Giving Away My Custom Fishing Lures

Scott Martin

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    Brands you’ve probably never heard of - Custom Lures with a CUSTOM colors and hard to find brands is what this video is all about...and I am giving over 500 dollars of them away.
    Just drop a comment and share this video..I’ll be picking 5 winners.
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    -- FISHING GEAR --
    Hydrowave -
    Flipping weight -
    SwimJig line -
    Swimbait line/Flipping line -
    Crankbait line -
    Swimbait -
    Crankbait -
    Hook for flipping - Trokar TK 135 -
    Cinema Camera (SONY A7s II):
    Cinema Wide Lens (SONY FE 16-35mm):
    Cinema Main Lens (SONY FE 24-70mm):
    Vlog Camera (SONY A6500):
    Vlog Wide Lens (SONY 10-18mm):
    Drone (DJI Phantom 4 Professional):
    Chesty Camera (Garmin Virb Ultra 30):
    Dash Camera (GoPro 6 Black):
    Memory Cards for Main Camera (Lexar 64gb SD):
    Memory Cards for Drone, Virbs and GoPro (SanDisk Ultra 64gb Micro SD):
    Camera Rig (Opteka X-GRIP):
    Vlog Rig (JOBY GorillaPod):
    Power Blocks for Virbs (EasyAcc 20000mAh Power Bank):
    Shotgun Mic (RODE VideoMicro):
    Windscreen for Shotgun:
    Wireless Mic (Sennheiser Lav):
    Audio Recorder (ZOOM H6):
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    1. George Talley

      Sweet crank baits

    2. Razer Ray

      I think Orlando needs a fish show like they do up north so the public can see some of the smaller bait builders around the country. I like you support small businesses.

    3. Saw JDM Jr

      Hi ! I want free stuff or lure .... I like bass fishing and I want to try out your good lure and good swim bait

    4. Nathan Berry

      Heck yeah, I want some baits! And who better to get them from than Scott Martin. Appreciate anything. I am a budding fisherman and looking to stock up on bass-catching machines.

    5. Dylan Jones

      is there any free stuff left?

    6. Adam Connelly

      Wft stands for world fishing tournament scott Andy that gave those to you...made them for you in mind

    7. Adam Connelly

      Love the freebies

    8. swishfish 7

      The contest is probably over by now but, free lures would be nice lol God bless

    9. Bryce Poore

      I have learned so much from watching your videos, keep up the great work man!

    10. Michael Beilke

      Thank you Scott! Your channel is my favorite to watch, keep it up and thanks for all the videos! Awesome for a newer fisherman. Shared your video :-)

    11. Andrew Henderson

      Love your videos

    12. Michael Johnson

      Scott , I love tour content on this KGup Chanel, as it makes me become a better fisherman everyday , from learning techniques to learning which colors are the best to use during certain situations at different times of the year. I just want to thank you so much for all you’ve done for me even thought you haven’t even realized it ! Those custom fulks crankbaits are cool !

    13. Christian Smith

      Hopefully this is still going on. Would be awesome to have some of these! Great content!

    14. Mijju Nizam

      I want some free stuff Im very badly inerested in fishing can i have one plzz

    15. Kameron Kraft

      I would love a bait I don’t have that much

    16. Jastynn Snoblen

      I want some free stuff I’m tryin to build my tackle

    17. Jonathan Knotts

      Hey Scott love watching your show man and what you do. I want some free stuff like those swimbaits there ya got. Thanks hope im not to late

    18. Harry Bopp

      I've really enjoy watching your videos for they have taught me alot on retreivals of baits.

    19. 1HungryHunter

      I just want any bait I don’t care what bait you give me I’m not picky

    20. 1HungryHunter

      I really want some of that stuff but I’m a kid and can’t get a lot of bait so can you please help me out

    21. Brenin Stodden

      I’d like to try some new baits and see how they work in different states.

    22. RCnewbie

      Hey Scott if you have any chatter bait......I'm new to this fishing and I would like to get in to this more ! I live in Dayton Ohio and I need to go to Columbus fishing Expo next time!

    23. Elijah Hicks

      I met you a couple years ago and I’ve learned so much from you

    24. Murray Auto Spa

      I'd love to have some swimbaits or anything. Me and my dad are weekend tournament fishermen on KY lake in Murray, KY we gave you a Murray auto spa free carwash. I got a picture with you at the first Baptist Church here. Love what you do for the sport and the inspiration you are. Keep doing what you're doing!

