Surprising Avani With A Custom iPhone & Airpods! | ZHC Crafts

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    We surprised Avani and LuvAnthony with hyper realistic custom airpods and a custom iphone | ZHC Crafts
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    1. Jameel Joya

      You are the best and your friends

    2. Jameel Joya

      I like you too much

    3. tasaddeque ahmed bhuyan

      im like your biggest fan

    4. tasaddeque ahmed bhuyan


    5. Venus Veeia

      Im literally waiting for the day i hand my tablet case to zhc or a member of his team and they would customize it. " sadly i live too far away from zhc (asia)"

    6. BakuDeku Shipper

      1:39 I’m scared of bees 🐝 oh my lord that emoji is so scary I’m scared to touch it 🥲 3:18 aren’t you destroying the tip of the marker?

    7. Ly Hok

      I sub

    8. Inday Badiday Vlog


    9. Janine Angela Quinte


      1. Janine Angela Quinte

        I hope ZHC sees this

    10. TrickShot Triggers

      I have watched every single video love you

    11. TrickShot Triggers

      Hi zac how are you I love you so much


      I wish i was a awesome artist like him

    13. Denki Kaminari

      *Zhc walked into the apple store* Apple employees: ohh shi- here we go again

    14. Mya Miller

      I sub

    15. Katie D'Angelis

      Vic is INCREDIBLE 😱😱😱😱😱

      1. Katie D'Angelis

        I’m like so jealous

    16. The dares :D

      It’s kind of funny how while I’m watching this video while I am try to find my phone that’s been lost for like a week

    17. ShenTorch

      Want turkey phone pls :---((

    18. Maria Walter

      Nice flower iphone .!!

    19. Snowy Wolfy

      I want an iphone i hane samsungA5😊😊😊

    20. miski and muntas and muniras dark and light sisters

      Plss i subscraibd can i have the ipone pllsss

    21. Redford Sim

      Hello ZHC Crafts,, I wonder if you can sponsor me ?///, I want to start an animation career in youtube but i just need one thing to do it. can you give me a pen tab for easy sketching in desktop. i really wanted one,, so i am asking anyone who can give me pen tab, for $50 it would be much appreciated.

    22. Queen_x2009

      But we don’t get the giveaway and we don’t get the money-

      1. Queen_x2009

        Is there an age limit or something I’m 12

    23. Malak Malak

      When is my turn

    24. Nurisya Sham

      I like so much your design to phone... So uniqe 😍🎉

    25. Venus Love

      Me: who is avani? My spirit: watch it anyways idc if it's trash it's by zch.

    26. Pressylia Dumais

      That so asmr

    27. Zha Naa


    28. Zha Naa

      Can i have it

    29. Prince the Pup

      One day, one day 👆

    30. Anranj Roblox

      heyy i would love to win a iphone!

    31. Hisham Kk

      I want a give a way

    32. Paton Callaghan

      I love your videos so much and you all are so talented

    33. Henners and Ozz

      I subscribed and I love your videos

      1. Henners and Ozz


    34. Jenny Namang


    35. Jenny Namang


    36. Goitseone Beja

      love your vids zhc

    37. Jodi Cote


    38. Maribel Gutierrez

      Has anybody noticed that avani has been acting really sad and depressed

    39. tk tan

      can i win i am in malaysia is 16 hour flight from kuala lumpur plzzz plz

    40. Tamia Slawter

      Those are sick, and I subbed to both accounts I hope I will get lucky one day

    41. Natalie Mellor

      All I can say is am JELLY BEEN >:) HEHE hope I win

    42. dr.sharmila s

      Can u give me a phone I am in India plz

    43. Saudi reporters Lovers

      Hi can you plz give away one phone for me plz I have iPhone-6 and it is Brocken plz I really need a new phone plzzzzzz thank you

