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    This video is satire/parody and is not real.
    This video is fake and never happened. This video is made for comedy and not factual at all.
    This Video Is Not Real
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    1. The United Spot

      We love and appreciate you all. Thanks for watching

      1. Dark Obsidian

        You guys always make my day great again

      2. Michael Gerke

        @Pam Ott what you hear here is actually closer to truth than anything you will ever hear on tv or radio

      3. Jimbob Muffincake

        United spot you are just hilarious

      4. Veronica Raper

        I am tired of people calling me a white supremacist because I love TRUMP guess what I love trump I am s conservative Republican and Biden sucks BOOM TRUMP FOREVER.

      5. Veronica Raper

        Thank you united spot u are the best

    2. Devar Skinner

      Circle back while backing off jackword.

    3. Devar Skinner

      Huntter front me a lid? No joe u still owe me 4 bucks from the last front or was it the back front. Either way the left is wrong.rite.

    4. Devar Skinner

      The hell he is . he has passed away. Pray for the demon riden satan crats.

    5. US Navy

      Absolutely Luv these videos.

    6. Phillip Rose

      Love these, kudos for giving us all a laugh!

    7. Justin Beery

      This is true how the democrat party acts today. Like a circus. I was an ironworker local 92 union. I was on a job site locally in Alabama we had had one old school democrat he said he was voting democrat for the election because he said it’s a circus now.

    8. Lisa Martinez

      Lol I look forward to your videos every day!! I just love you guys!!!! God Bless and stay safe!!!!! And never ever stop doing these awesome videos


      Awesome. Now impeach Beijing Biden

    10. James Chancey

      This is just too real

    11. MrPERPS

      S a v a g e

    12. Captain Kirk

      O nly M arries A R elative

    13. Captain Kirk

      A ss O f C amel has the IQ of your average room temperature

    14. Captain Kirk

      Joe blow..Taiwan has hair sniffing addiction treatments

    15. Captain Kirk

      Thanks for the high gasoline prices Joe Blow..IDIOT

    16. Captain Kirk

      ALGORE..this global warming is a nightmare..BRRRRRR

    17. Captain Kirk

      Slick Willie..Joe blow has set up another tryst for you and Monica in the whitey house but this time Monica is wearing a white dress so the stains aren't as visible

    18. Captain Kirk

      HELLARY..what was 69ing with Yoko ohhh noooo like..smelly ..sweet !??

    19. Brian Gagen

      Thank You ......just, Thank You!

    20. Donald Floyd

      Thank you China, says it all.

    21. Kimberly Potts

      No he is not president so stop lying so your so wrong so there is nothing but a bunch of idiots also they are ignorant lol

    22. Joseph Gurule

      this actually the way biden probadly are i miss trump

    23. Thomas Bower

      Clearly a parody and not factual. It's got Pelosi as "the Brain".

    24. 97warlock ismyname

      She doesnt answer that many questions though, most her answers are basically I'll have to circle back or ......we'll circle back.

    25. tony long

      Cnn should be shut down Hope their doors close forever

    26. increase channel

      Is this real? oh its a parody, but it looks so real

    27. garry3013

      He wants to appoint to be the leader of DEA. Best Man 4 the Job.

    28. Scott

      Where’s the parody??

    29. Chris McDonald

      Love this channel. Poking fun at so called "journalists "hard hitting questions is ABSOLUTELY priceless

    30. Paul Rizik

      *biden is a FRAUD and will never be my president*

    31. scorides

      Wheres the parody?....... hehehehehehe

    32. Chris Trudell

      States are in serious trouble

    33. Al Bundick

      All jokes and all my giggle's on these memes, these folk's are not playing with us and using their seat/position's of POWER against this country and the people they feel and clearly have displayed openly to..they are no longer servant's. When that really sinks in, you might wanna get off the couch and start uniting to hold these lawless/oath breaker's to stern justice. Start with contacting your military in bulk call's, letter's, and emails because they took an oath as well.. foreign and domestic.

    34. Jon Xenos

      everyday for 5 years we had President Trump bashing but one month in office & the media along with SM hasn't shown any accomplishments. For crying out loud this individual has been in government for half a century & you cant find the drug dealer dealing drugs to your kids nor knew from day one your kids were on drugs. I guess in the new world drugs use is an ingredient for a success story.

    35. Jon Xenos

      obviously this is parody.... obviously

    36. Terence Siggers

      This is just like real life. in fact this parody is more intelligent than the real people. Good job.

    37. Edward Fowler

      OMG that was the funniest thing you guys have ever done. We sure do need the laughter nowadays.

    38. Chad Giarmo

      Thats about right..

    39. Da Slapahoe

      The look in the office us a direct replica of how USA is in right now. Gotta laugh cause it sure beats crying!!! Need to take all the trash out and clean it up...

    40. Bon AnonymousCrickett

      You always make my day brighter. Gotta remember to laugh at the 👺

    41. Ruby Snow


    42. Larry Boone

      I commented at 911 comments. This is mo dangerous than 911 Its internal/domestic.

