Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW


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    Cyberpunk 2077 (PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Series X) is releasing soon, so here's all of the information to be caught up on the ambitious new RPG.
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    1. gameranx

      CLARIFICATION: you cannot modify cars. You will be able to get already customized cars, but cannot do so yourself.

      1. Zyion Arias

        Ok fine with me

      2. JestEr

        you said "mod and customize cars"???

      3. netweed09

        ''Recommended'' (Fantasy) Specs: 11:18 Reality Specs: Intel Core i9 9900(+), RAM: 32GB, Gfx card: RTX 2080 Super Duper, Disk Space: 70GB for your base files, 7000GB for your YT videos

      4. Greg W

        Imagine this in VR.. that feature should be free dlc, still excited for this though, not one for buying to many titles but this ticks the boxes. Happy gaming all.

      5. Snuggle City

        @Mohammed Junaid not every game has to have every feature ever

    2. DoglinsShadow

      Great video!!! Thanks

    3. GRIN Creepy

      Is the whole game 1st person? I love 3rd like gta

    4. living thelife

      Looks like GTA but less realistic...more cartoony bs. Have fun wasting your life away

    5. Lee Tugwell

      Here on the 26/11/2020 and watching this video as he states it’ll be coming out on 19/11/2020 and it just depresses me

    6. Blueband Peso

      This game will either be a super smash.... or probably be the most disappointing game of the last decade

    7. Explore17

      Considering I just finished my finals yesterday, and I have 3 months and 5 days before uni starts again, I think I know what I'm gonna do!

    8. Hyperioc

      Corpo: Michael Street Kid: Franklin Nomad: Trevor

    9. blooDyKen

      Looks like I'll have to stockpile some water and food at least for 2 months in my room.

    10. Westhuizen Bros

      we'll probably live in the cyberpunk era before this game even launches

    11. MypoopooStinks

      Will there be an online mode in the future is what I’m wondering

    12. Veton Zajmi

      damn i was waiting gta 6 along time but i didnt expect that coming its more than gta

    13. Aravind P V

      Lol I watched this after the 10 December launch date got confirmed

    14. Skipper8472

      Think i will restart multiple times never mind play multiple times.

    15. JustFruitcake

      Cyber Punk 2077 is coming out in 2077.

    16. Braydon Dyson

      The only thing you need to know is that it's from the same people who made the witcher 3 WH

    17. Joe M

      Looks like Grand Theft Auto but set in the future with a lot better graphics. Looks fun though.

    18. Rice

      Will you be able to play it with friends

    19. Critty Cothran

      RiGhT aRoUnD tHe CoRnEr

    20. Big Head Pat Reviews

      Going to build my cyborg to top notch! Liked the video also!

    21. Less7891 Supreme Ability

      AYO if this become multiplayer am sorry but rockstar u will no longer rule evry era no more

    22. Cris Mendez

      What's that opening sound?! I know that sound!

    23. eNi G9

      It’s this game gonna be like gta v online?

    24. Richard bunt

      If this game gets delayed again then I won't by the new Xbox or ps5.

    25. Colton Darkes

      Ita finally less than 20 days les go


      So is this basically gta in the future

    27. _#Online - 90%_

      Seems like a goofy game for teens.. Zzz Nothing new really.The gunpay is far to unrealistic and arcady.

    28. munchy 22

      cyberpunk looks great but cant invest in it. the only time microtransacions are and should be alowed in games is when the game is free to play. anything else is greed and well in my opinion wrong. a pc, ps4, ps5 xbox one s,x series is not a mobile phone reverse this bad trend. stop it plse. i really want to buy this game legitimatly but i cant if you have microtransactions in game for a payed game.

    29. tigerlep

      i really hate how they force first person but they have a character creator i'd like to actually SEE my created character cutscenes and seeing them in vehicles ain't good enough why couldn't they just do what GTA5 did and make it 3rd and 1st person

      1. Sini

        maybe someone will add a mod for third person?

