Inside The Twisted World of Zoe Laverne | TikTok's Biggest Predator

j aubrey

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    Join me as we take a look into the devastating fall of Zoe Laverne, the star predator of TikTok.
    TRACKS USED (in order):
    intro - 0:00
    who is zoe laverne? - 3:58
    charli d'amelio and other controversies - 8:43
    cody orlove - 11:42
    the first breakup - 17:46
    the second breakup - 22:35
    predator allegations - 29:53
    damage control - 33:10
    conclusion - 43:07

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    1. j aubrey

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      1. Steve Acomb

        Wait how are you a year younger than me I’m having a midlife crisis now

      2. FunLovinB

        Jonas Seorum and who do you think these minions are taking their orders from! Zero logic in the world today.

      3. sinicalypse

        @Sophie Watts #TLDR

      4. Payton Spradlin

        LaMbo CaSh 🤪

      5. Max Hanney


    2. Grégory Z.

      They should have stick to the Dancing.

    3. Chris Wearn

      I assume that this predator is still walking free. Yet if it had been a guy kissing a 13 year old then people would be screaming to hang him and the police should be involved, and oh he is a monster. Its bullshit as usual.

    4. Wylliam Ireland


    5. iwanttodie

      this is why humanity needs to be eliminated

      1. Cameran Mayfield

        Humanity is the biggest current joke of all-time.

    6. wolverine96

      tbh I would have guessed she was 13 too

    7. rp Bloby

      The dan bilzarian vid brought me here, but your presentation of your videos kept me❤️

    8. Ivan Ostarcevic

      Are you TotallynotMark?

    9. Rez Kane

      Good god, I'm so grateful this disease called Tiko Tekinus hasn't infected me or anyone close to me... Hope everyone infected gets well 🙏

    10. MasterX767

      Giving cocaine to young girls is VERY BAD,...... Here's an example.

    11. Big Daddy

      do you talk like this irl? 😂😂😂

    12. Dr. Quantum

      This is actually really sad, what's social media doing to this kids, especially tik-tok which is just stupid. If I was the one who created Tik-Tok I would make some millions which they made fast and when I would saw what kind of app it became, would remove it immediatley.

    13. Dan Nichole

      Bro I’m sorry but hearing Cody talk is like nails on a chalkboard for me

    14. chris stone

      if the roles were reversed the guy would get it, why should she be given a pass?

    15. Jesse Reese

      All they did was kiss lmfao 🤣😂 she is sick great video as always

    16. Jaime Pozo

      For once, I'm glad to say I'm old.

    17. Jase Boon

      Is this the right place to pile on someone whilst being immune to any self reflection on our own fucked up minds???

    18. Rubik Joshi

      What the fuck did I just watch?!

    19. Mack Bid

      She's a god damn kid. How are we still surprised teenagers can't handle fame?

    20. PackApunch 2013

      I hate those people in the one Zoe video yelling “GO OFF” when she is entirely wrong in the situation because they don’t believe and or research their own information

    21. Donald Trump Won the election

      These kids need to go back to school. They don't even speak proper.

    22. Donald Trump Won the election

      My God she isn't even cute. She's an LA "2"

    23. Relax, cupcake

      My god this is all so unbelievably depressing.

    24. DC73

      44 minutes of my life. That I will never get back..............WTF

    25. Rik mcDik

      She is not okay in the head dude. The more she gets away with stuff like this the worse she will get.

    26. Shwillbird

      Damn that was a 45 minute video of a topic you could have summed up in 3. Repeating the same shit with different words doesn't make it any less repetitive.

    27. Alexander Leviathan

      😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I Dont Know Who These People Are But I See It As A Comedy Turned Dark. She's Definitely A Narcissist And Needs To Be Cancelled From Existence.

    28. binghamtonblows

      Can we all just agree that all social media influencers like her are in fact, vapid cancers?

    29. Old Man Doing High Kicks Only In Black Socks

      You're the cancel culture now.

