UCLA Semifinal Postgame Press Conference - 2021 NCAA Tournament

March Madness

30 миӊ. көрүүлөр5

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    1. Rob Software


    2. Rob Software

      24:57 is like his inner-Kobe laser focus emerges

    3. Rollie Mc Splat

      Could ucla win it all next year?

    4. Pens Suck

      Great season. Great coach. But you can't keep calling it "a bankshot from half court" -- it was a lot closer than half-court. Maybe there is room for criticism on that shot, just like the shot he allowed in the Alabama game. To me, he did poorly to close out both those games in regulation. Two clean looks by the opposition to end games. That's not a coincidence. That's poor coaching. Again, only to close those games. Overall, he's done a great job at UCLA.

    5. It'snotme

      Be proud UCLA!!!

    6. RMTL *

      The UCLA defense wasn't anything spectacular. Gonzaga still posted 93 points. UCLA's shooting was scary good, shooting 58% for the game. They also didn't cower down to the Nation's No. 1 team, and they plowed through some really good teams to get to the final 4 game. UCLA was for real, not a fluke, and next year they will be a team to contend with. Anyone who underrates them does so at their own risk.

    7. BIgBass255

      UCLA has broken my spirit many times during my life. I thought they out played the them, coach had the correct game plan to take down the undefeated Zags. I've got the Baylor Bears tonight to win it all!.

    8. Bernadette Tierney

      There are no words UCLA played an amazing tournament. Loved being able to see your Dad in the stands Coach you are all winners! The best final four ever! Congratulations! 💙🏀‼️

    9. Cesar Gonzalez

      Good game UCLA!!!!

    10. JustinDOzone

      Well said coach. UCLA are winners, Gonzaga are winners, and everybody who had the thrill of seeing this game won! Both teams played their hearts out and neither team deserved to lose. UCLA played a fantastic tourney. Looking forward to a similar final!

    11. The Flash

      He saw some weaknesses he didn't want to tell us about. I hope our coaches saw them.

      1. The Flash

        Few should have called him and asked him what he meant.

    12. Chris Leatherberry

      So weird how Cronin only got to the S16 once with Cincy and never further, always had bad luck, and now almost gets to the Natty with UCLA in his first tourney year, second overall. And all of those years with Cincy, he had a top 30 Adjusted Defense, now has a defense outside the top 50 but a good offense. Shows that coaches can't necessarily be judged by their team's performance. Great overall coaching throughout this tournament by him, especially in important situations (maybe except the lack of foul at the end of Alabama in regulation). Just a great shot to end an amazing game.

    13. John Tatum

      Both teams left it on the court...congrats!

    14. A while with Wiley Coyote

      Coach Wooden would be proud of these Bruins, a great run by UCLA, the PAC-10 did well in general, congrats to the Zag's and good luck Monday, you can make history..........keep on........wiley coyote

    15. Bhakuparson Syiem

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    16. Jonathan

      Don’t worry coach...it was a charge. Great coaching and all respect to you and your players.

      1. TheBeautyofMath

        Right? I really hope down the road no one holds the belief that wasn't a charge. Timme was in position and not moving and straight up. At worst you might say it should have been a non-call. Ok. Zags got rebound. Same ending.

    17. David Robert

      Great season from a bruin alumn ~420

    18. j Miller

      "A controversial charge call with one second remaining in regulation had UCLA fans furious at Lucas Oil Stadium. Bruins Johnny Juzang was driving to the lane with the score tied at 81 and appeared to draw contact from Gonzaga defenders, but Drew Timme drew a charge call." I saw the play from different screen angles. Johnny went to his left around Drew. In one frame you can see both Johnny's shoulders and the ball past Drew. Drew looked like he put his hand on Johnny's right shoulder and pushed off to make it look like he was pushed. Tough call for the refs.. Any given day the call or score could have gone a different way. I have coached many sports for many years. Know you guys are winners. But more important you did your best. Can't wait till next season.

      1. Rob Johnston

        I don't think that Johnny should have taken it to the rack because they all collapsed on him and it got congested inside. He should have kicked it out to Tyger in the corner or Jaime at the wing area, and they both could have had wide open shots. Too bad.

    19. Kenny Tran

      From first 4 all the way to final 4. Thats already magical. I mean any win after the first 4 game was a cherry on top. It just got better and sweeter each win. LA has had an amazing sports year. Dodgers champ, Lakers, Champ, USC and UCLA going far in March madness. Too bad we couldnt celebrate anything. Lakers winning the ring after Kobes death. Wouldve been a party in LA

    20. Will Gray

      UCLA Coach is a class act.