    30. tree

      i just hope its good because its very ambitious but IT LOOKS GOOD

    31. Marcel Sobol

      I’m having a little problem I’m really not sure what platform to buy cyberpunk on I have a ps4 and a lot of my friends have one an Xbox one s and only one of my friends had one and a pc but the pc doesn’t have the recommended gpu and I’m worried that it will look worse than one of the consoles so in conclusion I’m looking for good graphics and to have fun with friends pls help me

    32. krishang saxena

      Now after seeing this video IM WAITING FOR CYBERPUNK 2077 More eagerly then I'm waiting for my marriage 🥺🥺

    33. Majk Vukas

      1. Your computer will not be able to run the game

    34. cole fitz

      12:00 that didn’t age well....

    35. Dave DC

      I have the last 2 weeks of December off. I don’t plan on leaving my couch the entire time. Goodbye Friends, and life....hello pimples, And no sleep.

    36. KazeTheForsaken

      00:02 Oh Jake...

    37. Leecho

      I love it

    38. Greg Reynolds

      Every dude running round this city with massive hogs. Lol.

    39. Pop Clutch Co.

      lets just hope the driving physics will somewhat close to GTA

    40. NightCitySolo

      2020 player of old & waiting for my copy of Cyberpunk Reds source book, cant wait to start converting from 2020 & taking the pen & paper Rpg in to 2077.

    41. decentradical

      I like the fixed first person perspective, and especially with the potential for hallucinations and warped/glitched reality it seems like a necessity. But it does make all this cosmetic character customisation entirely pointless.

    42. Mav _

      Skyrim was made 8 years ago. Using that as an example to describe boring interiors was not the best comparison to a game that was released in 2020. Also it takes place in a medieval time period.

    43. Grim Sky

      me coming here after they delayed it to dec. 10th

    44. James Blomqvist

      Can u get 5 stars ?

    45. Joshua Sanders

      You forgot to mention Stadia.

    46. snouken

      **No, I don't NEED to know those 10 things** Stop appearing in my recommended

    47. Phoenix Flame

      I can’t wait for the game this is definitely going to be a great game

    48. Edmond BrickFilms


    49. Jarrel Jones

      Flying a car

    50. Paladino do Cerrado

      I hunt Ozob.

    51. Andres Vazques

      im going to be 71 when this shit comes out

    52. Nick Maranda

      So stoked to finnaly download it today! oh wait

    53. P ROB

      I'm just gonna choose a basic looking character or I'll be at it for hours..

      1. Death Dream007

        Bro lemme just tell you this you will be at it for at least an your because there is so much customize stuff so yeah and I'm hyped to but for 8 FUCKING YEARS IVE BEEN WAITING. Well finally in the Fucking Christmas month

    54. GEИESIS

      I have a feeling that this game will have TONS of replayability. Not only from picking your path as a street kid, nomad, or corp agent, but the different outcomes and consequences that come from the decisions you make.

    55. Lord Dorogoth

      They said that it would be more packed, not empty.

    56. Anton Qvarfordt

      Do I really - NEED to KNOW THEM?!

    57. Nicole Diaz

      I’m still so in love with The Witcher that I can’t focus on anything else but I need to play it

    58. Nicole Diaz

      So I’ll be taking 5 hours to customise my character. Sounds like the Sims on crack I can’t wait. Imagine The Witcher 4 having an option going back in time and customise your own Witcher woah

    59. Nick O'Leary

      When it's Nov 19 and that shit still isn't released

    60. bleatshorts

      Kinda bummed that there's no car customisation but I'm still super excited to get this game!

    61. mccarthy86

      Dont you guys think watching all these videos might spoil your experience? I dont understand why people want to learn everything about a game before they play it.

    62. João Frederico

      I now need to drive a DeLorean in this game.

    63. jearl blah

      I just happened to watch this the day it was supposed to come out.....

      1. Disfatt Bidge


    64. Demonamic777

      I still find it a bit odd that Gender is still listed in a game all about Cyberpunk setting. A lot of Cyberpunk is about the absence of gender and transhumanism.