    30. Joven Christopher Magdaraog

      Formula to success for 2021 APP + Drama + Entitlement = Followers

    31. Peter Stark

      These fckin nobodys ....... Humanity the fck happened ?!

    32. moeman17able

      BTW you had a major breakup with a young man who is clearly homosexual? Tell your parents to hug you more. This is so sad.

    33. Leila Adams

      I guess I’m too old to know this girl 👧

    34. Altered Serenity

      36:03 Chris Hansen would have been on that faster than you could say predator.

    35. Simeon Wilequet

      This is like watching one of those extremely trashy celebrity magazines. Nobody has to care about this stuff. If you care about this... stop, get some help.

    36. Sjoer van der Ploeg

      Well, the age difference is relatively small but the category this falls in... men aren't being taken serious on this topic.

      1. Cho konnit

        what?? The age difference was 6 years with one over the age of consent and one 5 years under the age. That is a giant difference with context in america.

    37. CookiesForBreakfast

      This is all very disturbing. I think these social media sites/ apps need some kind of age restriction. The first question I asked myself watching this was since when can a 15 year old post videos of themselves dancing around in a community that includes adults?

    38. MrD

      I've never heard of this person.

    39. Ddub1083

      Thats not harrassment... thats assault and battery.

    40. Frankie P.

      Family is prolly traffickers & let their kids get ran thru for the bag 🤷🏻‍♂️JS

    41. Joel Ch2007

      Im 100% sure Cody is secretly gay

    42. Bip-

      Yk why’s sad, if she was a dude it wouldn’t even be a yt video because the guy would be in jail.

    43. Link

      Dude is such a NAC

    44. Gaby Gibson

      Wow. This is interesting and well-researched. Well done, sir

    45. Ling0 S

      These little kids are 19...god I’m old

    46. Anonymouscommentor99

      The narrator is putting on this fake corny vocal fry voice. Not sure why a young man wants to sound like a 15 year old girl. YAAAaaaassssssssssss. Ech

    47. Xoomer

      I don't know what it is but i can't stop cringe when i see nobody's like this trying their hardest to get famous on social media etc it's just pathetic and sad , thx for sharing though gave me a good laugh .

    48. Kebabsaurus Rex

      Tik Tok is the reason I want an asteroid to hit planet earth.

    49. StanVlieg

      I lost 3 million brain cells watching this.

    50. Sam

      I’ve literally never heard of her before

    51. Dmitri Zyuzin

      I aM tHe StAr Of TiKtOK!!!!!!

    52. Blazing Marauder

      no disrespect but what the fuck did i just watch

    53. Jesse Faught

      This is garbage content. The narrator even sounds like the narrator on Access Hollywood or Entertainment tonight. This channel is a self-righteous celebrity tabloid, that focuses on D listers with obvious self-esteem issues. Don't kid yourself @j aubrey, you're punching down.

      1. Jesse Faught

        ​@Kalyb gaming Summers Yeah, he's participating in call-out culture, for profit. It's disgusting. If I were a homeless heroin addict, I'd be doing more good for society than this video is.

      2. Kalyb gaming Summers

        least he's ACTUALLY doing something with his life and calling out bad people, what are you doing?

    54. Aquarius Coconut

      Call me a simp I don’t care and say the situation is serious I know it is but guys let’s be real how many of you wouldn’t mind her preying on you lol

    55. Perspicacity

      Imagine capitalizing on another persons downfall

    56. Rodrigo Pereira

      I didn't even know her

    57. Crumpled Plays

      The fact that I've only heard of Zoe Laverne after this vid makes me feel like I've succeeded in life

    58. Gurkirat Singh

      I just hope she pays for her crimes and in this era of "cancel culture", it would be amazing when the boy files a court case against her, after 5 years and leaves her dry of money, let's see how she'll hnadle that.

    59. Michael Heins

      I guess you don't have a life unless it's recorded somehow. Good luck.

