ALL IN For Redemption - Road to the Classic Ep.16 Bassmaster Lake Hartwell

Scott Martin

97 миӊ. көрүүлөр7

    Fishing to win $42,000 - this tournament is all about points winning and making the elites. I have to dig deep in this fishing tournament to pull off a win.
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    1. slab busterRTR

      Man I want to hit those crappie in Hartwell always wanted to fish that lake

    2. Todd Provost

      Love your videos very entertaining you guys have great attitudes. I imagine it can be a grind but you guys look like your having fun

    3. Mehr Megerdichian

      fantastic video. What's up with stepping on the Garmin force? is it having sticky pins like the old motorguid tour digital?

    4. Chance Lawter

      Omg I had a tournament November 7 at Hartwell at gum branch

    5. 510purple

      east oakland crack heads repeat themselves like scott martin does about catching bass

    6. Kenny Brewer

      Hey whats that jerkbait you threw on the spinning rod?

    7. Ariel Biley

      Some nice fish on that Jackall Riser 007!

    8. Bassfisher78 !!

      Great video Scott,like all you guys channels. You definitely have a a great traveling squad lol lol.

    9. Zachary Gardemal

      Set the hook better scott!

    10. Chris H

      I'm so proud of you brother!👊

    11. One Love

      18 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 19 For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, And bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.” 25 Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men. 27 But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty; 28 and the [m]base things of the world and the things which are despised God has chosen, and the things which are not, to bring to nothing the things that are, 29 that no flesh should glory in His presence. 30 But of Him you are in Christ Jesus, who became for us wisdom from God-and righteousness and sanctification and redemption- 31 that, as it is written, “He who glories, let him glory in the Lord.”

    12. JFishingWI

      Why in the world does billy, a “professional” bass fisherman, fish on the back of his and let his co angler take the front with all the electronics?!?! 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Seth Rich

        He fishes the co-angler side

    13. Tyler Durden

      I've always liked Scott, but this series is FIRE!! Great to watch the journey!

      1. Scott Martin


    14. Larry Warfield

      Hey Scott how can I score one of those cool jerseys

    15. Landon Gurley

      Hey Scott I wanna become a professional fisher like what is the process to become one

    16. Brandon Choyce

      People fake on the fluke, but it can produce

    17. Edmond Dantes

      That Billy guy was rude knocking on the guys doors waking them up, then later he weighs-in 2lbs 10oz, I don't believe in Karma, but sure makes you think. Lol

      1. Scott Martin


    18. Christopher Sawczyk

      Love your candidness...tight lines...big fan

    19. Jonathan Lee

      Scott is that a fluke your using or a swimbait?

      1. Scott Martin



      Is bobby an All American paratrooper? Is that way 82 is his favorite number??? Please let me know! Thank you and god bless you all.

      1. Scott Martin

        I don’t think so..he is afraid of 🤦‍♂️


      Let’s do it!

    22. Scott Frost

      Maaaaan y’all need to follow immediately with the final day 🤢 C’mon Scotty! Get em! 💪

    23. Jaiden Arias

      5:55 follow the ten commandments

      1. Jaiden Arias


      2. Jaiden Arias

        7:08 too

      3. Jaiden Arias

        Ten Commandments*

    24. Jeremy Pefferkorn

      You had me nervous! When a co-angler can tell their boater is having a bad day, is there anything a co-angler can do that may help improve your mental game? I know everyone’s opinion will be different, but for you personally. What do you believe could help get that confident and just get your head back into it?

    25. Gregory Smith

      Praying you catch a winning bag buddy! Go get umm

    26. Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva

      This lagoon is beautiful, it has big fish, its fishing was incredible, you caught a lot of fish, congratulations you are a great fisherman!👍😉🎣

    27. Rezzo Jr

      Question can they catch large mouth and smallies?? Is it different every tournament or same for all?

    28. Delta Fowl

      No hot foot?

    29. Jason Ardolino

      What do you use to reoil your baitcaster i have a abu garcia baitcaster.

    30. Jessica Knight

      You ever wonder if any of the pros gives CO anglers their bass that they cull?

    31. roger coggins

      What was that bait?

    32. caitlynn clark

      SCOTT!!! Tell me how you do it!!! I cant find really anything!

    33. Colin Mattson

      I have competed against Mr. Pippen with the Bayarea Bassmaster hope one day to compete with more of you guys our classic is at lake Ocachoabee in November. By the way really like the videos with Mr.Brock Hornner looking forward to more of those as well.

