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    Melted my dads phone into a giant jolly rancher! #shorts

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    1. Omarie

      If I did that Daddy coming home with the belt

    2. Shinigami13

      We used to make candy in prison like this

    3. Stella Michelle

      His father*now I just wish I didn't have a son*

    4. Stella Michelle

      His dad tried to hit him at the end!!!😂😀

    5. Kiddish

      Not again-

    6. お父さんはし滴を受けた

      This is so 🧢

    7. Pigeon

      That dad must be so dissapointed on the actual man child that he brought to life

    8. Paul Johnson


    9. caliqo

      Me: Totally ignoring the video Also me: Seeing that he has the same IPhone case as me

    10. korrye Landers

      The Father's like He such a disappointment 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    11. wolfies tech cafe

      Bruh the phone was fine why the hell is this even a thought?

    12. Fudgie MemeGod

      Nobody: iPhone 4 drowning in candy

    13. The Phoenix

      And that’s how the story of how you got Adopted

    14. Voodoo one Vipers on station

      Bet he can’t wait for you to move out

    15. Echo Knight

      You can see his disappointment

    16. Ashton Morgan

      Ha lol

    17. ganhando almas pra jejus davi do Amaral cruz


    18. jase

      Colty what is your favorite food

    19. jase


    20. Alana Bennett

      Coltin do you have a girl friend cause ipl take you if not

    21. Cr1TiKaL but not

      The dad had a reasonable reaction

    22. carter quisenberry

      Stay tuned for when we drop it off 100 foot building! The dad: this kid needs help..

    23. Galaxynoodlecats

      Poor dad :(

    24. Hayley

      "Coleten, WHAT THE FUCK-?!" **nervously laughs** Dad: **hits head**

    25. Kameron Mitchell

      I have been waiting for this

    26. Rattrap Prime

      Your father's reaction at the end is ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!!

    27. Raxindion Gaming

      Father:it was at this moment that he knew Kid:laughing

    28. Shadow Clan


    29. Vanilla Ice cream

      Can you do a part 3 on this

    30. Peyton Huss

      Or you can eat it lol

    31. chairgaming

      Dear god this is drmonic the stuff will get in the ports and gaps

    32. toast friend

      Dude if i did this i would get murdered, and sentimental value- he may of really liked that phone

    33. yesssir

      KGup is becoming tik tok

    34. Alyssa Faith Atup

      If I would do that to my dad I will be dead and get my mom 💀

    35. Izumi Kun

      American dad : oh no my phone plz don’t Arabic parents: guys stay turned to drop my son out of 1000 foot building Lmao 😂

    36. Senpai - Kun

      Warning: do not try these on Asian dads

    37. Leo The Muppet

      Mam just fuck off, you destroyed his phone, idc if its genuine or not kids are gonna copy you thinking it's funny. Also if this is real your parents just lost everything on their phone

    38. Sophia Allen

      I know how to get off the phone popper use a fork

    39. Sanemi

      Are we gonna ignore the fact that his dad 'I like your cut G' him at the end

    40. Melanie W

      He actually has a part 2

    41. Monkey

      At least buy him a new phone

    42. Stxrly

      Drugs wont affect my child The child:


      Bro stop making dumb TikTok and hear of ur father

    44. The Menacing Being of Judgement

      My grandson has a brain the size fo a peanut

      1. The Menacing Being of Judgement

        All because of karen, my son deserved better, now i have a grandson with karen's brain

    45. Evoid Mystic

      You’re the best som

    46. TheKillerLion :D

      You better watch out, because if I ever see you, we are running hands.

    47. Embers the cat

      The father is disappointed

    48. awesome pants

      The dad regretting his decision to let his wife do drugs

    49. Ocean Dweller

      His dad looks so disappointed. Like oh my god I waited 9 months for this

    50. im highly depressed

      Imagine if his dad was asian

    51. Carrie LaFay

      Your dads face: I hate this kid

    52. Mossy koal Shibao

      The sad part is that the phone could have had pictures of family and stuff that are important

    53. Wren Whitley

      that was just not smart my guy

    54. The DefultYT

      His dad:Colton WHAT THE F. Colton:it's old you need a new one

    55. x x

      I hope you backed up your dad's data somewhere so he can retrieve it easily otherwise that's just plain cruel! Some people like having old phones!