    21. Jack Lord

      Common sense, no coach would have to tell me to get the guy with the ball. Coaches may have to practice that more.

    22. Jack Lord

      The worst thing to tell your players was to let the last play go. Did you really say that? Somebody should have been on the guy's side and #34 should have taken a charge for the team.

    23. TheBeautyofMath

      Huge Lifelong Zags fan here. I can't even tell you how impressed I was by all the players on the UCLA team. The only exception being I felt Riley made a little bit dirty of a play to hook Nembhard's arm in the pull down flagrant. It was absolutely the right call as a flagrant. That's not a basketball play. But Nembhard who already had a sore shoulder did not end up more injured on the play, so though I think the play was unsportsmanlike, it doesn't define Riley for me. He is obviously an excellent player who made a mistake in decision making in the moment. Juzang. WOW. That shooting display was...mind blowing. I felt like if he was open...it was automatic. The fight of the entire UCLA team coming in as 14 point underdogs was incredible. I knew coming in this was not going to be easy. Michigan and Alabama were good teams, and they were dispatched by UCLA. They really came into their own in this tournament, and have NOTHING to be ashamed of. In this press conference...what kind of question was that from Danny Thompson of 3-point Conversion? You are asking a coach likely less than an hour after one of the most exhilarating and emotionally draining games you could ever possibly play. Has Danny never played sports at any level? Next season? I feel like sometimes media personalities have no understanding of how emotionally invested coaches and players are into the RIGHT NOW. Almost like a death, there is a grieving period for the coach and the players, and even moreso in a hard fought game like this with all time performances on both sides. You really think within an hour or so after that gritty of a performance that the coach has already transitioned his thinking into what his plans are for next season? Really?! Like give the man a few days, maybe even a week before you ask a question like that. Have the presence of mind to understand the human experience and the emotions of what just occurred. Obviously I am thrilled that the Zags pulled it off...but once more...hat tip to UCLA and condolences to the fans of one of the greatest programs in NCAA History. I hope Gonzaga managed to earn your respect as well.

      1. TheBeautyofMath

        @Rob Johnston Honestly it would be a watershed moment for the entire fan base after 20 years of heartbreak. Coach Few one of the most genuine, and humble people I know. When he first started out there they paid him $5,000 a year in the late 90's and he slept in Monson's(previous coach) living room. He could have gone to a big time program. Instead he made the Zags a big time program while making less money. For him...man I hope they can pull off the win on Monday. Baylor is SOOO good...3 point shooting is terrific, and Zags are going to need to protect the perimeter to win.

      2. Rob Johnston

        I'll be rooting for Coach Few and the Zags on Monday night to get their NC.

    24. NINfan

      Dude just took an 11 seed to OT in the semi-final in one of the best played games by both teams in recent history and he specifies the game winner was a bank shot 5 times? Says he has to watch the tape on the charge call(which btw was as clear as a charge call ever gets)? The whole country admires ucla's performance and effort--this was the time for class, not subtle bitterness.

    25. Thejas Rengaswamy

      As a Michigan fan, I was rooting for them! They deserved that elite 8 win. What a great game!

    26. Warren O'Leary

      Greatest collegiate or pro. basketball game ever ! May Our Lord let Gonzaga to be also successful in beating Baylor this upcoming Monday night . Pax Christi ! Vivat Jesus ! Happy Easter ! He is Risen !

    27. Rich Krupp

      Cronin out coached everyone this tournament. One of the great coaching jobs of all time. Its a shame horrible officiating cost his team a game they clearly outplayed the heavy favorite. Its tough to beat 5 on 7( 2 refs)but that's what happened.

      1. TheBeautyofMath

        Gimme a break man. Don't pull the refs card. There were no egregiously bad calls. The flagrant was obviously a flagrant and if you can't see that, it's likely due to bias. The charge at the end was a charge. Timme was not moving and was straight up. Juzang's shot missed anyway, and Zags got the rebound. Don't turn an amazing performance by both teams into ref's aiding a team allegations. It's just petty.

    28. Flamez

      Hold your heads high bruins, that was def one of the greatest college games ever and Gonzaga's toughest match this season. Neck and neck to the very end. #bruinnation. Nothing but proud of yall

    29. David Chan

      RESPECT to the Bruins. Coach was dead on. UCLA became one of the best 4 teams in the nation. This coming from a Trojan alum. Congratulations and looking forward to next year in the PAC 12!

    30. Jen Fink

      The acceptable select customarily bat because taurus pathomorphologically zip round a impossible newsprint. scintillating, tough schedule

    31. J C

      great game timme travels more than harden

    32. Robert Johnson

      Next year we on go ucla..