    34. Charles Owens

      Let’s go! God bless you guys out there good luck. Thanks for sharing the content. I’m rooting for you to win the classics Scott you deserve it keep working hard 🇺🇸

    35. Bassing around

      God , watching your bassmasters vid. is like watching a Friday 13 movie.

    36. Bassing around

      4 o'clock in the morning?, Now I know why I would never being a pro

    37. Taylor Fenoglio

      Ah man! You just down the street!

    38. Bradford Lulz

      Fresh water googans...yall wouldn't last 24 hrs on a commercial boat

    39. RJB1017

      Anyone else spot that clip of Sobi?! Can’t wait to see his vlog of the event!!

    40. Fishing DohaR

      traditional fish catching,big fish catching videos,

    41. colten Pusateri

      Billy needs his own channel it’d be golden

    42. LP Fishing

      What is the b roll music for the first launch?

    43. Tony Smith

      What's up with the no hot foot, no trim on the wheel? Just curious...

    44. Jordan Sutherland

      I keep checking my phone to make sure I have not somehow unsubscribed and missed the championship day ...... dang it I am becoming a nervous wreck lol 😆

    45. Mike Young

      billy you are awesome lol best of lucks loving it tacobassmike out

    46. Robert Jenkins

      That was a lot of good fishing from everyone.

    47. Tom Redington

      I woulda left earlier than Chuck!! 😀

    48. WarEagleTheBest

      Who makes that Fluke bait ( looks like this is not the Zoom), and what size of Riser 7 or 9? Please answer if you know.

      1. Ariel Biley

        @WarEagleTheBest Riser 007

      2. WarEagleTheBest

        @Matt C Did you find it?

      3. Matt C

        WarEagleTheBest I'm looking through the comments to find that out lol

    49. Long Shot

      I’m glad to see you doing so well Scott. Congratulations! I hope you get your groove on bro!

    50. Chase Johnson

      What was he throwing on the spinning rod?

    51. Chase Johnson

      Sobi @13:51

    52. Cullen Asbeck

      Nobody else saw Sobi at the way in

    53. Jason Godfrey

      Love your content brother!! Instagram Facebook KGup ALL OF IT!!! #roadtotheclassic

    54. Chuck Pippin

      The new Tom? Com’n. I just like to get up early.

    55. Goose 24

      Great video as always! I want to fish with you some day to learn a few things! Great catches!!

    56. Scott Davis

      Awsome video Scott. Great fishing.

    57. Lee N

      Billy had the bad mojo for banging on that door so hard the first day.

    58. Andrew Phoa

      Yes!!!!! Scott in the top 10!!! Woot woot!!!!

    59. Devin Clark

      Spotted chuck in cartersville ga about a month or 2 ago

    60. Conner English

      Hartwell is one of the main 3 lakes I fish, I live in Ga, Hartwell can be tough dude, same with Lanier, I got to see Shwack Attack Martin figure them both out. Very cool.

    61. Kyle Wright

      Scott can we get some Billy Merchandise?!!! Like just a shirt with like a caricature of him and a slogan lol

    62. Renaud Theis

      That's not a Googan bait on that spinning rod Scott....a little Jackall action?

      1. Ariel Biley

        Jackall Riser 007!

    63. Brock Johnson

      Bahahah, Scott glad Billy taught you how to tie some better knots man!

    64. Brock Johnson

      Dang son, I’m commenting as I watch! Reel em in boys!!!

    65. Brock Johnson

      I’m at work waiting on a crane, watching this!!! Better than gravy man!!!!

    66. Gary Lukas

      Cool intro !! Love the videos. Thanks Scott !!!!

    67. Brock Johnson

      Dude I tell You what! These videos are getting better and better man! Where the hell else can you get behind the scenes action with one of the best bass anglers of all times for FREE!!!! Thank God for KGup and SMC!! You da man Scott, appreciate you taking us along for the ride man!! Sincerely!

    68. Brock Johnson

      Love the introduction names behind each tired ace man walking around the house! Lol! Like it’s an action movie after Billy wakes them up!! Good stuff gents!

    69. Brock Johnson

      Rubber meets the road baby!!! You got this SCOTT!!!

    70. Josh Keith

      Dang bro that lake is stupid loaded with fatty spots!!