    25. Hunting with Hunter

      W F T stands for. WHAT.Fuck.This

    26. David Frocione

      hey scott, here in stuart, would luv some of this cool stuff, in between snook slaying, ive been fishing lake toho, im sure they would rock there

    27. Brody Kee

      I would really love that stuff I fish with a lot of bass jigs and crankbaits here where I live

    28. Stewart

      Fishing supplies I have, What I need is a boat, motor and trailer fully rigged!

    29. Cruz de León

      would love to use on neely henry!

    30. Davey Ruddick

      Really just anything really man I just like those crank bats an buzz bats

    31. Davey Ruddick

      I want some of that free stuff those crank bats are nice

    32. george jobb

      Always look forward to you videos and I want some free stuff too lol

    33. Isaac Tewes

      “ I want some free stuff” you make a amazing vids, I’ve been watching them all winter long, I live up north, and I’m itching to go bass fishing. Keep up the good work!

    34. Jason Smith

      Great video Scott I've grown up watching ur dad fish and now my kids r growing up watching u fish

    35. Jeremy Eskew

      I want some of this free stuff brother... actually I need it lol

    36. Boyden Ewing

      Don't know if you already picked ppl but hopefully it's me!

    37. Brooklyn Gone Fishing

      Love your videos!!! Love all the baits I haven’t seen before!!! Want to start a KGup!!! Shared on my Facebook!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🎣

    38. Savannah Pickelsimer

      I want some stuff. I have been fishing for 2 years and am not having the best of luck. I need some new gear

    39. Chase Caron

      I would love the lures and use them well

    40. Goose & Duck hunting

      " i want some free stuff "

    41. Goose & Duck hunting

      Hey Scott , i start fishing with my grandfather at âge 4, now im 16 and i love you , i really want this baits . You have the best fishing video on KGup 😉😁❤️

    42. KYfishingdude

      Love your videos Scott! Disabled Veteran here and can barely afford my fishing liscense on the Govt check.“I want some free stuff!” .Would love to have some free tackle to share with the grandkids. Best of Luck to whomever the winner is.You are really going to make someone's fishing season a lot better!!

    43. bassman72

      I gotta win the bearings!

    44. Donnie Bartley

      I would live to get some of those free lures! My wife has been mad at me for years for always buying new fishing stuff, maybe its time to make her happy with some free stuff lol. Love your channel Scott, my fishing game has definitely gotten better since I started watching. Thank you.

    45. Rusty Lee

      I'm 63 and disabled but I hope the young man below me wins the package. The young people are our future.

    46. Collin Maynard

      Thanks man

    47. bassslayer19

      please bro, I need the free stuff!

    48. Duane Germann

      I've watched you and your dad on tv. I love to fish and appreciate the tips and tactics. I would love to win the lures and thanks for everything.

    49. James Keigher

      I want free stuff

    50. Johnathan Luker

      I would love some free stuff keep up the awesome channel

    51. Ryan Chaille

      I want and need them!

    52. Chris Bailey

      Free stuff sounds great!

    53. Lt. ZKO

      I'll take the napkins hahaha

    54. Alan Newell

      “I want free stuff”,Hello Scott I just turned 15 years old and I am from Alabama. I would really like to try out any of those baits(preferably my favorite the finesse jigs), and I could give an honest review on them. Thank you

    55. DocVann

      I want some free stuff if it’s not too late. Just moved up to Washington State and trying to figure out the bass game up here.

    56. BassBound TV

      "I want free stuff". I would love to try some of those custom lures on Cave Run Lake.

    57. Isaac Jeffers

      I think this is so cool. I go to the Columbus expo every year. I’m sponsored and good buddies with they guy that owns pro tackle crafters. (The guy with the buz baits you like)

    58. ismash 69

      Definitely would be nice to win some free stuff👌👾

    59. Chase Rife

      I would like some of those lures, I’m running out of everything and my parents don’t let me buy lures much so it would be nice to have some

    60. James Loy

      I want some of this free stuff!

    61. Cameron Clark

      I would love to try some of those out, I got to meet you at the expo. Very nice and polite dude.

    62. Twins From Birth

      Am I too late? Because I’d love to check out some of those rad baits.

    63. Shake N Bait Outdoors

      I want some free tackle

    64. Fidel Pablo

      Nice Crank bait thank you lol

    65. David Miller

      u and ur daughter make some awesome videos .really would be SWEET if I could win some tackle( ESPECIALLY BEARINGS).keep doing wat ur doing buddy ! TEAM SMC BABY !

