"Obama out:" President Barack Obama's hilarious final White House correspondents' dinner speech

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    As President Obama gets set to leave office, take a look back at one of his most memorable moments when he didn't hold back in his final speech at the White House correspondents' dinner firing barbs at himself, Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.
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    1. Linda Benefield

      Obama Out so great.

    2. Anonymous Person

      I can see the strings.

    3. Jessica Flagella

      Thee absolute BEST Presidential dinner speech EVER😂😂😂😂 such a good vibe from him ❤️

    4. twentysix linx

      Crazy that already forgotten Boehner chose such a racist tune to sing. Greatest US president hands down. So much brilliance, grace, and innovative amidst the dreck of those whose only goal was to run down & block. He is missed everyday.

    5. susan brandt

      A president with class.

    6. Cam Jo

      I’ve watched this probably 10 times throughout the years

    7. ahmed triportor


    8. Cyanide Sublime

      The "Red Wedding" comment was hilarious.

    9. Christina Van de Mosselaer

      Thank you President Barak Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama for everything you have done for the WORLD!!!! We still miss you. We will never forget you. God bless you, stay safe!

    10. kimberly perrin

      he iwas the best president ever and i think joe biden will be the same and do our country well

    11. Christie Boe

      2021 April and I cry watching this. I still Miss our President Obama. Miss him so much. :(

    12. samuray ozay

      Absolutely brilliant speech! What a baffling tragedy it must have been for him to lose to such a clown.

    13. Keegan smetanko

      2:56 yea, yea he's not wrong

    14. Keegan smetanko

      If you're the kind of person to start a political argument hating a guy for making jokes, then honestly you just need to grow up and realize not everything is political

    15. ahmed triportor


    16. elijah loren

      who else seen morgan freeman 3:09

    17. One Drop of a Millions

      N Joe Biden became the President 😂

    18. Amin M

      We should change the constitution and let this man have a third term .

    19. Linda Benefield

      President Obama

    20. Emilian-Gabriel Chirita

      13:31 Frank Underwood casually sitting in the crowd

    21. Mike K


    22. Mike K

      Obama will forever be remembered as RACIST IN CHIEF

    23. Flopp

      As a swede i can tell you that this man did great things not only for usa but for europe and other continents

    24. zeljko zivic

      Diplomatski predstavnik za obje Amerike i Afriku,jug-Sjever su Etiopski massai.

    25. zeljko zivic

      Možda bude malo razmjene Europolj,Interpolius.MUP_HR.-Razmjene znanja.

    26. zeljko zivic

      one iz for western coffe.

    27. zeljko zivic

      viktorijanski čajnik.for cherrity.

    28. Don Joe

      The man who started this racial divide that's running rampant now. The great divider in chief. So sad that most will never have a clue how much damage this fraud did to this country. Instead they see him as some sort of great man and great president lol. Half the country is completely brainwashed, it's so tragic.

    29. Ja C

      The worst, most corrupt president in American history. Well, until now sadly. This man could've not only brought the United States together but the entire world but instead he started this whole racial divide that's run rampant now. A true disgrace and a complete fraud in every way.

    30. theExcaliburOne

      I wish people would stop being wrong about things that are so obvious, it’s aggravating

    31. Agnes Manly

      Global News &#

    32. auronthas

      Smart and charismatic President , love his speeches.

    33. Andrew Buck

      “And this is two weeks ago “ that picture had me rolling

    34. Elisabeth Antonie Magdalena Roos- Sommerserh

      Love you Barak Obama, you will never be forgotten for all the good reasons!!

    35. Hansolovz Z

      He was a true fighter.

    36. TheBallsKicker

      Worst president in terms of policies but since he has a charming personality that appeals to the Left he was labeled as a Saint

      1. Anonymous Person

        Trump was considered "uncool" remember? orange man bad which leaves him at competent and qualified.

      2. Ja C

        Half the country would rather have a "cool" guy as president than someone who's actually competent and qualified.

    37. Richard Martinez

      Ted is and away will be an ideoto

    38. Natalie T. Morrisan

      This is Sad, he's not Jeff Williams. .. Uua Assoc Lou Ky. "Black Lives History Education Matter" Apr2021;

    39. Jackson McElman

      One of those parts didn’t really age well😂

    40. Mace M

      32:26 "obama out"

    41. Knights Of God KOG

      The USA is dieing and its not right but all this must take place before the coming of the son of man God bless you all

    42. Apexxx

      The opening statements were all too true.

