NRG's New $10,000,000 Gaming Fantasy Factory | NRG Castle Full Facility Tour

NRG Esports

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    The most EPIC ANNOUNCMENT in NRG's history! Check out the NRG Castle Full Facility Tour as we unveil our New $10,000,000 Gaming Fantasy Factory! Please give this video a like, comment and subscribe for the best content on YT!
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    NRG's New $10,000,000 Gaming Fantasy Factory | NRG Castle Full Facility Tour
    #fortnite #nrg #rocketleague

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    1. Maniac

      Disneyland: We have the best castle NRG: Hold our castle

      1. Mohammed Mujeeb


      2. Critzz


      3. Dark Shotz

        More like hold my g fuel

      4. Zack

        Lol 100th reply

      5. AMC_RektYt


    2. PrimeCarnage

      Lol faze but a 30 million dollar house for like 6 people instead of a facility

    3. Dialed Flat

      I love how Ron’s the one who is in the rage room lol 😂

      1. qopoy dnon

        The only 1% who likes this will be a billionaire in 1 year

    4. Shuxki

      When he said water fountains that spit out energy drink i knew this was the best place ever

    5. Vazimblum G

      So is this connected or close to the house in the last video ?

    6. X_ha3d3s_x McKenna

      How do I join nrg

    7. espi

      This is not a gaming house, castle or whatever this is a museum😂

      1. nieooj gotoy

        it would be cool to work with/ for NRG

    8. OrDeeMYT

      this is fkng awesome . o wont it too

    9. tbubz12

      There’s so many lights I don’t even know what I’m looking at

    10. Vertified Truly

      Use code trulyice

    11. Vapid log1c

      Bro if they keep this when it’s spring I’m asking my mom if u can go to LA and meet clix and ranaldo

    12. bocoy noiu

      King of England: We have the best kingdom NRG: Hold My NRG drink ima teach this geezer a lesson

      1. bocoy noiu

        So rich

    13. Crackzy FN

      Look At Ron So Inspirational

    14. IQ Clan

      I'm actually so jealous of all of this🤣

    15. soiung toiue

      NRG doing big things

      1. soiung toiue


    16. XRex 25

      When are the fort tie guys gonna meet sfs (specifically super)

    17. GSX305

      Now that i have seen the Castle when do u hire me

    18. not l0gan

      Unknown had airpods while the meeting was going

    19. slushy szn

      Nrg making big moves

    20. slushy szn

      The only 1% who likes this will be a billionaire in 1 year

    21. ceerw buty

      NRG doing big things

      1. ceerw buty

        What is the song name in the beginning

    22. jay jay

      just waiting to get signed

    23. Impact Esports

      Would u like to edit for my team as a vfx for free if u are interested dm me on discord Impact SlintZ#6287

    24. Toesty

      it would be cool to work with/ for NRG

    25. miły kolega

    26. Meow

      no matter how big it is you can only be at one room at a time

    27. Rishi Patel

      So u hiring?

    28. Nk Samv

      But what the fuck is this cool, if you host me I come to visit you willingly

    29. Syn

      Grady really transformed the channel

      1. NRG Esports

        Grady is the GOAT.

    30. Team ENT

      So rich

    31. Chit Chat


    32. Jack F

      This is nuts! I love it!

    33. Koda N80H

      Imagine nrg let's me join

      1. nieooj gotoy

        You should get the rocket league boys in there!

    34. Lincoln Field

      damn i’ll work for NRG i got nothin else to do in life.

    35. Flopy

      Where is a Benjyfishy

    36. Gurtaj Beesla

      What did I just watch holy 🔥⚡️ Mind blown what was that Until we get to see 10:59

    37. Siddu N

      What is the song name in the beginning

      1. asioe kiou

        A better name for it: Simp Castle.

    38. FaKe Rifts ツ

      Hands down the BEST CASTLE

    39. Riku AB

      Welp boys time to get signed by nrg

    40. MTN Itzz

      U guys are goated I love the factory

    41. MTN Itzz

      Ronaldo in the back Me: YO RONALDOOOOOO

    42. CWC FAM

      Disney land: hold up wait a minute something wrong

    43. Thelma Canete

      Is it just me or does grady look like Markus Veltri?? 😂

    44. Poiau


    45. AR4Zz

      Where is benjy

    46. AlphaCZ

      looks like a rich kids birthday party

    47. 777Shacob

      Get aceu up in there 🙃🙃

    48. fax

      2:56 this kid doesnt care that 10 million dollars has been spent on a castle so he decides to watch fortnite

    49. Thibo Meurkens

      What is he castle in the thumbnail called?

