Repaint! Pastel Kitty Collaboration with DollMotion


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    Done in collaboration with fellow cat enthusiast Doll Motion, I put together a tiny pastel kitty cat doll in the spirit of spring.
    See @DollMotion ‘s cat doll here!
    (Mentioned in video) DGRequiem Etsy Shop:
    Doll clothing patterns here:
    Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest: @dollightfully
    Hujoo “Nano Freya” from
    Yarn - %100 Acrylic
    Fabric - cotton
    Ribbon - 3/8 inch/9.5 mm
    Paints - Acrylic (Liquitex)
    Paints - Gouache (Caran D’ache)
    Water Color Pencils (Faber Castell)
    Mr. Super Clear UV Flat (wear a mask and spray in a ventilated area!)
    MASK: Organic Vapor Particle Respirator Mask
    Varnish (DuraClear)
    Resin - 2-Part Jewel Resin (
    Gram Scale
    Resin Eye Molds (Padico) I used the 12mm size hemisphere.
    Paint for eye whites - Game Air “Dead White” (Vallejo)
    Glue (205 OKONG 오공본드)
    Musical tracks from Artlist
    Brand New Toy - Ty Simon
    Baby Smile - Lux-Inspira
    Squeaky Clean - Josh Leake
    Grin and Skip - Bamtone
    Summer Snow (Instrumental) - Low Light
    Shimmer - Wolf Samuels
    Take me to the Beach - Raz Burg
    Cheerful - Bamtone
    Logo and other graphics designed by:

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    1. DollMotion

      AHH it's so smoll and cute I can't handle it!! The video is so relaxing to watch

      1. ꧁banana𓇽split꧂


      2. AJ Ducks

        @ღstrawberry jimmyღ i saw it too!

      3. Aaliyah Suggs

        Amazing I wish I was there to help you

      4. Emily Scannapieco

        Make Lizzie Borden please

      5. bryan ._.ishere

        I think that your next series of dolls should be a rainbow series. Kind of like the rainbow high dolls, like a green inspired doll and yellow inspired doll! I think it would be really cool! ..And maybe you can add your own twist on it like pastel rainbow series, or neon series or something like that!

    2. Mochi Vibes

    3. Adrien Of The Stars

      He kinda looks like the trans pride flag and that makes me so happy

    4. Gacha blendy

      Oml I want to buy him lol 😂

    5. Kiwi Keylee

      You should do a series of pride flags with mini dolls ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

    6. Janah Myel Lorelle Manalang

      you both did so good! like they are so pretty i could never-

    7. Lauren_Simp :3

      THEY'RE SO CUTE 🖐🏽😭❤❤✨✨

    8. Madeline Tetrault

      Sweet little face and everything! It's beautiful. How about Meowny for clown and meow!

    9. Edwin Martinez

      It looked better without fur

    10. ghostlyelliot

      the colors make me wonder, is the kitty trans?? xDD

    11. Socks Valentine

      Ohh my GODDESS I love thiiis!! I want one so bad, ahahah. Great job! They are very friend shaped! Real fur looks best to me!

    12. No-body

      Istg I want to buy this ;-;

      1. No-body

        But I can’t...

    13. Røse nightcore love

      8:30 peta is watching 👀 Also godam these doll is so good that I want to create my own now thank you ❤

    14. Don't go to my channel •

      my CHILDHOOD

    15. Marissa ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ


    16. Sans undertale


    17. Pen Carbo

      7:44 "faux furr fabric to fold over" hello alliteration

    18. Ninja Kitty

      I sadly can't use Resin because my Dad is allergic to Resin... 😔😓😞😢😭

    19. Ñøthïñg hêrè

      7:11 you should make a clown

    20. Froggy

      Is that trans colors i see? 👀👌🏼

    21. The Trickster Studios

      I think I have an obsession with your ball jointed animal dolls I keep coming back to these videos

    22. Innocent Trickster

      I believe Sculpted fur really looks the best, but this doll came out very well done and surprisingly cute

    23. ᴍᴀᴋɪ

      My dad had his birthday on 29 april

    24. •Welcome to sheeps and wolfs•

      I havent watch you for so long!!

