Follow Me (Zoey 101) Official Video - Jamie Lynn Spears with Chantel Jeffries


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    "Follow Me" Official Lyrics:
    Ooh ooh, I know you see me standin’ here
    Do I look good my dear?
    Do I look good today?
    Ooh ooh ooh, you know I’ll always be your girl
    Together we can see the world
    Come on let’s run away
    Yeah, yeah

    Tell the DJ play
    We can dance all day
    Let’s just get away, yeah
    We can make them see
    All of the things that we can be
    Forget all your fears and follow me
    Yeah yeah yeah

    Hey, don’t be stuck inside your head
    Just get out with me instead
    Let’s melt the stress away
    Yeah, yeah
    Yeah yeah you, do what you wanna do
    Be your own kinda muse
    It’s your role you play
    Yeah, yeah

    Tell the DJ play
    We can dance all day
    Let’s just get away, yeah
    We can make them see
    All of the things that we can be
    Forget all your fears and follow me
    Yeah yeah yeah

    Stars are shinin’ now
    Shinin’ for you
    But you don’t need shootin’ stars
    The magic’s all in you

    We can make them see
    All of the things that we can be
    Forget all your fears and follow me
    Yeah yeah yeah

    Tell the DJ play
    We can dance all day
    Let’s just get away, yeah
    We can make them see
    All of the things that we can be
    Forget all your fears and follow me
    Yeah yeah yeah
    Jamie Lynn Spears, Sean Flynn, Erin Sanders, Chris Massey, Matthew Underwood, Chantel Jeffries, JoJo Siwa, Dixie, D'Amelio, Loren Gray, Noah Beck, Eva Gutowski, Gigi Gorgeous, Sofia Reyes and Harry Jowsey.

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    1. Mariana Speltz

      I just loved!!! I Would Love to see a robot 💕💕💕💕💕

    2. Francesca L.


    3. rachel k.

      Tone deaf

    4. rachel k.

      This is so out of touch of the demographic that grew up watching this show

    5. rachel k.

      I just want to know why the two people kissed at the end

    6. Emilie


    7. Pablo

      This is awful ngl

    8. SwimSweetie100

      Wtf is this shit ?

    9. HannahBanana

      Poorly edited, poorly autotuned. JUST A DISGRACE AND DISAPPOINTMENT

    10. HannahBanana

      Is this a joke? Please tell me this is a joke.

    11. Rylie Bolling

      This is painful to watch

    12. Bunni Bee

      I didn’t know I could cringe this hard. Lol

    13. Ricky Ticky

      Well it wont be the same. hopefully they a college one.

    14. Anastasia Jane

      Where are her daughters?

    15. HOWÆRD

      Old stuff from back then is not gonna be the same. Damn y’all. Don’t y’all relieve time has changed with television? I’m glad this is coming back. Gives the new generation a taste of the past.

    16. Jesus Perez

      Where is dustin?

    17. Kylie Siebert

      I feel like this is about gaining “new fans” with these silly tick tick babies that doesn’t know shit about Jamie or this show. How about the fans that you ALREADY have...had?!🥺

    18. Kylie Siebert

      This is really sad. It’s a completely different song and show. This isn’t Zoey 101. I feel disappointed.

    19. AnimShack

      I like TikTok, but mainly for comedy purposes but it is getting a little tiring seeing tiktokers around everywhere. And don’t get me wrong I’m happy for their success and no hate but the editing was kinda bad.. and much respect to all you guys, for real but I’m not feelin it

    20. SyMPocxx

      I know that people hate the tiktokers and so do i but im gonna h8 on sumthing else... i almost wanna cry from the nostalgia but it makes me h8 them for how the way they treated alexa Nik. I feel so sad for her. In a video she exposed everything that happened on set and she was bullied the hell out of and it just paints a different picture of the show when i watch this and I want to keep that beautiful painting but its now burned...😥😥😪😭😭

    21. arturo gil

      I miss victoria Justice here 💔

    22. Mj Taylor

      Jamie girl why did u add jojo and Dixie and Noah-

    23. Mj Taylor


    24. Vanessa Tran

      I was so excited because this was honestly one of my favorite childhood shows I would watch religiously and the original cast being back is amazing but it should have ended there all these other tik tok stars and whatnot are irrelevant to the reunion

    25. Gar Field

      They are so old now can I say? Kinda boring?

