Testing Weird Couples Products

Good Mythical Morning

1,3 млн көрүүлөр154

    Today, we're testing out some ridiculous couples products. GMM # 1903
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    1. Sherin Barnes

      I need the the spider jumper Link is wearing 😭😭😭

    2. Bo Gijsel

      That music comb is so cool

    3. Case Wheeler

      Can somebody tell me where I can find that shirt Link is wearing?! It’s awesome!

    4. Nathan Peters

      All I wanna know is if Link is wearing an Eric Carle themed sweatshirt because it's super rad!

    5. Bella Swanson

      15:20 I looked away for 2 seconds and I looked back to that, I legit jumped

    6. Nicole Mhuri

      4:07 in the video is very awkward

    7. zazzy mun

      This is the first time I disagree with all their decisions

    8. ashy reed

      as someone who is poly, seeing the throuple snuggie, while not amazing, made me so happy.

    9. Patrick Bradley

      Fantastic video

    10. Foxy Neko

      Well "Auge" means Eye in German so it makes sense :P

    11. Jess K

      At 15:40 Link became a caterpillar 🐛

    12. npr victim

      F bomb

    13. Sidney Pickrell

      can someone tell me where links sweater is from, cause i want one!

    14. vestiphobia

      okay but lowkey that comb is really cool

    15. Tumble Trash

      theres only one person who should be saying the words, "sweet nothing", and we all know who that is.

    16. Mega Ankylos

      Sausage Chase. That’s it. Just sausage Chase.

    17. Rachel Wylie

      Please tell me im not the only one who thinks Rhett kinda looks like hozier when hes wearing the camera strap on his head?

    18. punk-as-puck

      Clever comb

    19. CosmicGamingPenguin

      The best couple of 2021: Rhett & Link

    20. Rain

      And they were business parters

    21. Popiiporo

      Kids in the front of class: Behaved Kids in the back: 14:31

    22. Popiiporo

      14:31 this is the most bizarre thing I've watched in the last 6 years I've been watching these guys.

    23. Meme rations

      I’ll give you a tuggie under the snuggie

    24. Rocío Rangel

      I enjoyed sooo much the sausage costume dance 😂💚👏🏻👏🏻

    25. Linda Losinger

      Need to make it where you can detach the snuggie. Then itd be awesome

    26. J_Sierra 37

      The musical comb is still blowing my mind haha I love it!!!

    27. Jake Cathey

      Where’d Link get that shirt?

    28. Taco1011

      Been watching you guys since 2014. You guys still find ways to make me laugh.

    29. Victoria Jacobsen


    30. Olivia Brock

      Rhett and Link: Me trying to live my best life Chase: Crippling student debt

    31. Oliviadon

      And they were business partners

    32. Silje Hatlestad

      Chase just casually walking by in sausage costume and dances while Rhett and Link having a zero distance meeting and feeding themselves with chocolate covered strawberries is the most divine thing on youtube, gotta share this video at once! my family and friends must know of this! ;3

    33. aisha khan

      These guys.... The thrupple snuggie was the only good thing there... And they sweet nothinged it. What a bunch of a holes

    34. aisha khan

      I can't with the glasses 😭😭😭😭

    35. Maki Shoni

      OMG THAT COMB !!! 😱😍

    36. Digeo matino

      The inconclusive peanut locally melt because cafe findingsinitially stroke without a puny dorothy. one, half node

    37. k kurova

      these are the episodes i live for

    38. Elli Phillips


    39. Elli Phillips

      SO funny! *PLEASE* DO MORE!!!!!!

    40. Elli Phillips

      please do more of these!!!!!!!!!! luv yall!

    41. sierra Croy

      Rhett and link:🧔🏼🧑🏻 Chase: 🌭🕺🌭🕺🌭🕺

    42. Jocelyn Bullard


    43. Ashlyn Halstead

      Rheat/link:TEARABILE PRODUCTS”.

    44. Ashlyn Halstead


    45. Ashlyn Halstead

      What a butiful couple

    46. NikOwnzYu

      Love watching two 40 year old men docking.

    47. Hana Everill

      I never thought I wanted lip balm until I heard these flavors

    48. xander munoz

      They seemed to into the glasses bit

    49. Elisabeth Kohrman

      I’m from Fort Wayne also!!

