Terrorizing My Friends in Proximity Chat Among Us

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    Proximity chat allows you to talk ingame using open mic, but only when other players are nearby
    Courage: kgup.info
    Minx: kgup.info
    5up: www.twitch.tv/5uppp
    Tubbo: www.twitch.tv/tubbo
    Anita: www.twitch.tv/sweet_anita
    Jesse: www.twitch.tv/jessesmfi
    Basetrade: www.twitch.tv/basetradetv
    Ze: kgup.info
    Botez: www.twitch.tv/botezlive

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    1. Nao Nao

      COURAGE or whatever his name was.. bro.. he said Anita sounded like Yoshi 😭😭 respect lost

    2. Alex Herrera

      Please do more mod videos, I personally loved it and hard laughed a lot

    3. anime freaks

      stop saying im simping for corpse just because i compliment him IM 12 KERREN

    4. Diamondfrostmc

      that must have scared the shit outta tubba

    5. Jeremiah Hall

      Courpes's voice so soothin

    6. Jacqueline Frost

      😂😂😂😂”straight to hell”😂😂😂😂

    7. Kendra Pugh

      Y’all should do among us but the imposters can communicate. Just sayin’.

    8. Fern or Finn

      . *Honestly, I agree. I look up to Anita as well, she’s a great person*

    9. SassyPotato

      4:56, best moment

    10. Chester Tamondong

      I’m just here bc I want to hear Corps voice 🥰

    11. Trevor Strohlein

      I know Anita has Tourette’s but like, “I’m in love with a fish” has me dying

    12. Antman

      The thumbnail really happened LOL

    13. Elliot Ford

      Minx cute tho🥔

    14. Hidden Pixie

      Wow Anita is gorgeous!

    15. Yuu Nishinoya

      So this iswho Corse is..HES GKT A GOOD ASS VOICE DUDE

    16. Arif Haljiti


    17. Aaron Van Tassel BJJ

      Tubbo is so annoying

    18. Pugus

      kgup.info/get/o6d6doiniK9niIM/video dream face reveal

    19. courtney elizabeth

      You should play more with them and it's funny therses two groups and corpse always has a simp CORPSE AND SYKUNNO CORPSE AND TUBBO CORPSE AND JACK HAHAHA

    20. Antonio Aguilar

      CORPSE voice sounds like my voice

      1. Antonio Aguilar

        Only if he met me

    21. christina pinho

      4:51 “oh theres corpse” gave me sm serotonin that is so cute the way he said it aww he gives me butterflies 🥺

    22. christina pinho

      5:22 “hey 5up come with me” awww

    23. christina pinho

      i think tubbo and corpse are the cutest

    24. christina pinho

      4:58 that’s so funny what “where are we headin ... big man” “uh straight to hell buddy” *kills* “ tubbo screaming and corpse laughing”

    25. christina pinho

      4:47 corpses laugh is the cutest thing ever

    26. I am a Muffin

      i think it's so cute that even though tubbo was the imp he still wanted corpse to live

    27. Kyra The Winged Wolf

      Corpse is a simp Corpse is a simp CORPSE IS A SIMP

    28. Geo Shad

      botez is annoying

    29. Red

      Every rec center lobby except for the meeting:

    30. Meghann Alt

      Most epic last kill words ever Tubbo: “where we going?” Corpse: “straight to hell buddy” murders him instantly winning

    31. cloudy night

      sykkuyno !!!!!!!

    32. Phil8719

      Was this done with the CrewLink mod?

    33. ErickR3513

      10:17 anita... LOL

    34. I’m a Gamer girl

      Tubbo:where we heading Corpse:straight to hell buddy

    35. Abstract Friends

      oh my god this was so good

    36. BenKing

      That music... You could say its pretty *crazy*...

    37. ッ☻ ☞ ⓏⓐⓝⓝⓐⓏ ☜ ☻ ッ

      Straight to hell buddy ❤️❤️❤️

      1. ッ☻ ☞ ⓏⓐⓝⓝⓐⓏ ☜ ☻ ッ

        End me 👁👄👁🔫

      2. ッ☻ ☞ ⓏⓐⓝⓝⓐⓏ ☜ ☻ ッ

        S T R A I G H T- TAH HELL

    38. Madison Wentzel

      hi corpse

    39. Dani Salazar


    40. Kay_ Killin

      Courage sussed tubbo bc of anitas toruettes(idk how to spell it)

    41. Nicolas Guzman

      I loved Antia and tubbo. They’re so funny

    42. Dani Salazar

      His laugh in 4:47 melted my heart 🥺

    43. Brien Riley

      The furry furtive curtain taxonomically thank because monkey advisably bounce behind a nifty tenor. typical, hapless dredger

    44. Jason Juane

      obligatory "straight to hell" comment

    45. Megan Chiu

      Almost every comment is corpse stabbing tubbo first round and since when was tubbo friends with corpse

    46. Ricardo D Alvarado

      Tubbo the most annoyingest loudest person but eh

    47. Jennesa Darling

      “Where are we going?” “Straight to hell, buddy.” The fact that it was a backstab as well made that even funnier.

