Portuguese Man o’ War ATTACKS While Fishing for Reef Donkeys!

Scott Martin

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    This Trip Starts with EXTREME PAIN and ENDS with the fights of their life! Portuguese man-of-war and GIANT AMBERJACK!
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    1. Scott Martin

      Hope y’all like the video..Please do me a HUGE solid and check out the link for Simplisafe www.Simplisafe.com/scottmartin also if you know some one that needs a good security system pass it on to them too. Love y’all!

      1. Carolina Bass Hunter

        Dude I had no idea your Dad is Roland Martin. Just watched an episode on Discovery. Y'all were catching Smallmouth. It was like the good ol days with fishing on TV! I've been fishing my whole life and I just never knew he is your Dad. 🤯

      2. Justin Burns

        Hi scot

      3. James tyrrell

        Loved the video...ive always wanted to go deep-sea fishing 🎣...i have a question for you about your boats...each year you get a new sponsored boat...what do you do with lastyears boat..do you give it back...give it away... sell it....if its give it away ?? How do you figure out who to donate it to??

      4. Kevin flabouyfishing

        Awesome and happy senko de mayo , looks like a tight left turn leaving ur dock !!!!

    2. Steven Oglesby

      Try some vinegar on the jelly fish sting.

    3. BOB


    4. Citykid Hunting and fishing

      Been loving me Scott for years..once again as a grown man with kids but I’m adoption friendly lol🤙🙏🏻

    5. James Ruiz

      Hey flicked the jelly fish off, LMAO hahahahaha you tell em bud

    6. Conner English

      I gotta rent out the Martin Island Camp ! They have the coolest spot!

    7. Nedidas

      hats off to the kayden for getting slammed by that jellyfish and then passing off a massive fish. good lad. god bless brother

      1. loadthebowl


    8. HeheXD

      Im really glad nobody is going to be motioning around his house.

    9. David Todd Vlogs

      When he got stung by the jellyfish Scott sounded like that one uncle Everyone has😂😂😂

    10. Black Nigg

      Man o war and jelly fish can sting anywhere but the finger tips don’t ask me why or how I know, but they just don’t

    11. Cash B

      I miss all the tournament uploads

    12. terry fonz

      WTF would you throw the AJ back that’s great eating dude!

    13. Drew V

      That tumbnail tho 🤣 awesome video guys!

    14. Dbars19

      Hey scott what do you think of the tournament schedule and are you going to fish the FLWs.

    15. David V

      I admire you bro!

    16. Braden Tucker

      hi Mr. Martin I'm a high school angler from Texas and I just want to say thank you for posting amazing videos and really cool tips that have helped my partner and I. THANK YOU!!!

    17. Keith Foote

      Scott, I've been a subscriber for quite a while. Thanks for all your videos, I love watching. My wife is an ER nurse and my daughter who lives in Fla, is also a Nurse in St Pete, so they both have been on the front lines of this COVID 19 epidemic since the beginning. I too have been working everyday since the outbreak. Its great knowing that I can come home and watch your videos to help me escape from the daily stress associated with this current situation. It really helps me!. Thank you for putting yourself out there and keeping the channel alive. Its really important for all of us who have to work to have an means of escape and entertainment to cope with the daily grind. Thanks to everyone who basically puts their life on the line to keep America running during this crisis. Thank you!

    18. Vince Walczak

      great video

    19. COY JACOBS

      Hey Scott lets go fishin some time

    20. jeremy pierce

      Build a first aid kit for that bad boat and put some meat tenderizer in it. Same uric acid as pee just incase someone is stung and no one has to go #1. Awesome video.

    21. DrPlasmodius

      Keep some meat tenderizer on your boat for manowar stings

    22. Ryder Young

      Any idea on what I should use at Lake Nickajack this weekend? I know I shouldn’t really be asking in someone else’s comments but I’d like to get some help if possible, I have a tournament there.

    23. Ditch Outdoor Ministry


    24. Larry Stolzman

      Should you have an Eppy Pen on the boat? My Grandson could die from a wasp sting and some day I want him to join me fishing on the ocean. Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    25. Jason Smith

      Scott you are awesome bro. Over the past 5 years you have easily become my favorite fisherman. You seem genuine, down to earth, and just all around good person. I admire that. Keep putting out the good content and keep doing your thing bud!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you so much Jason! It’s in my blood and I truly love getting people into fishing through our adventures

    26. Rodney Hanbaum

      Man that's so cool! I heard that those AJs were like reeling in a 100lb. Badger under water! Great vlog! Bummer about the Man Of War sting!

    27. hugh ashurst

      where are you fishing

    28. M Jones

      You'll never be closer to a person than when they piss on you

      1. Scott Martin


    29. M Jones

      Guess that's why the guides carry a couple gallons of vinegar on the boat, beats getting pissed on.

    30. Simon Bodjanac

      He said “that’s a full grown one” and then he pulled up a 10 pound cuda. Like yeah it’s big but they can get to 100 pounds that’s not full grown

      1. James O.

        @Scott Martin That cuda was nowhere near 30 lbs. 15 at best.

      2. Scott Martin

        Not sure of the weight but more like 30/40

    31. C O

      Hey Simply safe! Great job requiring 4 minutes of Scott talking about your product! I skipped right through it! Thx for sponsoring the vid!!

    32. Kevin Pittman

      i like these videos

    33. To busy got to go Fish

      leave baby alone track a baby

    34. Christopher Raber

      Brock's fight was pretty intense

    35. Dori Tos

      Why so rough with the fish?

    36. Cameron Maki

      Love the saltwater content. Keep it coming

    37. Rpmerrill 16

      Take TTJ fishing on the boat

    38. Rob Knott

      I got stung by a school in Portugal have scars all over my chest and arms piss is the best but because it was by my face I opted for vinegar burns like hell and leaves scars but took the sting out of it.

