The Dark Truth Of Ariana Grande Being On Nickelodeon

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    The Dark Truth Of Ariana Grande Being On Nickelodeon
    Just like Disney, this popular channel aimed at children and young teens has launched many artists into stardom over the past two decades, including Ariana Grande. Ariana Grande made her Nickelodeon debut in 2010 as Caterina “Cat” Valentine on the sitcom Victorious, created by Dan Schneider.
    However, Nickelodeon too has a dark side that rarely gets talked about, and Ariana Grande’s fans have recently uncovered some very disturbing things about Ari’s time on Nickelodeon.
    So what are Nickelodeon’s dark secrets that Arianators want you to know about?
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    1. Beatrice Trinidad

      But the people who got problems I feel so bad after this

    2. Beatrice Trinidad

      He not that creepy I think I love his video so I 👎

    3. Patricia Slaven

      I hate him he is so creepy😭 Ariana probably got blackmail bless her hart

    4. Allie Neece

      There is a video of Liz and Ariana were laying on the set and when Liz saw Dan coming she pulled down Arianas Skirt and turned her around and you could see they both got really uncomfortable

    5. ɪᴛᴢ_ᴊᴀɴᴇ シ

      How to get kids attention: put circle anywhere, than they will click on the video.

    6. Paige

      There is photo proof of him touching the but there were tears in her eyes

    7. Andriana Lucky

      I think Dan what ever is freakin creepy

    8. funny Malaysia

      3:00AM Wow isn’t what you want by one minute you are right I took the paint to who is the man me and Steve are don’t know I have a pool

    9. funny Malaysia

      How do you K I want them a lot of time what’s up with your body one I don’t want to do 9:30 PM yeah see I had to pay

    10. ícҽís թհօҽղíx

      Ariana is brainwashed/ programmed by Disney and was part of a project called operation Sex Kitten that is why she used to wear bunny ears she is programmed my very high elite.

    11. Autumn Shaw

      Honestly, I think everyone’s over thinking this situation. If it were bad enough, the girls would say something. As far as ari is concerned, he helped her better her future and she’s grateful.

    12. Isiah Tisdale

      I love Ariana Grande more than you

    13. Boaba_cup 12

      I saw a tiktok about him

    14. Boaba_cup 12

      Dan discuss me from this day🤢🤮🤮🤮

    15. Kealesego Mamatela

      Man disgust me

    16. rileyann

      theres a behind the scenes video from the set of victorious of liz and ari sitting on the floor. dan was coming around with the camera and as he was coming you could see liz pulling ari's skirt down

    17. chris ross

      Plz give me a shout-out on my Instagram account obama.malik

    18. JohnandLaurie Haas

      I love Arina granda

    19. Teagan M

      Maybe Ariana was forced to not talk about it 🤔

      1. Jordan Schacht

        I was thinking that too cause it doesn't really make sense

    20. Sherene&Sammi Joy

      Me as a kid👁👄👁

    21. Balleleave

      I feel like Ari went through something so much darker, and it's the fact she's like such a popular singer is she's just scared her career will drop down if she tells what she's been through.

    22. Freja Kjellberg

      My friends always have been sooo over Ariana, I just couldn’t stand it. Recently in a b/day party this topic poped up, so, one of those who has just a normal attitude towards her, said she can’t look at her cuz she looks underage, but doing all these things in her vids feels disturbing. She likes the songs, but she can’t watch her because it feels like some underaged teenager is trying to seduce men big time. I got to conclusion that I also mostly dislike what I see cuz it feels some sort of wrong. Young girls praise Ariana, boys and men, ofc, losing their minds over her and she (or directors) puts her in such tense environment that it’s hard to imagine her way simpler than that, but singing equaly good. Ofc, I don’t know everything about her. She’s undeniably beautiful, a commercial success, definitely with a voice, so, I am definitely not saying that she’s all bad or wte, but her visual character sometimes is really discussible. The songs sometimes are discussible. Now, after getting to know what most likely happened to her while acting, I wouldn’t wonder that somebody is still taking care of what she does, or the way she tends to present herself in her vids or performances is an outcome of what she’s experienced at a very young age when everything shapes you as a person. For her own good I really hope she’s managing wte she does on her own and it makes her happy, so, 20 years later we won’t have another story of Britney, who also was/is a huge success, but for everyone else except for herself. It’s sad that so many stars can’t get out of their miseries cuz their relatives, friends and everybody else gets so money hungry, they can’t find the grip. Apparently, it takes one geniue nice person to succeed, so, a bunch of greedy people can grow their wealth on other person’s success. But if the Nickelodeon experience has made her to look at the world as it’s smth normal, we shouldn’t be surprised why she never talks about it. She just was thought it’s normal. Or the other thing that is mentioned in comments - she’s blackmailed. Although she makes so much money and has so many fans on her side, she shouldn’t be bothered unless she see the world that way or is simply not ready to talk about it, or if behind her success (like behind Britney’s) there are not a bunch of people over controlling her every step and every word.

