New Zealand 25 Minute Drone Epic (4K)

Man And Drone

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    Filmed on the DJI Inspire 2 Drone this video features unseen footage coupled with familiar scenes but different time stamps. The idea here was to utilise all of my unused New Zealand footage and cut to some cinematic music. I thought I'd have an hours worth but turns out once cut to the music it's only around 25-30 minutes without becoming too boring. I could drag it out over another couple of tracks but I think that would effect the overall quality.
    Best viewed on your TV in 4K, make sure picture profile is set at "cinematic" or similar and turn off "motion smoothing (video interpolation)" This is very important. If you're having difficulties finding the menu on your TV simply google : " Turn off motion smoothing [Your TV Make & Model No.] ".
    Quick-Links :
    00:00 - Intro into North New Zealand
    03:22 - Mountain Summit Adventure
    05:57 - Autumn Colours & Aftermath
    09:16 - Lighthouses of New Zealand
    13:22 - The Lakes Adventure
    16:03 - Fjordland & Mt.Cook
    19:06 - Random Epic Scenery
    22:41 - Outro Montage
    Gear & Settings :
    Shot Over 5 months February 2017 - July 2017.
    Shot using 2 DJI inspire 2 Drones with Zenmuse X5s Camera, 15 + 45mm Lenses. PolarPro ND Filters.
    UHD 4K 30 FPS.
    Most shots are in ProRes 4444XQ (no alpha) Rec.709 colour profile.
    Some shots are in ProRes 442 HQ Rec 709. Most are in the first sequence also with a couple of 100/Mbit h.264.
    Some shots are unfortunately in 100/Mbit h.264. The Van on the beach scenes and a couple of scenes in the outro sequence. (Classic DJI Firmware Bug for first Inspire 2 owners).
    Some shots of the ProRess 4444XQ are in D-LOG, these are easy to spot you'll notice more video noise. (Don't use D-log on Inspire2 Prores)
    Original File sent to KGup : 105 GB ProRes 442.
    Track-list In Order of Play:
    Jordan Critz - "Kingdom"
    Jordan Critz - "Escape"
    Dexter Britain - "Do You Feel It"
    Generdyn - "From Nothing"
    Tony Anderson - "The King"
    Phillip Cuccias - "By Design Reprise"
    Dexter Britain - "Raising"
    U137 - "Watching The Storm"
    Checkout there guys channels that I did a fair bit of collaboration with, some good BTS footage too.
    Awadrone :
    Michael Vettas :
    All the Gear I use and Why : https//
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    ⏩ INSTAGRAM : mananddrone
    ⏩ TWITTER : mananddrone
    COPYRIGHT 2019
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    күнү жарыяланды Жыл мурун


    1. Man And Drone

      Best viewed on your TV in 4K, make sure picture profile is set at "cinematic" or similar and turn off "motion smoothing (video interpolation)" If you're having difficulties finding the menu on your TV simply google : " Turn off motion smoothing [Your TV Make & Model No.] ". Quick-Links : 00:00 - Intro into North New Zealand 03:22 - Mountain Summit Adventure 05:57 - Autumn Colours & Aftermath 09:16 - Lighthouses of New Zealand 13:22 - The Lakes Adventure 16:03 - Fjordland & Mt.Cook 19:06 - Random Epic Scenery 22:41 - Outro Montage

      1. mase ofspades

        Awesome man where abouts are the dunes in the intro, they look amazing, i'd love to visit?

      2. Oliver Krell

        Hey, I really enjoyed your drone videos from NZ, truely epic! Can you give me a top 10 list of the best (hidden) places/hikes you have visited? I will go there in November and would love to get some recommends from you. Thanks!

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        Stunning & Beautiful scenery👍👍👍

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        Man And Drone that’s the only way I’ve seen any of your movies

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      Very nice place

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      Brilliant footage and music!

