Tokyo Tales: Barcelona and The Meaning of Tourist Traps (Simon and Martina Podcast Episode 14)


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    Episode 14 of the Tokyo Tales podcast has us talking a bit about our time in Barcelona, and then we get into a bit of a heated discussion about tourist traps. WTF is a tourist trap? Help us understand better, because right now, we're not fond of the phrase...
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    күнү жарыяланды Жыл мурун


    1. Clau BlueMoonDRM

      Probably wasnt either a cake or a pie.. it was probably a Rogel Dessert... love from Argentina!

    2. Muscle Pig s

      While re-listening to this podcast I came upon the realization that for me a tourist trap is an experience that is manufactured by an company to bring pleasure specifically to tourist which has a negative impact but is popularized through media The best example I can think of at the moment would be swimming with dolphins. It is a non authentic experience and hurts the animal in question for the pleasure of tourist while being (this is changing) popularized.

    3. Danica Templeton

      When I think of a tourist trap, I think of a place that has either been gentrified to appeal to tourists, or a place that preys on a tourist's reasonable ignorance, perhaps claiming to be more traditional or authentic than they are. Ichiran wouldn't qualify because they don't claim to be anything more than a fast food version of ramen. By comparison, a place that sells cheap, costumey kimono as authentic is what I would consider a good example of a Japanese tourist trap.

    4. James Clark

      20:59 🙏🙏🙏👌

    5. Chris Contreraz

      Dope dope dope.........:

    6. Manda Jayne MJI

      One of my biggest pet peeves is people that have to compete with you over stupid things... for instance if I’m having a bad back day someone else says that’s nothing I’ve got this this and this wrong. Or as you guys mentioned the clothing brands and trip stuff. I am inspired by the outlook of life the two of you have. Your positivity and support of each other gives me the warm fuzzies. You are a dynamic duo of beautifully souled humans. Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us.

    7. G J

      D U L C E D E L E C H E XD

    8. Bree C

      I LOVE this podcast ! Avid follower of you guys since 2010

    9. Moony Fleur

      Very interesting conversation with a refreshing perspective. If you enjoy the food/drink/activity/etc and have a great time, that’s what is important. The “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality is a dangerous infectious way to suck joy out of experiences. However it can be hard to not get pulled into the comparison game. This conversation was a refreshing mental reset. Thank you 😊

    10. Kameran Metaxas

      I feel like a lot of "influencers" use FOMO to sell an idea or am image to just suck in an audience and get more people talking about them. So many people aren't genuine 😔

    11. Tox Iho

      I love tourist traps! all part of the experience

    12. Emily Haslinger

      to me tourist traps would be a soupy and flavourless paella thatbi ate at las ramlas it was overpriced and someone who tried it the first time would be dissapointed in paella. To me there is no problem in enjoying inauthentic stuff as long as they make it clear that it is not the traditional way to do things. If you're after the view then by all means eat your frozen paella but most people are after a ready made paella and get betrayed by those with false advertising

    13. Callia

      Social media is creating people that get more satisfaction from presenting an appearance rather than enjoying experiences. It's sad.

    14. FoolishStrawberry

      I come from a big touristy city and perhaps that's why I'm a bit wary of "tourist traps". My issue with them is that usually the food is mediocre and overpriced and they don't really provide a memorable experience. I love my city and I'll tell someone not to go to a "tourist trap" because I want them to experience it as best as they can. Take Leicester Square for example, every single restaurant there is overpriced and the food is subpar (especially so considering this is England), if you walk just 5-10 minutes you can find some really amazing restaurants where the chefs and staff are passionate about what they're doing. I want people to feel that and I want people to have an "authentic" experience of London and experience the life of the locals. Plus in London a lot of the time in these sort of places the food is frozen or bought in from some factory, which is really not something I want to spend my money on.

    15. shinigamiknight

      Backseat gaming but for food, honestly

    16. cantacarallada

      I really like you, guys.

    17. kizzyneetyan

      I had McDonald's while I was in Japan and people got SO UPSET WITH ME. But it was one meal the entire 4-week trip! And it was comforting when I was in a strange place! Sheesh.