    50. So Done

      Rhett: This is just a meeting between business partners. The people that write fanfiction about them: Uh huh...

    51. James Exum

      I love the sprite call back

    52. Sarah Makes

      this is the funniest episode of GMM i've ever seen. laughed so hard

    53. N A

      the thing about tom hanks' son was oddly relevant.

    54. Celaestis Amory

      I'm enjoying Link's sweatshirt so much right now

    55. TrueBeanBean

      I love how they just completely ignore that Chase is doing what he's doing, because they're too busy having fun trying to put the glasses on without hands. LOL

    56. zaccwiggins

      9:22 I thought he’d say it too Rhett

    57. Alexei Licot

      *"M e e t i n g"*

    58. Spookay It's Me

      Oh Link ... Docking? That's not what you think it is

    59. Ivy Tanner

      where can i get that sausage costume.

    60. ٍ


    61. Cinthia Guzman

      We're still good

    62. Selwyn Cox

      Is Stevie a girl

    63. Hunter C

      The sailor didn’t shave!!

    64. nicocrank

      i love the Term Creationneer =)

    65. Atomicflounder42

      Can I buy this from rhett and link for me, a heterosexual male, and my two guy friends, also heterosexual men, for our lord of the rings marathon? I feel like that's the most appropriate setting for it

    66. Amanda Polatis

      Chase looks more like Rhett's son every day.

    67. EmeraldAnnabelle

      Because everyone is nearsighted.

    68. Bruno Fernandez

      well, i'm quite jorni i may say


      Chet hanks.......Opie &Anthony ☺👍

    70. Emma Forget-Vanier

      Link blowing in the glass had me screaming omg 😂😂

    71. Leanne

      We're still good!

    72. H S

      The lying denim arthroscopically welcome because fowl chiefly intend beyond a lovely sturgeon. blushing, pink siberian

    73. Maddy Patrick

      i love that link never thinks through his actions lol he just does

    74. mrs.harrytomlinson

      I ship them..

    75. Kelsi buxton

      Omg omg omg I cant stop laughing 😆

    76. Karson Hawkins

      this video was soo akward to watch

    77. Pp Pp

      Sprite 2 electric boogaloo

    78. M Alucard

      The bromance ❣

    79. Flora

      I'm happy Chase is such a great sport about all the crazy stuff he gets asked to wear because it always makes me laugh. John Wayne Chasey is probably my favorite, but this hotdog is a close second.

    80. Meganleighann 21

      I lost it at “why is there an uncooked tater tot in here” LOL I’m crying

    81. Daddelbox

      "Auge" is pronounced "ow-guh" fyi :)

    82. Anxietea

      If you gotta go take a wee-wee A What? A Wee-Wee. A Wee-Wee? Yea i gotta go take a wee-wee

    83. Cookie Nugget Acnh

      3 guys chilling in blanket eating from same bowl cause they are cool

    84. Mikaylah Ber

      i love your videos so much omg

    85. Stormy Gayle

      I’m literally wearing a Snuggie right now. 🥸

    86. TalesFromSomewhereNear

      "THIS IS JUST A MEETING" Me : *starts to write a new fanfiction*

    87. Onii-chan


    88. Chet Coenen

      That one hurt guys.

    89. chloe - datsvewynice

      the musical comb is the highlight of my life

    90. Knight Artorias

      Man, original Tumblr would've had a field day with the "meeting"

    91. Nordlys

      I always forget how tall Rhett is Chase looked so tiny when he stood up^^

    92. Miracle Lynnette

      okay im absolutely obsessed with Link's shirt

    93. Kenneth Wasserstrom


    94. Dixie Rae

      Yah but isn't Rhett drinking all of Links backwash?

    95. Victor Mcdade

      Nobody: Literally nobody: Link: glasses for intimate lip lock Rhett: this is just a meeting Link: 👁👄👁

    96. beks 05

      12:09 😂😂😂😂 stevie what???

    97. FawningLeaves

      Chet doesnt deserve that. ):

    98. •

      Link looks like a parrot when he tries double glasses

    99. Coveredintheshower

      When Rhett's hair gets messed up he looks like Damnyell

    100. Gary Caserta

      Why Fort Wayne? Seriously? I’m in the middle of crisis and then this