    23. JordanTheBeast

      Fuck dan chain

      1. JordanTheBeast

        Fuck dan

    24. Cece Myricks

      Now that I heard about him now I don't want him to be a part of Nickelodeon again if he is I'm going to stop watching it it's so unfair for them to be accused of this creepy guy

    25. Sarah Pielin


    26. Allen Campbell

      1:21 Victorious was made in 2010

    27. Annie Stokes

      I think she’s too nice to say anything and it could turn people against her as they could reject her statement.

    28. Andrea Abrahams

      I don't like Dan he is a ass hole.

    29. pinklittle18

      Ari is probably not trying look in past because she different person trying not start drama or she did not see what was wrong ;-;

      1. pinklittle18

        Or don't want her fan just go attack ;-;

    30. gman3082

      Love you Ariyan

    31. Ashley Mason

      Cousin of Weinstein probably

    32. jonny apple

      Maybe ari did something with him and doesn’t want it to be revealed soooo she tryna keep it a secret

    33. Blueberryt32mystery Honeywitheverybody

      What people think who want Dan to do hurt die or do same as well with other do strange

    34. Alex Phillips

      Dan is a complete asshole sorry not sorry

    35. Maria Calí

      I feel so sorry for the lack of understanding humans have as to how to address trauma. You do not rush a trauma survivor to speak their truth. Im a survivor of child sex trafficking, I can't imagine how horrible it must be to have the whole world determining YOUR STORY

    36. Earnestine Carter


    37. Krista Grym

      She has been hit by predators since she was a kid....that's why she has gotten so huge

    38. Sahil Gaikar

      Ariana 🍒❤️

    39. Naomi H

      Wondering if Mac Miller had hidden messages about Dan out there ... anyone ?

    40. SarhanTheBest

      I like the music in ur video

    41. SarhanTheBest

      I love Ariana Grande

    42. jxstaskzlover

      3:41 not shy not me itzy

    43. General Blorp

      NDA + hush money = career

    44. Dejan boss


    45. Shade Lp

      When they were putting food on that girl in the kitchen 🍕G8

    46. Malia McGuire


    47. Malia McGuire


    48. Mary Ault

      The fact that her fans are calling him out and she's silent screams it's true! Her fans are saying everything she probably can't say for some reason but the fact she's not denying it or silencing fans SAYS IT ALL!!YOU CANT ACCUSE OR TELL THE TRUTH BUT YOU CAN DENY AND COVER UP AND SHE'S NOT! 🗣️🗣️🗣️🤞🏻😟🥀💔

    49. Sara Farmer

      Hi Ariana grande😮😸😻

    50. Shamone Grant

      When he got in the hot tub that pulled the last straw for me

    51. arianna dinon

      I think Ariana and Dan have a contract so she can’t talk shit about him so she doesn’t talk shit about Dan

    52. Lorianna Scott

      love the creepy music along with the video. nice job!

    53. Alexis Puniwai

      🥺 poor Jeannette.

    54. panhuys

      Ari's fame and succes are still going, she gains nothing by playing a victim card.

    55. Equine E

      My theory is that Dan might be giving Ariana some hush money. Entirely speculation, though.

    56. AN Nation afomia

      This is wrong and she should speek out!

    57. dzhidzhii08. .

      The was she said vEgA

    58. serenity ꨄ

      dan schneider's behind the scene takes for victorious really shows how uncomfortable the entire cast was with his presence. every time jade west's actress caught him around she'd get protective of ari. man i really hate that guy

      1. pinklittle18

        Me 3

      2. AN Nation afomia

        Me too he's creepy

    59. ツYourLxcalMaddie

      I've just realised,In Victorious cat mostly talks about her brother,and these were kinda the lines "My brother got shot by a clown" "Oh it's my brother!he said he got the clown costume,the power drill and *twelve gallons of blood* "my brother puts hot sauce on everything *but never on his food* " "this reminds me of hiding in my closet from my brother trying to *kill me!* " And more and those are really innapropriate and disturbing and not for kids

    60. Damon Brierley

      Dan is so creepy I think he's stalking the girl selebs and also he looks disturbing and he shouldn't force people to do things that they can't do I think he's trying to change people

    61. A random Commenter

      Why tf isn't this guy in jail yet?!

