COOL RAINBOW HACKS || Colorful Girly Hacks And DIY Ideas By 123 GO Like!

123 GO Like!

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    Do you want to look bright and especially? Then a little rainbow will definitely not hurt your image!
    Check out these awesome, the most creative and helpful tutorials that show you how to turn ordinary items into something totally magical!
    Whether it’s makeup tricks, fashion short-cuts or DIY hair-care, us girls can use all the help possible!

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    1. chelsea gamer13


    2. Robert Morton

      So cool

    3. pestanitas24

      What cream do you use??

    4. BubbleGum_studios



      Ieybro girl is so a bred and ponytel girl is so ogle so yaoo🙄😝😒

    6. Ariel Abeh

      The rainbow cool

    7. Ashley Sattiewhite

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    8. Zoebelle

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    10. Maria Colasanti

      Cool I like that hat with pencils India cool

    11. Love heart brown

      Do you not do the eyeliner trick of the pencils because I know it does not work and I’ll probably just miss that thing so I’m not trying to hate on this video it’s just my opinion

    12. Patsy Hackett


    13. Anne- Marie

      Amazing hacks

    14. Chrissy, Francine &Bekah

      5:25, she was in class!? Did she just run home, where did she get the knife!?

    15. Chrissy, Francine &Bekah

      4:23 LOL she fell AHAHAHA omg that was the best lol, and also how did she dye her hat too!?

      1. chelsea gamer13

        it’s like color life hacks lol

      2. chelsea gamer13


      3. chelsea gamer13

        ok jazz don’t have to be like that but okay

    16. Jordyn Henderson

      So know dang well she put extra stuff in her hair to make that color

    17. Lya Halbast Jalal 2A-KGS 2

      This is just like tie dye

    18. Artsistic Shanzay

      How to die black hair?

    19. Carmel Mohammad

      I love it

    20. Nicole Bualan

      Tie dye

    21. Ariana Grande

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    29. DabQueen CO420


    30. Clara Awesome

      3:13 yeeeahhhhh you guys totally made up the dye 🙄🙄🙄 99% of u won’t see this but the 1% that do thanks !

    31. Luana El jazzar

      Not bad

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    33. Mabolae Mohasi

      why why why

    34. almita rc

      muwa muwa muwa muwa. prefest

    35. Wana Hanah

      I am black pink fan

    36. Julie Garza

      i love you 123

    37. J & K

      I was curious if anyone knows where I would buy a Montana t shirt like the one in the video? I love it😍, thank you!

    38. Malaysia Weathers

      Is making it just like that game tie dye my name is Malik did not shut up and be quiet

    39. Mariam Jasseh

      1:48 they are extensions lol

    40. Jack Mac


      1. almita rc


    41. __Brøkēn_hëārts546 __

      Uhhh, you could’ve just told us you were doing the dye?

    42. Girl of the Galaxy

      YOur so good at hacks

    43. Lucy Marble

      How can u take the eye liner of

    44. Andrea Blanco

      I like this video

    45. Andrea Blanco


    46. Kristi Fleischman

      where did amy get the lipstick? 9:48 lol

      1. Kazi Gonzalez

        I think she even got mascara?!?!

    47. Just Lena

      2:59 I don’t think school goes overnight

      1. kunle ayodele


      2. _Moon Phoenix_

        Some do I think

    48. Pamela Georgieva

      Wow lily is so good at doing hair

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    50. Vusal Baydarov

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      Who chatted here is a fan of 123go

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      I just got a tooth pulled today

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      This video is show good!!!!

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        I don’t mean to be rude

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        You mean so good

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      I hate this idea

    55. DLY Creativity

    56. DLY Creativity

    57. Josh Wilkes

      Good luck

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    61. Sophia and Oliver’s world

      Also I have at least 10 tie dye shirts from the store

      1. Natalie Saba

        I have 1 from the store

    62. Sophia and Oliver’s world

      3:07 Me: *watches* Me: HOW WOULD YOU GET ALL THE STUFF WHEN YOU NEED TO HEAD TO CLASS!!!! Me: ALSO HOW WOULD YOU WAIT ALL NIGHT IN ONE SCHOOL DAY!! Me:it not like you gonna run home and come back for only a shirt!!!!!! Me: 1 million questions later Me: how, what ,wait, maybe, umm, huh?

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      I really hate your videos

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      What cream do you use

    69. Tristan Jackson

      Trying to dye their hair

    70. Tristan Jackson

      Cute hairstyle

    71. Linda Jansen

      Hi 123 Go

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      How does a girl carry those things in her own backpack and gloves until fall at school

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