Producer Reacts to Olivia Rodrigo - Drivers License

Blake McLain

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    1. Jobi

      Driving instructor reacts to Driver's License.

      1. Saba Khan

        *Olivia and Taylor is my inspiration! My mom said that if I got 500 likes on my (drivers license by Olivia Rodrigo) cover song!! She definitely buy me a professional mic! You guys can helpp me!!*

      2. Alandria

        driving instructor: -50 points, its a traffic violation to hang off the back of a moving vehicle

      3. Izzy Marie


      4. Tamsin Eden

        That’ll be so fun

      5. allison venditti

        OMG YES

    2. bouytt guyt

      blonde girl), leaving her heartbroken

    3. Monkey Revolution

      It is just a simple song FOR TEENAGER

    4. kassiemarie1d

      You should react to some of the little songs she’s posted on her Instagram. She’s incredible

    5. Tone Ollestad Music Channel

      This is such an insightful video! Thank you!

      1. bouytt guyt

        this is your most viewed video in one week! congrats!

    6. Trond K.

      Finally found perfect reaction video. The prediction is lit tho.

    7. Jennifer O

      React to Blu or Stupid Deep (acoustic) by Jon Bellion!!

    8. Brannon Smoke

      Really glad I saw this video because I couldn't figure out why this entire song felt like an ad. Really thought it was just smoke and mirrors and it turns out it was a formula to hook people so no wonder it felt like an ad. Makes sense now why it has hot & cold opinions.

    9. Pilar

      She reminds me of Birdy, a very underrated artist by the way.

      1. Pilar

        like "Wings" by Birdy has the same vibe.

    10. J M

      Just want to remind you that its a sad song ,not a party song.


      React to Why Don't We's new album TGTATBO please

    12. Ava Zamora

      5:46 Yes, yes, see? HAH. amazing. perfect. brilliant

    13. Izzy Marie

      This feels like I’m showing my friend my favorite song and hoping they love it too😂

    14. Cassidy Gage

      wait but can you react to Now I'm a Baby by Garrett Watts...

    15. Amanat Rai

      i love how happy he gets oml🥺

    16. If You Are reading This You May Be Alive

      Ayo if u need a suggestion listen to Giveon he needs people to know his name dude can sing

    17. Asus McTablet

      Is This guy really a "producer"? Because I've never heard of him and he looks 12. Maybe he needs to establish some bona fides, then come back and call himself a "producer" after he's accomplished something at all.

      1. Asus McTablet

        @Blake McLain seriously guy, who are you? You're not exactly Bob Ezrin. You're apparently not even Alex Goot. You have a KGup channel with subscribers, and oh look an instagram too, but none of that makes you a "producer". What are your credits? I mean, Rose & Rosie aren't "producers", and yet if they do a "Rose & Rosie react to Billie Eilish single" video, it still goes to 800k more subscribers than you. So yippie shit, your tiny subscriber base means dick. So who have you "produced"? Lemme know what labels you worked for. Point me to your credits. Or quit calling yourself a "producer", you nobody.

      2. Blake McLain


    18. Ryan Agliam

      Please react to Dinah Jane’s, “Heard It All Before” it is an R&B song that was heavily praised by Ariana Grande, Ella Mai, and Jojo. Her music creativity is incredible. Dinah Jane is from the multiplatinum girl group, Fifth Harmony. Dinah is heavily influenced by R&B/Soul. She’s only 23 years old and is currently working on her first album. Her inspirations range from Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Leona Lewis and Lauren Hill etc. She also has a song called SZNS featuring a Boogie Wid a Hoodie which samples Tupac’s acoustic Thugz Mansion

    19. piyush

      this is your most viewed video in one week! congrats!

    20. Martina

      it would be amazing a reaction to i must cry out loud by mother mother or 7 by catfish and the bottleman

    21. Axel Blue

      Could you check out my instagram? Pleasee🙏🙏 / axelbluemusic

    22. naomie tat

      I cried at his reaction🥺❤️

    23. Aanab Tahir

      I- i thought you were one of the Jonas brothers...