    18. Tejoncita

      You guys had a dessert with Dulce de Leche or Milk Caramel. It's pronounced "dool-cé d le-che" (Dool as in Dull, Cé as in Cell, Le as in Lay and Che as in Checking) that would be the closest pronunciation I can point you at I'm glad you loved it tho! Also: Greetings from Argentina! Lost it when you found that couple in Kobe. lol

    19. Astha Gautam

      In spirit of 21:04, I made sushi for the first time and it was nowhere near the original thing and posted a picture on Instagram and a Japanese friend was all praises for my efforts and no judgement

    20. Li XY

      Love how you guys gently touch each other’s hands unknowingly❤️😂

    21. LadyLal

      So yes totally agree but as a born and raised New Yorker and you’re in NYC for the first time you probably shouldn’t be eating at the Olive Garden or McDonald’s at times sq or go shopping at the forever 21 in soho or times sq. You’re only doing yourself a disservice by getting something that is widely available on a global scale that is also highly inflated. Go to the places that make NYC unique

    22. LadyLal

      Dulce (Dool-seh) de leche... not dolce (dull/dole-chay ).. that’s Italian lol

    23. ChocolatTherapy

      this is a wonderful perspective, thank you for sharing your hearts

    24. ES

      I've seen a couple of other people saying the same thing but after coming back from my first trip to Europe I feel inclined to add my 2c 😂 a tourist trap to me is not exactly what you guys were describing in this podcast or what you said other people have said to you - imo it's a place (e.g. a restaurant) where the owners know that they can make a quick buck from tourists by capitalizing on the fact that they are one time customers. This means they don't feel inclined to provide good food or service and will charge a more than a similar place around the corner for a worse experience. Which is lame :( 100000000% agree about your points on not shitting on other people's experiences! I think that's so mean when people do! Like, they had a wonderful time and that's what matters, that's why we go out and do things - to make nice memories ☺

    25. toberemembered

      One thing to keep in mind w tourist traps is where the money is going. If you are spending all this money at big corporations and chains, it’s not going to the local mom&pop shops or the local people. It’s just foreign income fueling big (perhaps mostly foreign-owned) tourist industry when the actual people and farmers of the land are starving.

    26. Cristina M

      I discovered you guys two days. Iv been teaching myself Japanese through books and KGup videos. And I stumbled across your tattoos in Japan video. I love your guys personality, so both me and my bf have been watching all your KGup videos. I’m absolutely dead to know y’all have a second channel for podcast. I love you guys and love your adventures. Sending love from California ❤️

    27. Crystal Waters

      Oh shet I got conscious of how much Martina blinks. Dang it....oh man why is everyone blinking, oh lord😭😭

    28. Jamie Bearden

      I wanted to leave a message on this TT to let you guys know that lately, I’ve made a daily routine of getting up, drinking my coffee and watching 1 or 2 of your podcasts. No other obligations before I’ve had coffee and watched you. And it’s honestly changing my life. I have a lot of problems with fatigue and general tiredness, I need something like coffee to charge me, but I’ve added you guys to start the day out with something positive and something that makes me happy. Having the structured routine, however simple it is, is changing my daily outlook and also making your podcasts seem like more of an intimate affair, like I’m having breakfast with friends. I love you both. Byeeee 💕💕

    29. Marie Hornung

      Holy shit I can’t believe they made an Ylvis yogurt reference... I’m a huge fan of Ylvis and I’m glad they know how awesome they are! My worlds have collided

    30. Lagomish

      Dulce de leche (Spanish: [ˈdulse ðe ˈletʃe] and Paella[a] (Valencian pronunciation: [paˈeʎa]; Spanish: [paˈeʎa]) in case you were interested. But personally I feel that, as long as we all know what you are talking about, then who cares about the "correct" pronunciation? Loving the podcasts! And the videos in general!

    31. Gen D.

      Honestly so late with this (been trying to catch up to these lovely podcasts ;-;) but I totally agree! Instagram for example I feel puts this pressure to be "Instagram ready" at all times. It's this pressure to have the "best shots", 'best poses", "best food" and it works but a lot of people forget that they're just pictures, they're a 2 second snap (maybe multiple takes) of something "perfect". Stuff like that is so poisonous, I don't understand why we should compare each others experience, if it's something beautiful to you, something that you cherish then it is beautiful. Nobody can take that away. Awesome podcast, hopefully I can catch up fully!

