We Caught BABY TOAD - Best Lake in Texas!

Scott Martin

46 миӊ. көрүүлөр5

    Me and the Boys head to a very special place in Texas for a little challenge!
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    1. Jacob Lewis

      "this random skeeter we borrowed... nothing to see here" hahaha

    2. Michael Crider

      I can’t wait to see you on discovery. Man this has been a long time coming. SALUTE

    3. Tommy Turner

      Where is Billy?

    4. Dj Ferguson

      what lake is this

    5. Mike Green

      I am super jazzed about you fishing with the Elite’s this year. I already drafted you on my Fantasy team! Good luck this season.

    6. Bart Grider

      Poor McCoy takes a beating

    7. ItsTheShibster

      Went fishing there back in July. Mike is a great host! Hoping to go back soon!

    8. BamaBassFinder04 4

      This where lunkers bought his biggins from!?!

    9. Jake Martin

      Wish I could catch a 6 pounder and call it small😂. Like always keep up the hard work and tight linZ 🤙🎣!

    10. Sledgefist1

      That’s it. I’m packing my bags and going to Scott’s doorstep and going to knock on his door to teach me to catch big bass. Washington state sucks for bass fishing. Only small bass attack.

    11. Fivekeepers Fishing

      Man, had no idea your dad had Covid and a shoulder surgery. So glad he's doing better and can't wait for you to smash em this year man. Your whole family is awesome man! Y'all all are an inspiration and make me want to work harder! Keep it up and tell your dad way to kick a$$ at his age.

    12. Brian Owens

      In 2021, I'd love to see SMC vs KVD. Lets make it happen

    13. Richard Williamson

      Scott you should come to north Florida and fish the Santa fa river for suwannee bass. Florida's small mouth.

    14. Bob Davis

      Why are comments turned off on your daughters channel?

    15. Henco Steenberg

      the return of the spinner worm

    16. Brian Widener

      Why are we not scoping and a rigging on these lil gems? Keep up the great work

    17. michele artioli

      so funny contest

    18. King James

      Good fishing as well. Glad spinner worm caught him one !

    19. King James

      I would love to go fishing with my idol !!!

    20. RoyalFinessin

      Lol “a skeeter we are borrowing” 😉😂

      1. Scott Martin


    21. 06 Fishing

      You need to get out on Possum Kingdom this year, or Lake Leon which is just like Fork but without a million boats.

    22. Dakota Kerstetter

      Is your boy Brandon back?!?!

    23. Mikey Outdoors

      Another awesome video Scott and I got the live target frog ( the white one) and you did a great job creating it thank you!!!

      1. Scott Martin


    24. Keith Ray

      That's a special place. Got first over 10 on wolf pack

    25. chance huiet

      Big difference in Bell and Wolfpack. Both amazing lakes in the end.

    26. The Reel Joey AKA STAT-STACKERS

      First time I learned about this Lake was on Jimmy Houston’s channel. Seems pretty awesome, almost bucket list type stuff! Actually it is bucket list lol!

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s a big bucket list

    27. Robert Barnes

      That lake is 4 hours from me

    28. Wrink

      when can I see this tv show?

    29. HBfishing

      Ain’t nothing like a Chevy and a skeeter.🔥🔥

      1. Greg Snow

        Toyota in my opinion but still great duo

    30. dacongj

      Always good to Brandon in the vids.....🎣

    31. Catchem Matcham

      I wanna see the other vid

      1. Scott Martin


    32. Thor Bowman

      Good to see spinnerworm out fishing with you again. Good video guys

      1. Scott Martin


    33. Delta Hogz

      Spinner Worm! Where ya been B!?

    34. Jonathan Groover

      When we gonna see the new Skeeter boat wrapped!!?

      1. Chris gone Fishing

        @Scott Martin wow its very expensive but I bet it's worth it!

      2. Scott Martin


    35. Fenderbay99

      Dat ProTI hook set camera shot you got was delicious

    36. Ra Lo

      Good stuff guys! 👊🏼💯🇺🇸

    37. Bruce Asman

      It's Brandon!!!

    38. Colby B.

      We got a private lake for ya!! Just come up central west Texas!

      1. Colby B.

        Lol but really tho.. 15 acre private lake. Crystal clear. Grassy. Lots of fish!

    39. allen reiff

      You ain't kidding it's special spinner worm

    40. Nick Witkowski

      Way to keep the great content coming Scott! Was funny to here Andrew whine about fishing with McCoy too. Nice fish Jake...(from State Farm...)! Good to see Spinner worm too!! Keep it up Scotty! 👊BAM👊

    41. Mike over cash

      I want to go there so bad

    42. the iron fisherman

      Thats awesome

    43. Derek graziano

      Spinner worm !!!!! ( legend )

    44. Baker Outdoors

      Scott what kind of reels do you use. I use favorite rods as well. I have the Bass western Regional tournament coming up February 3-5th. I just didn’t know if you use favorite reels as well. I mostly have Lews bait caster reels and use favorite spinning.