    24. Carmen Mulder

      I'd love to see you react to Julie and the Phantoms. It's a musical-like netflix original series and the songs are really great. The best part is that all the actors sing (they got some amazing vocals) and play the instruments themselves. And the lead actress Madison Reyes was only 15 at the time.

    25. Nuggets

      hey Blake, ever look into Kanye? I would love for you to listen to 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'. A masterpiece truly.

    26. Iuxuriious

      please react to the good times and the bad ones by why don't we!!

    27. Malotru 23

      That was not a second chorus but the bridge, I think.

    28. inaelgarcia

      She's the lovechild of lorde and t-swift tbh, loved her

    29. Nusrat Jahan

      I don't like that song

    30. -AND SPRITE

      You should react to bts disease :)

    31. Alannah Green

      Can you do lie lie lie from Joshua bassett

    32. Rimaj Oncier

      Predicted the entire song

    33. Carlos Sierra

      She reminds me of lorde, they have similar voices

    34. Misbah Javed

      Can you do Why don’t we new album the good times and the bad ones please

    35. Addison L

      you should react to Lie Lie Lie by joshua basset

    36. Yadukrishnan P

      5:38 I don't feel like that's something special, like a second chorus or something. It's just the structure of a common pop song. What follows just felt like a bridge. I mean I don't really understand why it's a second chorus or whatever. It's the BRIDGE.

    37. Ashley Arkel

      can you react to kensington its a really good band and i like to know how you think about them

    38. Shashank Thakur

      You predicted the whole fuckin song Omg omg omg omg omg But every other comment is also saying the same thing

    39. allison venditti

      So we just gonna pretend that he didn't listen to the song prior to this video and then "predicted" everything???

    40. SubwayCookie


    41. Briana Hernandez

      I feel like you already listened to the song. just because you knew what was going to happen next every single time. But it was still a good second reaction.

    42. KiwiStories

      Not me thinking his mug was a mic throughout the whole video :/

    43. Ella Fuller


    44. Akira Miyuki 07

      She also an actress, starred in 2 disney shows, she's only 17 and from Temecula, Ca. Not far from me. TBH she can saaang, her voice is amazing extremely talented. I stan her not that trash wannabe singer that can't even sing Dixie Damelio.

    45. Nico Donoga

      You stopped at 5:08 and you are amazed by this man haha

    46. Alexis Calix


    47. Alexis Calix


    48. Alexis Calix


    49. Alexis Calix

      Please do Lana

    50. Kim Bustos

      I make songs and I need a producer but.... Yah I don't usually tell ppl about my songs HAHSJSJDKWNDK But please react to all I want too it's a good song too ❣️

    51. In The Mess

      I need a list of songs that resemble the make up of this song lol one comes to mind, it's Chlorine by Twenty One Pilots. I live for the drops that bring me to tears

    52. Samantha Rowe

      You should react to all I want by Olivia rodrigo.

    53. Andrea Diaz

      Why everybody is stuck with the song, is not hate is really Good, but I'm curios about this specific song.

    54. Brenda Hernandez

      The way he predicted the “secondary hook” aka my fav part. Woah i-

    55. Vishal Varmmen

      Plss react to tears of gold by faouzia stripped version.. Plsss

      1. Ailsa Ni

        I bet he looked this song up before

    56. Madi Peck

      react to The Brothers Good

      1. Ailsa Ni

        you need to hear all i want by olivia rodrigo, is amazing.

    57. Bridget Hickey

      You should react to the music from Julie and the Phantoms!

    58. Paula D.

      please react to pacman by eaj, it's a circular song like this one and very very short but beautiful asdñlk

    59. iNeft101

      That was her debut single and it’s predicted to go #1!!