    32. Laureen Makar

      I'm not sure about the experience for natives of other big tourist cities but speaking as a New Yorker, for us its all about authenticity and pride. as probably everyone already knows, New Yorkers are super proud of being NYers lol because honestly it is a tough city to live in, its so expensive and everyone works so hard and that means so much to us bc that reality is NEVER actually depicted on tv/movies. everyone thinks we're all rich and somehow manage to live in apartments in Manhattan with just a waitress job when really most real NYers are out here stuggling. But yet we make a great life for ourselves with so much art, food, culture etc. And we want that realness to be what others recognize as the real NY and not the bullshit you see on tv. All this is to say that its so annoying for NYers when tourists come and experience the trash that they've been told is real while ignoring the rest of the beautiful NY that real NYers have created. I definitely hear you tho about shitting on others' tourist experiences, I actually never thought of it that way before. Whenever a tourist has asked for recommendations and we make fun of tourist traps, its not to put them down but bc we know how shitty those traps are and we don't want them to think that is really the NYC experience. We want them to know what its actually like to be a NYer and not fall for some "friends/how i met your mother" bullshit version of NYC

    33. Danielle Nicole

      Thank you for talking about the importance of being kind to people, and allowing people to enjoy their happy memories without trying to prove that your own experiences are better. Enjoying life is not a competition.

    34. Alex Scene

      Ichiran ramen is amazing!!!!

    35. Kim^@^58

      It’s dulce con leche which means sweet milk 🥛

    36. Timothy C I'm trying to go to Spain hope you dont mind me posting the go fund me... 💓

    37. Gloria Caridad

      Jejeje, I know! People love to rain on others people parade!

    38. Euleogy

      dulce de leche; doolsay day laychay

    39. sumrakdievca

      Mostly, I tend to class as tourist traps those places where you have a deliberately manufactured feel. Not just somewhere the locals wouldn't go, but a place where if it wasn't paying taxes the locals might actually be ANGRY about how their culture was being portrayed. Also, I consider souvenir shops to be tourist traps, but eh, that's what they're supposed to be, so while I'll never go in one, if that's what you want to spend your money on, you do you.

    40. Galena White

      It's a fair point that individual experience can make anything a special experience, but some people have heightened perceptions and would like to experience the very best that is available. If I ever manage to save up the money and get a chance to go to Japan, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and I will want to experience, say, the very best Kobe beef, from Kobe, that I can. I have very sensitive tastebuds and a nose that smells very well, and I will be very upset if I find out that I missed out on my only chance to have that experience. I deserve to know where to find the best Kobe beef because I am a human who is capable of truly appreciating it.

    41. Leela M

      A tourist trap to me is when a business establishment intentionally preys on tourists... in some islands you can go get your done in cane-rows on the beach and no doubt some unknowing tourists walked away with glue in their hair instead of gel... as for what s&m are talking abt, i don't think any of those things are tourist traps, those are just establishments with big social media attention for one reason or another that make them instagrammable and hyped. Some of them are definitely over-hyped but at the root are trust worthy businesses not looking to directly scam their customers. Tourist trap is a sketchy ass person trying sell you useless shit

    42. ワーイスベークシ

      Go in places labelled "Tourist trap" and do what every other tourists does. Those places are made for tourist, especially in cities where you have a lot of tourists like Barcelona. Don't try to go in local places because you are not a local. You behave like a tourist. Locals needs places where they can gather and maintain social bound. As a tourist, you will only weaken those social bound. For the same reason, you should avoid Airbnb. We often hear tourists complaining of there experience but never of the consequencies tourism have on locals life. Please be mindfull of locals.

    43. Violet's Silent Vlogs

      Also,im from Spain too,from Galicia,the idea ppl in general has there of a "tourist trap for Madrileños" LOL is that its going to be expensive and not as much as the dish won't be authentic,but rather the quality of the products is going to be compromised,like instead of fresh fish,they will give you frozen one for double the price you would pay somewhere else. This is the general conception locals have there about touristic spots,many times ppl will say that those places are overpriced not only bec of paying higher rents due to their prime location,but rather bec they want to take advantage of the tourists. i dont know about that,i just though I could share what Ive heard along my life about this issue,to give some insight :)

    44. Violet's Silent Vlogs

      I absolutely agree! When we were in Japan we tried Ichiran and for us it was the best ramen we ever had,we wont be able to find a ramen as that one back where we live,damn,even the instant ramens from supermarkets there blown us away. We also had the luck to compare sushi from a wee shop filled up with locals and sushi from a chain and both were delicious on their own way. Go out there ppl! Enjoy what that new country you are visiting,has to offer :) of course the restaurants on the main rd in the busiest areas is going to be more expensive,but if you are travelling on the budget,in this day and age,with all the information out there on the internet...its hardly difficult to go wrong :) love your podcasts guys,its so nice to have you on the background while going on with life at home :) keep up the great work!

