Alexa Bliss hits Randy Orton with a fireball: Raw, Jan. 11, 2021



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    During a heated confrontation with Triple H, Randy Orton finds himself on the receiving end of a fiery, vengeful act courtesy of Alexa Bliss. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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    1. JKW FIGZ

      Who realise they're still using legendary at the end???

    2. 2PAC Shakur


    3. Anton Cheung

      Pro wrestling is getting ridiculous....

    4. Julo Nikko Dinglasan

      Alexa Bliss is now the new flame alchemist

    5. Lionel Herselman

      2:08 It's hammer time

    6. عبده نور الدين

      ده امتى ده

    7. The Will and Willis Show

      When Alexa held up that “Pain” glove, you knew Randy was in trouble.

    8. Jazz Man

      BLISS used "EMBER" 🔥🔥🔥 💥 *its super effective*

    9. Inframodus Music

      Katon: Gokakyuu no Jutsu

    10. ꧁ƛƘƲ - ŰMƛ꧂


    11. foxy29pro legendary foxy

      I think Randy Is going to be more mad after that.

    12. A.M Woof

      I know some things are supposed to be kinda fake every now and then but I really hope that didn't hit him Also is it me ore are those tables stronger than normal

    13. Rachel mendel

      How in the hell does she get the fireballs? She just did the Liu Kang's special move. R.I.P Randy Orton 4-1-80 1-11-21?

    14. Myster palomino

      Mi idolo mi heroe nooooo

    15. justhayleigh14

      What has wwe become I’m so lost at this point 🤦‍♀️😂

    16. ThePeachySqaud 2012tho

      The announcers: WhAt hAPpend

    17. Pradi Pradeepa


    18. Wnzo


    19. nicolas mrkonjic

      eso no se hace quemarle la cara a cualquier luchador.esta mallllllllllllll¡¡¡¡

    20. dolita windo

      Omg this is trend in Egypt woow 🔥

    21. Kou Luka

      Wrestling’s so dramatic now.

    22. Carlos Alfonso

      Denle un Oscar a Randy Orton por favor !!!!!

    23. Kane Bess


    24. Jordan Dupont

      LAME AF.... WHY H3 ?! WHY DUDE...?!

      1. Jordan Dupont

        @dolita windo and just for the record.. YOU ARE GORGEOUS ! !

      2. dolita windo

        Nice one, Alexa Bliss! You are so amazing! It's also amazing when the sledge hammer of Triple H has fire on top!

    25. بنتك يا عراق

      لاااا دايما ما يغشون الوحش وصديقته

    26. Eto' ́

      Alexa 😳💖

    27. BlaZiN718


    28. TYE

      There rivalry is legendary, I don't care what y'all say

    29. alelusio

      Katon: Goukakyuu no jutsu

    30. Shadow Games

      Big oof for Randy

    31. manueltuber younn

      Hhh vs Randy orton Q Nostalgia me hizo recordar cuando er niño y los veia

      1. Cara Roots

        📌 Awesome video btw 😘

    32. Moonlight Graeme

      Ha ha, that was terrible. No wonder the ratings are as low as they are. Awful

    33. Xw0nd3rmanX

      What a game of catch

    34. Mike Ells

      Who remembers when Triple H disguised as Goldust shot a fireball into Kane's face? Or when Kane accidentally shot Chyna with a fireball?

    35. ana McCall


    36. ana McCall


    37. Symon Gerald Diloy

      I wish if alexa bliss have a match against asuka this monday wish alexa bliss wear her ring gear or have a new ring gear 😁💖💖💖

    38. Noli Malaguit

      Nice one, Alexa Bliss! You are so amazing! It's also amazing when the sledge hammer of Triple H has fire on top!

    39. Hunter Rule

      I can’t wait for The Fiend to return. I hope he still will be The Fiend. Like at least more scary.

    40. STEVE P

      Alexa's hair looks pretty.

    41. Minnie Flowers

      Here comes. Alexa Bliss...

    42. Weight Loss Initiative

      i think she's using pyro from ellusionist, its a device that can shoot fireballs from your hands

    43. Rosie Cassidy

      Alexia is like something out of the movies pain triple H Motörhead T-shirt best one I’ve seen Randy has been hot for a few weeks now lol

    44. JourneyMan Smitty

      Now That's What I Call cutting the head off of viper snake literally LMAO😂😂😂😂

    45. Akmal Hafiz

      Pitbull song " Fireball " 😌

    46. Влад Полищук

      Cen you meib

    47. Gamy Campos

      That hurt so bad if i got hit with that fireball. But when i saw the fireball i scream.

