The Evolution of Tommie Pt. 2 🧨😍Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

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    After all the personal and petty drama Tommie Lee puts her life on a winning path.
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    1. sweetie

      Iyanla fix there life

    2. sweetie

      Tommy mother reeping what she sow. Tommy picked up a learned behavior. Now her mother complaining

    3. Jay

      Tommie doesn’t know her mother, she was never around.

    4. Basra Ali


    5. Basra Ali

      she petty and i like her she my everything but you koew

    6. Molly B

      I think i love tommie so much cause we so similar like even down to the relationship with my birth giver its never gone get better an thats the problem

    7. travon redmond

      Tommie is one of the most entertaining person on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

    8. Avaerage

      I hate how much parents victimize themselves like no it’s not about you. The sad thing about it is how much parents victimize themselves and manipulate their children into thinking that you shouldn’t feel this way because they did this much for you and you need to respect them even though you’re getting disrespected. I find it crazy and I still have to deal with this sadly.

    9. Afedo Cámate pofavo

      1:53 you could see tommies inner child. You could tell she has been really hurt 😔

    10. itz SASHA Oliha

      Tommies glam squad fuck up her weave styles all season

    11. itz SASHA Oliha

      Her mom look a mess tho

    12. jaime chen

      This show is literally the best!

    13. Tyshondra Barnes

      Crazy Erica being around and she married 🤔

    14. Tyshondra Barnes

      The pig" is so cute her family seem like they are freeloaders

    15. Ivana Taylor

      Spice and Tommie song was🔥🔥🔥

    16. Arlesha Jaee

      the piggy🥺🥺🥺🥺. its so cutee

    17. Arlesha Jaee

      karlie you aint even like that eww😭

    18. kavika marie

      Kay love her 😭❤️

    19. Dreana Matthews

      why scrappy grab that money nahh mann LMAOO

    20. Perez Family

      I love tommie period. She is awesome although she needs to realize there are many people worse off then herself many that wish they were in her shoes. Be happy enjoy life u have

    21. Christa Kwon

      "Lovely Mimi" so damn annoying.

    22. Reality Doll

      Tommy is an alcoholic who blames her mom for everything.

    23. Reality Doll

      Kk's condo looks so amazing.

    24. Mary

      Geminis are built different y’all. We all really be in that TommieShit. If you ain’t a Gemini you ain’t gon fully understand us. Gotta love you some Tommie. & she the finest one of all on this show. & it’s annoying how Karlie old ass think she really the shit when she the opposite. Lol Tommie was too real to be on this show.

    25. LinBai

      Omg that pig is soo cute x.x

    26. Ntsiki Mkhwanazi

      That song was GOOD🔥🔥

    27. Aundreayona Shannon

      Firecracker love CRAZY Tommie😘😍

    28. Sydtha Kyd

      "The boutta THUMP jack! BOOM!"😂😂TRUNKS🀄, I mean💀 Scrappy and his facial expressions have me hollerin😂

    29. meemee r

      Wow karlie baby girl you talked sooooooooooooooooooooo much shit! Knowing you will get your ass beat. And furthermore you do all that cause of security around even when tommie pulled up on her she had security protecting her duh smh girllllll 🤦‍♀️

    30. Brittany Skinner

      Scrappy picking up that money😂😂😂😂

    31. Kylie Guzman

      The prayer took me OUT😭

    32. Sammy Sosa

      When Joc said “With Melissa like she the henchmen or sum” 😂😂😂😂

    33. Djor du

      God loves U so much he gave His only begotten Son Yeshua (Jesus Christ) as hope for this world. Choose righteousness!!

    34. Jade Nicole

      Y'all should do a Lovely Mimi And Tommie Friendship Timeline💙

    35. Jade Nicole


    36. Nikki Gonzales

      i dont even blame tommie for getting mad that she got ambushed with her mom and then her sister like you cant force people to deal with their own personal shit you gotta do that on your own. they had no business tryna do alat

    37. Chastity Thompkins

      Hunayyy it's the cameras for me! They kill me with that 😅

    38. Samone Thomas

      I love Tommie.