    45. Michelle Suarez

      The dessert Simon is talking about is called mil ojas or "thousand sheets" and yes it's worth sacrificing a few humans for lol

    46. Winny Rivas Torres

      I am so happy I watched this! I 100% agreed with everything that you guys have talked about in this video. I experienced this first hand on a recent trip to Italy. The person I traveled with kept wanting to take Instagram photos instead of actually experiencing activities. I had a terrible time trying to move past their need of Instagram perfect photos and how they wanted to travel somewhere stay for 5 minutes and then leave and go somewhere else. Thank you for making this video! Everyone should travel how the want and experience new places how they feel is best for them.

    47. TeaCup Simmer

      I think it has to do with number of people and the respect they are thought to extend to the other patrons or the establishment. A “tourist trap” tends to have more people than would normally be there which can make experiences suffocating. And people associate tourist traps with patrons who don’t care about their environment, the servers or the establishment. I tend to think of it as if a ton of people came to my favorite bakery place. I like it because they have good atmosphere and food. But if rude people take all the food and are inconsiderate then I don’t want to go there anymore. But this has more to do with the behavior and number of the clientele than the actual shop

    48. DAYBROK3

      The pie Simon had sounds like the Chilean desert in translation is cake of a thousand leaps. I’m not sure what that means but it’s an interesting thing.

    49. Eelin Koh

      This video best explains what I love about you guys! I'm thankful that you both are always willing to try out many different things and let us know your honest opinions of your experiences that are really useful for viewers like us who don't have the time of doing so. Will always continue to looking forward to your next experiential videos!!

    50. Rinibottlecaps

      Tourist traps where I am are not food but are shops or manufactured experience that is more expensive. I live by a national park so there are lot of items that no one in the area would by unless you have a kid. I'm not saying guided tours are bad, just that as a local I know its over priced and you need to shop around to find a deal. I know its cheaper to rent items instead but I have experience using them before. Its important as a local to let tourists know their options if asked. But I don't want to ruin anothers experience.

    51. juliacorinnaalice

      To me a tourist trap is a place that might have been pretty once, but now it is just swamped with stores that sell cheap shit for tourists. What used to be pretty about it drowns in tourists, cheap stores and the stress that comes with too many tourists. A good example for me is Gion in Kyoto - it is great, but I would advice everyone to not go during travel season, and maybe plan something else for the rest of the day. Because it has become that place where it is not about a historical part of Kyoto anymore, but about selling shit to tourists (got some of my favourite omiyage there though). Arashiyama is similar: you think it is that magical bamboo forest where you enjoy japanese tranquility - but there are so. many. people. and the forest is tiny. And the paths are so wide, you never feel "lost" in the bamboo forest. so yeah. some places are still nice and you can have a great time, but I think if they are overcommercialised, maybe don't bet your whole day on it.

    52. Saadi Shaikh

      I see a lot of good comments about the meaning of tourist traps and I agree, so I won't get into that. However, watching this video made me realize that I actually do downplay people's experiences when they're, idk, visiting Dubai for example (My family's been here for 4 generations). Even though I have good intentions and I want the people who ask for my opinion to have the best time, I've told them that what they did or were excited about wasn't great and was a tourist trap and to do XYZ to have a better experience. Which..yanno..I never really thought I was shitting on their experiences and enthusiasm but I now get that I was. So thanks Simon and Martina, I'm going to be more gentle and supportive about this kind of thing from now on :)

    53. penguin52692

      That point at 22:40 is literally why I hate traveling with my family. I want to redo all of my family trips because of that

    54. Kayla Lam

      That's my reaction to cake too 6:54

    55. PenguinMaestro

      I don't like places that are filled with tourists because it makes me feel like I'm in a totally different world. I want to be a ghost floating unobserved through everyday local life, not huddled in this weird bubble filled with other people consuming a city that's being aggressively sold to us. That has less to do with tourist traps and more to do with my travel preference. Although I did go up the Eiffel tower and that actually was really bomb.