    71. the_enthusiast

      Dang it Billy lol "waiting for my alarm to go off." "It just did." Lol

    72. Nico posluszny

      Congrats Scott

    73. BASS WARZ

      Get em scott !!!, Rooting for you here in NJ!!!

    74. Colorado Bass

      Did I just see Sam Sobi in that b roll at the end of day one?? Is he a co angler in this tournament?? Get it Sobi!

    75. Colin Mattson

      What a mecca of talent. Love the video .

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!

    76. Shenanigan King

      Heck yeah!! Congrats Scott! Keep trusting your instincts brother. Keep it simple and get them hawgs!!

      1. Scott Martin


    77. Drew Rischbieter

      A little Sam Sobi cameo!!

      1. Scott Martin


    78. Donald yancey

      Get R Done!! You got this Scott your one of my favorite pro fishermen just have fun remember a bad day of fishing is better then a good day at work hahaha

      1. Scott Martin


    79. Chris Brown

      cant wait! good luck guys... stay safe and keep them lines tight!

      1. Scott Martin


    80. Jim Saelee

      Man you hooked that spot w your spinning combo I was cringing my teeth ... I was like man you gotta get this one because of the ones you lost earlier...I was jacked when you got him in... congrats on making the cut. Beat of luck to you and definitely some to Your boy Billy

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks was nerve racking!!

    81. Rowdy Broomstick

      That sho would look sweet on a new ZXR 20!

      1. Scott Martin

        Those are sweet looking boats for sure

    82. Terry Ducote

      What does Billy actually do for a living? I dont see him win much and he is always with Scott for practice. Not trying to cut the man down. Just curious

      1. Scott Martin

        Professional Karaoke Singer on Monday’s and Thursdays only

    83. Pysko Punks

      Do everyday! 🔥

      1. Scott Martin


    84. Rusty Wells

      You know I think when you guys have good nice co anglers you all always do good and when it's a tournament in the southern states they are usually cool guys!

    85. Ziggy Blue

      Good job! Good luck on the last day!

      1. Scott Martin


    86. Sonny Morrison

      You were fishing lot better I see you have cut out the horse play that good I see you have different roommate with the exception of upshaw he good still need to weed out that billy he really goofy 2 fish come on I use to shoot skeet a the better shooter you hang out with the better you will shoot I know that too be the truth for sure

      1. Scott Martin

        Just so you know billy is at the mercy of the boater and most importantly the draw. Secondly he isn’t trying to do anything other than have a good time and win one when possible. 👍🏻

    87. Drygcfyhc Cryg

      Where’s trash talking james

    88. Hunter Fraser

      I would pay very very good money just to meet Scott Martin. Much less get autographed hat. Man. Keep grinding dude! You’re my idol!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Hunter

    89. BH Fishin

      What brand trolling motor do you run

      1. Scott Martin

        Garmin Force

    90. Austin L. Johnson

      Was the my boi @sobi

    91. Adam Smith

      Bass boat... 60.000$ Pickup truck..40.000$ Gear.............. 10.000$ Billy Mercer... priceless !!!!!

      1. Scott Martin


    92. Zachary Carrow

      Haha crazy. Best reality show by far

    93. William Brown

      Very fun video!

    94. William Wilburn

      I wish I could figure out how to be co angler for someone

    95. Isaac Gutierrez

      I feel bad for scotts co, he was getting back boated hard.

    96. Bradley Knowles

      What more can you say about how good of a guy Billy is, after a hard 1st day with just over 2 pounds (sorry Billy but you'll get'em) he's there coaching Scott up on his casting & knots. Hell he even made him a cheat sheet to carry with him for day 2 if that aint a friend I don't know who is. Great job to all you guys tight lines....

      1. Scott Martin


    97. Reggie Moser

      Righteous intro, props to McCoy. Not bad fishin neither!

      1. Scott Martin


    98. Chris Margarum

      Stay positive Scott, I know you got this bud. Go get that w tomorrow I have faith in you that you can clean up tomorrow

      1. Scott Martin


    99. kevin morenzi

      Keep it up just have faith your in it so now your going to win it I can feel it 😎

    100. Rogbass

      And thank you for giving Billy some quality airtime. Honestly. Good thing you worked on your knots. Lol. Fricking Billy. Scott I’m not missing a minute of this ride to the Elites and the Classic. Get er done

      1. Scott Martin