YONEX Thailand Open | Day 4: Rasmus Gemke (DEN) vs. Anthony Sinisuka Ginting (INA) [5]


136 миӊ. көрүүлөр52

    HSBC BWF World Tour | Super 1000
    YONEX Thailand Open
    Men's Singles | Quarterfinals
    Rasmus Gemke (DEN) vs. Anthony Sinisuka Ginting (INA) [5]
    #HSBCbadminton #BWFWorldTour #YonexThailandOpen
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    1. Chairini Basry

      Pucing pala baby eh gemke

    2. kirillo

      Да гинтинг уже не тот, играет просто, старенький уже стал, очень слабая игра гинтинга

    3. Perti Fita


    4. bilishu aliss

      Mantul ting

    5. Dysfunctional Gaming

      Wasn’t even gonna attempt the service judges last name😂

    6. Delete TheElite

      Lol flips in face diapers

    7. n g


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    10. terrance c

      i would dominate the league 😈

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    12. Flibbertigibbet

      Antony has driven Rasmus running around like a Danish squirrel but the squirrel's fighting back with spirit nevertheless ! Well done Anthony ! All in all, you're more superior in technique, skill and experience than Rasmus ! Now that Jonathan was out of the rase, you're the sole hope of all the Indonesians ! Right on, Anthony, we love to see you in the MS final and win this first tournament of the year 2021 in Thailand, the Land of Smiles & Wai Sawasdee !!!

    13. david teunissen

      gg Ginting

    14. Piotr Jakub

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    17. DIYfusionHelp

      well done Ginting, expecting you in final with Victor/ CTC. Good luck

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    19. ActOfLove *

      “Look within and be depressed. Look without and be distressed . Look at Jesus and be at rest.”

    20. Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Turtle

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    21. sophie j

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    22. doods20 fer

      its a whooping in the ass for Gemke in the 3rd, that's what happened when you spent all your energy in the first 2 sets?

    23. Risna Pratiwi

      Always beautiful play by ginting ❤️ hope will see less unforced errors from ginting in semifinal. Good luck ting 🏸

    24. Notafratdude

      Happy new year y'all Please repent because Jesus is coming soon, Like so more people can see this

    25. Anton Sinaga

      Ini masuk pasal PEMBANTAIAN

    26. Tùng Cao

      What is the racket of Ginting??

      1. McToàn Leo

        Lining 9000

    27. Louis-Math

      I am a fan of Ginting since two years and I feel like he is different from before Covid. He seems to be calmer and do less unforced errors. Even at the end of the second set, I felt like he was strongly confident in his shots and was not even tired. In the past, I saw him often being tired in the third set, but he really managed his energy well. He was able to attack and put pressure at the good times. Somehow, his way to attack, smash and put pressure reminds me a bit of Lin Dan. Its not perfect, but I think he is in a really good direction at the moment. Hope it goes on so that we see that kind of play against other players...particularly Momota!

      1. paul41012

        Its because Gasmus’ tactic was successful that Ginting lose the 2nd set. Gasmus gave Ginting a big pressure in front the net since he always waited for Ginting’s hairpin.

      2. Dang Tuan

        Ginting will be in the final! just wait

      3. Hiden Motif

        Nice analysis. I guess it his peak time now. 24-28 is the time where experiences, technique, mentality and athleticism hit the peak

      4. Thịnh Nguyễn Văn

        I really agree with u

    28. Khalfan Nadhief

      Respect buat Rasmus, tapi mayoritas poin nya didapet dari error Ginting

    29. Eko Aminudin

      Same, axelsen vs christie on rubber game 5 21

      1. Rizky Maulana Nugraha

        viggo returned the favor back to christie :D

    30. waw tube

      Pasti si gemke pulang2 badan pda remuk, di pontang panting sama Ginting 😭😂

    31. Pokaleo Opo

      Gemke nó chạy khoẻ như trâu vậy😂

    32. King Uae

      Selamat👍 Awal set pertama sempat was was....

    33. 2b 1a

      wow didn't expect this game to be so good. Gemke has just won my respect. Guy looked like he couldn't run with those legs, but boy that 2.5 sets were 6th gear all out battle both sides. Both had so little errors considering the speed they were going, amazing match!

      1. Dmitriy Sintsov

        Their style of play is somewhat similar. Both look very diligent about their work / play.

    34. amani padot

      Congrats lae Ginting. Well done. Mejuah juah kita kerina, HORAS!!

    35. farizadit

      3rd score was social distancing

    36. Ahmad Yani

      Lawanya mau nyerah malu🤣😄

      1. Chairini Basry

        Klo tinju dh lempar handuk pelatihnya gk tega

      2. Riben'z Ancour

        Kalo gor di kelurahan udah nyembah minta nyerah😁😁

      3. Firda Rasheed


    37. Amy Nurain

      Mantul ting

    38. Alg al

      Commentator : this is master class from ginting...

    39. iani Wava Omar

      You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    40. 陈导演

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    41. Rodo Nababan

      Si Ginting tukang kocok. Habis dikocok si gemke

    42. Leonardus Mipur

      1:05:11 in ginting we trust

    43. Allene essina G

      Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

      1. mikael wilopo

        Yes,I do

    44. apa sih sayang

      Gua klo main badminton boleh lawan siapa aja kecuali Ginting. Gila lawannya dibuat mondar mandir ampe bengek 🤣

      1. Chairini Basry

        Mgkn sampe hotel br dkluarin mualnya..muntah2 gemke

      2. Firda Rasheed

        @Hineni Keyla 👍💪

      3. Hineni Keyla

        @Firda Rasheed gw sih berani , tapi ginting pake tangan kiri

      4. Firda Rasheed

        Yakin gue ngakakkk bangettttt. ...lucuuuuu

    45. Mathilde

      Is there wind on court ?

    46. Steven Senjaya

      Rasmus was definitely tired at the 3rd set. Good game Ginting

      1. Veronica James

        @Any Hendra his question to

      2. Any Hendra

        Both players tired

    47. Gebriana s

      Social distancing score nya 😁 luar biasa lawan kak ginting hari ini semangat semifinal esok

    48. kuman kecil

      Ya ambruk

    49. Tatang Sutarman

      Mantap Ting, set 3 gada obattt!!👍👍