    56. Katia

      Have you guys seen the Black Mirror episode with Bryce Howard? There's a scene where she gets a coffee and cookie and she takes a perfect picture of them just to post on social media but she doesn't even like them. It definitely makes you think.

    57. Monse Mares Tapia

      When I went to Japan I remember I had to eat on a 7 eleven(time) and was grate omg I always remember that day it was amazing

    58. Monse Mares Tapia

      Exactly there is a reason people go to those places

    59. carrotandfennel

      Tourist trap = overpriced mediocre food. Also to me it equals negative impact on local population where prices go up due to tourists being able to afford higher prices and making reality suck for the native population. Having said that i sometimes choose a well known tourist trap for the views because as you say experince of the place might just outweigh the soso food in question.

    60. Carrie Waters

      Best hotdog I had was under the Eiffel Tower from one of the takeaway vans. It was in a foot long toasted baguette with hot mustard. Yum!

    61. Valerie Choron

      Dulce de leche?

    62. Rachel Mayhew

      When you talked about the vacationers taking pictures by the pool and leaving, my friend told me a story really similar to that! A mommy blogger (not sure which one) came down with her sobbing kids, her irritated husband, and basically yelled at the kids and said: "we just need to take this picture, okay?" So the kids put on fake smiles, they took pictures at the beach, and went back to their hotel rooms. We get so caught up in social media, in FOMO, but sometimes forget to just enjoy the moment. It's staged, it's fake. I'd rather see real people enjoying real things!

    63. Valentina Ilic

      I thought Tourist Traps are places or situations where you get your money stolen etc. :0

    64. Tyanna Marie

      I think when people say avoid the tourist traps it's not always coming from a bad place. I know I've heard this from people when I travel. I think the idea of a tourist trap being bad is the idea that it is a manufactured experience. It's an idea that it's not actually authentic to the country or region you're visiting and it's only there to give you an experience that might just be a shadow of the "real" one. Going back to your kobe beef story, you knew it wasn't great b/c you have had the "real" deal. But that couple hadn't. You knew telling them would have ruined the experience for them b/c it was still a good experience. I like to think that people warn against tourist traps not to take down people, but rather to stop them from having the experience ruined for them...if that makes sense? I feel I'm rambling now....

    65. tinyviv

      Thank you for the great podcast!! I really like the points you make about tourist traps. Ive been guilty of doing the same thing when giving advice to people traveling and I’ve never thought about it in that way.

    66. lunayen

      A tourist trap to me is a place where they cater specifically to tourists. There is nothing spectacular about it and 99% of the time everything they sell is just for tourists only (lame expensive souvenirs or lame expensive foods). Locals only go to these places when they want to play tourist; otherwise, they keep the hell out.

    67. Dina Soaring

      Lol "lots of doggies walking by" that's awesome. I agree with you guys about "tourist traps" and I love how you shared your thoughts

    68. Karolina M

      I LOVED THIS SO MUUUUUCH. I hate hipster travelers. So what makes you happy. If that means trying McDonald's in every single country, do it. If it means trying only street food, do it. Just don't be a dick to other people.

    69. ohredhk

      I do not want to look dnow on other people but I totally thinks that Ichiran is over-rated. They are just like Macdonald, they are OK and nothing more.

    70. Mellissa Ann

      Main video takeaway: Be nice to people and let people enjoy their lives.More people need this life lesson. It's basically a fancy way of saying "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!"

    71. Anon

      Love the message of this video :)

    72. Shelly N

      I audibly gasped when you guys said that people considered Ichiran a tourist trap. BECAUSE IT IS MY FAVORITE RAMEN and no one can change that >:( But I'm sure if I had more time to spend in Japan (I was there for about a week) I would've had the time to try and experience more ~authentic~ places. Regardless of that though, Ichiran was one of my favorite meals/memories and I went back twice lol.