    39. CrispyChris

      15:46 where’s the butt plug??

    40. Person Person

      He fakes his give aways

    41. Cristen Cox

      and aj

    42. Cristen Cox

      those were some big grouper

    43. Cristen Cox

      that is a big boat

    44. Check Mate

      I truly needed this beyond words and I haven't even made it a third of the way yet.💜🤜🤛💥

    45. Check Mate

      Oh I forgot the pee. That's funny... And necessary. 😂

    46. Check Mate

      That Perfect Blue.... That's the s**t I miss the Most. You have no idea the therapy it gives to see my Beatiful Blue again. Love 💜

    47. Rob Fish

      I thought this was the Scott Martin channel. Who is that goon who torpedo'd that fish?

    48. Rob Fish

      someone pee on my hand?....Nah

    49. Dazare

      Not a jelly fish a Hydra


      Hello my friend . I really admire your team, I am interested in your channel and I look forward to you coming to my channel so that we can exchange and learn experiences

    51. Cole Gerz

      Damn I was just in the keys for about a month hahah

    52. BakerUnit36

      Two great videos!!! Can't wait for the next one @coryc513

    53. Mick Anderson

      Why don't you use a rod bucket when hooked up ?

    54. Cameron Spiller

      Hey bud .I miss the flipping video s

    55. hnd450

      The reef donks ain't no joke lol

    56. Aaron Dickerson

      Man loving the gulf fishing ! That freeman boat rocks ! Keep em coming !!

    57. Gavin Davis

      Digging the ocean videos Scott!

    58. Jason Powell

      I use tennis balls to put on the end of my snagging rods for spoonbill! Maybe a good idea for your ocean rods! Great video Scott! Glad to see your doing good and staying healthy!

    59. William Gordge

      Peeing on the stingers doesn't help. If you had vinegar that would have stopped the rest of the stingers that act exactly like a bee sting. No Vinegar? ...heat some sea water to kill the remaining polyps. It is not actually a type of jellyfish! The "Portuguese Man O' War" is in a class of its own, here in Australia we call them Bluebottles. If you are interested in reading about the little buggers, see here; en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portuguese_man_o%27_war

    60. Rusty Wells

      This has been two of the best salt water trips I've watched in a long time good job guys!

    61. indee

      I wanna see you catch an AJ Scott!!

    62. Leonardo Welch

      Nice boat my man. You deserve it buddy. You work hard. I for one appreciate the effort you and your team put in to entertain us. Thank you

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you sooooo much!!!

    63. Bkidd Tv

      Hey Scott what would you recommend on the best spinning rod to pitch and Throw

    64. Sean Kildahl

      Peeing on a sting doesn't help. 😅 You're actually supposed to wash it off with seawater!

    65. Dave Wylie

      I had a Googan customer swing a rodtip full of tentacle right into my neck. They hurt for real!! Big ole Aj's are good times too!!

    66. Missy Blanton

      Can you do a catch and cook stingray

    67. mikes construction / maintenance roofing guthridge

      Scott love watching your shows we just left Florida 2 days ago can’t wait to drive down and meet y’all in person

    68. Roger Ostrander

      Is that freeman owned by you

    69. Colby Stratton

      Scott you should make a video on how you organize your tackle in your tackle boxes

    70. bryce nappa

      No more Brandon filming?

    71. Sav Gre

      F the water whear is the fighting belt?

    72. Sav Gre

      Ate the heart from my first Bluefin.

    73. Sav Gre

      U gotta eat the heart. Still beating ofcourse.. Not a man if u don't do that at least once. Lol

    74. Showtime533 Cook

      You kept that little black tuna. Unreal!

      1. Showtime533 Cook

        Scott Martin I bet it did. But, that boat though daddy is ridiculous!

      2. Scott Martin

        Made a perfect tuna roll

    75. Landon Grooms

      He ain't the only one that's been stung by a jelly fish

    76. Brogan Hollinger

      Nice fish I missed the last video and when you said Sarasota I had to go back to listen again because that is my home town if you are back in the area I would be more than to take you fishing in the rivers and put you on meat offshore

    77. Tall Texas

      Scott your my mentor I wanna be able to bass fish like you one day

    78. Mark k

      I've been told to always carry vinegar when you go to the beach it supposedly kills the pain dramatically


      Woohoo nice Scott! It was fun to have you in one of my KGup videos!

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      Fresh fish!

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      rent it and park my infatuated raft

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      Watching your videos during this isolation is life saving!! Can’t wait for the next one! 👍🐟🎣

    86. Cristina Brown

      That happened to me last week bottom fishing

    87. Linda Smith

      That was some BIG fish. I would not want to tangle with that jellyfish!

    88. Cristina Brown

      A trick that works for jellyfish stings is get baking powder and mix water to form a paste and put it on the sting

    89. Doc Phillips

      Great video, seen those things, Man-O-War, several times. My offshore training guide says keep a gallon bottle of Vinegar on board, wash the site with water then pour on vinegar to help relive burning, and an antihistamine to help

    90. PWNMOB mafia

      Aint even 150lbs

    91. Paul English

      When does trash talking James get to go out on that boat!!??

      1. Drew V

        Hes gotta grow a few more feet and put on 100lbs 🤣

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      1. Trxyr

        Scott Martin yeah they are so good nice catch

      2. Sav Gre

        I thought black fin were endangered. Illegal to catch out here on the West Coast I think. If we even get them any more

      3. Scott Martin

        He was soooooo good makes a nice tuna roll

    99. Bill Shepard

      Thanks Scott... expanding the Legacy!

    100. Carey Fredrich

      My uncle got stung by one