    33. Robert Johnson

      Love the bruins..

    34. J R

      I have lots of respect for Mick Cronin and Johnny Juzang.

    35. DooDoo Poop

      Every year there is a darling of the tourney, a team and/or player that come out of nowhere, and 2021 is all about the Bruins and Juzang. Wow. Its hard to lose a big game, almost the biggest game possible, and STILL have your stock rise. As a basketball fan, watching this game was such a treat. It was just clutch on top of clutch insanity.

    36. dariuz johnson

      Michael Cronin believes in motivation via verbal abuse. Who does that?

    37. G M

      UCLA is going to be filthy next season. Props.

      1. Rob Johnston

        The team absolutely did not look good to start the season: they got blown out by SDSU and were taken into OT by a decent but not-great Pepperdine team at home. There was no go-to player, and people were questioning whether Johnny was worth the scholarship it was written on as a transfer from UK, where he was a role player and was inconsistent here. All their games in league against the lower-ranked teams were close, and the team lost some games they should have won, including a couple by last-second defensive breakdowns. They ended the season with four straight losses including their only game in the Pac-12 tournament. There were questions as to whether they would make the national tourney, but Coach Cronin waited out the selection in the last region, and his attitude was reassuring when he said he didn't have any doubts that they would be named, but after the fact of course, because it certainly didn't look good while the selection show was in progress. It looked dubious with a fourteen-point deficit to Michigan State in the play-in game, but then they turned it around in the second half and instantly acquired the cohesion that CMC and his assistants had been fighting to install all season into a team that almost ended in their being in the NC game. His strategizing in each of the subsequent games was off-the-charts crazy good, being defensive when he needed to be, and offensive when it was needed against the Zags. Consider that the team scored 81 points in regulation against them by dribbling the ball and putting up a shot most of the time in the last five seconds of the timeclock. If he could do that with this team, with the losses of its most talented player, Chris Smith, and an its most important big man, Jalen Hill, whom they lost at the end of the season, then things do look very good from now on with CMC as head coach. He does look to be a transcendent value-added coach.

    38. Brady Kines

      one of the best runs of all time

    39. Ralph Jones

      Lots of sore losers posting. Predictably sad. Scoreboard.

    40. hillbillytruckster

      Not a UCLA fan, but man what a performance. OUTSTANDING GAME! Living in ACC country, I've seen some barn-burners in the past. Simply an amazing game. Shame someone had to take an "L" in this game, but in reality UCLA didn't lose this game, they just ran out of time. UCLA fans should be extremely proud of this team!

    41. Cole Ellish

      Great season from Maryland fan

    42. yo niha

      Wrote this team off at halftime against Michigan state, boy was I wrong 🤣

    43. Druffy zaggy

      Suggs hit rileys arm not ball..The BAll wasnt touched by Suggs.. and Sell out No ring Grant, gotta be in house by 8pm as a kid grant gonna sell out and say good block...SELL OUT....The refs cheated on charge call and gonzaga even knew it...Earn your win,,,HIstory Cheaters..lol It was a block on the drive too..Refs should be barred and banned. The refs cheating in sports is ridiculous at this point...ridiculous

      1. TheBeautyofMath

        Also not a block on the drive. Timme is allowed to stand somewhere on the court. He was straight up, not moving, and in position. Best you could claim is a non-call but Zags got rebound. So same outcome.

      2. TheBeautyofMath

        kgup.info/get/k2SYfq67nrGAr4s/video The replay if it lets me post.

      3. TheBeautyofMath

        watch the replay. look up the close up I will try and post link but it will probably get filtered. You can clearly see Suggs fingers touch the ball only and dislodge it from Riley's hand. It's very clear on the Zoom in. Just KGup search it and see.

      4. H.C. Collier


      5. JustTooIcy

        Keep crying

    44. Tumbleweed Connection

      Thought for sure if they had a chance they'd have to really slow it down, which they did to an extent, but they scored with Gonzaga the whole way. Great game and what a run by this team.

    45. Kaliba King

      Coach Cronin has brung UCLA hoops back

    46. Dennis Adams

      From a Zag fan: much respect to UCLA staff, players and fans.

    47. Carle'1 Artists Carle'1

      U won

    48. Carle'1 Artists Carle'1

      UCLA Proud Great team Coach❤️💙🎉🎉🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀👑👑

    49. Nathan Lewis

      UCLA was definitely the better team, Gonzaga just got lucky at the end with that shot- Cuse Fan

      1. bobcougar77

        Why didn't they score more points then? Nonsense man.