    60. Life with Khloe

      Somebody make Olivia see this video because this is the best reaction ever L LOVE OLIVIA and have since Bizaardvark

    61. Gonçalo Ferreira

      yes im addicted to the song now.

    62. Hazel Johnson

      "Yes. Yes. See? Ha! Amazing. Perfect. Brilliant." 😂🤣 Nice reaction

    63. Kyle Minor

      When he called the arrangement trick with the hook I was like, “how did you do that?” Lol

    64. Lydia Esther Y. Sombah

      please make a reaction of Anyone by Justin Bieber. that's a good one too

    65. Myles Greer

      React to my new song Day-Dream it’s on my channel

    66. Amber lcx

      Reaxt to why don't we's new albums

    67. Ruth Luyeye

      i thought the cup was a microphone until you lift it up lol

    68. Rylee C

      Please react to The One That Got Away by Hunter Hayes❤️

    69. Maria Fernanda Cornejo Borghello

      you need to hear all i want by olivia rodrigo, is amazing.

    70. Kenny Mcisaac

      I bet he looked this song up before

    71. Allison Bond

      *i have an unhealthy habit of playing this on repeat for like 2 hours-*

    72. Jim Ray Bagsic

      A Masterpiece from a 17 y/o beauty. She's a representation of a talented Filipino-American

    73. Angie Bertrand

      Could you react to Anson Seabra next 🥺

    74. Matt Matt

      The bridge is so amazing. It feels like lorde

    75. Jessie Karl Montes

      One reactor was feeling that also in the ending but she said that the story is not resolve so why would the music. Maybe that's why it did not end up like you said.

    76. Janette Labrado

      She a proud Filipina!!

    77. Kalliopi Koukouvela

      Please do the good times and the bad ones from why dont we

    78. Riley Taylor

      You need to do the new Why Don’t We album reaction it is literally the best!!!!!

    79. Itz Wraggy

      ngl his clearly listened to the song and is saying all this ‘ i bet it’s going to do this next ‘ literally pretending to predict the song is sad

    80. Sarah Cooper

      Can you react to Lie Lie Lie by Joshua Bassett please?

    81. ITS YUVEN

      Anyway go stream drivers license

    82. katie robinson

      react to the good times and the bad ones by why don’t we x

    83. Pauli

      I kept staring at your smile it's sooo cute. Great video btw!

    84. SI MON

      is the wall real wood or is it wallpaper 🤔😄 btw love ur vids 🥰

    85. iris grasso

      I love music. I loved the chord progressions in drivers license

    86. iris grasso

      Pls i want the next hit song pls

    87. iris grasso

      I want a producer

    88. glen coco

      everytime he paused and then predicted something and then plays and the something he predicted happening right after LMAO

    89. Lil snoop

      “im guessing it’s gonna do this” - one second later - “yup”

    90. Ailsa Ni

      blonde girl), leaving her heartbroken

    91. Jessica Sandoval

      you’re so amazing!! i love your videos 🤍✨

    92. Sarah Salem

      Now go react to lie lie lie by Joshua bassett

    93. It’s me Faith

      Not me watching all the reactions to this song

    94. Giulia Twins

      blake I am speechless. You’re just brilliant. How you predicted the whole song and explained the structure of it SO WELL AS ALWAYS. I am so proud of following you, every time I learn something new. You’re just AN AMAZING PRODUCER

    95. Nanda X

      if you like this type of estructure, you should react to "my tears ricochet" by taylor swift

    96. Music Lover

      Can you please react to Grace Vandervaal’s I don’t like you

    97. Odhràn murphy

      Anyone else think he looks like loves brother in ” YOU “?

    98. yoshxni Wtanabe

      The reason why she sing well because she's half-filipino.

    99. mrs. joyner

      i love how excited you got when you were right about how the song was going

    100. no body, no crime

      pls react to all i want by olivia rodrigo too 🤧