    43. Tj Benson

      I miss them so much

    44. home hm

      NEW world will end up same as old . many eyes but still blind . .

    45. Angela Dyson

      The square bassoon etiologically pick because rest regrettably sneeze midst a bite-sized cappelletti. tearful, steady slash

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    47. Woutheut

      had an extra mic just to drop it

    48. Julius Lama

      Obama, crooked and theft. Man Democrats, will never learn the right way until they STOP using Identity politics and manufacturing racism. They have literally brainwashed their supporters into thinking that Trump, was a racist, even though it was potatoe Joe Biden, who said. "You ain't black." or "Having black into white schools will turn these white schools in to a jungle." or "they will put you all back into chains." Again!.. when will they learn? Perhaps when they STOP voting Democrat, and take personal responsibility for their actions.

    49. Willie Smith

      Now that's what you call a PRESIDENT. Thank you.

    50. Jimmy A

      G.O.A.T POTUS.

    51. SkillsFX

      The first president to have such a fake personality, he laughs and smiles and says what the media relates to but then you go research about him and belive that this lunatic blood murderer dropped a bomb every 22 minutes of his presidency. He managed to destroy and destabilize the most amount of nations out of any other country Hes up their with bush with how much blood he has on his hands

    52. Robert Gerlich

      Punahoiu Schooll!

    53. Wanda Crawford

      President Obama is a TRUE HERO who can make of him self & RUN THE COUNTRY.🔦🔦❤❤🙏🙏📺📺🙏🙏

    54. Crossing Northern America

      His public speech writer is awesome writer ! Without the script, Obama would not be the president

    55. Pencilneck Schiff

      Good riddance, OBAMA. All he ever did was trash the USA and apologized to the world for our great way of life. World.....USA apologizes for this clown that was given a job and didn’t know how to do it.

    56. Pencilneck Schiff

      Good riddance, OBAMA. All he ever did was trash the USA and apologized to the world for our great way of life. World.....USA apologizes for this clown that was given a job and didn’t know how to do it.

    57. Pencilneck Schiff

      Good riddance, OBAMA. All he ever did was trash the USA and apologized to the world for our great way of life. World.....USA apologizes for this clown that was given a job and didn’t know how to do it.

    58. Pencilneck Schiff

      Good riddance, OBAMA. All he ever did was trash the USA and apologized to the world for our great way of life. World.....USA apologizes for this clown that was given a job and didn’t know how to do it.

    59. Phenix Evely PhD


    60. Huaicheng Liu

      Obama: Charmingly make fun of himself Trump: I am out

    61. Blessed Gigi

      Obama will always be my president❤️💪🏼

    62. NA NA

      Thanks for your service and honor

    63. Debra Wise

      I do believe the former President missed his calling to be a stand up comedian . I love it! Wow!😄

    64. Joas Dorvilien

      Crew u

    65. Ryen Boi

      1:42 will smith at the right

    66. Maeve Karla

      The warlike octopus comparably cross because sausage observationally wink but a hanging radar. elastic, long castanet

      1. GK

        Google's NLP net is confused

    67. Lee Jay

      Democratic Presidents have a history of being sexier than Republicans. Compare and contrast Clinton and Obama with Bush and Trump.

    68. C Smith

      How many Times was Dump on the golf course??!!

    69. Ameen Moqbel

      Obama was referencing Kobe”s retirement speech , “ Mamba out “ ...

    70. Louis Gruber


    71. BGFutureBG

      7:43 how to burn on this level 😂

    72. paraknasish

      yo mama out

    73. Kennan Jones

      this reminds me of Kingsley shacklebolts famous words "you may disagree with him but you have to admit he gots style"

    74. frank ferrandiz

      THIS IS MY OBSERVATION! The Democratic party is going to try to destroy the United States of a free America as we know it today! They have destroyed small businesses to shut down this thriving economy. The Democrats do not want bushiness in the USA, Joe Biden works for China and their economy. After the Democrats destroy the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and its people, they will install SOCIALISM WHICH clearly does not work, for example, Look up Venezuela and how people are starving there. wake up people, your freedoms and country are be taken from you!

    75. Diego Santiago

      Best president ever!

    76. Diego Santiago

      Best president EVER!