    26. Jeremiah Hooks

      I want everyone to attack Noah and dixie

    27. Aylin Vanegas

      this ain’t no reboot

    28. Melissa Salles

      This made me SO happy

    29. Isis Ioane

      I hate this now I have a show I really lived now in my hated movie list 🥺😭

    30. Drew Brinx

      Were is Victoria Justice

    31. Clara Abelha

      EU TO PASSANDO MAL!!!!!!

    32. mxndieu


    33. Bella Dolce

      This dollar store version of Britney’s song, should obviously take precedence over helping your sister against your drunk father and Britney’s stalker you’ve chosen as a manager

    34. Steeve Jkr


    35. Queen Kazzy

      Can we please get a normal reunion without the added people who are not in the cast???

    36. Ayad

      Im sorry, jamie u suppose to help your sister britney the legend to free herself from your dad! Not doing this stupid reunion w tiktokers.

    37. Z Calabro

      gigi gorgeous lollll haven't seen someone so fked up from plastic surgery before 😂😂😂😂

    38. Z Calabro

      Karma hit her so hard hahaha you went from being cute to horrific ugliness cause yeah you don't look good anymore ecen if you're trying to hide it

    39. Sharky Shark

      Can we pls get a soft piano version out and the og version 🥺🥺🥺

    40. 2000's Computer Girl


    41. Daniel Cedeño Díaz


    42. Paul Jet

      Where did she loose her neck?

    43. Theworldisendin

      She can’t even sing anymore either 😂

      1. uwu

        Ikr and the acting isn't as good either.

    44. Aaron Yodo

      The comment can gone missing, but don't worry I will keep posted it up so Ms. Jamie Lynn can have some sort of reality check #FreeBritney

    45. Danica Haithcock

      Thanks, I hate it

    46. Em Fraser

      Embarrassment. Karma lol

    47. Kay Gee

      What the fkk is this Jamie will NEVER be as good as britney spears. Its disgusting she doesn't even stand up for her sister britney. Jamie cant even sing and has aged so much worse than britney. Literally britney looks like the younger sister. Eww this video is cringe. Management should delete.

    48. Aaron Yodo

      Maybe you would know how it really feels having your rights stripped if you're the one who got treated as a "RACE HORSE" for years, just like your dear father JAMIE did to Britney #FreeBritney

    49. Mía Madrid Galilea

      Jamie Lynn Spears ♥️ I love you

    50. Mía Madrid Galilea


    51. Nirfreud

      Épico XD

    52. Chioma Duru

      Why does everything involve tiktokers now ??? It’s really annoying and they need to focus on the really fans that care about them and not try to appeal to 5yr olds

    53. nathan wade

      even jamie was wondering where victoria justice was...

    54. Vitor CMG

      Please new season netflix and nick 🙏😭

    55. Vitor CMG

      The best série 😭😭😭😭❣❣❣❣🇧🇷

    56. Potter Nerd X


      1. lissete martin

        obviously they include tik tokers to have more atention but i think it will be good but idk its weird... i really want to see jammie

    57. CeeCee Bebe

      EW! Stop. Anyone that may think this represents the OG I'm sorry you were lead astray. Its was good while it lasted for those that actually know the OG show but it's time to let it go.

    58. Aaron Yodo

      You should be grateful and thankful to your sister Britney, dear Ms. Jamie Lynn. I hope you do have conscience inside you, and not become a fake, two faced social climbing person who tried to take down somebody just for her own gain #FreeBritney

    59. AskSeekKnock

      Jo jo is so cringe worthy

    60. Aaron Yodo

      You better stay silent than playing the victim card. Shame on you ! #FreeBritney

    61. Jada

      Quick question: Can anyone tell me where I can buy the matching tube top and cardigan that Jamie is wearing at 1:51?

    62. Chioma Duru

      My ears are bleeding

    63. Chioma Duru

      Who came up with this dumb looks so cheap and different from the original

    64. Chioma Duru

      This is a huge downgrade. It’s literally so different from the original, and it’s super cringe. Who else agrees and misses the original? It looks so cheap ☹️

      1. Abdoulaye Kourouma

        I agree this shits trash use the original theme song

    65. Angie B

      I'm sorry...was that supposed to be shade against Victoria?