    56. Eligio Cortez

      Why did yo do it

    57. haley albright


    58. Temperance Parker

      This is so fake

    59. Fnaf Roleplay

      His dad was so tired of his shit lmao

    60. Amongberrylol

      I shall wach u do it 😊😊

    61. cookie creations

      Tiktokers be like let's add insult to injury lol

    62. MJ & Mat Robo

      That isent cool why would you do that to your dad like that

    63. Relightskin Boy

      Why drop off building when u could just eat it

    64. Alex YT

      Oh :(

    65. Sn00pi3 _

      Just eat the jolly rancher-

    66. Its Baby face

      Dad: WhAt THe FuCK Son:ahahaha

    67. country boy

      That was so mean get a life

    68. nicaobrasil

      Fuck u

    69. Furry Y/n

      Him: hahah His dad: I like your cut g

    70. Luke Tezeno

      Looks at camera😂

    71. Genevieve Le Valdes

      Bruh I'm pretty sure my dad would disown me if I did that lmao

    72. Jazlyn Porter

      My dad would be mad if you were me

    73. Abigail Bourdeau

      He is so disappointed 🤣🤣🤣

    74. Nomster Dude

      That's not a prank, that's just flat out stupid...

    75. Oilcrusher Games


    76. Eli Gilbert

      He needs his SIM card for his new phone😱😬

    77. Luke Summers

      His dad is like: what a disappointment

    78. ClutchUser455

      My name is colton too and when he yelled my name i jumped

    79. Doom Slayer

      You can tell his dad thinks he was a huge disappointment

    80. Aidan Kenney

      The dad looked like he had enough of his shit😂

    81. Carmen Coulson

      he damn cut g him lol

    82. simp for levi

      I would've knocked him out in a second

    83. Hello Humans

      The end tho (stay tone when we drop it from a 100 foot building)

    84. Kieran Duffy

      Critikal you got another scum bag on your hands..

    85. Amanda Pulcher

      My dad would kill me!!! Rip meh

    86. Dr. Koneko


    87. My teddy and me

      Old man: what the Fuck

    88. ItsVale

      D U D E You better buy that poor man a new phone!!!

    89. Mirela Sajnovic

      I'm unsubing u always do stay tuned

    90. 2am Greenz

      Eat it out

    91. Talia Skinner-Garnier

      Me: Your phone is in this jolly rancher My mom: Really?! Me: Yeah it is! Look I will call it! *Phone rings* Me: See Mom: Oh cool... Wait what’s behind you? *turns around* Mom: *Slaps me and takes my phone* Thanks for my new phone sweetie.

    92. Kathleen Jones

      You are dead

    93. Shadow Hand

      That phone is gonna be completely obliterated if you drop it off of a 10000 foot building because the jolly rancher is completely solid so it won't really protect it, instead when the jolly rancher lands on impact it will make the mass bend which that can't really happen with jolly ranchers so the jolly rancher would break causing the phone to break as well because of the mass and there is barley any air drag so the phone will definitely break. Another reason this phone could break is because two solid objects can't go into each other so they force their molecules out cause the molecules to break apart which ends up breaking the phone. Plus the phone is already very damaged from the jolly rancher because it is now inside the phone, I doubt it'll be fixable because it'll be hard to repair even for a phone repair specialist. The fact that your doing this to someone else's property is completely illegal and can end up putting you in jail. Your dad could also due you or the company who made the phone can sue you for using or breaking someone else's property.

    94. Syeda Fatima

      Stop just stop!!!

    95. mynamejeff

      My dad would kill me

    96. Mush•__•,roo-m

      If that was my dad:honey what is that?

    97. GlamourBeautyLover

      this is soo fake..

    98. Dragon _Nutz


    99. Aubri parrott


    100. Woof!

      This is a different dad...???