Young M.A "Kold World" (Official Music Video)

Young MA

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    Stream Young M.A’s debut album, ‘Herstory In The Making:’
    Video directed by ShotbyCisco
    VFX and editing by Bruce Wayne
    Track produced by Zaytoven
    Mixed & Engineered by Wizard Lee @ Feet 1st Studios.
    Mastered by Tatsuya Sato
    Text Young M.A at 718-808-6312
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    #YoungMA #KoldWorld

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    1. Matt Park


    2. Joniene Swick

      I ain't got to lie Craig. I ain't got to lie.

    3. real shortoo

      i like the love you mama part


      I absolutely love this song playing back to back. I relate.

    5. Tshepo Myles kontle

      Young M.A foreverrrrr

    6. Artistry with Bela

      I need a coat like that 💚 Where they be?

    7. Hollee Lifestyles

      Its Kold world -burr burr buy a furr ❄️

    8. Iraida Velez


    9. Share & Encourage video

      Her and lil Kim my favorite female rappers

    10. Sunny PunsTV

      0:38 Burr Burr “buy a fur”

    11. KingLilParis


    12. hogan logan

      Shes a breath of fresh air. Hope she knows it!!! Thank you!!!

    13. Kenneth Ziegler

      Burr burr buy a furr.

    14. Kenneth Ziegler


    15. S B

      Real from the start can't nobody fuck with her !

    16. Lucky Duck

      “Debit card ran out of money, when I swiped, it said, declined Keepin' it a hundred, you know, like two 50s combined On Craigslist, like, every day, if they hired, I applied I ain't got to lie, Craig, I ain't got to lie And I wouldn't change a thing because today I'm doin' fine.” 😳😱🔥💨

    17. What What

      “Report cards in the mail, if it was bad then I would sign”. Lmao I swear I used to do that too. Anything with a bad grade on it no way I’m showing my parents that. I’m signing it myself 😂 .

    18. Nick & Shorty

      This shit lit dwag💪🏾💪🏾

    19. Melissa Story

      Lol. My kids don't know Santa! Why lie to kids and expect them to be truthful? Moma /daddy work hard for everything we got!

    20. Naziah Hagannn


    21. Pat Hannan

      Dam she's fire

    22. Old Dirty Bastard’s Food Stamp Card

      She need to do a Detroit beat next 💪🏿

    23. Idrus Komeng

      👍👍👍👍 Yong ma uuuuuuuhhhh

    24. Cocoa2u BLOG


    25. Getsome Business2

      momma work from 9 to 9 so she didnt mind...naw im lyin you mommie

    26. Machinebaby345

      0:57 just listen

    27. Saundra Rogers


    28. Coc0Ghe


    29. MMP Movement

      I remember when my pockets had a 20 and a 5. Felt dat 🔥🔥💪💯

    30. James Kirimi

      none stop hit in my 3 M.A song playlist

    31. Bee J

      I waitmyturn Young M.A.

    32. Swapnil Jain

      Been following her since pre-Ooouuuu. She's the best MC I've seen come out of New York in quite a while.

    33. Amanda Redeagle

      Use to have a heart now it's stone💯 Burr Burr buy a fur bish

    34. Ramon Stanley

      She kinda flowing like kodak black

    35. Mikeyb 456

      She should remix this with Gucci

    36. Rigo Moscoso

      ...feel this 💯's been me against the 🌍...💭🙏this last year...kold 🌍...👀

    37. Polos Garcia

      The more money the more problems that's the goal

    38. Szymon Zagorski

      I beg someone tell me where I can get one of these jackets 🥺🥺🥺

    39. Chloe Blatzer

      Burr burr by a fur🤣🤣

    40. ZeroChill 215


    41. Tyjuwana Cole

      I was sleep but I'm woke now MA😬😬❤❤❤❤

    42. Yimmi H

      She is a man?

    43. Cordell Roland


    44. Pwtson Pedro


    45. Allison Boitano

      How I act when I cut a person off too ♈ Aries here Facts BK love your music.... I'm Wonderland

    46. A M

      We need Gucci on the remix just cuz the summer almost here

    47. J

      Half way through the song... already decided I fucks with it... not many rappers talk about when they had the metro card and the dollar slice!

