Mel Kiper breaks down the top 10 picks of his 1.0 Mock Draft | SportsCenter

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5 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    Mel Kiper joins SportsCenter to break down the differences in wide receivers DeVonta Smith, Ja’Marr Chase and Jaylen Wadde, all that he has being selected in the top six of his 2021 NFL Mock Draft 1.0. Kiper also discusses the best offensive linemen and running backs available.
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    1. Kyle Young

      Waddle is that guy. Eagles fans better go watch him

    2. Totally not Depressed

      Top 10 are players you would expect to see + a generic FCS quarterback.

    3. pr6ce

      why would the eagles go with another smaller speedy receiver and they just got reagor ??? makes no sense to me

      1. Kyle Young

        @pr6ce, he's dynamic though. He's the best college recieve I've probably ever seen

      2. pr6ce

        @Kyle Young but another speedy receiver ? they should go with a possession reciever since they have reagor. someone like bateman .

      3. Kyle Young

        It does. Carson needs receivers who can get open and can just flat out play.

    4. Young Blood

      The top 15 is so front loaded with franchise corner stone type talent.

    5. MotivationRUs

      Kiper and Mcshay gave Watson/Mohomes a second round grade and Trubisky a first round grade ... two of those guys now have big money contracts and the other one is about to get traded after his rookie contract

    6. AJ Rivera

      Idk which CB Dallas should take? Virginia Tech’s or Alabama’s?

      1. Austin Killough

        Surtain is the more pro-ready guy. He’s prototypical

      2. Doink Productions


      3. Sam Jones

        Whichever one is available and if both are then.Caleb Farely

    7. Sam Jones

      1. Trevor 2. Wilson 3. Chase 4. Fields 5. Sewell 6. Smith 7. Waddle (if they get a new QB in free agency) 8. Trey Lance 9. Farely 10. Surtain

    8. Hanzo The Razor

      Does anyone still think QB Justin Fields is a top 10 pick? Is he still the 2nd best QB in the draft? No

      1. Sam Jones

        @BRUCE GARCIA he is not going to be drafted after the second half of the first round 4th round is when QBs like Jamie Newman will be drafted


        4th round Ohio State bust at best..

      3. Hanzo The Razor

        @Sam Jones you are correct about Trey Lance. Was adjusting my fantasy basketball team

      4. Sam Jones

        @Hanzo The Razor I think Zach Wilson will be drafted higher but Aaron Rodgers said he probably won't leave and I don't think Matt Stafford will go to the Falcons and Trae Young is a basketball player you're talking about Trey Lance

      5. Hanzo The Razor

        @Sam Jones Well Aaron Rogers wants out of Green Bay and Detroit is cutting Stafford loose too. I just do not think Fields is ready to be thrown into the NFL yet. Zack Wilson from BYU looks more complete. I think Mac Jones will go higher than most people think. The Patriots need a QB, but they need a lot of things. I do not think Trae Young is NFL ready. The QB from Tulsa will go in the 2nd or 3rd round.

    9. William Millsap

      I feel this is pretty accurate except I think the dolphins will take a ol or dl

      1. Captain ramius

        Theres no elite defensive lineman

      2. Hanzo The Razor

        The Dolphins have a ton of draft picks! They need to get Tua some offensive weapons! So I think they get WR Smith and TE Pitts. Then add offensive linemen later in the draft. A good Running Back and maybe a DB.

    10. Mike Jones

      Why would you take a deep bomb receiver that high?? These teams still haven't learned from Chase Claypool, DK Metcalf, Terry McClaurin, AJ Brown etc?? Kyle Pitts should be the first receiver taken.

      1. Hanzo The Razor

        @Mike JonesI think Pitts is the Best Tight End in the draft, he could be called a hybrid players since he can line up as a slot receiver. I also think that Smith, Chase and Waddle are the 3 best WRs in the draft, with it being a toss up between Smith and Chase being the best. Right now it has to be Smith because of what he did against 11 SEC opponents and the against Notre Dame and Ohio State. I have heard that the Dolphins would like to get Smith and Pitts both in the 1st round.

      2. Henry Friedman

        @Hanzo The Razor Sorry bro, recency bias isn’t personal bias, it just means youre a bit more attached to one player to versus others because the others were inactive. All im saying is its easy to forget what waddle and chase have done because they were both inactive. Hope that clears it up.

      3. Mike Jones

        @Hanzo The Razor You really think Smith is better than Kyle Pitts???

      4. Mike Jones

        @Hanzo The Razor Wait until he gets to the league bro to say all that, College means nothing.

      5. Hanzo The Razor

        @Mike Jones I was pointing out that he knows how to run any pattern asked of him. He is putting on a show here in Mobile, Alabama. A lot of players are making the best of their opportunity

    11. Patrick Schultz

      1. Lawrence 2. Smith 3. Can be everything

    12. David Cole

      I bet Mel is wrong on the Jet. I bet they take Oline Man and not DeVonta Smith. DeVonta Smith will be going to Miami at #3.

      1. Mike Jones

        @STEWIE JUST SAID THAT Lol Tua was getting outplayed by Ryan Fitzpatrick, he sucks, get over it


        @Hanzo The Razor Mike Jones probably doesn’t even watch Football he looks at stats and highlights. Tua is good he needs a supporting class around him offensively and better play calling


        @Mike Jones Nah they just had bad play calling for him and he does make his throws but his receivers can’t even catch a nerf ball...y’all hating bcuz the boy came from Bama

      4. Hanzo The Razor

        @Mike Jones He only had one descent WR to throw the ball too. He just needs more talent around him. With all the draft picks the Dolphins have the will get a big time WR and maybe the TE Pitts from Florida. If the Dolphins did draft a QB with the 3rd pick It would not be Fields or the kid from North Dakota State. Both have talent but have bad mechanics and have not played enough college games to learn the position. But it is not even an issue since Tua will stay in Miami unless the go after Deshaun Watson.

      5. Mike Jones

        @Hanzo The Razor Hawaii???? He's trash because he can't make a throw in the pocket and his arm is weak

    13. Kirk Allen

      First 😉