Addison Cain's lawyer e-mailed me, and it only got worse from there

Lindsay Ellis

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    Honey, you got a big storm comin'
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    1. Lindsay Ellis

      Update: EFF has blogged about the whole thing, and it includes the full letters exchanged between EFF and Cain's lawyer, Tamara Watson: Update 2: Twitter thread with links to full letters from all parties involved + more documentation:

      1. Clovertastic

        Hey Lindsay, what happened to your Twitter? Did you remove it by choice or did this somehow lead to you being removed? I'm angry for you.

      2. A B

        But has the witch been returned?

      3. Tangential_Tangine

        Honey you've got a big storm comin'

      4. Book Book

        Do we get a part 3 when they complain about this one?

      5. Book Book

        Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaahahahahhaahhaahahahahhahaha (Laughter drives the algorithm)

    2. Elijah King


    3. Josh Girvin

      Fan Fiction Deep State is my new band name

    4. Tommy Doss

      I absolutely CACKLE at the way the narrator says “Ms. Cain” at 39:15 when reading the letter Shania Watson responded to EFF with 🤣🤣

    5. Alexandre Zani

      Today I learned there is an organization called the "Romance Writers of America" (expected) and they have an ethics board. (not expected.)

    6. samkrac

      Ah jeez

    7. Christian Brillante

      I dunno how I ever missed any of this, but this is deliciously ridiculous and wonderful.

    8. lamenamethefirst

      "Even though I didn't actually criticise her dumb book." Oof.

    9. HoBrosGaming

      I wanna know how Addison Cain and her lawyer reacted to this video.

    10. PhoenixSOUL777

      Whats with the Barbara Streisand?

    11. Deanna M

      Rewatching this video and the sentence "We're all bored and losing our minds, and canceling is fun now" made me audibly OOF.

    12. benjamin powell

      dude thats jenny nicholson doing the voiceover lol

    13. Tye Files

      Aw man, I finally watched this video and now I want the 'With Prejudice' hat but it's sold out

    14. TB

      Twitter wokescolds: *Lindsay Ellis is a menace!*

    15. Arielle Boucher


    16. Ghoulish Skeptic

      Engagement engagement engagement

    17. vendiblesquire

      Man, I have watched the Ellis/Cain saga so many times in the last year. This is my shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! *explodes*

    18. butt licker

      kayla roberts i wouldnt have googled her name if she didnt bring it up so many times in all her complaints making me feel like an idiot for not knowing apparently such common knowledge

    19. Treat others how you want to be treated

      I have been reading and writing Omegaverse fanfiction for many years. Long before Cain became published. She should be shamed. She literally copied Bane from DC comics as her main character in Born to Be Bound then borrowed from the well-established Omegaverse fanfiction world only to try to claim it all for herself. I loved her fanfic before she flipped it and I was bummed to see how she turned on other writers.

    20. Thomas Kika

      The algorithm randomly plopped this in front of me tonight. I don’t really follow KGup creators outside of their videos, so I know any of the context here beforehand. That said, I shall now binge this juicy saga of ego and idiocy as god intended: in reverse.

    21. MegaScarletti

      Err, Lindsay? Gene Roddenberry called, he's suing you for copyright infringement due to your extensive, flagrant and blatant use of the image of one Captain Jean Luc Picard. He's very upset that you have directly stolen money from him in this way, ruined his career, defamed him personally and ultimately destroyed the entire Star Trek universe. He and his children are now starving in a hedge row. See you in Court, beeyatch.

    22. Sofia McHugh

      the irony of the email specifically stating that the video was transformative right next to saying it isn't fair use when transformation is exactly what makes something fall under fair use...also i love that i knew that from lindsay's fair use video. it's like showing up to class having done all the readings

    23. Drunkennewt

      KGup does ignore DMCA, but generally only for big creators. I guess you’re in the big time now.

    24. GnomeDeGuerre

      So nice, I liked it twice.

    25. Mary Pagones

      Where on earth does this Cain woman get the money to sue people 24/7? And taking on Courtney Milan, a former US Supreme Court clerk as well as a highly respected romance author? BTW--Lindsay Ellis needs to do an essay on the Romance Writers of America unraveling.

    26. Fernando D

      You can see the madness and hate behind her Karen eyes.

    27. Moon Ridge PM

      Engagement. Comments.

    28. Lithiel

      I wonder if this person knows about the het omega manga out there in Japan? I’d pay money to see her reaction😆🤣

    29. matthew laing

      Man I skipped these videos when they came out. What was I thinking? I'm just going to notifications when your videos come out.