    65. Daniel Gregson

      The graphics and animations in the early promo stuff looks SOOO different from the actual game footage we've seen.

    66. Daniel Gregson

      Hopefully the PC version will have the ability to run more NPC's/pedestrians/traffic. All the demo footage I've seen so far looked pretty empty probably for the sake of optimization.

    67. phreakii


    68. The Jingo

      With this last delay I got super salty and I’ll find any flaws this game had they better be perfect now that they delay it 4 times

    69. Gamer of Games

      i have been waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 since i was in the womb from my mother, if it doesn't launch in December as promised, I give up on this game

    70. ThatsStraight UpBullshit

      haha... i don't think sooo

    71. MYSTYX

      According to Indian Calendar, this year 2020 is year 2077... Now you know when thr game is coming...

    72. DANNY Gamer Z

      Cancelled goooo brrrrr

    73. AnimeBlackGuy _

      this aged well

    74. Dominic Gomes

      ooooooooooo I’m watching this three weeks later and heard “It’s right around the corner” F

      1. ShadowkillZ


      2. DevDaGreat 2k


      3. Disfatt Bidge


    75. Nino Sokrivo

      Are there robots ?? Cyborgs ?? Aliens ?? that'd be cool.

    76. Nino Sokrivo

      GTA : Liberty city 2077.

    77. Weltenesser

      cmon, just be honest ant tell us u have a deal wit cdpr and stadia 😏

    78. Manc 2608

      The very first time I saw this game I thought meh. Haven’t seen anything since to change that view. Witcher 3 is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Really hope I’m wrong.

    79. RJ Bishop

      Thanks for the info depth without spoilers! :)

    80. HunterDrastic

      Actually I don't need to know anything about a game that will never be released.

    81. tell rich

      Cd projekt red: “Coming November!” Also Cd projekt red: lol no

      1. djrocks567

        Copied comment lol

      2. Goo5e

        CD Projekt red took no nut November to heart

    82. Ying Dong

      It’s delayed again, what am I supposed to do during the second times lockdown😩

    83. Lex

      I know its in first person, but are you able to switch from first to third person?

    84. Kristian Wilson

      Reminds me of Perfect Dark Zero

    85. Pikachu attack

      Me, hearing the genital customization: Hehe, big pebnis.

    86. davil kingrr

      Gameranx atleast you have any idea that we can purchase houses in cyberpunk2077?

    87. The 9ine God

      10 things you need to know... By 2077

    88. Ratmhit

      Bro this game is going to be future fallout I just saying

    89. Scientific Fish

      Thanks for to not trying to spoil it for other people who dont want to know the story yet

    90. pratap rao

      scary videos

    91. connor fischer

      Wave 2 Thank You

    92. vikko

      imagine a cyberpunk vr

    93. the derpy sandwich

      I was looking for a pros and cons list here but this is only good things

    94. elcross77

      I just found out this game exists and it’s coming out in 4 days. Cool. I think I’ll check it out. Seems interesting

    95. Kokekoko

      I thought i nv able to get a rtx 3070 b4 cyberbunk 2077 , I was so wrong

    96. Cyppy747

      First thing I will do is probably drive

    97. NICK

      Sounds like gta but smaller this games gonna suck its 2020 almost 2021 and we cant have bigger maps for games uh the gaming world sucks

      1. Callum Hall

        Your a spastic lol

    98. pi ッ

      Imagine if they scattered parts of a Delorean around the map, so you would have to collect all the parts and make the Delorean yourself as an easter egg. That would be cool.

    99. Emmanuel Perez

      How will we react to pedestrians? Is it going to be like GTA games where the only way to interact with them is by doing bad things to them or will it be more similar to Watch Dogs where we have more ways to interact with them?

    100. Finn Neilson

      Can someone please be legend and explain something to me, to experience 60fps on ps5 would you need a 4k TV or can you experience the detail with a normal HD TV. Also I've been so hyped for cyberpunk2077 will it look visibly different on PS4 to PS5 or will it look the same until they have released the updated version for it next year. Thanks peeps