    39. Samone Thomas

      I love Tommie.

    40. Nikki Diamond

      Tommie grow up. Everything you say is a cry about somebody doing something to you what about the way you do things and say to others.

    41. Black Amethyst

      "what? Tommie who? Tommie whaaat? Tommie whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!" 😭😂😂 love her shenanigans lol I wanna see her and Moniece together!

    42. Candi Sweets

      Her mother is AWFUL!!!!! Gotta be the victim

    43. Candi Sweets

      Karlie is lame as fuck how embarrassing 😫 Tommie is beautiful omg but baby that damn joc smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

    44. Nikesha Toyer

      Tommie and mom need to stop drinkin its letting out alot of mixed feelins hurt and pain...they need to see a counselor with real..

    45. Kialeigh Craft

      She is beautiful in all ways but she is an alcoholic and she just don’t wanna admit it I’m glad she pulled it together

    46. Brenda Neal

      She is beautiiful inside and out. She has been hurt alot and trust issues. It will take time and Prayer.

    47. Shira J.

      KK had her top teeth done but not the bottom?!

    48. Nevaeh White

      I think tommies mom a gold digger she just using her kids for there money


      The pretty ones are always crazy!!!

    50. Laquita Gilmer

      That Spice and Tommie song is popping. 💯

    51. Laquita Gilmer

      Was Tommie serious? A pig? She was lit as fuck on the alcohol too. Poor Spice.

    52. lani cruz

      ❗I L❤VE TOMMIE

    53. Sabrina Diebel

      I'm still hoping Tommie wins!! I would like to know if she stopped drinking & did she get help for her temper?

    54. Kiyah Bby

      I love Tommie she been through a lot ik if I had my mom in my life wen I was younger I would be a better person than I am today 💯

    55. MADD Maxx

      Tommie so fine ❤️

    56. Kia

      Tommies mom make me cringe.. that's y Tommie is damaged and broken... it always starts from home..praying Tommie grows and finds herself.. And Erica has been so wack to me since she really thought she was the shit being with Bowwow

    57. TTSantiago821

      Never looked at her and thought that, she is a pretty girl tho. Her attitude is probably what gets in the way so her looks take a serious hit because of it.

    58. Nat

      Tommie's sister did not want to make amends. First of all when you are getting ready to apologize to someone, never expect an apology in return, because if you do then you might as well not say sorry at all. Let go of that pride, people will only apologize if they feel sorry or bad about what they did, otherwise just worry about controlling your side of the conflict and not the other persons'.

    59. Nat

      Joc is literally a 3/10, why do these women sweat men that look like toes and got 10 baby mommas? I don't understand.

    60. Tammy Bunton

      I love Tommie they need to let back on the show

    61. Lazaan Cupido

      Tommie has such a strong personality ❤

    62. NBAngel Wings

      Shes not polar anything...shes just been through the most to the point yall dont understand and cant explain.📍

    63. Jasmine Kirkwood

      Tommie omg u so fucken sexy and gorgeous

    64. kendra sandars

      Reading some of the comments about tommy mom I can't judge her nobody's perfect or it's no handbook on how to be a mom that woman probably she said she battle with alcoholic. She probably tried her best. She was going through her demons. So I hope that Tommy mom they are putting the past behind them so they can work on their relationship.

    65. Princess Melanie

      Tommy and her momma are just alike. When they feel they aren't gettting the response they want- they hurt you before you can hurt them. They "act" like they dont care.

    66. kendra sandars

      Versace is so pretty. I hope tommie and versace worked out their issue's

    67. themasterflexG

      Her mom is toxic af

    68. Imani Manous

      Omg can somebody pleeeeeaaassseee tell me song spice was rapping 🥴🥴 ish wasy fyyyeeee

    69. PinkiePie57

      Tommie really with the shits and I love that

    70. #1 CASTILLO

      Hey Grandma hey Grandma!!!😂🤣👩🏼‍🦳

    71. Leonia Sarvaic

      LMAO!!!!! Erica Mena wants to help Estelita be an artist???? BooBoo, in order for you to help someone be an artist....YOU HAVE TO BE AN ARTIST, DELUSIONAL ! LMAO oh man ,that cracked me up lmao

    72. PlantBased Chronicles

      Tommie takes ZERO accountability

    73. Sherri Cleveland

      There's something about Tommie I like. She's really been through some things and is definitely an alcoholic. She keeps getting charges and going to jail. I really hope she gets life changing help before it's too late.

