Pattaya Nightlife 2021 | Soi 6 Pattaya girls are amazing! Pattaya Day scenes

Walking in Bangkok

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    On the 2nd day of my short trip to Pattaya, the city is alive again with most shops opening for business! Pattaya Day Scenes 2020
    Of course, many nightlife venues are closed temporarily due to not having any tourists at the moment in Thailand. Still, I feel the situation is a bit better than Bangkok for the nightlife industry and the main streets and shops seem to be lively with some customers and ladies.
    0:00 Intro
    00:19 soi 6 (daytime)
    18:56 soi LK Metro
    23:34 soi Buakhao
    25:55 back to soi LK Metro
    29:09 soi Diana

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    Music -Cartoon Feat. Jüri Pootsman - I remember u

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    1. Walking in Bangkok

      Here the last part of the Pattaya trip video!

      1. Johan alberto Penagos Rendón

        @m sharma t

      2. m sharma

        Hows the covid 19 pandemic status there?

    2. Unseen Thailand Chiang Mai

      Great video ! Always fun to get out walking see all kinds of things !

    3. Miquel ...

      Nifhtlife begins at 18:55

    4. aroundtheworld1983

      Not the best moment to travel...

    5. Michael Agresta

      The segment is not to long. I liked sitting at the bar watching. Felt like I was there. Excellent. Love that it was in the day so I could actually see what is going on and not crowded. Very nice 👍

      1. Walking in Bangkok

        Glad you enjoyed it

    6. A. Salmon

      10:22 nice photobomb

    7. jarosław kub

      I love you Chanel bro

      1. Walking in Bangkok

        Thanks so much

    8. shivam work

      yes, very good video, girls like you. my friend-😯😲

    9. annie jones

      Dirty old man's paradise😂

    10. Hungry Ghost

      may i know wht camera you are using please

    11. Fon Wapanang


    12. Jay Marshall

      Too longer in one location

    13. 조민복


    14. Felix Clasen

      Hübsche Frauen. Kennt jemand die Musik ab 4te Minute? Die macht richtig Laune.

    15. Bill Beam

      Think you should talk to some of the girls. If you talked to a beautiful, sexy Thai's a automatic win for your channel. Go back and interview that girl shaking her ass from 2:04 to 2:16 and it will be an win-win for your channel and viewers!

    16. Bill Beam

      That Thai girl shaking/humping her ass from 2:04 to 2:16 is hot! Thai girls are hot in general.

    17. Eddie D.

      It’s ok talking about the scene

    18. debyton

      I like this sit down view as long as the ladies are real females and as hot as can be. You should mix it up by hopping between different similar views, it's like being there. keep it up!

    19. Esan City

      Enjoy and happy ending ✌️

    20. Bt Doe

      Nice to see that people living life. Just drop the alcohol/drugs and hookers stuff and that place would be super nice. Love Thailand (from Sweden 🇸🇪 ❤)

    21. Родина - СССР

      holes at work

    22. lakt 213

      Wow never been there - but maybe some day! Gotta love the adult entertainment

    23. Somkon Muangpho


    24. Roselval Queiroz de carvalho Queiroz

      Vou pra lá

    25. Kirk Dutton

      The girl in the white shorts could of looked at that longer nice butt!!

    26. Rangga poda


    27. Edward Eccles

      At least some of the ladies are dancing some


      Very busy city -

    29. aliimran haider

      When will open tourist Visa

      1. Walking in Bangkok

        Tourist Visa are available now for most countries, but the problem is you need to spend 14 days quarantined in a Hotel as you first enter Thailand (at expensive price too)

    30. louis yun

      아직 살아있네 ㅋㅋ

    31. Anthony young

      Need to invest in closeup lens.

    32. Anthony young

      It would be nice to see how their party life is inside of one of their establishment. Let’s watch them dance.

    33. Miguel Ruiz

      Wao, Me gustaría estar en ésta calle de pataya para ver estas chicas

    34. Berto7x

      one thing I put a respect to these ladies: they don't mind getting filmed by you, and still trying to act friendly and smile even though you don't visit their bars.

    35. shafikugm1 gm

      love you every body

    36. Kanwara Liamsorn


    37. Thuật Lovan

      Walking in...💛 ❤️🌵 Pattaya...

    38. 小林健二


    39. Ruhi Asfar

      It is very ''interesting''.....

    40. li jhon

      hallo subscribe channel me🙏

    41. Amrr Li

      Where is social distancing bro? Or ur video is too old change 2nd October in title..

      1. Walking in Bangkok

        Video is recorded on October 2020. If it was an old video you would see many tourists there.

    42. Adrians Santos

      God bless pattaya

    43. Marcos Reyes

      Q buen ambiente y muy lindo lugar sobretodo.las mujeres q hermosa chicas y bellas mujeres megustan las mujeres así de ambiente.saludos para todas eyas las qro muuuchooo cuidense mucho ❤️♥️💞💕🖤 y Dios Melos bendiga siempre a todos ustedes.saludos para todos

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    45. Andrés 13

      This i remenber to hangover

    46. Rafeeq Sayed


    47. Ecomerce Master


    48. Van Ty

      Nice gir

    49. Chow King


      1. Walking in Bangkok


    50. Chow King


    51. Lawrence Jett

      nice to see so mamy pretty ladies in your video. good job

      1. Walking in Bangkok

        Thank you so much

    52. Rick Northrup

      Love your videos cause u actually talk to people gives everyone more of the feeling what it's really like being there keep up the good work god bless

    53. ignacio herrera

      Fallout New Vegas

    54. Flaming360Spider

      Can you still get boom boom or no because of coronavirus?

