if Airpods Max commercials were honest


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    1. RØB

      dm me on ig , ill respond : @roblopez

      1. emily maynard

        Seriously. The sarcasm is so good I am literally dying

      2. Matt Rhodes

        @Sheltoonz ok wow

      3. Unmuted By Nature


      4. crustacious cheap skate


      5. Anthony Francis

        I got the beard and mustache on lock

    2. Rokas D-ra

      Apple fans be like: This video is absolutely bullshit

    3. Yudi Y2

      cara nyindirnya ngeselin

    4. Errol Anthony Respicio

      I really hope tim cook does watch this everyday for the rest of his career

    5. Finley Petit

      "It looks like I'm at the shooting range, who approved these" LMAO I'm dead

    6. sin π

      apple almost have no inovation in mind, they only mind how to earn money nothing less no thing more thats why im going to buy this, to give the more money

    7. Purna Chandra Ghosh

      Fun fact : Rob jobs has to buy airpod max himself to make this video

    8. ALASKA 907 GAMER

      I can afford them but why would they be worth $500🤣🤣

    9. 『Qüéèń Ãñgél Gãchã Ãñd Bšp』:3

      Me going to the description: WHAT THE HECK I HATE MY MOM

    10. MiSiaK

      I am gonna shit my self if quiet kid brings theese headphones to school.

    11. Yna Maya

      I subscribed! Gotta see what's next

    12. Pratima Grg

      Who the hell choose green🤣🤣

    13. Bryan Haggerty

      Bro is that actually how the mic sounds 😂😂

    14. covina classics

      The oval sailor ultrasonically press because goose minimally guess among a woozy aries. ready, dynamic flock

    15. Ruth Anne

      Make this the official ad

    16. Waver_ Nook

      Gold just gold and the truth 🤣🤣

    17. Victor Silva

      Zhe bluetooth dewice is connected successfuley

    18. Victor Silva

      Zhe blootooth devwice is ready to pear

    19. TheLifeOfDomsClips

      apple needs to see this

    20. Greenlife001 The great

      2:03 sounds like microphone in airplane

    21. Azra Zeeshan

      Me trying to clutch up 2:03 My dead team mates

    22. stars will fall

      Awww, can your fanbase only afford the 19.99 knock off pods?

    23. Tabor Tackett

      you know he may make this hating on them but he still bought a pair sooo 😂

    24. Soliddz

      you're so good at being bad

    25. Aileen

      My $200 headset sounds better feels better, and mic quality is chefs kiss. Like wtf is apple

    26. Prasun Guragain

      3:42 this part made me laugh so hard, nice one! 🤣

    27. Ponmailon John

      as Confucius once said, if you have half of the airpods max's 'money , go get sony wh1000, if you have all of the money, buy two of them.

    28. Jonny S

      "We, can sell you, anything" LOL

    29. Mr TechNick

      The question we usually get is how expensive are they? And the answer is Yes they are

    30. C. Currenti

      Lmao it's so effortlessly good

    31. kalambukmun

      so far this one is the funniest

    32. maria bautii

      no offence to apple but I choose beats over these 🤌

    33. Jay Too fresh


    34. Lettuce

      looks like those headphones from roblox

    35. Daredevil Gamers

      This aint a video ITS A DOCUMENTARY

    36. Ralph 187

      Or you can pay 350 and get mx4s which are cheaper and better

    37. FvckYU TOD34TH

      Is there anybody who knows the name of the outro song:?...I recall hearing it in Need for Speed but can't remember which one or if it is in fact NFS

    38. Deklan Townley

      This was well thought through. I’ve been wheezing dude 😂

    39. Sr 01

      All your arguments are dumb. They’re one of the best headphones out there. And you can pair them easily with other apple devices. Btw, what should they call them if not airpods max? Airpods 3?

    40. Clare _

      transparency mode: wallet edition

    41. Spyro MS

      I’m listening to this with beats xd (FLEX)

    42. Awdiwa

      $550 isn't necessarily a bad price for headphones, like there are dozens of models with higher price tag. However, Apple's model doesn't really justify the price, let's be honest.

