All Fortnite Cinematic Trailers! (Seasons 1-16) Fortnite Secret Shorts


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    In this video I am showing you Fortnite Battle Royale All Cinematic Trailers AKA Short Films that were released throughout it's Entire Story Line. These are all Fortnite Trailers from Chapter 1 Seasons 1-10 to Chapter 2 Seasons 1-6. Including All Marvel and DC Crossover Trailers and Cutscenes Movie. The New Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 is almost here and should give us another Launch Trailer!
    New Fortnite Update: Fortnite Season 6 Trailer, Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass
    Zero Crisis Story Cinematic for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6
    Chapter 2 Season 6 coming 3.16.2021
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        Missing the villain's aguaman

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      love this one 25:26

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      I love this one 7:08

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      This hurts to watch.

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      Season 4 was by far the best season

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      Save the world still exists

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      the whole fun ended at season 10

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        No it definitely didn't

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      11 to 16 is all trash

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      Fort nite aucks

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      para que pones todos los trailers es una perdida de tiempo, eso es como yo subir un video diciendo aqui esta el trailer de capitan america en reversa, eso no tiene sentido

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      Epic Chapter 1 Season 4: The world will never be the same Huh. They really weren't kidding.

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      10:25 tiko when someone asks to take off his outfit in a nutshell

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      Aaaaa . La nostalgie :)

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      Were the really secret if they were posted on Fortnite’s official account? I don’t think so

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      Where is Season 16 and i don't like because i can read

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      in 2021

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      I didint know there is season 6 and now your tell me there are 16 seasons ?!?!

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        @Eggman i know i heared about season 7 ut it was from my friend and assumed he was lying and i tbought that season 6 is final one and thst they would just end by putting the islands down where they belong and it would be it

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        @Pieróq yeah so ever since season 6 ( floating islands ) it went down , season 7 ( winter ) , season 8 volcano summer thing , season 9 technology , season x restart , chapter 2 season 1 new map , chapter 2 season 2 agency , chapter 2 season 3 water stuff , chapter 2 season 4 uhh avenger ? Chapter 2 season 5 uhh mando , chapter 2 season 6 is zero point

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        Chapter 2 season 1-6 = season 11-16

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        So basically the ppl who complain too much

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      season 6 was the best ngl

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      I watched all of them expect the first fn trailer when it uploaded smh i loved this game I still do

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      man if only people cared about cod but no its always kiddie fortnite 👎😡 what happened to you epic games man i miss gears of war! when epic games were great!

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      I liked the older trailers that were made for new items

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      You have a mistake Season 1-15*

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      20:26 Sad Meowscles :3

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      Anyone else noticed that dance like cowgirl is doing in the chapter 2 season 1 trailer? That has be an upcoming emote still right? It looks cute! (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)


        I don’t think it was

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      Everyone:makes a smart theory on how ripply became Me: “I think it’s because it’s of him drinking that water”

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      I loved session 1 good memories 🥺🥺

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      Well way back in season 7 or something i asked my friend for some reaseon are you going to be playing in season 12 and it season 16!

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      17:56 this was the best season ever


        It was pretty fun in my opinion

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      I miss controllable rockets.... it's how I got my first kill

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      god this game was so good then it just went down hill

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      Season 3: when fortnite was actually good

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