    55. Hagi Ahmed

      A city with a lot of Hores may be in the whole wide World

    56. Ronald Reed

      20:10 +/- is theme song Serpentza has used for almost ten years on his Vlog Of Asia. May I ask, if staying a couple months how easy to hire housekeeper with benefits?

    57. Ronald Reed

      Less than a minute in I see a very desirable lady to man ratio, must help wit higher level of service, lower prices and greater desire to "act as guide"

    58. Jaime Montano


    59. Thiết Hà văn

      Ban lon nhu ban rau tien dau ma mua ha may ma

    60. Damon Miller

      So many beautiful women I want to move to Thailand the hell with the United States everything cost too much

      1. Luisan Ve

        Me too bro!!! Beautiful ladies right!

    61. Putera baron rahadi1988 Rahadi1988

      Kota mesum

    62. Idroes Prawira

      Too long please takes another place!


      hi everyone

    64. Nowshad Ahmed

      Mitro wo bolatitohai lekin janeka nai #_modi

    65. mike makuch

      6:04 scene is long, but the scenery is very interesting. Looks like a good place to visit.

    66. Michael Kalbo

      @6.00 Dude ... Its all good 🖒

    67. Kazama Sho

      I wonder if u know the name of the gal in white bloomers at Wrath 6:32 walking towards your right into the shop... She looks hawt!

      1. Walking in Bangkok

        No sorry, I don't know :(

    68. kyotosal

      Would rather see the front of the girls at Night Wish. That is a future destination for me......LOL

    69. 만석

      그 립 고 만 ㅡ,

    70. YT Tru Seeker

      They are playing lil Jon in Thailand lmao who’s the dj lmao this shit got me laughing so hard. This place is more American then I thought

      1. Antonio Inoa

        The look on my face when i got into a club in a Latin American country and their playing “this is how we do by 50” .. like fams ... that was 20 years ago 😐 prolly the same in Asia lol

    71. YT Tru Seeker

      This scene is good but you should interact. with the women just to fuck around. There so many vlogs where people just film women and it’s cool but we’re humans so we do love for some type of interactions even if it’s for fun. Plus your in a culture that most of us don’t know anything about so that would help as well.

    72. J S

      no fatties please

    73. Brad Bryant

      I found that long time bar scene interesting. Lots of p0retty girls in there! Then there was that Mama-san (the "role model for the girls there) and her Hellish, and phony laughter - the perfect example of the dynamic in an under-populated Lady Bar. That was a great place for a man shopping for a night's company to go! The situation now with no Visas has made things much different than normal! How I wish I were in your shoes. I saw at least 4 or 5 girls who I would bar fine - if they seemed friendly.

      1. Brad Bryant

        Keep up the good work! and STAY SAFE!

    74. saweena yutnawa

      Yep I came across this place....

    75. Daryl Hanlin

      It's a little to long and boring. It would help if you interact with the girls

    76. SneekySmurf

      For the Chanel creator maybe you can do a video with some houses for sale of villas / apartments. I have a army buddy who went there got married and bought a house. He seems happy

      1. SneekySmurf

        @Walking in Bangkok even becoming a realtor out there for foreigners you would make a good salary

      2. Walking in Bangkok

        I would like to do something like that too if I ever have the chance 😀

    77. Renato

      Great vid. I could split on 2. First of the daytime and the second with the nightshift. By the way 2 questions: how much and how long? ✌😎

    78. Nikolaus Wolff

      What i don't understand is why these girls don't return to their homes in Isan instead of hanging out there when there are no customers.

    79. Antonio Rivas


    80. Robert Kye

      I missed Soi Hok 6 a lot, I wlsh to go back soon.

    81. Magic 666

      The world should be like this

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      เสียดายตอนนี้ไม่มีเงินเทียว. ตกงาน

    84. Lex Walker

      Great video, thank you!

    85. Thomas Valentine

      No not boring. As if I am sitting there watching the girls

    86. mrmombo

      I wish you had some verbal conversations with them to see if they try to huddle you or if they talk money at all. Just showing long steady shots is a little boring.

    87. The Tabaquins

      No customers

    88. yahya nasry

      Good long

    89. Xhu Oc

      When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

    90. Vincent Rhoode

      3:40 like the vibe and the music

    91. terrance Fields

      Beautiful Women!

    92. FitnessTraveler

      How did u get into thailand? Isnt it closed for turists?

      1. Walking in Bangkok

        I live in Thailand. Anyway people willing to do a 14 days quarantine (and many health tests) can get a tourist visa now

    93. Bless Up

      Man I'm having thailand withdrawal, I go once every few months usually, but I haven't been in 8 months

      1. Walking in Bangkok

        Hope can go again soon!

    94. joey chen

      you should get a cute girl and buy her a drink for only couple hundred both, she will come sit beside you, then things goes from there

    95. Paul

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