    43. Ga me

      I thought he was Eddievr for a sec

    44. Hervé Leger

      "It doesn't really make sense" "That's because it makes dollars..." that's pretty deep ...into ur bank account 😅😅


      Du er norsl

    46. Kevin

      The new AirPod max Profit

    47. Jr_

      RØB looks like Dillon danis

    48. Kimxhii

      This is why we order normal bluetooth headphones on ebay 😌

    49. Carl J

      I got them. My headphones are more expensive than my phone...

    50. Amrit Kalsi

      I wonder what phone he uses

    51. Desiree Onievas

      You made my day HAHAHHAHA

    52. Can Kabayel

      I love how he actually bought it.

    53. D e e p B r e a t h

      Akala ko si paolo

    54. Savanna Jones

      I’ll take a pair in “who the h*ll chose green” thanks

    55. Rockayee

      outro song ?

    56. Kate Burnett

      They look stupid now but in 5 years time they’re going to be popular... like the AirPods.. it’s quite sad actually lol

    57. TheEpicGamerGuy

      the funny thing is these guys make fun of these but have to buy them for their radiculous price first lmao

    58. Raptor Swire

      yep, well at least you can easily recognize idiots on the street just by looking at them

    59. Arjun Arora

      Apple left the chat

    60. Edward Muller V

      Lol watching on iPhone 7 I’m so broke

    61. Stoncs Pro Max Ultra SE

      can i have the revenue on this video? i want to buy a house

    62. Josef

      "it doesn't make any cents, it's because it makes millions” lol

    63. CrazyNeptune

      “How expensive... yes, they are” XD

    64. GiGaBiTe 15

      ThE BlUeThOoT dEvIcE Is ReAdY To PaIr

    65. Thomas Uhles

      I haven’t seen a single person wear these, probably because they are still recovering from the AirPod Pros

    66. PandaHappy YT

      At this point they're gonna sell to you headphones with full charge and no way to charge them again and you would need to buy another pair of headphones

    67. Wong Yu Herng SES21010033

      so true

    68. Joshuah Filemon

      Man I had a bad day, but that “built in mic” bit got my CRYYYYING

    69. Wesley Lindstrom

      But like actually are they even good?

    70. Mr. Buckethead

      Until now, I thought he was like Steve Jobs son 😹

    71. R1SK


    72. Yadiel Feliciano


    73. Yadiel Feliciano


    74. J

      Ngl I do love how the AirPods Max mute out the poor people. Also I have minor brain damage for actually buying them.

    75. Eliana Pelaez

      I have them they are pretty good

    76. mitroglouton

      Apple : *New product * ROB: stonks📈

    77. Cai Martin

      Shoulda pulled out an android

    78. e joffe


    79. Time

      And when your not using them.. there dying. Lmfao

    80. OfficialDudeDolan

      I straight faced the whole thing except the microphone part lmao

    81. ilse skjelnes

      Where can I get the airpods big max?

    82. Tank Kill2020

      JBL Club One is 100% built better/better sound/more features/better features. And there isn’t bias on wich device it works best on. And the case it comes with is amazing and frankly almost waterproof.

    83. Ainda não tenho um nome para esse canal


    84. Chunky Bacon

      The white background always reminds me how disgusting my screen is.

    85. Mark dbest

      "The beautiful sound of privilige". Bruh! 😂

    86. Samuel Antonio

      I bet ur gay

    87. Javaughn C.E.O.


    88. Deshawn

      Lmao mute out the poor ppl

    89. Eytan van Breukelen

      Who-the-hell-chose green

    90. Jesus Alfaro

      Are you hands tiny lol

    91. S6N 6F G6D

      "crystal clear audio." sounds like a police transmission. so funny i was about to spit my drink lol

    92. Santoni Geek

      shooting range use this lmao

    93. Satoru Gojo

      Apple is worth 2 trillion and they are as money hungry as they were when the company first started, greed has no limits apparently

    94. camille

      rob jobs *read that again*

    95. Kevin Bond

      You should do a vid on apples $500 wheels lol

    96. Cookies • 8 years ago

      Lmao it's more expensive than the ps5

    97. roycethebigdog

      Røb Jøbs

    98. Three Productions

      “Headpods” stick

    99. Cara Penneck

      Can you do it Apple watch commercials were honest? That would be cool

    100. TheCqat

      How expensive are they? Yes they are.