    48. Mary Anne Josue

      Randy so painful why she did that

    49. Mary Anne Josue

      How she did that to randy he sound so hurt

    50. get to the chopper

      They weren’t counting on Orton cutting his face open 😂

    51. BoyInBlue

      And people still say this is staged

    52. Quinterro

      THIS IS S T U P I D!

    53. Ben Brislawn

      It is too bad it wasn't the other way around where Alexa could have been lit on fire. TOM PHILLIPS SUCKS WORSE THAN MICHAEL COLE!!!!

    54. Master Funk

      She’s cute

    55. Drip 1K

      Itachi would be so proud 😂

    56. Joey's Adventures

      Can’t wait for The Fiend to return

    57. Dennis Duigou

      Only the Sheik was the master of the fireball.

    58. Iansy Dawn

      i see alexa been training with uchiha clan, look at that sharingan 😂

    59. manusia 385

      Her fire ball jutsu better than asuka's green mist

    60. gonzales macmac

      Goooo alexa

    61. Marco Hajetschek

      I hope shes collecting a genkidama till february

    62. Steven Cheverez

      I seen better acting at a dead husband's funeral.

    63. keventertains

      I was looking for the thumbnail 😑it wasn’t even there

    64. Grant Rothman

      Anyone who likes wrestling in my opinion are dumb AF I would rather watch fkn days of our lives & so many followers poor people LMFAO

    65. Sok Nim Kim

      Me I remember that and triple h has a hammer

    66. Rob Ott

      They cant even get turning the lights off done right anymore

    67. Jacob Chandler


    68. bilishu aliss

      I like 1. The longer one is better

    69. Mathew Williams

      '5 Foot of Firey.'

    70. Shon Casey

      The boys eyes

    71. A V

      So fake... poor Randy being subjected to the Raw writers' bad scripting...

    72. Joel Torres

      What happened WWF? I mean... WWE?

      1. bilishu aliss


    73. BH 17

      Fake 4:12 x0.25

    74. Calvin Ellis


    75. Jeremiah Thomas

      Alexa probably know anime style as well how she blow that fireball

    76. Streetrat_

      Well ain't this just a big steamy pile of dog doo. I was here previewing Raw clips contemplating getting a WWE network membership, but if even guys I used to love watching are doing THIS... Man, RIP wrestling.

    77. PopeyePlay

      Lol it's fake she didn't hit him with anything it's just camera doing 🤣🤣🖕 the fools will believe it

    78. Irma Del Bosque

      I fell bad for Randy

    79. George Foster

      how did she do that

    80. D00MTR33

      So Orton is Wolverine now? Cut on his cheek magically heals in seconds.

      1. Sala Min

        continuity error

      2. Clip U

        Shii so fake but my lil bro watch it soo

      3. A.M Woof


    81. Ardhi Kuswara

      Anjir, Makin gak jelas WWE

    82. assassinsknight

      Can’t believe Kane never did that to HHH

    83. Sophia Smith


    84. Altagracia Gomez Cruz

      A ver si se le ha pasado a

    85. m_collins1881

      Well...this goes to show that Orton's doing what he can with what they're giving him to work with 🤦

    86. Mouse Gaming123


    87. Daniel gaming8

      4:12 fireball into randy Orton eyes lol

    88. ARTHUR Moore


    89. Achelouz

      "Katon!! Gokakyu no jutsu!!"

    90. Al R

      “Might be blind” lmfaooo yeaaaaa sureeeee

      1. Cara Roots

        yay! not clickbait!:D

    91. Nentord Uchiha

      Omg is Randy ok!?

    92. Purple Spark

      Orton sold it well

    93. Tatiana Walker

      Love Trip H

    94. OhmygoditsBrit Whatever

      No is he actually good though? That’s the first time I’ve ever heard him sound genuinely in pain

    95. Kris Evans

      I get the feeling vince is destroying his own company before he kicks the bucket,i mean its like he's taking pointers from vince russo, this clip is the most ridiculous thing ive ever seen in wwe and also the commentary is pathetic

    96. Juan Costa


    97. Preston Colvin

      whats the music called when alexa bliss shows up?

    98. Jay Sucks at life

      I have sharp eyes I saw Alexa pull out a lighter that was when they gave her when she put her hand on her chest I saw the lighter

    99. Davide Matera

      I love Alexa Ti Amo Alexa

    100. Joshua Pierre

      No spray tan tonight for HHH. Dude was red at WM35