A VERY EXTRA WISH HAUL.. maybe the most extra ever ?!

Mia Maples

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    very EXTRA very GLAM Wish try on haul !! :) ENJOY !!
    New Video's Fridays & SOME/most Sundays :) !!
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    1. jane deaux

      Thanks for doing the lords holy work. I am going to buy 3 of these outfits. The fringe ones are liiiiiife

    2. bbhsarah sims

      next met gala theme should be wish drag couture

    3. AILA

      I dare you to get groceries wearing them

    4. Alexis Martínez-Ramírez

      Spoiler: Long Text 1. I just loved this outfits I have thought of buying them myself,now I really feel like doing it. 2. I loved how when unpacking she was like "this is not gonna look good on me" and then Shablam, she got Glam. 3. Amazing how an outfit can changed how you feel, how you perceive yourself. 4. Love your videos ❤️

    5. Naiima Warda

      5 dollar wish promo code . c m n t s g s x

    6. anais mackenzie

      I'm sorry but you really doens't have the posture, "le maintient" to sera these. It needs elegance.

    7. brideofall unquietthings

      I love these outfits and how much they made you come alive! Couldn't stop watching. Side note: I actually try not to wish or companies like them :( so I was pretty entertained to keep watching!

    8. Martina Anri

      Loved it

    9. Martina Anri

      It was EXTRA!! 😂😂

    10. Arri B

      4k later and I could've just bought those dresses for perfect cleavage lol

    11. Jannat Zohaib

      Love the way she talks 😍

    12. Devil michele

      You look healthier for some reason very glowy! Also u look good with fake cleavage body suits the skin doesnt match exactly but hard to notice on video to me it matched nearly spot on with ur skin. For some odd reason the fake boobs made u look like they matched on u it was like surreal Photoshop. But yeah the extra outfits really went well on you nobody wouldve noticed those other outfits were fake in the chest unless they were close. Best video review and fun to watch by far wouldn't mind if u even did a few photoshoots in them again for fun they really went well on you so glad u actually enjoyed so many outfits! That really made video fun!

    13. Camz Wilo

      The second dress you can wear that to new Orleans martigra

    14. Kaiten K

      Love the zebra one

    15. Domino Valdez

      Thankyou for doing this haul. I want every single one

    16. Kamy costa

      Vem aqui pro Brasil no carnaval, da pra usar as roupas 😂🇧🇷🇧🇷

    17. R Ellis

      I love your mom. She always makes me smile 🤗

    18. Kaitlyn Rollins

      Wtf happened!!! I used to be subscribed to you and i just had to resubscribe 🤮 I missed so much

    19. Rebecca Segatel

      You can use all this dresses in carnival in Brazil🇧🇷

    20. weeone01

      You should use your mad sewing skills to cut out the tan material / boob area of the mermaid green one and fix it. Add your own nude illusion or sew a sparkly bra into it

    21. Zoo H

      Why did the second printed boob outfit actually look so good 😭

    22. Rajat Singh Sapehya

      Everything suits you babe

    23. Makeup Michael

      I NEED the grey and black body suit for my drag!!!!!

    24. Nikki Coastal

      That second to last outfit is 🙌🙌🙌 even the fake ta-ta’s look great, lol

    25. Mo Mak

      Ur videos r sooo fun !!! Luv it !!!

    26. Morghan Rowat

      Love this haul! I have a love-hate with the boob print LOL you can be modest and not at the same time! That's what I love

    27. SundayDisease

      I really think you should wear the starbodysuit with the super long fringes. You look amazing in it! 🌟

    28. Thibaut Lemaire

      Can’t wait to see one of those on Dragrace 😭😭

    29. lovely mammoth

      First piece looks like the one from burlesque

    30. AmeseyPop

      That one that you showed your Mom is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look SO GOOD in it!!!! 100% yes. 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND.

    31. Jem C

      That second to last outfit was ✨chefs kiss✨

    32. Allison Balliet

      so cool!! love all of these!!!!

    33. Kathe Lopez

      Omg I wish you would have had your moms reaction!!!

      1. Kathe Lopez

        Just kidding I should have finished the video first!

    34. Sharique Alam

      Hi i am a huge fan of yours from India. If you are anytime planning to donate your dresses, do consider me. I will pay for the shipping. But I love your reviews and helps me recheck my orders. As I work as a stylist for living. Good job 👍🏻

    35. Mariana Amor

      That first one kind of reminds me of one of the outfits in the movie Burlesque

    36. Tammy McPhearson

      I just found your channel and IM OBSESSED AND IN LOVE 😁🥰😁🥰

    37. Mary Wagner

      Man, I wish I was young and thin still. Trying these on looks like so much fun.

    38. Radioaktiv

      You will not be able to pole dance in this bodysuit lmao

    39. Brentt Bumatay

      Dang like these were sooo hood and Yes almost all of the scream drag. Akeria would love the zebra jacket with her zebra gown.

    40. wetvulcan2

      I wonder would you go actuele go out in such a dress?

    41. joselito cabungcal


    42. Agata Małkowska

      -Where are you going? -Grocery store XDD Love it 😂😂😂

    43. Kaylee

      tell me why the boob dresses look so realistic

    44. Mary c

      zfbdyvy my code

    45. Ashlyn J

      wait the boobs on that second fringe bodysuit are actually not terrible 😂

    46. Anayeli Peinado

      😂😂😂😂lmao through the whole video! Def good video mia !