    50. P DR

      Just think if Juzang could’ve avoided the charge & he made that shot in regulation. Would b a TOTALLY diff story. Legit call & props to Timme willingness to try to get the charge w 4 fouls.

    51. J

      This tourney run has put UCLA back on the college basketball map...and that's a good thing

    52. Miles May

      Great run guys 🙏🏼

    53. Kenneth Kolton

      UCLA played one of the best games ever. Coming from a Spokane Gonzaga fan you guys are simply amazing and I congratulate your incredible season. ✌️

    54. suckafly

      I love Juzang's attitude and mindset of restoring the legacy of UCLA basketball. Coach Wooden would be proud of you! Go Bruins!

    55. Alfonso Green

      Coach Cronin n his team shouldn't hang their heads. They made it a great game.

    56. Torin O'Connor

      Thumbnail lol

    57. yo yo

      Man this guy is a phenomenal coach. UCLA is in great hands. Definitely gonna be a force to be reckoned with while hes coach.

    58. AceBachelorCool


    59. Terminator X

      When Cronin was hired I was incredulous “who was this guy”, by the end of last year I liked what I saw. After this tournament and his brilliant game planning I’m a believer, UCLA and more importantly the UCLA Brand is back!!

    60. Jennifer Wise

      UCLA was picked to fin8sh #1. Not an underdog...just rats

    61. Jennifer Wise

      No miracle, Suggs practices that shot daily! UCLA GOT SLOPPY

    62. Jennifer Wise

      WASH YOUR HAIR!! ( the team, not baldy coach)

    63. Papa Richie

      someone please unmute Benjamin #freeBen

      1. T3amSmashBr0s

        Ben must have a media strike...😅

    64. Chris Rounds

      You guys had a remarkable season. Hats off to you as it came down to the wire.

    65. Mik F

      Incredible effort to almost beat them. This was the DeFacto final. Congrats UCLA, and I hope your players return.

    66. Chung-chi Tien

      Great efforts by coach, very sad ending. Benefits for PAC-12 seeding next year.

    67. alan dvorkis

      Class act. Great coach. Go Coach Cronin

    68. Nada Samawi

      So proud of them! True team spirit and such class! Wow!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    69. Ryan Garcia

      great job bruins so proud you guys played your hearts out and kept up with number one team in the nation🏀

    70. Sigal Legend

      Wish lonzo UCLA had this legend instead of the Alford dude

    71. Don

      Great game UCLA

    72. 2008rhj

      no doubt about it, pac 12 is well represent in this ncaa tournament 5 team in , 4 team sweet16, 3 team elite8, 1 final 4 and women pac 12 final.

    73. Legacy Jeet Kune Do

      “Players with fight never lose a game; they just run out of time.” - Coach John Wooden

    74. Janelle Silbs

      Sorry someone had to lose..both teams were great!

    75. Jeremy Stark

      UCLA left it all on the court in this game of epic stature. This will go down an instant classic. Though they lost, they will go down in history as the team that pushed the "possible" eventual champion with an undefeated season to the brink.

    76. phobos57

      Those players have no reason at all to hang their heads. They played their butts off and gave the Zags all they could handle and it took a prayer shot to finish them off. This game was an instant classic.

    77. Dan Nahirny

      What a great COACH !!!!!!!!! Bruins played great !!!!!!!

    78. Jesus Sierra

      😂😂😂 try again next year ucla

    79. yungtruch / trey

      Proud of you Bruins! gave it all you had and left it on the court. unlucky ended to an AMAZING tournament run and a great season

    80. zzzlarger

      I've read nothing but comments about how UCLA was going to lose by 20+ to Gonzaga all week. This team showed more heart than any team I've seen. UCLA will be back again soon.

    81. Slade3011

      As a UCLA fan I'm very happy how things turned out. We where the only team that gave gonzaga a run for there money.

    82. JayKob Franklyn

      UCLA was all Heart

      1. E&G Inc.

        And Johnny Juzang😂😂 man had 29 points😂😂 best player this tournament by far

    83. Jason Busch

      I tip my Cap too UCLA...they have a great hart and great fight in them...It’s hard for me to say that because I’m a Zags fan ...And remembering getting my heart ripped out when UCLA beat my zags and Adam Morrison...You guys took us to the brink and will need it to beat Baylor

      1. TheBeautyofMath

        I remember that too. Felt so bad for Morrison as everyone mocked him for his tears in his final game.