    66. Chernal Patton

      I would like some free stuff!! I like to go fishing with my Mom , would mean a lot . Would like to start teaching my daughter!!

    67. Bryan Waters

      Sweet video and some great people/lures

    68. TheReagleEffect

      All those lures look awesome! I remember going to fishing shows as a kid and I need to get back to the local shows.

    69. T Fish 24.7

      I would love those lures. I’ve started competitive bass fishing and those lures would give me a boost!!🐟🎣👍🏻 Love you Scott!!🐟🎣❤️❤️

    70. Tim Foster

      Awesome stuff keep it up

    71. Bassn7

      Scott...Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us your bass techniques on KGup. I would put the lures to great use and would deeply appreciate the gift. Thank you sir. Marty

    72. terry mccorkle

      I want any of it especially those bearings. Sure could use them in one of my ambassadors

    73. terry mccorkle

      Have never seen anything like this place before. I would go crazy to have something like that here around texarkana

    74. terry mccorkle

      Just found your channel and have really enjoyed it

    75. Kris Vance

      "I want some free stuff" Best of luck this year. I am 2xl

    76. luis desousa

      Hey Scott how about the sweet hat. I love to sport that when fishing some of those baits

    77. Dwayne Osmun

      Wank Flutter Tail WFT... lol

    78. Michael Loh

      Hay Scott I’ve been fishing for about a year now and don’t really know lures the best would be great if I could got some good colors to base my tackle off of

    79. William VAUGHAN

      "I want free stuff" I have been watching your videos for a few years now and have enjoyed every one of them. I am currently in the great north of interior Alaska. Many of the same tactics and gear that you use on bass can be used on the Norther Pike up here. Hopefully I will be back in the lower 48 within 4 years, after I retire from the Air Force, living the easy life doing nothing but traveling and fishing. I love crank bait fishing!

    80. Stephen Lightfoot

      I want some of this free stuff

    81. Stephen Lightfoot

      Dear lord sweet lil baby jesus please let Scott Martin gift me with a free lure. Also Scott Martin my 3 year old son love to watch your channel with me. Keep up the awesome vids

    82. B Bock

      I want some of this free stuff!! Just started painting mine own lures

    83. Sport Smith

      Cool vid. Love the small company plugs.

    84. T Fish 24.7

      I would rather fish 1 hour with you, then get all those free lures🐟🎣 and did you like SA FISHING?

    85. T Fish 24.7

      I love fishing for small mouth!🐟🎣🐟🎣🐟🎣

    86. Stutz Outdoors

      Pretty cool to see some of those paint jobs. Always amazed at the color schemes people come up with and hey i wear a XXL shirt.............just saying.........enjoyed the video!

    87. Tony Wilbert

      I want some of this free stuff. That show is by far the best I've seen and thanks for showing. Will definitely mark my calendar for next year.

    88. jon mills

      I want some of this free stuff YEA!!!!Need something lake Tuscaloosa hasn't seen b4.Only 2 fishing stores here an everyone throws the same stuff.Hard lake to fish.

    89. Frank Esposito

      I'm a 2x

    90. T Fish 24.7

      I would die for the lures!!!!! I’ve just started fishing competitively and I really would love a boost. SCOTT MARTIN. Go check out just fishing it’s a South African and he is a really good fisherman. Mark is his name I saw you fished in SA my country!!! Love you Scott 👍🏻 🐟🎣🐟🎣

    91. Paulo Henrique de Almeida

      Hey Scott... I really enjoy your videos. “I want some free stuff” ... Can you help me get on some bazilian bass?? Please !!!

    92. BIGSAMO1

      I wanna win bro

    93. Anthony Winkleman Fishing

      I would love to get my hands on those baits to throw this season scott.

    94. RKF Rolando's Kayak Fishing

      What's up Scott!! would love to check out some of those cool lures.

    95. Andrew DeBey

      Did I miss winner announcement?

    96. Robert

      I would like some free stuff Scott

    97. Brandon Moore

      Hey Scott really love the show's and following your channel my wife and I have 5 kids so it's hard to buy extra things and I'm trying to get my 2 boys something to get started with so if there's anyway you could help them out it would be a blessing

    98. dan anderson

      Hey Scott. I want some free stuff but I can't compete with kids, so pease give it to the youngsters.


      Some free stuff would be nice. It’s winter here so I’m stuck on thin ice ha ha ha

    100. jeremiah jackson

      I want some free stuff!! B lats crank bait!!