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    People in this vid:
    @Noah Beck
    @Blake Gray
    @Vardan Antonyan

    Outro song by
    Simon Rex
    Camera/ Editor
    Oscar Alva
    Camera man
    @Christian Guiton

    Kyle Carper

    Assitant to the assistant Editor
    Joe Vulpis

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    1. sam pan

      the Eric Andrea show p2

    2. Chris

      is no one going to talk about the ant or spider at 6:22

    3. nishtha arora

      please start uploading more. i miss you 🥺

    4. Samuel Gaskey

      I love how uncomfortable they look they think he’s so weird😂😂

    5. Danny Gonzales

      So what kind of haircut did he get

    6. IB LION

      I hate vardan

    7. Kloption

      0:21 Jonah: 👁️👄👁️

    8. Dana Angelica Dacurro

      are we just gonna sit here and not talk about how vardan just pissed on the chair and sat in it like it was nothing lmaoo (unless it was fake)

    9. Amy Marks

      Thank you Jeff :)

    10. ElleNotTheMagazine

      I love how blake was just chilling with the naked rat 😍🐭

    11. Tommy Kane

      This is some of the funniest shit on yt

    12. Sini 28

      WHAT IS THIS? Eric Andre's Barbershop?

    13. Baileigh Tahlulah

      “I don’t even wanna put that into the universe “ 🥺 that’s what I say

    14. Vic takes walls

      Did any1 get scared when the spider went on the screen

    15. Alma Sedibe

      What am i watching 👀👀📺

    16. Maja Lopandic

      Blakes voice thoo

    17. Aaron Albers

      i feel bad that they called him out for being high but oh well its legal there

    18. Ginger Fikus

      we're really seeing vardan grow up *-*

    19. İlkay the Outis

      6:22 jeff you scared the shit out of me

    20. Adhyayan Mehra

      "How'd ya get your start?" -Jeff

    21. Siddhant Kaushik

      Everytime Jeff uploads a vid I already start waiting for the next one.

    22. EASI

      I lost a lot of brain cells today

    23. EASI

      I think my brain just committed suicide

    24. Jaime Alvarez

      Dixie beck

    25. CJ carp

      Ok, how did you "Pop the ?" what ? " You want to date? wth... These are Our Nations Youth.. again wth

    26. SirCartier Fan!

      Johan needs to leave the videos keep vardan he a legend

    27. chips n ice cream

      Why does he look like a manchild like he's built I give him that but his face literally looks like a manchild

    28. Caity G

      Who else was gushing over Jeff more than Noah hahha

    29. Olivia Pierce

      Charlie D’amelio’s SITER’S boyfriend? I know 90% of Jeff’s content is dry humor and it’s funny as hell, but are the misspellings intentional?

    30. Micah Hanly

      He’s been in there for 1 day. I did it for 5 months 😂

    31. Fidel alvarez

      I want what Kyle’s on ahahaa 8:43

    32. Rank Greenwell

      You should invite 420dogface and give him a good clean shave👍

    33. Naitō Gottfreed

      jeff should definitely keep vardan on the show just to put Jonah in his place😅

    34. S U C C B OI

      Can we a “like” counter please?

    35. Fernando Jimenez


    36. OUTL4W GYP

      Jeff has a second channel? Robin under the hood. Check it out lmao 😂

    37. Jakob Medeiors

      Let me buy sun 🌲

    38. Vogue charliii

      Wtf is wrong with this video idk what..

    39. nicolas martinez

      People should stop watching jake Paul, and watch this. This is quality content

    40. nicolas martinez

      Most underrated show ever

    41. Wyatt Butler

      Bro I frickin love this show

    42. Talan Your dad

      bro cut kyles hair

    43. Daniel Gutierrez

      Doooo Ryan Reynolds

    44. Patricia Lopez

      vardan: im glad i skipped my zoom class for this

    45. Jesus Banuelos

      Alex Ernest

    46. Daniella Chocolate

      I love this I love it when Jonah was like let me out It doesn’t sound funny when I say it lol 😂

    47. Lima Bean

      JEFFS HUMOR IS SO UNDERRATED. His videos are the only ones that guarentee to make me laugh out loud every single time 😂 keep up the great content 🤟

    48. bowen voowy

      “This is like Christmas at the foster home. Everyone’s trying to make it better with shitty surprises” lmaooooo

    49. Yt_young_cholo

      All of these vids are just the best

    50. keerstin


      1. bowen voowy

        Blake looks so uncomfortable haha

    51. Rap Cruz

      now cut borat's hair

    52. Shirin J

      He looks like a ken. But like not in the best why.