    25. Olivia Smith

      Katherine: no fur, real fur, or sculpted fur- Me: which do you prefer Katherine: which do you think looks best?

    26. Pan Pai

      For some reason, I Imagine this cat on magical girl journey and they can act cute but really a grumpy sassy cat

    27. Carina


    28. FłøatyKnives

      10:37 :OO the stripes are the trans flag!!

    29. FłøatyKnives

      8:58 looks like that boi be taking them d r u g s-


      I'm calling it "Trans Cat" because colors.

    31. Inyoung Lee

      Are you korean?

    32. Overcooked peanut butter

      Hey! Uh I was just wondering with the putty used to keep the eyes in place, are there any substitutes that may work? I’m going to try and customise a doll with in-set eyes but I don’t own any of the putty, thanks if you end up seeing this!

    33. Bling Skies

      I personally like the light pink eyes lol

    34. Mikki Schlauder

      I love him so freakin much but please forgive me, I can't see this kitty as anything other than a clown baby. This is a kitten clown.

    35. Grott

      8:24 purrito ▪♡▪

    36. cherry?


    37. 「Espurr」

      Just a reminder that when spraying a doll with mr. super clear always wear a mask for safety reasons since some chemicals can be painful so don’t try spraying without a mask thanks forgot to say to spray in a large space such as window or outside

    38. KStar

      So cuute

    39. Kade Is Stuck


    40. jonna

      this is the cutest damn thing ive ever seen :D

    41. Zoe Tremain-Woodcock


    42. Timepeanuts

      Zephie 🤝 pastel kitty Trans flag

    43. Leo Madjer

      You said "time for everyone's favorite part - the face up", but I do enjoy a lot your sewing! You should bring it more often. Love your work, kisses from Brazil!

    44. Lin

      Clown baby

    45. Heart Of The Wild

      Where can I buy this doll base? The Junkyspot website doesn’t seem to have any search function and I can’t find it in any of the categories. Also, what size eyes does it use?

    46. alex smith

      Beautiful! very well explained.

    47. Autumn Vinora

      For doing eyes like this there could be another why where you can have fun and paint them- have you ever heard about glass dragon eyes? I’m not sure about the whites but doing it something like that could work

    48. AngelWing

      omg I used to watch you on my tv before my youtube channel and look at me now lol

    49. David Williams


    50. chaton n

      i have no experience customizing dolls so i'm apprehensive about it (planning on trying my hand with used dolls first) but i absolutely love these cat dolls!! would love to own one someday.

    51. speggehti

      *sees the buttons* AA pan colors pan colors pan colors pan colors *sees the pattern on the head* OOOOO TRANS COLORS TRANS COLORS TRANS COLORS

    52. Sean Elmlinger

      How long have you been at this stuff?

    53. Satan


    54. Reece

      Tiny cat said trans rights

    55. Angelica Huizar

      Dollightful Can you make a hello kitty doll maybe?

    56. Judas ASMR

      chill with the pastels !! do something grunge

    57. Sophie Sjsjshdjsdjdnkssisb

      love how the head fluff looks like the trans flag :D

    58. Jenice Ishimwe

      You sound like kawaii unicorn

    59. Nina Nooneknows

      I actually like the way the sculpted fur/hair looks on the white cat! But this one turned out really cute, the outfit especially is just perfect.

    60. Chocolate• Pudding

      You videos are so relaxing and fun to watch, sometimes I’ll go back and just binge them at like 3:00 am

    61. Pellow Princess

      A Majoras mask type of doll would do amazing with those crazy rainbow eyes!

    62. The chosen gamer

      the face up has the transgender pride colors!!

    63. the little inky kitty

      Okay I know dollightful probably didn't do it on purpose- but the forehead stripes on the cat kinda looks like the trans flag-

    64. MeDoes Art

      as she was talking about all the steps to making the onesie, i can imagine people who dont sew like: MHM.. UHUH.. YEAH.