    30. Stephen Bride

      Ah sometimes you just need to see someone shown just how foolish they've been. Has there been any more news on this?

    31. Mountain Harpie White-Crane Music

      I love your Wolf SpiritHood!! New to your channel, enjoying!! Thank you! (AHWOOOOOO!)

    32. jdbeier8520

      Addison Cain needs to fire her lawyer before they do any more damage

    33. Hikari Tome

      I just feel bad for that kid, man. Imagine having a mom like that

    34. Alessandra Ayala

      Loved Jenny's voice as cameo!

    35. Aydan Tufton

      Watching this right after Sarah's homestuck video, and Folding Ideas' The wall video is really something. I'm so full of forbidden and cursed knowledge.

    36. Tyreldor

      Uh, the reason youtube dismissed the dcma against you for your last video is because you called out their BS to 1.5M people. Its also funny how video essays which paint youtube in a bad light seems to get hated by the algorithm... I wonder why that might be

    37. Floch

      "We have each other" Who? The Bullies Anonymous group?

    38. Floch

      Subbed just bc of this video

    39. maryam jumarali


    40. GTWhistler

      I'm so happy I found this channel. Lindsey Ellis is an absolute queen.

    41. donna walczak

    42. Brielynn Twitchell

      This stuff is more entertaining than most movies... I would like a trilogy of feature-length documentaties and a soap opera that lasts for 12 seasons AT LEAST

    43. k. morningstar

      back again. this all feels like watching the Concordia sink, again

    44. Taylor Gayhart

      I wish you did minimize this because honestly you would deserve ever penny!!!

    45. Xdeser 2

      "Wolfcock Karen" holy shit

    46. frank ocean

      this comment is just feeding the algorithm nom nom

    47. The Quiet Stag

      God DAMN it, KGup

    48. Annette Huang

      I can't help but engage with such engaging content!

    49. Sam MadamMelonMeow

      very important information explained eloquently by a very beautiful individual . thank you Lindsay!

    50. Pre-Apocalypse Teri McG

      Almost every aspect of this drama is completely new to me lol. I'm almost grateful to this terrible weird woman who tries to attack everyone's content. It's impressive how she holds on to it. But also, it is because of her silliness,I have learned about wolf porn, fan fic, ... I still don't know what knotting is, but I'm ok with not knowing. Patreon? I mean this is like school.

    51. Fletcher Souza

      I... I want more. I mean I want it to be over for you but God damn but I want more. Some of the most ridiculous... I just... The thought processes... I... Anyhow good riddance, I hope you don't have any more trouble.(but if you do for the love of god please more videos)

    52. Shon Bury

      I love all of this.

    53. Jupiter J


    54. Jupiter J


    55. Natalie M

      I wasn't expecting a sequel! I really should have :P

    56. Nichole Diaz

      get we get an update video on this shit show, im invested lol

    57. Kate

      I'm still most bothered by the claim she invented heterosexuality in a slash fic genre - partly because heterosexuality is fuckin mundane and for the most part mandated and expected and partly because slash fics give female authors the opportunity to project their sexuality onto male bodies which removes all the patriarchal power dynamics of hetero relationships, and acting like removing this is in any way 'innovative' is pure cringe.

    58. Quag

      Uhhh what? KGup did what? Are you sure youtube sided with a creator?

    59. Cait Coolio


    60. Cait Coolio

      Your outfit is just... brilliant

    61. Cait Coolio


    62. Federica Bacchini

      All of this for a Het Omegaverse book series that's kinda lame and it's not even worth the time. Honestly, I found better stuff on Ao3 for free lmao By the way I hope Wolfcock Karen didn't do anything in the end

    63. Joel Reirdon

      I thought false DMCAs could get you in jail why isn’t this psychotic fuck in jail

    64. Scott Nope

      Fight me for increased engagement! Your favorite band sucks

    65. Sawsan Mohammed

      10:10 Bruh it's cause the first video about this opened with the most mind boggling p***ographic THING I'd ever heard or seen. Otherwise it was an excellent video

    66. Erica Deshaies

      Almost never comment, make from that what you will

    67. David Partin

      Your a hoot 🦉

    68. Christopher Ory

      Wolves are stupid.

    69. noneur business

      feed the drama. feed the algorithm

    70. Dyuti Basu

      Whoever does Cain's voiceovers in this video and the last one is pure genius! 😂😂😂

    71. Lindsey Kelley

      I've watched this video at least thirty times and it never ceases to make me simultaneously laugh and feel a little depressed about the state of everything. This whole debacle is worthy of Shakespeare, but even the bard would look at the mess that is Addison Cain and be like "bitch is you for real".