    50. Connor Crabill

      You should get the rocket league boys in there!

    51. bouytt guyt

      Teacher: pay attention everyone Kids at the back of the class:

      1. bouytt guyt


    52. Jaxon Bridle

      Wait I forgot how old are u guys?

    53. im mini

      Who is the San Francisco shock

    54. HermannTheGreat

      A better name for it: Simp Castle.

    55. FoeAndy

      ofc ronaldo is in there 6:00

    56. Fear Blink

      Wait so anyone can go?

    57. ITzz Me R

      How many houses

    58. lowey aka kowey

      Idc about the castle I care about the bill

    59. THE DOGE YT

      So we can say if the power went out this would literally be the darkest day in nrg history

    60. matar

      Unknown wearing all time his fucking Apple airpods pro WTF ahahahahahahah

    61. Icon Sponse

      “That’s pretty good that’s pretty good, wa wa wa”

    62. Movability Live


    63. Drbigt let's plays

      Seriously speaking though, water fountains that leak energy drinks? That can't possibly be healthy if all you drink is energy drinks 24/7.

    64. Zachary Moellendick

      San Francisco shock huh Earlier in the video: The castle is right here in the heart of Los Angeles

    65. Fernanda Barahona

      Holy god imagine living there

    66. Luc4Prez


    67. Ben Lamoreux

      LMAO so you all saw Entertainment 720 and said "this but unironically"

    68. sean fn yt


    69. 6inxx

      Damn i better start grinding💜

    70. Kryptic_Mega

      Electrical bill:📈

    71. Toxitive

      bruh if i have a chance to join a clan im joining NRG [for sure]

    72. Gabriel Martinez

      Nrg making better moves than faze ngl even tho I love faze but nice job nrg keep going💙

    73. PeaceRex

      Imagine Benjy in the video... Also Zayt meditating 100 percent chest spawn lmao great job what a castle !

    74. Halle A

      Every console ever created? Atari there too?🥺

    75. Akido FN

      This is insane imagine going from playing a game to living in a castle this video is amazing let’s go NRG

    76. Dani GORIAL

      Cool 😎

    77. PRZ Silent

      I really want to join nrg clan. I'm very good and actually I don't know how to join. Tell me how to join

    78. giovanni vargas

      I'm so interested, and definitely hungry and motivated!.

    79. Optic_ Silence

      What is the light bill though

    80. nozen !

      damn daddy clix voice

    81. Jessica Stanley

      When someone wants fortnite vbbucks, only use They are the real deal when it comes to this! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

    82. coldmirror117

      When someone wants fortnite vbbucks, only use They are the real deal when it comes to this! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

      1. Satyajit Datta

        @Ethan its so that everyone can see this and shame them

      2. Ethan

        Lmao who’s giving this likes

      3. Xarma


    83. TheDenverOG

      Looks like aids, come play games and then get eye cancer from all the neon lights

    84. Yu Rama

      Move in the rl squad

    85. Leo Mejia


    86. Wkcyt

      Soo ah what internet u running off

    87. shaheena ayyathan veloth

      The fact tht zayt said tht

    88. EclipsePlayz

      NRG is next up

    89. 100 GhoulZ

      Of course Ron is in the Rage Room

    90. MDKS - MEGA

      The every console ever wall so creative

    91. Nott Roxyy

      Can they all finally settle and live somewhere

      1. Mr. Pickle


    92. Bxlt

      Can I tryout for NRG

      1. Bxlt

        @Mr. Pickle Thank you

      2. Mr. Pickle

        @Bxlt Ok I believe in you. But remember, this is a tier 1 org. It isn't something you tryout for, they have to select you.

      3. Bxlt

        @Mr. Pickle but nobody likes my stuff so I deleted everything

      4. Bxlt

        @Mr. Pickle I will get there I promise

      5. Mr. Pickle

        Get 100 subs first lmao. NRG is a massive org, they sign players if they think they can make money off them. They aren't just gonna let a player join because he's good.

    93. Sf Naru

      Can you come in here for free?

    94. NoKapSerity

      NRG ON TOP!!

    95. Toxin on Switch

      I'm jealous af rn lol

    96. lil wizzy1

      I like how faze thinks there the best... meanwhile nrg has a castle

    97. Spark

      when you already in a multi million dollar mansion, oh wait hold up let me head to my castle real quick lol mad respect

    98. dutoiu hour

      Me: Chilling in my room KGup: yo let me show you how poor you are

      1. dutoiu hour

        If faze bought this castle this is mongraals room 5:43

    99. DemySzn -

      Imagine playing IRL Among Us in this place

    100. Accylenco

      Yoo can i come over