      1. panhuys

        Innocent untill proven guilty Also lots of money

    62. Fleur Erethea

      Y'all, TheSlap of Cat in the Victorious. They did her dirty there.

    63. Johnny Courtemanche

      Plot twist: *Dan Schneider hasn't done anything wrong*

    64. Anirudh Chavan

      Wow so my name is cool

    65. Sweet girl

      Schneider mast be Jewish

    66. Hope Braden

      I think that Ariana didn't want to come forward about the man because she is afraid that he will find her and do something because she came forward about him. Well not all of us know how to do this some people do and get payed for it but HACKING and maybe Ari thinks that he will hire a hacker to find her and hurt her feelings. I feel so bad Ariana and Gennette I feel so, so bad for you and I hope that what you had to do in the Nickelodeon shows didn't affect how you live life today.

    67. Vanessa Pekar

      Idk if it's just me but i think that Ari is not talking bad about Dan bc, lets me serious, she is most popular young girl in the world and everyone knows her, so i think that she will bring a lot of her fans to start hate Dan. Some of them will start a war just for Ari I am sure for that! Arianas fans are strong fam and they will do anything just to destroy Dan and his life. Something I am trying to say is that if Ari may say what she really fell about Dan and his work, she will, even if she want that or not, turn all of her fans against Dan, so i think that is why😖

    68. Makiyah Queen

      𝚆𝚑𝚢 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 🇬 🇮 🇷 🇱 🇸  🇦 🇷 🇪  🇳 🇴 🇹  🇴 🇧 🇯 🇪 🇨 🇹 🇸

    69. PriapusV2

      He must have some dirt on Ariana to keep her silence

    70. Thomas Fadale

      what if he said dont say anything bad about me?and thats why she hasnt

    71. Roman Z

      Dan is just down bad

    72. Leslieann Davis

      I don't understand how how Ariana grande is not seeing anything about this because she for none Nickelodeon to disrespect that and try to do something to but she directed what what's his name is he was the one who making Ariana grande 😠😠😠😠

    73. Mabel Suarez

      I’m not gonna watch Nickelodeon because that creepy b*

    74. Barney Boy

      Oh my I never know that this happened

    75. Isha Mehrin

      She survived all these! It just makes us love her more!! 💖🥺

    76. ton kkktrt


    77. Bubbles ._.

      The hot tub with Amanda to close dude...YoU nEeD tO bAcK uP

    78. Bubbles ._.

      Poor Ariana

    79. Bubbles ._.

      Omg this is disturbing eww is her toe food


      MABEY SHE COULD get fired if she did speek bad abut him

    81. Amaya Wolfy gacha

      Oof this is weird lol

    82. XXXtentacles

      I’m Dirty Dan

    83. Javier Brown

      Wait st the cover of the video is them hugging but look closer and its the dude that's hugging her that's his hand

    84. Cj Williams

      I always knew there was something fishy about Dan Schneider

    85. Nemisis McCormick

      He definitely is a creep my sister both got those yuck vibez

    86. Maddie Harding

      She was 15 whatttt

    87. Elmer Glenn Guiang Jr.

      You forgot Sam and Cat

    88. ItzKirito yt

      What if Ariana had to sign a contract with him including that she can’t talk about her bad experience on Nickelodeon?

    89. Vicki Hayward

      I won't lie i've loved and enjoyed watchin these shows Sam and Cat , I carly and Victorious over the years with my daughter but I do feel sorry for these girls what they went thru. God what a creep tho. , carrying on like that .makes yer stomach turn.🤮 Surely he can't get away with this forever .🤢😡

    90. Sucessful Whitfield

      I fell like he was doing weed things to them that is creepy and he should have not been in the hot tub with that girl and if that happened to me I would have ran out of the hot tub

    91. Brielle Brown

      I think the creator was in good burger

    92. Roblox Videos

      DAN IS A weird stupid CREEP

    93. Sadie Ramirez


      1. Sadie Ramirez


    94. Kaitlin Lummis

      One of my assumptions is that Dan might have don’t something to hurt Ariana Grande and threatened to do something to her if she told anyone.

    95. Inam Manqina

      You know that smile is fake when the dimples are missing

    96. Ionela Dedov

      I believe she made herself think all the bad things that happened to her there are linked to Cat, that it didn't happen to her, it happen to Cat. This might be her way of coping with that era. It works for some visctďièms tho

    97. Sophie Dupont

      I'm sorry but for her hair it is just work... it is true they could put her a wing... but you know that's work

    98. andrea vlog and fun

      And all thst

    99. andrea vlog and fun

      Henry dager,icarly,Victorious,Sam and cat,zoey 101 , amada ,drake snd josh,

    100. Mercedes Agüero

      Schnieder looks like the manager in good burger