    73. Sylvia Schmidt

      I've been watching you guys for a little while, but this is my first comment! :0 I really like all of your videos, you both make me happy so thank you. :) So what I think what you both are saying in this video is against a common travel mentality you hear, but I think my reaction is just that the idea that there's any "right" way to travel is wrong. I get why you are both peeved with hipster-y, looking-for-dive-y/cheap-local-spots kind of tourists, but I think you could equally complain about some people on the opposite end, which surely have also looked down on people that have less money at the moment and may also have less previous experience to plan their trip better. I think it's okay to rationalize why you don't want to travel a certain way and be honest about why, but there's a line. You both underlined the point that when you're traveling you ARE a tourist, no matter which camp you're on - and I think people's reticence towards that label is a huge reason for the averse to so-call 'tourist traps'. Speaking of which - I kind of wonder if you all have thoughts on sustainable travel - as in... travel is kind of a trend which is more accessible to more people now, but still isn't accessible for everyone. When I think of tourist traps, I mostly think of places that portray a certain experience to tourists without being able to deliver on it. Those places are probably fair to generally advise people against for deceptive marketing. BUT I also think of experiences that are clearly only accessible to tourists/can end up pricing locals out of their communities OR just have a large negatively affect people who have a day-to-day in the place you're having an experience in. It's a tricky subject for sure, and I'm not accusing an expensive place by the Trevi Fountain of being anything like this - but it's been on my mind more with time. As I get older, I do want to make better travel decisions in these regards and it's been something on my mind. You both have traveled a lot, so I'm not sure if there's any general thoughts you both have in regards to how you plan what to do in these aspects, where to book, etc., and the kinds of considerations you (both) make on these things. Wow, sorry for the novel! Thanks for this video! I'm ending my first ever trip to Japan/Tokyo tonight and I looked into things you both mentioned and had a really great time. Thank you!

    74. Miss Anwyn

      I don't understand why people poop on other people's experiences, I want to go to Venice and yet my partners friends keep saying "no don't it sucks blah blah blah" and I've ended up saying, and how do you know I won't enjoy it because you didn't? I have people who do it, there's no need. You wanna travel to the nearest biggest town near you omg go yes do it have fun. Travel snobbery, shouldn't be a thing

    75. Marie

      I hate tourist traps because they usually sour my experience, something that I'm paying for on the trip. I find most tourist traps to be way overpriced. I don't appreciate being treated like a human atm nor do I appriciate being duped. Also, most of these places are overcrowded and that's something I want to escape from when I'm traveling. However my dislike of tourists traps is not meant to play down other people's experiences or is it meant to feel superior to people that do like them, hey, everyone has their own preference afterall. Also, if someone wants to bring their ramen from home and eat it in Spain... who are we to say something about that? I know people who just don't like trying new food and are content to eat what they are familiar with. That's their preference and if it makes them happy then hey you do you. More importantly I've found that its the people that you go with that make the trip count, not the setting.

    76. Ambur Phillips

      I live in Las Vegas, NV. I grew up in the Las Vegas area since I was very young age. Las Vegas has never been a magical and fun filled city to me because it's what I grew up with. Sometimes friends will come to town and we end up going site seeing. It brings such joy to me to see my friends having such a fun time and being awestruck. I'm quite envious of them because they have a wonderful and exciting perspective of the city I grew up in that I will simply never have because I know the ins and outs of my city like the back of my hand. I will never get to have the experience of discovering my city for the first time. Sure, when they visit we end up going to a lot of places that are considered 'tourist traps' but I honestly wouldn't mind being able to enjoy those places with the excitement of learning about a new place.

    77. Poggette

      I've only heard the term "tourist trap" for sight seeing locations or certain activities, etc. but never for restaurants... But yeah, definitely for restaurants go eat whatever you want lol For non-restaurant-tourist-traps, I think it depends on what kind of tourist you are? How you like to spend your time etc.? Personally, I don't like sight-seeing or being on a schedule (it tires me out >.