      1. Baker Outdoors

        Throw down a sub. It would be much appreciated I am gonna have some western regional videos at Havasu.

      2. Baker Outdoors

        @Scott Martin have you fish Havasu often and what do you think about the man made structures on the fishery?

      3. Baker Outdoors

        @Scott Martin ok I thought it may be shimano with the slim line look. I do have an SLX DC. And a Curado DC. But I also have Lews reels. Just haven’t tried any favorite reels besides my spin cast.

      4. Scott Martin

        Shimano and favorite

    45. Hoosier Fat Bassin

      McCoy had no chirp! Scott knew better boys

    46. slyguy M

      Since when was Brandon back?!

    47. Robert Barnes

      I would love to fish that lake

    48. Robert Barnes

      Awesome You guys

    49. Cooper72

      That borrowed boat sure looks nice 😆

    50. wesleybigham1

      Man I would love to fish that lake! Man you guys got the life! Awesome fish jake!

    51. 98kutch

      Going to miss Andrew and you on your. When are you gonna jump in livestream with him??

      1. Scott Martin

        I need to

    52. Joe Mitchell

      Where is this lake at in Texas?

      1. Bryan Wootton

        Really where is this lake and its name? Is it private? If so anyone know how to contact them?

      2. Chris gone Fishing

        @Monika F ur very pretty

      3. Monika F


    53. That one bad Suzuki 250

      Yo I’m just a kid but I wanna get into these tournaments and your the inspiration to do that and I’m going to use some of your techniques that I’ve seen and hopefully I can get good and I want thank you for being my inspiration to get into this and nice vids

      1. Scott Martin

        You’re so welcome!!

    54. Walter Kama

      Good to see brandon back ..Jake catching that 6 pounder!

      1. Walter Kama

        I got a like form the man him self scott martin let's go

    55. Hoggin N' Doggin TV

      When we goin hog hunting

    56. Fishing MW

      Way to short.

      1. Scott Martin

        Hopefully soon

    57. Double Bogey Bass

      Man I can still fish year round here in Northern California but it must be nice to fish in shorts and flip flops in January. I guess this could have been filmed earlier though.

      1. Double Bogey Bass

        @Derik Drinkle yeah caught that there at the end, but I had already commented 🤣 🤷🏼‍♂️

      2. Derik Drinkle


    58. The Fishing Expat

      Scott out there fishing with Morgan Wallen

      1. Chris gone Fishing

        😂😂😂😂😂😂 it's his son lol

    59. Tristin Bridgeman

      Idk which num er comment I am anymore tbh

      1. Scott Martin


    60. Cole Drysdale

      Love ur videos Have you fished lake Athens

      1. Chris Turner

        @Scott Martin winter is the best time IMHO. I fished there last week with a guy that fished with you as a co years ago and he had a 10 on his 2nd cast. He is 77 yrs old now but he says you were the nicest pro he'd ever fished with. Stay strong in your faith man, you never know what GOD is up to.

      2. Scott Martin

        I haven’t fished there

      3. Chris Turner


      4. Grady Hines

        @The Bass Addict Hadnt heard about the fishing there before, so Lake Athens has good bass fishing?

      5. The Bass Addict

        @Grady Hines oh cool. I fish Athens a lot for tournaments and I kayak fish it a bunch too

    61. Griswald1968

      That borrowed boat sure looks like the one you introduced a week ago!

      1. Scott Martin


      2. Caleb Harris

        When I saw it I was like wait isn’t that your boat 🤔

      3. Ra Lo


      4. Mooshimoca

        yeah probably filmed before he announced his new boat so he said it was a borrowed boat

      5. Barrett Newton

        It even has the navy blue and black seats

    62. Luke Kuhns

      What's up I just wanna let you know your the reason I started fishing.

      1. Tucker Miller


    63. skunk boy

      Hey Scott you inspire me so much

    64. J. R.


    65. Parker Smith

      Yo men you’re the best I love watching your content 👍

    66. Yee Yeet

      Keep it up Scott

    67. Mason Wehrs

      You should try ice fishing some time.

      1. Mason Wehrs

        Don’t like the cold or you just love bass fishing so much lol

      2. Scott Martin


    68. Tailor Wood


    69. Tailor Wood

      Hey scott

    70. Zay

      What’s up

    71. Dawson Lynch

      Yes sirrrrr