowman

      When will you make the nuke

    28. Joe G.P.

      well the Mythbusters failed at making one so i'm not expecting too much from this

    29. Kent Julian Sia

      I feel like he's preparing for an Apocalypse

    30. Nocturnal Tunes 💣

      Damn, it took you 7 months to make this turd? Lol

    31. VivaLaFiesta

      That green RC car you got i had the same thing but it was driven by screws like you are building

    32. Jacob Lindeman

      When he hits the next subscriber milestone he will probably build a submarine

    33. David Van Loo

      they also come from third world war,...

    34. Tarrot -Tarrot

      I am from Germany, what means i'm not a native english speaker, i don't understand everything, but this is not a problem. But I love your videos. Go on like this pls.

    35. B3ni4mjn :

      Nuke when

    36. CodeNameCRAAAZY Ismay_on_HT_discord

      imagine if this guy built a nuke but his neighbours just thought it was a typical day

    37. CodeNameCRAAAZY Ismay_on_HT_discord

      this tank is a really *screwey* idea (no pun intended)

    38. Christine Biskey

      Well you’re at 10.6 million, so where is the nuke at mate!

      1. Frank Gray


    39. Zachaa

      I thought this was one of those things that dig underground with a giant drill, but definitely not disapointed!

    40. TheNight God

      If I had the time and equipment to do this I would still be to lazy

    41. Killer456912

      5:32 that is so creative. I might have to use that technique.

    42. craftingdead261

      You are the 2.0 mock rock

    43. Vincent O'Regan

      where do you get that centre finder?

    44. Russell Hutchings

      That voice crack though

    45. Terminal

      In the intro is that supposed to be a fortnite umbrella

    46. Patrick Milkwood

      how have i never seen this channel. you're a bloody genius. fuckin' hell.

    47. Hoopenshiner Gaming

      That’s how nasa makes their “pointy bits”

    48. Ash Bertwistle

      Perfectly round square lmao

    49. Mimmi 205

      What happend to the song 11:04 😆

    50. The Ethaniser

      Are half of these things even legal in the UK? Knife claws, flamethrowers, tanks?!

    51. Andy Sykes

      Loving the C U Next Tuesday song 😂

    52. jesus god

      Ohh I like the new style montage music

    53. Michael Gingles

      It said "desiged" at the end instead of "designed" lol

    54. Enji Bkk

      I would probably built 2 left handed screws :p

    55. Enji Bkk

      There are some guys in bocachica who are also welding steel cylinders, maybe they can use some help

    56. eric foster

      this channel is a force for good in the world.

    57. Jackson Woods

      How much did the metal cost alone?

    58. Nikko Smith

      Who needs a mallet when you have a piece of wood aye?

    59. Paul Fox

      You are so good at this

    60. Rob Nie

      "Its quite strong. Look" Proceeds to hump it. Never change, Colin.

    61. That Viking Downstairs

      Boys don't grow up They get bigger

    62. Rubits

      The day this site loses Colin is a day I hope I never see

    63. Liam Richardson

      if you put mini lights on the tank you can drive it at night

    64. Alastair Smith

      5:35 just shows how clever this guy is for creating unconventional things that make life easier and better

    65. Denton Fender

      You were talking about the nuke Slim Pickens rode on out of the bomb-bay on the B-52 over a Russian military base in the movie, "Dr. Strangelove", weren't you?

    66. The Generalissimo

      Let's give a shoutout to what I'm assuming is Colin's mate

    67. JACKY BOI

      Wibily wobbly timey wimey stuff

    68. Paxton Ferguson

      Hacksmith or collinfurze?

    69. stinger the gun slinger

      of all the people they could and won that bet by choosing colin they insantly lot that battle

    70. David Zocchi

      Your a master what......

    71. Clockwork Kirlia

      Oooo nice! Screwy way to get about, but I dig it.

    72. ghastly fellow

      not complaining just asking why

    73. ghastly fellow

      why did you change your music?

    74. Thedrakanmaster 124

      I just realized after watching him for years he might have ADHD just like me

    75. L R

      i see this one on MGS3

    76. James Howell

      most of colin's construction montages :rock or metal this one:

    77. JEP

      I love his energy he is still totally a giant child but with the know how and ability and money To build everything a child ever Wanted ever

    78. Alex

      I hope you make a barrel and cockpit with realistic insides and ammunition

    79. Exploration Bros Productions

      He should make an oppressor or oppressor mk 2 from gta5

    80. Happy Tree

      Listen to the song at 11:04 am I the only one that heard that?

    81. Kamil Pawłowski

      Russians made it looong way ago. Search Russian Self-Propelled Drill Vehicle

    82. Justin Chang

      Pleaase,please,please anyone tell me what is the machine called at 3:10, I need it but I have no idea what it is called!!!! Please help!

      1. Callum Hunter

        normaly they are called sheetmetal rollers but they sometimes have other names.

    83. Dylan Bollo

      I like how he uses pretty much gardening gloves for welding

    84. Chris Phillips

      Oh no people say to make a nuke for ten million subscribers he has ten million subscribers. Dun dun daaaaaa

    85. scorpien 2000

      war thunder is better

    86. bonefromscratch gaming

      Do you think you can anyone with the right materal make this

    87. oats

      I love how high energy he is, always playful and willing to create, what we need in 2020

    88. G. Granger

      you should list links to all the tools and machines etc.

    89. Владимир Ульянов

      Хоть бы упомянул что это советская разработка)

    90. Imagine Wagons

      Am I the only one that likes the music that he uses?

    91. Steve Adams

      Oh Colin, that IS quite a large cone. You cheeky sod.

    92. die idiot

      Take a shot everytime he says tank

    93. Dylan Evans

      He’s the coolest dad

    94. YG milly

      This guy reminds me of every late '90s early 2000s disney movie engineer/scientist. Same energy, same film style, same get it done no matter what.

    95. V G

      Breaking news: man gets arrested because of two objects that looks like nuclear missiles

    96. Panacaptic


    97. Calderwood

      I think these should be sealed and water proof.

    98. Larn Regis

      9:01 he got our suggestion for the 10mil subscriber firework.

    99. trenton kofod

      Wow..thats so much labor. Nice job though!!! Gives me some motivation to make something of my own tooo haha

    100. Nanuq 83

      Where is the safety tie!? I'm gonna have an anxiety attack! He's in a long sleeve... the world has ended.