Caught in a Storm - 4 days solo bushcraft, camping in heavy rain, portable wood stove, canvas tent


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    Got caught in a crazy storm on the last days of my winter bushcraft camping trip. Storm Ciara had passed the previous week or so. I was eager to get out but little did I know storm Dennis was on its way. When the storm arrived, I was already deep in the forest off trail for 2 days with lots of rain but no crazy winds. I opted to set my second camp on a raised part of a lake. No trees windward from me, just water, but also no shelter from the 70 mph winds (110 km/h). With the conical shape of my shelter and past experiences with my bigger tipi tent in previous storms, I felt optimistic that it would be ok in the wind.
    First night of the storm I skipped dinner and held tight waiting for the worst part of it to pass. I had my stove with me and decided to put it to the test anyway, hoping the thing wouldn't fill the shelter with smoke or break. Impressively it did not, it kept me warm and cozy inside while the madness was picking up strength outside, the worst of it during the night. Crazy experience, but I must say I enjoyed it tremendously. The next day was spent gathering wood and cooking some nice food even though the storm was still lingering. New videos every week, thanks for watching! - Ric
    chicken, meat, bell peppers, cheese, bacon, onion, eggs
    Behind the scenes and best moments shots:

    Where is this?
    - Scandinavia

    Can you share the location?
    - No. Landowners don't want me too. You need permission to do some of the thing I do in the video.

    Where did you get the food?
    - supermarket wilderness
    Where did the chicken come from?
    - from an egg
    Why don't you hunt your own food?
    - plenty of dead meat in the supermarket. I prefer to observe the little wild life that is left,
    and hunt if I really need to. But not for a youtube video.
    How do you keep your food from spoiling?
    - it’s freezing cold, the whole place is a fridge/freezer
    Do you have a filming crew?
    - no
    Have you met bigfoot?
    - no
    Do wild life bother you?
    - not if I don't bother them
    What wild animals do you have in that country?
    - wild boar, moose, linx, fox, hares, deers, squirrels, wolves, brown bears, martens, badgers, hedgehogs, reign deers, eagles, Ravens, owls etc..
    Do you sell your paintings?
    - Yes, link above

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      I watched this episode with my mother, love the solace, enjoyed your survival skills, and your painting skills. Being artists who paint with oils, both of us were drawn to the scene you painted at the 10:19 -10:40 timestamp, so for my mother's birthday this week, I ordered a framed print of that scene from Fine Art America. It came right on time, and she LOVES it. I subbed your channel and look forward to watching more of these awesome videos. For anyone interested in getting a print of this painting for themselves, (I bought the 10" x 5.5" print with the gray SLW6 frame to pair with it...beautiful), here is the link: . You won't be disappointed; it has the same dark rustic feel.

      1. Eagle Kelmendi

        Just to remind you this is not survival ...just camping and I see this time he had not so good weather ☹️ Any way I just love it

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        What survival skills?! Hiking up to the woods on thursday aftrnoon w a tent stove and fuckn cornish hen?! Oh one teabag! Gtfoh

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      is this what you people call survival skills? this is BS. the only thing this guy didn't bring with him to the woos was a portable toilet.

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      I am puzzled by those who have 👎 this video. One of the best videos I have seen this year on KGup. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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      You're very very person.. would be so afraid that cooking that food would attract predators.... Hats off to you

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        Gear link in description☝️

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      1. Nagualero

        No but it’s easy to make one if needed

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      you hand fixed the moss after messing it up, that shows the level of care and respect that guy has for nature. Hats off to you my friend. Keep on keepin on, life's a garden, DIG IT!!!

    44. Tia - sáng.

      - Are you going to build a house and stay here forever ? Nov, 25 - 2020.

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    45. Tia - sáng.

      - I really like to go camping in the heavy snow or heavy rain and rain for many days, seeing it raining, or seeing snow falling is so interesting. Nov, 25 - 2020.

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    99. david tom

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