    47. Mimi Anne

      im glad me and mom were both getting Cher

    48. Emily Rivera

      16:22 lol her reaction 🤣🤣

    49. DevilDoll06

      NOVEMBER 2020 : CPDGLTLT Get 7$ to spend on Wish when singing up with this code

    50. JahLeesa King

      I love how inclusive you are

    51. Marc & Erin Gold Prospects

      18:00 my brains exploded... Good bye cruel world! Lol

    52. Anthony Strunk

      Those are some extra outfits, reminds me of like a Vegas lounge act costumes or yeah some drag Queens could rock the shit out of those

    53. Asiya Naqvi

      She sounds like Gigi Hadid!

    54. Melissa Kurtz

      I love your mom. This was super fun I need them all esp the zebra one and the one with all the colored tool

    55. Haifa . yoga

      Please leave links to all of this!!!

    56. Ivie Sarad

      always loving you mia... Godbless you

    57. Hey Jamie

      The bodysuit at 11:13 I would absolutely kill to Swarovski. I want to Swarovski every last inch of white in actual Swarovski crystals. It’s a fantastic pattern and the base is already there it’s basically a Swarovski-in-the-lines! Uggghhh send me it I’ll do it for you and send it back lol I just have to see it

    58. olivia grace

      God bless! Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and the Son of God who died on a cross for our sins so we can live again in Heaven where there is no pain or suffering! Believe is our Father and Creator and raised His Son Jesus from the dead! Confess and repent of your sins and trust in God! Live for Jesus as He died for you! 🥰

    59. Hannah Kayee

      That dress with the boobs I about died 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    60. Samryn Kenya

      do more!!

    61. Anne

      The fact that I would cop all of these for drag especially the boob one lol I love it

    62. Lynda Gibson

      you'll look great standing on you street corner!

    63. Loupiote Pilote

      You should do a photoshoot recreating the photos from wish with those outfits !

    64. ranieyfierce

      Actually rhinestones are glued to the dress or clothes...mybe they didnt used a strong glue

    65. Lavish Jules

      I'm a performer and am always skeptical of these wish costumes..... but I want them. 😅🙃 I have one dress that's ok but I'm short and much more tan than the mesh. I have 2 shoulder/collar pieces, 1 is trash the other is cheap but an actual wearable item. 😆

      1. Lavish Jules

        Also what is your budget if you're not keeping these? 😅 I'm gonna email for a donation to me.

    66. Liberty May

      I’ve lost my job as a performer and taking the lockdown time to try and create my own performing business, I need these outfits 😍😍

    67. Denise Wilson

      The zebra outfit is actually kinda cute. All the lines are in the right spots on her body

    68. Brittany Brookins

      Omg. The zebra.

    69. Amber Holland

      The boobs look soooo real lol its freaky

    70. Susa Ackles

      The piece before the last was by far the bessstttt❤️😍

    71. Susa Ackles

      Prepared for all the Coachellaaaas 2 come

    72. Valerie Ann

      You could wear those outfits on Dancing with the stars, lol. Maybe they will ask you !

    73. Bri !

      That was awesome 😎

    74. Fabian Salcido

      The zebra one reminds me of Christine for Selling Sunset....

    75. Mary-Louise Poirier

      LEOTARD NOT LEOPARD 😌 silly goose


      Just give me all of them😭

    77. isabella

      Her:idk where to wear this Me: ummmm Coachella when ever that happens

    78. Kincső Varga

      That’s drag

    79. Matilda Brooks

      “Elegant”. Hahahaha you already said it!

    80. joyous2theworld

      All the fringe!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

    81. Shauni Jacobs

      The boobs got me 👏🏻😂

    82. Snowball

      The title should have been "Trying on drag outfits from wish"

    83. Natálie Čížková

      The last one suits you the most I think ❤️

    84. Chloe Hanna

      anyone notice how she said “ leopard “ not leotard

      1. Marie Meow

        Yeah, annoyed me a bit haha

    85. BVSEDNAI


    86. rebecca 122003

      these outfits remind me of an extra superhero

    87. Zunian Serpa

      why do the boobs look so real in the last rainbow one im-

    88. Mishayla Pederson

      the start body suit would be perfect for Coachella whenever covid is done 😂

    89. Amberlee Gordon

      I think you need to do a video of different 20's inspired dresses

    90. DylanIsHere

      You should do some sort of fundraiser thing out of wearing these outfits in public for a whole day 😂

    91. Debbie Dambaugh

      Have you ever heard of glam fit bikinis?? They are absolutely gorgeous but crazy expensive!!!

    92. payola AC

      You should do photoshoot with these “costumes” so you can enjoy being extra without having to go somewhere You could also go to a festival

    93. Christine Schumann

      Please do a video going out in public in these outfits! Of course when everything slows down!!!!

    94. perkyiska

      The last two outfits!! Aaaaa i love themmmm!!

    95. Edyn Blair

      Omg I need the black drink outfit - I literally have heels cowboy boots that match it! Please include the link to it if possible or girl I will buy it from you.

    96. squarejpg

      the second outfit screams carnaval

    97. Patricie Horáková

      Please do a video where you going out in those clothes :D

    98. Shradha Rajak

      Can you do glam haul of Sherri Hill gowns??????✨✨✨✨

    99. Michelle Chen

      You look good in everything!!!

    100. Addy Rose

      Hi! I literally love you, but anyways... 🥰As a way to use the star leotard with all that wonderful fringe you wanted a reason to wear, you could do a video about you wearing it to a family get together, or out shopping or something of that nature. Maybe even try a drag look with it🥰 it looks stunning on you and you NEED an excuse to wear it again🌟