    65. Hadleigh Livingston

      awe the colors of this doll reminded me of the trans flag and i was thinking of how cute an LGBTQIA+ doll collection would be and we could vote on which ones we wanted to see? and they could be based off of the pride flags

    66. LostLee666


    67. YesNo} Hi

      I’m very determined to draw this adorable cat and the adorable Easter rabbit you did

    68. Emma Balster

      You could make Hawthorn or something from Wings of Fire, or Herobrine from Minecraft. Either would be fun, but I'd perfer Wings of Fire.

    69. Emma Balster

      At first the buttons remined me of the adorable Elmo bath fizz color tablets I used to use for long baths.

    70. Lucy Swindlehurst

      The tutorial you gave for the onesie was sooo easy to follow!! Thanks 😊

    71. Broccoli Girl

      I have kittens in my backyard I dont even have a cat hut my animal lover self just had to feed them now there are 16 cats

    72. Broccoli Girl

      You know b when god can't reach you so he sends you a tabby cat

    73. Bluechild :3

      some guy: "Alright act you're best if you wanna get a girl." My brother: 17:53

    74. Belle

      Awww, he reminds me of Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender!

    75. terminallyGallowed

      Face-up Purito

    76. manslaughter


    77. That one messy artist

      This doll weirdly reminds me of my ex. It’s cute, but I’m not sure how I feel about it now. Seriously though... Why does it remind me of them??? 😂

    78. Donna Carraway

      For the Pom poms, if you can’t sew them, you can hot glue.

    79. a_kittypup

      I dare you to show the crazy eyes at 17:49 to someone out of context🤣

    80. Shapeshifter

      This doll looks like the trans flag. This is my favourite doll now

    81. Joi Clouds

      Completely irrelevant but please for the love of god when she said "Flowers are blooming" I'm not the only one who said "on days like this, children like you should be burning in hell" PLEASE DONT AT ME I don't hate kids it's an underale reffrance

    82. arandomlittenonthe internet

      friday night batch more like *friday night funkin batch* h a h a

    83. kitty pool

      Transgender cat? Pog

    84. Bader Alqahtani


    85. Crystal Hertwig

      hey can you try a trangender I think it would be a cool chalenge

    86. Noah_Sans Go away.

      I asked my friend if they knew who you were, they said yes. But wished you posted more and was thinking about finding somebody who posted more. To everyone subscribed to you, we will wait patently. We know how long it takes to make one doll. For anyone who waits for a new video patently, thank you. I do hope you have a good day. Your content is so up lifting and gives me and so many other people hope in humanity. 🖤 I love you and your content from the bottom of my heart to the other galaxys we can't even see. Thank you for reading this comment. I know it's long, there is just so much love for you. Goodbye, and thank you. 😊

    87. Arabella Tenaglia

      Make a doll sentre plz🐎

    88. Louise Hall

      this is my 23rd time wachting this~ i LOVE it ◑︿◐◑__◐◑﹏◐(⊙﹏⊙)≧◇≦⊙▽⊙✨✨✨✨✨✨

    89. xXMiss BunnyXx

      He's so cute! You are amazing at customising dolls!

    90. Mimi H

      Trans cat doll

    91. Chekroswu Ckg

      Winx winx winx winx please

    92. Lydia Rose

      i appreciate dollightfuls videos so much. i had an anxiety attack and your video helped calm me down! thankyou💖

    93. OwOLittlespaceNuggetOwO

      OMG its trans colors on the face. yes!

    94. Wade Crothers

      It is so cute it’s like a baby 👶

    95. Galaxy Sky

      I have a doll idea for you, well more like a group. You could do the colors of different sexuality pride flags 🏳️‍🌈

    96. Marcel Said

      Helloooo is it only me who wants her to do more punk or somthing like that (Defintly not telling you to do it just a segestion)-may have spelled wrong hehe-

    97. FriskUndertale_ Pasta

      Not me noticing how the face colors are the trans flag colors 🏳️‍⚧️ 😳

    98. Rohit Shivhare


    99. Pr0xy Th3 Pr0t0

      10:52 Best quote ever

    100. Padmashree Dixit

      Can you plz do a 'How to draw an eye on a doll' tutorial ? (PS I love your videos)