    72. Nicole V

      why does Addison Cain sound like Rachel Berry from Glee to me? maybe it's just vibes idk

    73. Joseph Morris

      Hey, does anyone wanna get in a comment fight to drive the engagement?

      1. Joseph Morris

        @Goliath100 Puh-leease. She can barely pass the pin to the forwards for the slam dunk. Also, your coach keeps being inappropriate towards the female players, but because of the male players playing favorites, he gets to stick around.

      2. Goliath100

        @Joseph Morris How can my team suck when our quarterback has a great home run record?

      3. Joseph Morris

        @Goliath100 Hey, my sports team doesn't suck, yours sucks!!!1!1!!1!!!

      4. Goliath100

        @Joseph Morris We need to work on the fighting. What's your sport team? I don't know what it is, only that they suck.

      5. Joseph Morris

        @Goliath100 I actually agree with you on most things, so this is literally the worst KGup comment section fight, but it's also a great conversation between two like minded individuals.

    74. Serra Bloodsong

      I've watched these videos a few of times now over the past couple of months... and it only just occurred to me that they aren't talking about the porn star.

    75. Peeple Eeter

      She just wishes it was as easy to DMCA as it is for music.

    76. Pradeep Charath

      Came here from It’s Lit on Storied, definitely lit!

    77. Peyton Pupstar

      It amuses me no end that Cain craps on endlessly about bullying, but she us the biggest bully Karen in existence...and all over niche porn.

    78. SuJu_Mimi

      I regret not having watched these when they first popped up in my sub box 😂

    79. Imrahil

      This is my favorite video to come back to after a few months. There's fiction that I find less captivating.

    80. Frosty Archon

      Appreciate all the great work Lindsay does!

    81. Isaac Machado

      @10:10 to quote the well loved Jenny Nicholson, "coincidence? there's literally no such thing!"

    82. Brigadier Blue

      I really want South Park to make a character out of Cain and have her scenes always end with a wolf dragging her away while fucking the shit out of her 🤣🤣🤣

    83. Brigadier Blue

      At this point Addison Cain is like an Anime Villain wherein said Villain is supposed to look comical and ridiculous but be completely unaware of these facts 🤣🤣🤣

    84. GD

      I know it's a good video when it opens with the same music as Caligula.

    85. Andrew Irvine

      There needs to be a name for the weird, circular irony that keeps happening. Your book recommendation at the end of a video about bullying could seem more than coincidental to the paranoid nuts that are currently harassing you. I hope it all works out for you. *hugs*

    86. History’s Mysteries and Myths

      This video went off and I’m here for it I’m not even a part of any of these communities

    87. M Moto

      Is the author german? In german copyright law there are some copyrights that will always belong to the creator of the work. One of them is having the right to decline changes to your work, wich I think she was mentioning. Then again blacking out words is not it, it would be changing her actual book.

    88. sidecharacter01

      interaction with the content

    89. Jonathon Cowley-Thom

      A menace and a threat to my child. 5 stars.

    90. Sashimi

      Bullshit you don't have an AO3 account. Couldn't even look the camera in the lense.

    91. Sashimi


    92. Robin Brobjer

      12:53 LESSSS GOOOOO

    93. Braden Lock


    94. Goth Music Latin America

      When do we get the SnyderCut of this video?

    95. kath morgan

      Hope you are doing ok today

    96. MilesDaFoo616

      This has the same vibes as what Daddy Derek does for anyone even looking at Cool Cat

    97. adoranymphlupin

      Gotta wonder how does Addison Cain find time to actually write her wolf erotica if she's wasting all her time writing demands for DMCA takedowns and the like?

    98. adoranymphlupin

      Honestly, the best conclusion to Addison Cain making her own bed in this would be no publisher or agent being willing to work with her because based on her track record, she's demonstrated nothing but her lack of professionalism and how much of a headache she is to anyone who has to deal with her. I mean Blushing Books even tried to give her an out by saying, "I mean, doing nothing is a perfectly viable option," and she was like, "Yeah no I want that bitch ruined," and then threw Blushing under the bus and now they're her FORMER publisher.

    99. Sully Iqbal

      It is 2am here... I watched both videos back to back... I just... wha-

    100. Astralika Castle

      Imagine being so piss-wrong about your understanding of law that KGup, a site historically known for using automated processes to flag and takedown videos without even so much as looking at them, DOESN'T RESPECT A DMCA TAKEDOWN.