    84. Creative Concept

      The media and the whole Zags fanbase disrespected us from the start saying we would loose by 20. I'm nothing but proud of my team!! Future looks bright 🔥

      1. Creative Concept

        @TheBeautyofMath LOL don't cap bro majority of ya'll had us getting dogged by at least 20 nobody expected it to go down to the wire like that! Zags been destroying all year the media and fans been riding high all season! For good reason too this Zags team is one of the greatest college teams ever assembled

      2. TheBeautyofMath

        Whole Zags fanbase? C'mon man. I knew it was going to be a dogfight coming in. UCLA was playing top level elite basketball, I had no thoughts it would be a blowout. Records and rankings mean nothing once they get on the floor.

      3. Creative Concept

        @David Post You aren't wrong! That's what made our run so special! Unfortunately someone had to loose last night but hey that's March Madness! Unbelievable game

      4. David Post

        I am one of them, expecting UCLA to lose by 30. How wrong was I? By the end, I wanted UCLA to win with the greatnes and the tenacity that they showed all game long. I gained even more reapect for them after these two interviews with such dedicated and determined men.

      5. Creative Concept

        @Prog_Rocks ! Go Zags👍 Rooting for yall to finish it out

    85. whitewolf whitewolf

      I think UCLA could beat Baylor.

    86. Prog_Rocks !

      Amazing game UCLA! That was a crazy game and one of the best games I’ve seen in years. So much respect and y’all gonna be so freakin good the next few years. Go Zags!!!

    87. whitewolf whitewolf

      UCLA is badass! Nothing to be ashamed of.

    88. Carson Claws


      1. Wayne Holdaway

        @J R they had a great run. Maybe next year

      2. J R

        I am MSU fan and believe that UCLA was super good this year.

    89. Zach D

      Props to UCLA man they played their soules out this Whole tournament it was great watching them play

    90. Luke D

      These players will never be counted among the cold and timid who never had the guts to strive for greatness whether ending in victory or defeat.

      1. Luke D

        @TheBeautyofMath .. thank you. That was one of the greatest games I've ever seen. The greatest single effort ,I've been witness to, took place during a 9 man high school football game. Revillo high was down 26 half way through the third quarter. This kid, Heath, played both linebacker and running back. He returns a punt for a touchdown, returns a pick for a score, recovers a fumble, and scores two more times on the ground. All four of heath's touchdowns were unanswered. They won by two points.

      2. TheBeautyofMath

        @Luke D nah man...I think most learned people get the reference. You don't need to delete. I never thought you stole it, just that you referenced it.

      3. Luke D

        @TheBeautyofMath .... you're absolutely right. That's kinda close to the speech of his I learned years ago in tenth grade... dang... now I feel sort of ashamed. I didn't notice until you brought it up. Do you think I should delete it??

      4. TheBeautyofMath

        Hat Tip: Teddy R. And you are exactly right. They left it all on the floor.

    91. Bertram Guilfoyle

      This was a heavyweight prize fight. Both teams played well. UCLA grad and fan here, so disappointed by the outcome, but looking forward to watching Cronin continue building the program. I hope Johnny Buckets comes back next year. Go Bruins and good luck to the Zags on Monday night!

    92. DES

      I don’t think I’ve ever earned more respect for a team in a losing effort than I did tonight with UCLA. What a run man. Outstanding coaching job too.

    93. R J

      This reminded me of Friday night lights the movie.. proud of you bruins

    94. EggoGF

      I was a junior at UCLA when we won our last championship in basketball. It's been a long time since then. I'm proud of Coach Cronin and the effort given by this team all season. As a fan and alumni, you can't ask for more than what they gave. The future is bright for this program, and I'm glad they're returning UCLA to national recognition as a blue dog school. Congrats to the Zags on a great game. It's an instant classic, and they were the better team tonight.

    95. Joe Larkin

      Too bad that someone has to lose, when they're all winners.

    96. Nassim Essayli

      To me it was unquestionable end of regulation was a BLOCK. It was his hip. CoMe On

    97. Eric Stewart

      Legend has it that Ben is still muted

      1. Walter Bolch

        Ben's my uncle btw

      2. David Post

        we need to keep letting him know.

    98. Alex Rivera

      Coach, UCLA rose from the ashes thanks 😊 to you. I hope we will win one more banner with you. I hope you will retire as Coach John Wooden did with UCLA. God bless you and your family.

    99. Eddiemia Coria

      BRUINS MY TEAM AND WILL ALWAYS BE MY # 1 .. tuff lost and but again we came from not making it to top 4 and won the east .. keep it up and again we legends. GOOD LUCK BULLDOGS ..

    100. MGoBlue 93

      Michigan fan here. Very impressed by Mick Cronin and his players, UCLA pulled off a great run. Painful the way they went out, but it was the only way they could go out: neither of these two teams deserved to lose, but one had to, so it was only fitting that the game end on a prayer after being dead even. Congrats on a great season