    74. Aphelele Sibisi

      If tommie would've let spice do her thing, spice and her would have really been good friends and more musically .

    75. TKO

      Trey Songz & His Son In Public Without A Mask On:

    76. Hunny Bunnz 2020

      Tommie mom seems borderline personality like my mom ijs

    77. Shalakia Royal

      Karlie felt gangsta when she through her bracelet 😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️

    78. Maria Rivera

      She sexy gorgeous strong beautiful blk angel

    79. Shyina Hirass

      No it's her life life is what it's become and I'm sorry that her mom is going through that my mom as well is going through it and I still feel empty as to why she could never seen to constantly show me love and stop covering up where she play apart in my pass devastating mistakes let alone cutting her out my life for keeping me in the dark and stagnated with my self worth and accomplishments I feel as every one has been this way that I've met that's been my life and having my first and only child soon duck them kind of people

    80. Shyina Hirass

      Spice and Tommie is hard body sexy and flawless much love⚘

    81. Shyina Hirass

      Well I guess being pregnant and my younger sister attacking me once but 2 in one week a day apart would be different because I press them charges and got restraining order period

    82. E. G.

      Family is only genetics and a word. If someone ain’t treatin you wit respect, it don’t matter ❤️

    83. E. G.

      I believe that respect is earned. Just because you created me doesn’t mean you’re a good person. 🤷🏽‍♀️❤️

    84. E. G.

      I get what tommie means by having to earn respect. I think that if your parent hasn’t been the best that you shouldn’t have to respect them.

    85. Daniella Steyn

      If my man ain’t loyal to me like Joc is to that Aunty hairstyle of his 😩

    86. Codi Price

      Karlie just looks like she can’t fight😂

    87. Jasuジャスミン

      She really said "do my toes" I guess yall stand by that racist shit cause i see no comment about it smh

    88. Tia Berry

      No shade but Mimi looks so much better now and days💅 cuz she was a hot ass mess on here😈

    89. Hazel Collett

      Your child is a product of your environment... why doesn't she take accountability for her actions as her mother?! She's pouring her heart out to you and you're dismissing her; that's a huge part of the problem.

    90. Ka'Mya Melton

      Karlie so aggy! Ugh!!

    91. Fatima Moore

      tommie is one of the only people on this show who is consistently pullin fire ass fits

    92. Eric Knucklez - Topic

      Tommie and spice need to work on they ish

    93. Rosa Robinson

      35:18 Oh that made me cry 😭😭😭 There is power in words, when you apologize & ask for forgiveness 💪🏾💯 Tommie is an amazing women who just needs to heal & let go of her past. Truly wish her & her mom the best 💗

    94. Let Me Tell You Something

      Tommy's mom speaking on her daughter's demons like she ain't got any of her own. This wasn't a sweet moment, just a moment of shade & reflecting.

    95. Jamila Johnson

      These butt implants are 🤯🤮

    96. cherrie sunie

      Checking don't you do moving old-school✨✨✨😘😘

    97. Jacquella Walker


    98. tacara elam

      16:21 was real

    99. Deadicated Scholar

      Not cause Scrappy toke the money that Karlie threw 🤣🤣

    100. sad generation

      I am sooo happy with seeing tommies evolution from beginning til then.You can tell she's has a lot more peace within herself and she holds herself a lot better cause the old tommies from the beginning honestly would've dragged baby mama just by getting pissed off by seeing her face lol but now she seems so unbothered and not only that she finally found out who her true friends are which I already knew from tammies vibe she's a real one!I just hope she doesn't fall back to that dark place again with scrap being home.She came too far working on herself and her surroundings just to fall back go tommie!