    78. Arlialec

      Just listened to the podcast (I know I’m late) but for me tourists traps (from the discussion) are when ppl are going to places or events that are not their kind of vacation. Many times I fine when ppl “fall” for the traps it’s more they went to a place that’s not their personal choice for vacation. Example-If someone likes to go on those cruise with the stops at small port towns that’s what they enjoy when traveling, it their ideal. But to another those ports are traps they are “fake”. I see it as the “trap” is not what they define vacation as. So when ppl say “oh no it’s a trap” I just understand it as A- didn’t do my hw or B- new traveler rookie move ❤️

    79. Z Be

      I love the message in this! Stop trying to compete when people share a happy experience. Also, you guys should give France a chance again and go to Lyon! It’s the country’s capital of gastronomy and the tradition is based on the lyonnaise grandmothers cooking. So there is nice relaxed feel to it! And the people are quite friendly :)

    80. Z Be

      Dulce de leche!!!! 🤤 you can make it by reducing sweetened condensed milk! Yum!

    81. Rachel McDonald

      PSA for all of the gatekeepers out there: Don't 'yuck' someone else's 'yum'. First time commenter, forever fan. Have been watching you guys since 2013, moved to Busan for two years because of you guys, and met my husband at a party there in Haeundae.. You're a part of my life whether you like it or not. Welcome.

    82. Ana Sandoval

      Simon, I think what you were trying to describe with the help of Martina is 'cajeta' it's made from goat's milk + sugar and cooked in copper cauldrons and does look like a gooey caramel. When you say that it's just 'leche' for the Spanish speaker it's literally saying you had milk or evaporated milk on a dessert--doesn't make sense nor sound appetizing. Now, perhaps you had 'lechera' or 'leche condensada' (same thing) on the dessert which would make sense as that is sweetened condensed milk. Anyway, it sounds like a delicious dessert was devoured in true S&M fashion.

    83. claire carlton

      my fomo is so real. i get on pinterest a lot and see all of these pictures. but i actually want to experience it and not just get the pictures.

    84. yingtongnyaaa

      I've went to tourist traps that Ive enjoyed and not enjoyed. If its your first time in the country u should definitely try out some tourist traps, they may leave u pleasantly surprised

    85. Keith S

      I think there’s too much stolk in checklists to show people what all they’ve done, people seem to be traveling more just to show people, in the age of instagram, or at least it’s easier to travel and share nowadays. It should be about experiences. One of my fondest memories was the first (and only) karaoke bar I went to when I studied abroad in Korea. It was definitely a tourist trap because it was located in one of the big shopping areas. It was expensive and dingy, the seats and things were sticky. But, I got to enjoy it with my friends. It was great! Because the company was great. And on the flip side, expensive experiences aren’t always the best. An expensive restaurant can be boring with the wrong people. Almost all of my favorite memories, when I lived in Finland and then Korea, were about the company. The shopping trips to the grocery with a friend, where we laughed and made jokes. The walking around Seoul, just walking, with friends were good memories. I didn’t have it in my mind to avoid places based on what others thought. And then it made almost everything great

    86. Melmyst

      Personally when I travel I like to avoid what people call "tourist traps" mostly because I'm on a budget and I want to get the most out of my experience. What people call "tourist traps" are not necessarily less fun, but they're generally more expensive and I would rather get more out of my money. You're right that we shouldn't downgrade people's experiences though!

    87. Caryn Gibson

      People look down on me for going to Starbucks. I developed a taste for dark roast when it was suggested to me that dark roast might be more bladder safe (ended up I was just allergic to something and the bladder pain was not due to coffee). I am also socially anxious and I can place my order in the app while I'm in the bathroom. The staff has no problem checking ingredients for the food I'm allergic to if I do have to talk to someone and no one has ever scoffed at me if I have to get soy or coconut milk because my stomach can't do cow's milk that day (I got laughed at years ago by the proprietor of another shop). Don't get me wrong, there's an awesome independent coffee shop I go to sometimes when I'm in a nearby town because the people there are very kind and accommodating. But I like Starbucks and I'm going to keep going there.

    88. John T

      I like Ichiran a Lot but i prefer Yashichi in Osaka ....Sumire In Sapporo is also another fav of mine

    89. Napuke

      I feel like an actual tourist trap are those places where you're taken on an arranged tour and it's not because it's a great place to show people, but because they're in business together with the guides. You're trapped there, being sold mediocre stuff and missing out on the actual experience.

    90. Napuke

      I'm guilty of calling stuff touristy or tourist trap. It's mainly because some of those places are very crowded and I have social anxiety. Also, the price thing, I can't afford to pay for the fancy location. Sometimes those places cater to non-local tastes and I may want something that's for sure local. Anyway, I don't ever mean to be shitting on other people's experiences etc. I do have that craving for authenticity and I guess that makes me a bit snobbish, but I try to keep that to myself.