    48. Marguerita Hunter

      See they need to hype this in the South

    49. The Jamila Eme

      Every song man... Every song has some hard bars

    50. Dila Dila


    51. Trey Williams

      This Shit Right Her Deserves #1

    52. BrutalizeURf4ce

      I am unsure about the quality of this track.

    53. Dreamer Palmer

      Shes smoking Delta 8!! That's what's up

    54. Benjamin Ryan

      Cold world 💣💣💣

    55. Sifa Mwathi

      when you ain't got no money for real and feel she was where you at the only way is up can't lose sight of my dreams.

    56. Doris Torres

      They ain't grow up on some sharing caring shit


      Much love to Bruce Whayne for this video 🙏🏽 Get well soon, Primo

    58. Doc Smoke

      Hadoken ya thought it wasn’t coming again straight fire plus the Brooklyn swag it’s over hover!

    59. Lanika Walston

      Gucci should of hop on that.

    60. jon sanders

      No one: Young MA: “ay lil bih, ay lil bih.....ay lil bih!”

    61. Curving Duckling

      I learned to stack up every dollar that I’ve earned. Wow 🥵😍

    62. Bee J

      😢RIP DMX

    63. lif3adv3ntur3foodnthought5

      Its a kold world Bur - Bur buy a fur🥶😎


      Killed that shit fam

    65. Bear

      She remind me. Her floss and style of what Stack Bundles would be doing

    66. Trippi Rey Bambino


    67. Jayand Klimsop


    68. Jayand Klimsop

      this table is reserved 🤣🤣🤣,🤧

    69. Not Reading Your Reply

      Does it not bother you that the gang violence you’re promoting and making a living from is the same taking the Lives of many? The same that civil servants claim to be intolerant of but it’s ok because it’s you? Why can’t you see the reality? There are stacks of people making bank off you, they arent the people that come and go, they are the ones using you up for what you’re worth to promote violence to keep their system running. You claim to be so hard and smart yet you’re willingly being used up like the thirsty bishes you sing about. Talk about irony.

    70. Damian Moss

      Love this joint burr burr buy fur😎

    71. Jayand Klimsop

      Love u sis! 💋warm kiss!

    72. Jayand Klimsop

      ICE💎 cold❄️ JT in Da building.!!!⛄️

    73. Its Sean

      Kinda remind me of old Gucci Mane

    74. Donnell Thigpen

      She is definitely giving these boys a run for they money

    75. Alex Smith

      Damn she never miss 💯🔥

    76. Big Gusto

      No queria problemas pero esta vida es doblea a jugsndo drogado y platicas

    77. Big Gusto

      No queria problemas pero esta vida es doblea a jugsndo drogado y platicas

    78. Johnny Sins

      Not even dissin but this sound like Gucci Mane

    79. Joel Cuba


    80. Aaron Coleman


    81. King Noah Ramos

      Did you guys see the wings?

    82. Adrian Recker999

      Loyalty ain't nothing but a word

    83. 1kblanco 1kblanco


    84. Shunda Tamplin

      "Momma bought them gifts not that Santa 💩"

    85. I Win

      Yezzzir buy fur burr burr haha dis a hit

    86. Barbarito Thomas

      Got to say one of best??? I think

    87. Makai Hardgrow

      I remember when my pockets only had a $20 & 5$ facts 🥶

    88. Riley Banks

      0:52 sound look bandman kevo

    89. Calvin Campbell

      Who remember the old kold world

    90. Gabriel Loera

      U give me some cuchi I’ll pay ur rent ...that’s rite👍

    91. Tracy Swanson

      Is that a male or female

    92. Marcus Byrd

      Like two 50's combined

    93. 1kblanco 1kblanco


    94. Barrel of Curls

      Ha ha ha....niggas ain't gone leech off me....😉uhmm nuhm that's for sure

    95. I'm The 1 They Luv 2 Hate

      Kold 🥶🥶🥶

    96. MAnAger Ankh

      Its about to be a cold world because I need that fur she drippin burr burrrr 💰

    97. Allan Mwaniki

      1:21 Love this

    98. J Martinez

      one day i'll be shopping in that store for a new coat for them kold nights

    99. Weidner Willma

      Happy Birth day! Aries and Geminis are compatible. Just saying.

    100. Pass Word

      Family ties