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      Great skills with drone mate. Most drone vids will make you fall asleep due to Music. But you have done it mate. Great work and insane pilot skills out there. Love u lots and keep up the good work. We will support you!!!

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      It's stunningly beautiful 💎

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      Maoriland is so beautiful

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      Makes me homesick. Awesome video....

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      Thank you for sharing! A new friend is here. 😊 Well done! ✅ Definitely capturing the beauty of the area. You flew to wonderful places 😳 Great video, nicely done! 👌

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      I come here whenever I feel sad. Idk, I feel like I'm not doing enough to improve the quality of my married life. There's just so much angst within me and I don't know if I'll ever let it go. 🥺

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    25. Anime Tagalized

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      I'm so fortunate to call New Zealand my home. Have a look on my page "New Zealand,,a place to call home. Stunning places

    27. Laura Gomes

      how could give deslike to a video like this, and to place like that?Amazing place.

    28. Russelle Wannell

      i use to live in Nelson and Collingwood and did a lot of hiking its even better in real life cheers from OZ.

    29. Morgan Emirates

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    31. fhhsvnggbh

      Thanks for the video, i watched it as you said on a 4k tv, Can i ask an honest question, How many times have you crashed or lost your drone, Becuase whenever i saw you flying out into that water i thought wow thatd be a long cold swim to get it back ;) Thanks again from aus.

    32. Last days messenger

      How gorgeous NZ is! Thanks for sharing!

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    42. Paul

      Hey man, first of all beautiful video! Though I a curious how you managed to legally fly your drone in many of those spots. Did get a permit from doc and did you consider your impact on the wildlife by flying a drone in those places where you are not supposed to?

      1. Ryan Foot

        Nobody is around to enforce ridiculous laws.

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    46. 浮耳哞殺Formosa

      100% thief live in New Zealand. The most kiwis say hasting and Nepier area have so many thief stolen peoples stuff. 19/09/2020 in the te mata mountain my friend and l's backpack was stolen in our car. Share for everyone this post. NZ is not safety country. I already call the police and got nothing. before I think New Zealand was a good place. Right now totally change my mind. The people's heart how dirty you can feel.

    47. Radar Guide

      9:20 What name is this Lighthouse? Where is it located?

    48. Harmonie et spiritualité

    49. Virtual Skies Here's part II of the Trip to Finland and Estonia series!

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      Stunning video !!!! Loved every second of it !!!! Superbly done !!!!

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      2:19 - that looks like one of the areas where the Xena TV series was filmed. It looks similar to a scene in the Season 5 finale where Xena and Gabrielle find Eve in the desert.

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      I went to NZ in April of 2017 hoping to get some fall color. There were two tropical cyclones and two 5.3 earthquakes. Win a few, lose a few, and a few get rained out.

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      Almost epic. But why upload footage of crappy renta Targo and Camry driving? LOOK AT THE LANDSCAPE

    70. You Absolute Legend

      Note: In New Zealand you must: Get consent of the property owner or person in charge of the land you want to fly over. Check with your local council before flying in public places like parks and reserves. Your regional council’s website will have information about drone use in your area. You must apply for a permit from the Department of Conservation to fly over conservation land.

      1. RUSTY

        Lol shut da fack up only ding bat wombot dingle berry left wing nutbars bend over to that shit

      2. Will Clark

        Any you must not fly in controlled airspace, particularly in transit routes, ive had a near miss with a drone thatw as being flown in an area clearly signposted as no drones.

    71. The Gooserider

      Quality equipment. What alot of people don't know is, NZ can be rather windy at times and this drone smashed it 👌

    72. 浮耳哞殺Formosa

      New Zealand is not safety country. A thief appeared in the mountain area in Hasting. Yesterday my friend and I’s backpack disappeared in the car... Please see the same backpack in the picture, please help the police! Thank you 🙏We drove the red car. Please pay attention to your health and property safety! Yesterday they fly to Christchurch airport 4pm from Napier

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      1. Harmonie et spiritualité

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