    91. John Schauer

      I like this. I like your podcast :)

    92. Yasmine Padilla

      O.o Yesssss Harmonize XD.

    93. Jean M

      Dulce de leche guys

    94. Cynthia Stinson

      When you two sit together and can’t help but hold hands while talking, it makes my heart sing. Also, thank you for addressing the issue of experience and authenticity. Maybe the reason people get so snobby about their so called expertise, is that it makes them feel special in an impossibly vast world. No one wants to admit that no matter who they are, or what they do, that they are a puff of smoke in the face of eternity. However, this thing that you two do; the holding hands and the love that you share, that’s real. So if someone is bragging and puffing themselves up, it is just armor that they use because they are actually empty and have to make someone else lower than them because it makes them feel relevant. It is sad and they are telling g themselves a lie. How great that you are promoting kindness and a more relaxed attitude. Love you guys.

    95. norosettanne

      I think sometimes natives/residents might try to steer tourists away from the stereotypical experiences because they want to showcase their country and give people an insight into their lives and culture which isn't based on stereotypes. I live in England and think its fair enough to experience London, Buckingham palace and fish and chips but there is also so much more history and culture which you're not going to be exposed to if you just do those things.

    96. Jammie Buttonz

      I went to Prague couple months ago. Im very well acquainted with eastern European cooking , though ill admit it was my first time having Czech food. There is a chain in Czech republic/Prague called something like the crazy goose? potrefena husa. Its a chain but DAMN is it good food. Not only good taste and price wise but it is genuine eastern European cooking. A little fancy looking for sure but definitely has that home-made twang. Weve been to two of its shops while we were there because it was just so damn good, service was different in both but food was tasty as hell, atmosphere was great nobody can change that. Im sure theres a restaurant in Prague ran by a little babuszka who puts all her love into the food and id love to try it one day but potrefena husa was an all around amazing experience for our trip. On another hand i have actually seen some tourist traps. Its not about avoiding chains, popular restaurants, restaurants with tourists. Its about restaurants and spots made only to bring in the tourist dolla. In Madiera theres a TON of restuarants that dont have good food (they offer stuff like lasagne which clearly has been defrosted and remade) service might be a little ott, and the food aint cheap either but they have stuff like a 10 euro 3 course deal which looks suspiciously cheap providing one dish from regular menu goes for 12-15 euro. The drinks are also HELLA expensive. And its clearly made to just get tourists to spend as much money in there as possible. THATS a tourist trap.

    97. Dita Mal

      I don't know if someone said this already but dulce de leche (doolceh the lehcheh (???)🤦 it's a typical Argentinian sweet spread, think Argentinian Nutella. It's a thick milk and sugar caramel used as cake filling, churro filling, croissant filling, on crepes (panqueques), with toast, bananas, crackers, directly from the tub... Also used to make one of the easiest and yummiest desserts you can make, commonly used as birthday cakes here: chocotorta (chococake). But the 'choco' part it's not for chocolate per se but for a brand of thin rectangular chocolate cookies called "chocolinas" that are moistened with milk or coffee and used for making layers with dulce de leche in between. Super sickly sweet. And that's Argentinian gourmet couisine for y'all, thanks for coming to my Ted talk. You'd love Argentinian bbq, "asado", but as a vegan I don't think I'm allowed to say that. Love you guise 💜

    98. Gaëlle Nkero Capito

      Dolce de leche 😋

    99. Maria Meisenhelder

      I love the ending music 😁so funky

    100. Dani

      For me, I think of a tourist trap as something that is there to take advantage of travelers. If the food is good and it is priced for higher for being in an area with a lot of tourists, I wouldn't consider that a trap, just cost of doing business in that area. I grew up near Niagara falls, I'm happy to do touristy things like the maid of the mist and whatnot, but I would prefer not to get not great food for high prices. I'd rather look for something better and support a business that isn't just trying to take advantage of people. Same goes for when I travel, I want to go to places to experience something different and I hope that I won't have anyone trying to take advantage of me not knowing the prices and flavours. The whole snobby travel thing makes me sad. It's not a competition, have fun and share your experiences with your friends! I'm really happy the podcasts are back!