How to DECODE and READ a TAF? Aviation weather! Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

Captain Joe

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    In today’s video I’ll be explaining on how to decode a TAF weather report. What is a TAF weather report? How does it compare to a METAR weather report and especially how do you read it.
    TAF’s can be very long and confusing and with this video I’m trying to help you guys get a better understanding for these weather reports!
    I hope you enjoy the video and it’s been helpful to you!
    Thank you very much for your time!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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    1. Ninja Squad

      I am learining so much i even have the feeling i can fly a plane if i watch your video’s

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      Thank you for your efforts for this Capt Joe!. You are the best!

    3. Dakota Lally

      WOW! This video started and I was super confused. But the way you break it down, that actually makes perfect sense and an extremely clever system! Probably the most difficult part is the codes for weather though. TS = thunderstorm, obviously; RA = Rain, that's simple enough; GS= small hail? alrighty then.. I'm a little fuzzy on the 2000ft versus surface wind, but I'm sure that becomes second nature with a little practice - probably the weather codes too. Oh yeah., and the cloud types.. But again, practice.

    4. Captain Keith D'Mello

      You explained it better than my groundschool instructor.

    5. Aarya Patel

      What is Delta in aviation and why do sometimes pilots say Charlie while communicating to ATC?

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      Can u please make Russian subtitles?🥺

    20. Iván Melon Lewis

      Ufff! Rare METARs are children’s game compared with TAFs. This is mind blowing.... Thanks Cpt. for your incredible help and smooth way to explain how to decode them. Nice flying ;)

    21. Spelldaddy

      What does P6SM mean? I see it a lot in tafs

    22. Emmanuel Duran

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    23. Anirban Roy

      Hats off to you Joe. I actually watched it twice to understand.😀

    24. Jackson Ahwang

      Captain Joe...why does the Boeing 717 200 have a steep climb when take off?


      Hey Joe just one question. Why can't the TAF be represented in a more easier manner to make life easy ???? For example why cant 292320Z be written as '29 sep (for example) 11:20 pm' Why is there a hodgepodge of numbers which aims at making a rookie go mad???? Is there any particular reason to it sir

    26. Varun Murugan

      Hello captain, your videos are so unique and so informative, my love from India🇮🇳.

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    32. Amlan Gupta

      Joe, is the 2000 foot wind entry only in Europe? I have never seen that in North America but I also have not flown much for a few years.

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    39. Steven Vega

      Does wind direction provided by ATIS use true north or the adjusted magnetic variance?

      1. ZK-APA

        Atis (as well as atc reported winds)gives magnetic.

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        Table top runway is basically a runway over a plateau.

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    56. Captain Nono

      8:15 Always heard that it has changed since. PROB40 does actually not mean a probability of 40%. Nowadays you will only see PROB30 or PROB40. PROB80 for example or PROB65 don't exist. So basically, PROB30 means that it's not likely to happen PROB40 means that it's really likely to happen The percents are not used anymore. 😉😉

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    74. Glenn Watson

      In Australia we also have INTER as well as TEMPO, TEMPO being 30 to 60 minutes, INTER being 0 to 30 minutes. I believe we deviate from the ICAO standard with this additional code. We also removed this month a special forecast which was attached to the METAR called a TTF (Trend Type Forecast) which was a long lasting forecast and adopting TAF3 which is more inline with international standards.

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