    48. BoB SlayeR

      Does corpse have a lying voice?

    49. Cael Green

      Why is his voice like that I’m not trying to be rude or anything

    50. Toxic Tatoe

      Tubbo and Corpse are a good duo

    51. Chaotic Idiot

      corpse is a national treasure

    52. fnaf_lover _

      I love the background music so much, it's perfect

    53. Hippo

      how can a human being sound like a personified bear?

    54. SaveMeMoon

      I like this group better than the "famous" group, these guys are way more chill and everyone seems to be genuin friends and not just meme friends~

    55. Mirrors are CopyCats

      playing with my friends in among us: don't mind me, i just said the nice things about my friends and then i kill them :)


      What is that game called bc I rlly want to talk to other players

    57. Boopling

      ok but hearing corpse say "straight to hell buddy" is one of the scariest things ever.


      man that was funny when Ze and Corpse double killed and got revenge from tubbo XD

    59. Angela RosaAshkohossainR

      9:16 "It looks like we have some new CORPSES" "Oh boy, here we go..."

    60. Anurodh Thapa

      Dude his voice is so ccccooooooolllllllll

    61. Will RunRun

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    62. issa mirza

      Corpse seems like he’s having so much fun here. Everyone is really incorporating him. It’s nice

    63. anightgirl

      Is this official corpse channel? I know there are fake ones stealing his views.

      1. Kiki Lala

        For anyone that is questioning if this is really Corpse's channel. Yes it is because : 1. Corpse mentioned this channel by name in a livestream answering about which channel is his. 2. During the game in this video corpse wasn't streaming so having the video in his pov is another proof. 3. And most important, read the description in Corpse's first Among Us video in his main channel and you'll see that there's a link to his gaming channel that leads to this channel.

    64. Iris Klingenschmid

      His voice is just: 😳

    65. Dominic Brown

      I know Anita has Tourette’s but this had me crying 7:39

    66. Lou Sanchez

      Es voz es exitante 😅

    67. Micah Minnick

      Tubbo-“where we going?” Corpse-“straight to hell buddy” Tubbo- *screams* Corpse- *chuckles evily*

    68. Настя Жаворонкова

      Какой классный голос 🤯

    69. Steward Spancer

      Wow very nice voice......😂

    70. Edzil Margin

      What did they use for the Voice call

    71. XxBrooklynVibezXx

      I have turretes

    72. Austin Sloane

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      1. Настя Жаворонкова

        Эм..... Ладно

    73. KPCØØKIE

      “BASE IS DEADDDD” Because you know I’m all about that base but the base no trouble

    74. Minardo

      Is MINX the same MINX that PewDiePie used to play with?

    75. RezNeck79

      Hey um corpse I kinda shop someone with you....... ;-;

    76. SamsNotSans

      Botez is quite noisy ngl

    77. Violet Mao

      Ooh cOrpSe LikES AnITa

    78. Hyper Himes

      4:59 was the smoothest segway to a kill I've ever seen.

    79. Cosma Almeida

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    80. Mark Corpuz

      Tubbo: "So where are we going buddy?" Corpse: "Straight to hell buddy" Tubbo: Unknown noises

    81. Desu Neko

      Botez's voice makes me want to fill someone's mattress with Burt toast and dirt

    82. Andrew Velasco

      CouRage sounds like the main character of minecraft story mode

    83. Noodle

      POV: you are scrolling through comments and each comment is about corpse saying “straight to hell”

    84. ME Plays

      Y'all talking about the same part of the video

    85. Beta ComboZ

      Corpse: Chaotic Neutral

    86. Deku's broken Bones


    87. jack lock

      Damn that's one low voice

    88. Zio Biscottino

      Corpse is the monster under your bed

    89. Fate

      Minx is cute

    90. Camille Mayte

      Where does Corpse do these live-streams?

      1. Kiki Lala

        Corpse livestreams on youtube using his main channel "Corpse Husband"

    91. hdckighfkvhvgmk

      bro I don't blame tubbo for that reaction there fucking ANYONE would shit their pants upon hearing corpse's voice saying "...straight to hell buddy" right behind you.

    92. Cliooo

      wanna ask wheres the link of the fulll stream of corpse~ cant see :(

      1. Cliooo

        @Kiki Lala oww that's why thanks for informing me~

      2. Kiki Lala

        He didn't stream during this game

    93. Ruby Swartz

      Tubbo gives me intense little brother vibes especially around 5up and it’s so wholesome

    94. chump.

      “I don’t think 5up did it cause he’s Canadian” 5up: *american*

    95. quirky beanz

      Am i a silly goose but how do I get that chat mod thingie :,0

    96. Kayla Stilwell

      Why is Corpses laugh the most wholesome thing ever

    97. deejay asonia

      Its just funny.😂

    98. Ahmed Sorush

      Minx: "I think it's the orange guy and the white guy" Corpse: "Yeah I think so too" Tubbo: "Where are we heading" Corpse: "Straight to hell buddy" Corpse on fire with one liners before kill

    99. deejay asonia

      Corpse i still remember when u failed card swipe many times...xD

    100. Scattered Vibes

      Tubbo and Corpse are such a mood ;]