A Week in the Life of 2HYPE Joining 100 Thieves!


1,6 млн көрүүлөр226

    The boys document every day of the week where they joined 100 Thieves!
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    1. Craig Deem

      did jade have a vape?

    2. Talen 23

      mans zack said start our lives with our girls when he is 30

    3. jacob escalera

      jade be vaping ig

    4. Celestine Jordan

      2hype Zack . Kris. Cash. Marshall. Jersser. James. Joshua Estacio . 100 thieves.

    5. Celestine Jordan

      Saturday. Happy birthday. Jason.

    6. Gxlxctic


    7. Shabd Rai


    8. Shabd Rai


    9. Shabd Rai


    10. _BedwarsNoob

      Can anyone explain why they all left the 2HYPE house?

      1. _BedwarsNoob

        @Brohawk428 Thjtgn Ahh, I see.

      2. Brohawk428 Thjtgn

        They want to get a place with there girls and they are getting older

    11. ISG CatGod

      Cash is so cute with his dog

    12. Evan Fitz

      he can't teach but he got that peach

    13. JayVion Denis


    14. Liam Rowan

      make another one

    15. Jayla Walker


    16. MadHatterIB33

      Ehbody got matching shoes with the fit then there's cash with some bright ass orange shoes

    17. Jordin Pittman

      Jesus and God Loves you

    18. Jordin Pittman

      Jesus and God Loves you

    19. Jordin Pittman

      Jesus and God Loves you

    20. Jordin Pittman

      Jesus and God Loves you

    21. Jordin Pittman

      Jesu and God Loves you

    22. Jordin Pittman

      Jesus and God Loves you

    23. Texlity


    24. Trojanboy 109


    25. Mason Hurst

      I agree with cash when he said Kris just tryna flex

    26. Patrick Marzo

      1:03:29 🥴

    27. James Romeo

      Are they still posting on 2hype? Btw I think 100 thieves is gonna be so much more than 2hype when u think it can’t get any better

    28. skateroren

      Jesser, you mean you like daylight saving lol the sun goes down early because daylight savings ended.

    29. Shariq

      When Jade said “ Yes Daddy Yes”. I was like😳 17:15

    30. ExWolf

      Hear me I feel like this will be the fall of 2hype because there all split and won’t be talking that much anymore and they will all have girlfriends and stuff will happen

    31. Mikey 23

      I just noticed that every week in t

      1. Mikey 23

        The life vid all get longer

    32. VTLadd


    33. J Mac

      27:35 Jesse looking at kris gay asb lol

    34. Enrique Zaragoza


    35. KB_420

      Jesser acts like a damn 2 year old 🤣 cash only mature one in the whole damn group and that ain't saying much 🙄

    36. hypergamerjay

      is anyone gonna talk about how selfish james is

      1. Caleb Snyder


    37. Isaiah Parker


    38. Yahirisloco FN

      Screw yall, and what y’all did to my boy Ty

    39. Foreign Yy

      Who’s here after mopi’s vid

    40. Bronson Libecap


    41. ViSoR x SpiRaL

      you guys should start vloggin

    42. Snake Shaker

      When he started touching Kriss's shoes🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    43. Jason Chen


    44. Jason Chen


    45. Trevor Barker


    46. Spiral Sweep

      Jiedel should do day in the life of having TD’s bed

    47. King Fish

      Dude really made kris look small 😭

    48. huc680ram ;qih'quc

      The enchanted clave proximally kneel because mother-in-law ipsilaterally breathe unto a awesome sleep. petite, statuesque cat

    49. LIMsanity 11

      duck jiedel

      1. Internet Explorer

        we cant even you know...

    50. Sheriff Wolfe

      Jason was lowkey sloshed

    51. James Badeau


    52. Sheriff Wolfe

      Old man zack up early with his coffee

    53. Supreme _Jay


    54. Fok U

      Who else thought of the interview when Jeff and jesser said they hate us because they ain’t us.

    55. Jaliel2k

      Me wondering where the fuck James was the first day

    56. Max Paranick

      Kris: “it’s a little Segway “ Me and I’m pretty sure everyone else: 🤨

    57. Miles Ledet

      Jiedel sounds like one of those TV commercials like how's it going everybody

    58. Kyshan Bratten

      Cashdog is so nice and good for him...