    60. FunLovinB

      I hate the term ‘creator’ to describe these talentless individuals, creators are usually creative and unique in what they do, nothing unique with this!

    61. FunLovinB

      The only way she is going to live in LA is when she is wearing orange and her only views are through bars!

    62. Leena AlQemzi

      Did she just throw a cat 38:47 ? Let alone everything else! Hope the 13 year old is doing well mentally and emotionally.

    63. cam ramirez

      Wow this is the shit my little sister is watching ? no wonder she seems depressed. Is this how kids in high school act and live ?

    64. Random Dogger

      I learned way too much about tiktok influencers. I’m gonna go jump off a bridge now.

    65. Lina M

      Let’s get this straight. None of this was his fault he’s a child. Literally a child, but why do people act like when ur 13 ur dumb. Like seriously u know better at 13

    66. HiImRawr

      dam I'm old, even children born after 2000 can be predators now.

    67. Craig Frost

      Why is she not in prison?

    68. Blueredgoogoo

      I have no idea who these two are, why am I watching this garbage.

    69. John Read

      I was playing yuguio at 13 lol...Not tounge tagging

    70. John Read

      This is so wack I'm cringing..this app is garbage don't bother

    71. Paul BIT

      Jesus everyone in this video is ducked in the head.

    72. hey Cool beats

      If this was a 19 year old dude who did this to a 13 year old girl he would get what he deserves

    73. Greg Mac Beats

      bro I love your videos. the editing is amazing. Keep it up!!! I predict at least 900K subs by December

    74. Goddess Amineh

      I love your commentary 😂😂😂😂😂 the best ! It’s the voice of common sense in my head! This SM immature “influencers “ are the death of brain cells💀💀💀💀

    75. Laura Castillo

      Mmmmmm that's consistent predatory behavior... looks like one, sounds like one, fills the mold completely

    76. Mrdumbfellow

      Parents should have stepped in and given a shit before all of this.

    77. neal patton

      Bullshit dramma from 2 12year olds ????? How can sain ppl watch this filth ??

    78. yorley ovalle

      No if it was any one else they would be in jail already ..

    79. Powerpatriot

      So much drama. I want the 90's back.

    80. Karla Swae

      I stg i aint know who she was i thought charlie was the first one😹

    81. H V

      what trash of tiktok.

    82. Anthony Jonas

      I watched 20 min of this before I realized listening to this is stupid. Little girl xhit.

    83. Clint Westweed

      Wait I thought James Charles was #1

    84. stylz1

      We are doomed as a species.

    85. C J

      She could be a great politician

    86. Tom Tom

      When I was that age it would have been a dream come true, but would probably have fucked me up mentally for years to come

    87. Omen

      She reminds me of my ex

    88. positive vibes

      13 year olds cannot consent to anything. End of story.

    89. Alexus Harrison

      Dear lord, I could barely get through this. She is god awful

    90. Motivation Exceeds Me


    91. Selma

      I didn't think anything could beat the Scene Era in cringe but I was really wrong.

    92. modernknight

      That girl is the definition of a white chick lol

    93. nosaJ Samaniego

      She's a mini-Amber Heard;

    94. Eagle Beast of Prey

      Today's teens are doomed especially usa females

    95. Eagle Beast of Prey

      I really dont understand how people can be so stupid and follow such liar

    96. Faul Sname

      Fellas, this isn’t even half as crazy as girls can get. Be careful out there. Thug em never love em.

    97. Michael Anthony

      30-40 grand? IN GIFTS?!!! Ya, that’s not something anyone other than a callgirl could ever say.. (unlesss u happen to personally know Vladimir Putin)

    98. Harper McEvoy

      J Aubrey, You dont have to lie! that song sucks!

    99. Lily B

      Who the F is Zoe Laverne.... I have NEVER heard of her! She sounds like a SPOILT little shit.

    100. StockTawk

      All I see is a bunch of kids, making normal mistakes - yet it was on the internet so they had an extra variable of BS stacked onto a normal teenage disaster of a life we have all been thru