    44. Ally Guardado GC

      Hi zhc I have subscribed and still got no iphone 12 after 24 days😫

    45. Briana Gomez

      But I do not have instagram

    46. Briana Gomez

      I am only 8years old

    47. Briana Gomez

      I want to win a I phone

    48. Jade Echavez

      Bees more like reeeee

    49. Alena

      I subscribed to ZHC CRAFTS

    50. Sheeba Abraham

      wow so good i wish had 1 of them

    51. ajju pink

      Please have a video with Preston

    52. Lindsay el

      Who is ready to win just 👇

    53. cellyne gaming_ official

      Pls i want that phone for my family🙏i subscribe you and like

    54. Emma Blohm

      i droped my phone 2 of them and they broke and my tablet and my hedphones they snaped in half

    55. Marino Clan

      Hi I'm new do you think you could give away a ipad pro I really need it I want to be an artist just like you


      I want iPhone

    57. Nicholas Julianna Moreno


    58. khumo mpebe



      Imagine that a kid subscribes ZHC and wins an iPhone ._.

    60. Ashira Rama

      🤩🥰 wow cool 😵😵🥰🥰🥰🥰😍🤩

      1. Ashira Rama


    61. Emma Perales

      Wow i want a switch but Pastel pink and I subscribe

    62. Marlee Simon

      I made an account just to sub to you 😂


      Bro please give me a phone 🙏🙏🥺🙏🥺

    64. siri mayood

      lol my name is avani

    65. Elias Manriquee

      I sub i need a phone so bad my phone broke and it does not work :( 😭😭😭😭😢😔

    66. sAm bURk


    67. Adela Aguirre

      i like the pretty flowers

      1. Adela Aguirre

        hi viv

    68. Zunairah Patel

      That's firrrre

    69. Zunairah Patel


    70. سالم النعيمي

      I subscribed

    71. kelan izere


    72. A Brown

      I love your art I’m also a sub but anyway love your vid hav a nice day

    73. Liz Levy

      We can here you

    74. aliy4830 aliy4830

      i just love how chill and short this vid is i think its bc its only 2 ppl idk lol

    75. Faria_ Farad

      Omg I would love to win one of these Like if you agree

    76. Xayvion Chapman

      Can I have one

    77. Rajvir Singh

      Amazing content zhc 😇😗😗😗


      Avani is just obsessed w the dog haha

    79. Emily Martinez


    80. Qaso ilyas

      You guys are the best I love your vids

    81. 전예똥

      저거 로즈골드 아니데? 골드엔데 걍 그렇게 보임ㄴ

    82. Ricky Menor

      Hi im from philippines im a biggest fan of you i want to get a phone too but parents cannot afford it i want to have a phone since im gr 5 now im gr 8 😘❤️

    83. Lorelai Crawford

      Can you please I’m gonna cry if you don’t

    84. Lorelai Crawford

      Can I please have a iPhone I subscribed

    85. kammylo kellis

      I have been subscribed for a few months

    86. terrianna phillips

      I am subscribed to all of your channels I want a phone pls I don't have one cause I can't afford one.

    87. Ojasvee Goswami

      Done ✔ 👍

    88. mohammad farzan ali khan

      Hello viv

    89. Azlynn Guerrero

      Can I have one iPhone 12 please my birthday is in 14 days and some airpod pros would be nice

    90. Ttrine Riise

      I love your videos i sup to ZCH crafts, ZCH and ZCH Shorts :)

    91. LolSugarPlayz

      me: happily watching the youtube video people on twitter: hating on avani for going to ZHC house

    92. Lwan Simon

      Can I please have an iphone and airpods

    93. Reyes Lion

      Hi i want one bcz i dont have one

    94. Nidal Alyamani

      And I likt

    95. Nidal Alyamani

      I'm new hirrr

    96. danika root

      I do not know if it is to late but I am subscribed

    97. Amina Kenza Kone

      I really want the phone

      1. Amina Kenza Kone

        Mine is so old

    98. James Connor

      Zach: ~ does cartoony flowers~ Me: OK NOW IM WONDERING WHAT REALISTIC IS TO U BC THAT ISSS REAL

    99. Ebs Boo

      What did I miss why did he call her babe

    100. Faye Mc Donald