    43. Whicker

      These real-life Stalinist demonRAT lunatics running the asylum, make "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" a documentary.

    44. Your Problem

      Best knock knock joke I've heard for a long time.

    45. KellyAnn Dean

      LOVE THIS!!!!!

    46. donuthole4sale

      Another brilliant video exposing the cold hard truth with humor!!!

    47. DrWrap

      This video looks doctored to me. lol

    48. tami welch

      Don't think Corrupt Biden/ Democrat USA hating enemy ruining the Republic is funny.

    49. Cover This

      I can in no way see the difference between reality and this video.. this is just a perfect reenactment... who would of thunk that people actually voted for this ?!

    50. The Real Nerd

      I want one of those fan hats!!

    51. Jeff Reisen

      We are doomed

    52. Robyn Hood


    53. John Naab

      You dont have to do satire. While signing the EXEC ORDERS ha says "I don't know what I'm signing" Guy makes him sign ANYWAY

    54. Wolf Man

      I love these. Their antics are so dumb that it leans more towards truth then you know! Keep it up! We need to laugh at fools!

    55. A Patriot

      Yes ITs fake , just keep saying it, eventually you will believe it . #Trumpwon!

    56. ronnie ciavarelli

      You got to love ❤️ this stuff 🤪

    57. heath hill

      not real YET

    58. Bobby D

      Talk about The lunatic's running the Asylum 🥴🥴🥴🤪 Brilliant guys 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    59. Ammo

      MR. POTATO HEAD !!!

    60. Bari Mayberry

      Knock Knock

    61. BrWilson

      Pinky and the Brain😁Great reference!

    62. Surreal

      I've not laughter soo much I decades 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    63. nhp mangos

      It's surreal to believe that those idiots control the Country now of course their media is going to glorify them in every instant and never call their bs out ever.

    64. Lisa Smith

      Lol. Awesome. Thank you

    65. Hong Kong Phooey


    66. michael burns

      I want my steamed carrots. We always have a little cake with butterscotch puddin’ on catfish day.

    67. Cameron Jackson

      Awesome video 💕. Huge fan from the UK 💕

    68. Thomas Simmons

      Biden's voice sounds like Beetlejuice.

    69. Vitalija Tartilienė

      You are the best,guys👍💯😉

    70. skin fair like snow

      More amazing questions please 😁👌🇬🇧

    71. KSD The Hammer

      Fauci is the highest paid federal employee he’s paid $407,608 a year

    72. Bush63Master

      Love this one!!!

    73. El Camino

      I thought His favorite cereal was Corn Pops

    74. StarshipJehovah 1776

      "The Hunt For Red Obiden"

    75. RickDeckard

      Just hilarious satire. Great stuff

    76. Gerard Pelletier

      Psaki and Fowlchi conducting those hard-hitting interviews & taking on the tough questions. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    77. Cenz Gullo

      Is this a deep fake? Asking for Hunter.....

    78. jerry

      I love squirtbottle! that is the best

    79. Jeff Etow

      Now its 2 mask . No shit !! Abc

    80. Jeff Etow

      Come on man ! We all know Biden eats CORN POP .LOL

    81. William Gallaher

      More factual than the lame stream media. Thank you.

    82. Jesus Gonzalez


    83. John Randolph

      Well this tells it Joe treated his wife when Jill was babysitting his children before his wife died....It needs to be told how he cheated with Jill.......disgusting, no wonder all the kids are disturbed.

    84. Amundsen

      you need to post these on rumble, fantastic

    85. wilson rawlin

      That was outstanding, Funny and so true it is tragic as well. Faucci with the fan tent hat was friggin hilarious! Dad! We're out of tinfoil!

    86. Randy Mac

      Love this stuff closest thing to the truth there is !!!

    87. Jon Martin

      Seems to be spot on

    88. Grace Panebianco

      This was really funny and well done. But the EtchAsketch was absolutely hilarous. Thankyou for the laughs

    89. Kool 66 Imp

      Democrats own the House, Senate and White House. Trump lost! get over it

    90. Sharon Rogers


    91. John Miner

      Only thing sleepy joe is good for is a laugh!

    92. wd1488

      Hunter Biden is literally the smartest person joe ever knew....... his words, not mine.

    93. Dan O'Brien

      It's All fun an games, Till you loose your 🇺🇸🇺🇸COUNTRY🇺🇸🇺🇸

    94. Janice L.

      Pardon me.... Can you pass the grey poupon?!!!

    95. David Harris

      CNN get you some of this real news.

    96. Tony Endaz

      You guys are Awesome lol, love you guys. Keep sharing you'all!!!

    97. Antonio Cobb

      I thought fake Joe liked Trix

    98. R G

      Joe likes both? Nothing wrong with being bi-curious.

    99. Laura Kistner

      So hilarious and TRUE

    100. Micheal Pencoff

      Camel toe douches with old hotdog water