    66. blakmagikgypsy

      Jamie, nice try using people that are relevant today for "clout" but they don't belong in a "zoey 101" reunion. Where's Victoria Justice and Nicole? & this video was TRASH. I could've put together a better "music video" on my cell phone..

    67. Megan Larsen

      This makes me want to go back and watch Zoey 101 all over again! Anyone know where I can watch it??

    68. No name

      NONONONONO, we don't want jojo siwa and those tiktokers

    69. florian duffo

      Oh the cringe... She must feel that her main money source will be cut off soon.

    70. Antoine Padilla

      Bruh this was trash y’all don’t even got the whole cast on there like I’m sorry i love Zoey 101 to death that was my favorite show growing up but if y’all make a reboot I’m not watching it💯

    71. Cancer Swag

      Sis made this trash but had the nerve enough to say Britney wasn’t okay... somebody find her key necklace and unlock the real zoey 101🙄

    72. EA12309

      What the hell is zoey 101?

    73. Ashley Shepherd

      But like where Victoria justice ....

    74. นิวศศิธร

      I don't get it, she has money... like a lot. But Zoey's video for Jet-X was better than this cheap excuse of a music video, what the hell 🤣 And what's the point of the influencers being there again...?

    75. Kimberly Galindo

      Nicole was my favorite character what happened to her?! She seemed so sweet. From the outside without admittedly knowing the full story it seems kind of rude to hold a grudge and not include her in anything. Anyway I liked this show as a kid but I don't think it deserves a reboot at this time. The premise with some of the original cast doesn't really make sense to me. Maybe when the original cast is old enough to have kids the same age going to PCA it could work. No offense but the character of Zoey probably didn't get knocked up by Chase at 16. That's no shade to Jamie Lynn. I like her as well. I'm a mom and I couldn't imagine having a baby that young. I applaud her for stepping up and raising her daughter so young. I bet she's a nice person and I'm a super fan of her sister. FREE BRITNEY!

    76. Mathwizzar :3

      I wasted my money on this...smh

    77. Finlay Mackenzie

      What the f*ck happened to Jamie-lynns face??!!!! 😳 she’s so odd looking now! Is it her nose or what?!!

    78. Finlay Mackenzie

      Wow this is so cringe 🙈

    79. Blackout Gurl

      The "Latina" girl it's just cringe... gosh.

    80. Taya Burton

      ...lmao why is Dixie and her bf in here. This is not it

    81. 장윤우


    82. #Bestestimes

      But no no no to Jo jo

    83. #Bestestimes

      Yes Yes yes

    84. tabbymagick13

      I know I'm not the only one crying right now

    85. LSong !


    86. Ci Leigh

      Wtf was that scooter scene!? Lmao

    87. chuckchai

      I know this is nonsensical but... she looks republican.

    88. Alma Abigail

      No, we hate u

    89. itsPinkpolkadot

      These tiktokers weren't even born yet when Zoey101 came out lmao

    90. No Filter A Nintendo Podcast

      God i want to be excited but this just won't let me. Just feels gross

    91. Kathryn Dors

      I liked it. They were trying to get the younger crowd in to like it too. I don't know why do many people were mad about this. I'll still play it in the car windows down, volume up. It's nostalgic but still new. No shame

    92. 0 0

      at least they're not doing drugs...

    93. Allie Gianniotis

      This was very disappointing.

    94. It’s just my opinion but

      Shewwww the cringe y’all

    95. Tere chavez

      She’s having this trash show and doesn’t even care about her sister Britney. Jamie uses her for money and can’t even stand up for her own blood smh. Disgusting

    96. Altene Beka

      It's only Zoey101 if it's with the old cast.. only the old cast would give us fans the same feeling and same memories smh. 🤔

    97. Tony Spoon

      You guys r saying that the song is boring and ya want the original cast and all i didn’t even listen to it I was here for Doha’s kiss at the end... 😏

    98. Dianne Menadier

      You guys are a bunch of haters i actually loved this video. ♥ this brought back memories i dig it.

    99. Jiasi Ejiari Moreno Bucio

      Racism at minut 1

    100. Naomi B.

      Who even thought this was a great idea?