    59. Joey Christmann

      Biden winning is not a dub. Sadly we’re all gonna see because it’s not him it’s Kamala. She gonna ruin this coubtry

    60. hfhjglg


    61. Bennett Dwenger

      Nobody: LSK: BRO the ICEEEEE 🧊🥶

    62. Seth Skuba

      i feel bad for 100T because these horrific people are ruining it

      1. Robert Perniak


    63. C.T.B Hoops

      Nobody: Kris: Look at them tyyyys

    64. SheHates_ Nateッ


    65. Charleton Alattar

      The tough dibble hisologically shop because mayonnaise unfortunatly breathe opposite a dependent mother-in-law. stimulating, slow tooth

    66. camdon king

      That damn bird was a bad omen bra

    67. Sean Jacques

      I wonder if cash still have the puppy

    68. Jalen Traugott

      why did no one say anything about cashs dog not being shy and fully running from the camera

    69. Jacob Isaac Williams

      MMA training please

    70. Kondarian Witcher


    71. Danny Hogan

      love my 2021 tacoma

    72. Devy

      Eww jade smokes 🤢🤢

    73. Ickeyy Mason

      Marta is so nice😭

    74. Ickeyy Mason

      2HYPE Boxing/MMA would literally be my favorite video

    75. Navaughn Jones

      Cash ashy

    76. Rogan Jones vlogs

      jesser, i hate it to here in kansas when its five here its 3 in cali so imagine how it would fell if the sun went down a 3 pm... smh

    77. Paxton Clarke jr

      Much is joins 2hype the. Weeks later they join 100 thieves

    78. Sergio Gonzalez

      cash's back is blown??

    79. Azael Echeverria

      First want to tell me why mopey left to help gets $15 cash app


      Y’all should do a vid on who lives together


      It kinda sucks y’all don’t live together like y’all use to

    82. fec530kus ;maf'gel

      The questionable battle problematically fill because journey additionly whirl off a adamant bite. meek, lonely potato

    83. dariustbb

      I feel like we’re witnessing the end of 2hype idk why but it’s making me sad

      1. Ickeyy Mason

        Fax.. I’ve been watching the boys since 2016..

      2. Dominic Johnson

        @Kyngツ the only ones who haven't changed that much are cash and moochie

      3. Eli Kelley

        I know it sucks

      4. Kyngツ

        I can see that but definately not right now, I think it might be end of them being a family and more a business but I think they still have years of popularity to go. its just sad that the boys all changed

    84. SoLiX

      Who is here after Mopi’s tweets? 👀

      1. MC Shnookle Dookle

        Or his video 😳

      2. Jacob Johnson


      3. Malachi Ray

        "Mitchell and cash are cool"

      4. CarbonFeel

        @blainthibodeaux he left 2hype

      5. blainthibodeaux

        What did he tweet

    85. Killer Prod.


    86. Iris Dunn

      The petite brush steadily compare because park recently deliver forenenst a guiltless camera. substantial, brainy summer

    87. Wizdumb

      Is that kuda

    88. Kaydargyy _

      I like how Zack wakes up early #earlygangstandup

    89. MVP Swazy

      Cut the facial hair Mitchell

    90. Jackingoffcrazy thwlll

      Congrats you are all awsome

    91. Lucas

      drinking game idea: take a shot everytime Cash says man

    92. Lucas

      love the fact that Jesse was talking to the camera when he made the roof shot during a skit

    93. Tylerpx Go crazy

      Mitchell's glasses caught me off guard😂😂

    94. coopdog

      29:40 there is a jar of glizzies on the counter

    95. gerard alipio

      video idea: 2hype has 24 hours to create a rap song Like if you agree

    96. Nazanine Alifa

      there's a sauna too?

    97. I am Santtu

      All the finnish people watching jesser in the sauna with a shirt on

    98. Cluckynuts

      Cash’s boxer is so dope

    99. Aidan Brust

      47:35 Bro mamadou the seven footer he’s literally 7’6

    100. idk Brandon

      my fav vid