    77. borris fatboy

      Wow!!! Did he get fooled, to honestly think a woman (hillary) was going to be standing in that same spot. Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Yeah Trump.

      1. Paul Wiehe

        Not anymore...

    78. Levi

      obama was the kind of president where even if you don't support him, you still like him a bit

    79. Paul Gordon


    80. Rock Fist

      15% Talking 85% Laughing and clapping.

    81. Toyia Berry

      It's The End Of THE WORLD!!!!!!!

    82. biplob prasad

      I hope next UN Secretary Genarel Barack Obama All the best

    83. Dave Oc

      Well after 4 years of peace I suppose its back to war with obamas lapdog, America's president can't even string a sentence together, walk up stairs and control his son. You had 1 shot America and you blew it. Thanks for letting the world down. We are definitely laughing at you now 😂

      1. Dave Oc

        @Paul Wiehe there is also a massive terror threat happening in the projects every night but no one wants to talk about that because ummm racism

      2. Dave Oc

        @Paul Wiehe yes the "high numbers" all in democrat ran states... Another irony. Trump wanted the travel ban sooner but was called a racist and then look what happened 😂

      3. Dave Oc

        @Paul Wiehe "compare death numbers and covid" terror deaths were lower because of the ban... Irony.

      4. Paul Wiehe

        @Dave Oc There is a bigger threat from all this gun violence in your schools then from terror.

      5. Paul Wiehe

        @Dave Oc On what threat? Compare terror death numbres and covid's. There was no imminent threat from all these people, that was just xenophobia. And travel bans like for covid should be discussed at the UN. Anything about your high numbers and not wearing masks?

    84. paul hayton

      What a president... brilliant.

    85. Angelo Santaniello

      Final week in office? He got a third term

    86. Angela Moffo

      Obama is a traitor

    87. Jack McKenna

      Chump Change. As Barnum and Baily said a sucker is born every minute.

    88. Quinn Ruggles

      I miss him

    89. Cheryl Howard

      Love him

    90. Ali Yahya

      😶🥇 ،👁️🤣😂😂

    91. DK Pearce

      ObamaCare was/is the worst thing to happen to healthcare in the United States. It gave free reign to Drug Companies. Under Obama, people were penalized ( a fine at tax time), took income away from senior citizens receiving SSI to cover Medicare Part D (whether they needed it or not), and DID NOTHING while Opioid Painkillers were being over prescribed to Senior Citizens in FL who didn't need them. Michelle and Barack Obama were nothing more than the smiling faces of Govt while for profit Drug Companies were let to whatever they wanted to anyone. And both Michelle and Barack can 'speachify' and proselytize all they want with MLK inspired boilerplate language... underneath everything they say... is some drug company.... And you can't criticize Barack Obama.... if you say anything critical of Barack Obama... then 'you're a racist...'

      1. Felix Ndayis de Bologne

        you have concluded your rant by an autobiography : you are a racist

    92. 808 G8GT

      Hate him or love him.....he was the most HUMAN president this country has ever had. Like all humans, Far from perfect....but he cared about his country more than his reputation.

    93. Wilhelm Mercado

      Martin Scorsese John Boenhner Danny Devito Jim Boheim Rachel mccadams Lauren Hutton Rock Hudson Rachel mccadams Billy the kid Daisy Fuentes Howard Fineman Howard Dean Pat Toomey Jim imhofe Alison Cramer Kim Gelvin Simon Leppington Sandy Dunn Susan Rice November 17 Scorpios

    94. Wilhelm Mercado

      President Barack Obama is a Johnston and Murphy wearing horologist..Malthusian progressive Libertarian ...Shinola watch...john Varvatos tie

    95. Wilhelm Mercado

      President Barack Obama MGM Casino hit and runs

    96. 93ddb

      The best president ever

    97. Rose Davis

      President Obama's closing statement beautifully articulated the importance of the press in our democracy and what a huge responsibility it is to our freedom.

    98. steve joyce

      Glad this looser is out

      1. Beetle Juice

        @Idris Maryjane I am sure you failed your kids.

    99. steve joyce

      Worst scumbag looser president in all history

      1. Paul Wiehe

        Well he didn't lose the poular vote twice so there might be a bigger looser out there...

    100. Legend 28

      Kendal Jenner.. ok Obama, u know the black & white checkered flooring IN THE WHITE HOUSE, well she works for them, the ppl in the CFR room, yeah, them.