    53. jesse martinez

      Danny Duncan

    54. Shayla Soares

      they look uncomfortable

    55. Stefan

      Anyone else see the spider crawl across the screen at 6:22 ?

      1. Carsen Rogers

        It 1:06 and I was watching this in the dark and I fucking threw my phone across the room and started to freak out

    56. Xic D

      I feel so bad for noah lmaooo idk if i can watch this, even though its funny as fuck

    57. Xol2Crazzy

      Mosey alry hit

    58. Xol2Crazzy

      did vardon eat a mushroom from mario?

    59. Xol2Crazzy

      y is Vardon 15 now

    60. Danasha Culton

      4:50 is where he talks about dixie d amelio damn to much talking lmfao

    61. ava ritchie

      charli damelio sisters boyfriend woooooooooow

    62. Šárka Morávková

      "Charli D´Amelio sister´s boyfriend" good way how to introduce him but poor Dixie

    63. Divyansh Kumar

      I had not subscribed until now, but that bit from 2:30 man 😂😂 I'm gonna subscribe now. You deserve it.

    64. Andrew Oyama


    65. Paige Saunders

      "I dropped out because I was dumb" lmfaoo

    66. Paige Saunders

      Blake looks so uncomfortable haha

    67. Tanisha Mitra


    68. Aaron B

      pls make vardan permanent

    69. rasvan .one2step

      he definetly has a lazy eye, 2 months have passed now and it did not heal

    70. N Ø M A D

      Don’t know much about these tiktok donnies but he seems pretty cool

    71. gevork gevanyan

      Dudes talk to Jeff like he gives a shit. Which by the look on his face you can tell he doesn’t

    72. annie mae dodd

      blake looks so scared😭😭😭😭

    73. Abraham Rodriguez

      When the insect called up in thought was real u was literally freaking out!

    74. Vision Invisible

      "30 seconds to record and post it" and a $100k in paid advertisements was made in 30 seconds. holy fucking balls

    75. Jr Vera

      Bruh this guys look 25-28 not no damn 19 years old

    76. Jr Vera

      “ you go to in and out and never come out” 🤣🤣🤣

    77. linkinqueens97

      i wanna be here before teenage girls start commenting "I fEeL sOrRy fOr pEopLe wHo donT gEt JeFfs hUmoR'

    78. Public Enemy

      im only subbed because of vardan

    79. Joseph Doyle

      Cut Jonah. Kids annoying at this point

    80. Isabel Hipolito


    81. Isabel Hipolito


    82. Isabel Hipolito

      I love the laughhhsastin

    83. Isabel Hipolito


    84. Isabel Hipolito


    85. Manas Digaari

      pls pray for eyes to be back normal agin

    86. kate fletcher

      omg i’m in love w blake

    87. noobhead16

      Hey guys me and my little really look up to you guys and we love you le content but lately my little brother has been saying the word nigga a lot and for some reason his very disrespectful to other and their opinions so I was wondering if you could please make a video about pleaseeee

    88. Daniel Fuentes

      Plz tell me I’m not the inly who got scared around 6:23

    89. LucasArg

      this is so uncomfortable to watch

    90. Thaboy Misa

      You go to in and out and never get out

    91. Aaron Sandberg

      Literally Nick is great on this show y'all's comedy offsets ea other perfectly

    92. Brielle Glodek

      i think in the beginning he spelled sisters wrong he spelled it siters

      1. Brielle Glodek

        he also spelled Charli wrong he spelled it like Charlie

    93. GTK- XB72

      Neck looking Phat as always 😼

    94. phoebe huang

      noah is so sweet compared to griffen dixie had to ask him out

    95. Ulises Liz

      why is nobody talking about the spider on the screen @6:20 i fucking jumped 😂😂

      1. soinu foig

        “This is like Christmas at the foster home. Everyone’s trying to make it better with shitty surprises” lmaooooo

    96. xethanronsi

      when the spider crawled down my screen i fucking died

      1. soinu foig

        himself, ya know

    97. Mr Mobile

      Do Doug the pug

    98. Justin Simmons

      Played hockey with his brother last year 🤷‍♂️

    99. Starri night

      why do yall think he cute he ugly

    100. Kung fu Benny

      I wonder if Eric Andre ever gets annoyed at people who blatantly copy his content