One of the Most Deadly Bass Fishing Technique's in the WORLD

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    Everything you need to know about Swim Jig Fishing. Bass Fishing with swim jigs is a deadly technique all over the country. I dive into a few tips I've learned over the years and go into how to fish different types of swim jigs and what kind of rod setup you should use with them.
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    1. DanAngottifishing

      The myth the man the legend right here, changing trailer bunk DIY video dropping tonight hit that subscribe why pay someone? Easy installation

    2. Larry Wayne

      Thx bro for the tips helps every time

    3. DCR Fishing

      Well done. Very thorough system.

    4. Chris Curtis


    5. PRG Fishing

      I have year round success running a jig a lot like a tube. Just a nice scoot and pause on the bottom anywhere where bait is hugging low. Twin tailed grub is a great all around trailer.

    6. Mark Huddleston

      can you add more info of how you use your graphs, like showing what us what your looking at on the graph. close ups. Mark H

    7. Jeremy Carpenter

      Love the underwater. Videos . do a slow bounce retrieve. Off the bottom make the bait. Puff up the mud off the bottom . drives the fish crazy. And i have learned the slower the retrieve the bigger the fish i catch the big girls are lazy . they are looking for a easy meal . and the bigger the fish the more suttle the bite. Patience patience fishing for the eight to ten pounders . my personal best is eight. In a half pounds. And. It was awesome fighting that big girl.

    8. Mike Antes

      Wow way to technical 14lb on the outside of weeds 17lb on inside why not just go 15lb for both.the longer I live the more complicated anglers try to make it.still grateful though thanks for the video

      1. northCALIFA

        The KGup vids are essentially sales presentations for their sponsors. We are watching how-to vids but they are commercials . “Link in description”

    9. Michael Madeira

      Does anyone ever actually catch fish while they film these video tutorials lol... youre not alone Wheeler

    10. Luke Staples

      Big deal J wheel... thx for the info man!

    11. Dan Shannon

      very informative. I like the breakdown of swimbaits and craws, it can get a little deciding which one, ya over think it. U da man

    12. Bojan Runtic

      Thank you dear, its ok but you talk to much

    13. Alejandro Quiros

      Love the thecnick the show

    14. David


    15. Fishigan Milligan

      Yes! I needed this...

    16. Cheryl Kellam

      great job on Lake Cumberland in the FLW. What were you throwing there?

    17. Ron S

      My wife and I really enjoy the entertainment value you bring to MLF. You definatley are one of our boys! Ahhhhh ding!! I notice in the video you do not trim the skirts back to the hook like many suggest. Have you found this to be the most effective? I am over here on Lake Istokpoga for the Winter months. Fished here Winters for the past 4 years with waning success on plastic baits. Thinking of going heavy on swim baits this year. Thank you sir.

    18. Chris Vargas

      Awesome video, thanks for the info. I’m new to bass fishing. What type of gloves do you use and how do you keep the hook facing up? New sub here.

    19. Layne Johnson

      Could you do a grassy pond or lake video?

    20. Ra Lo

      Good stuff Jacob! 🦃👊🏼💯

    21. JD Ethridge

      What color model Ducketts are those.

    22. terry trantham

      Seems like shaking that swim jig with your rod tip in that almost vertical position would cause you to lose a lot of hooksets if the fish aren't just blasting the bait or if they swim towards you after the bite. Are you only using that technique when the bite is super aggressive?

    23. Keith Detlefsen

      Great video I learned a lot, thank you

    24. Connor Essling

      Do you cut your bandito bugs? And if so how?

    25. Bill Ocker

      keep it up jacob your fun to watch in mlf and a very good teacher

    26. Jose Morales

      Thanks! New sub. Good underwater footage.

    27. Judd Linette

      Alabama shake all day 1/4 for blue gill 3/8 for shad rage menace or zoom ultra vibe speed crawl

    28. James Hydr

      I enjoyed video ! The weight was 3/8 or 1/4 weight nothing bigger . I fish smith lake alabama

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        I’ve thrown up to a 1/2 oz around docks there but I tried to keep it a smaller hook so it would keep it more compact in that clear water

    29. Tou Lee Thao

      More videos like this please!!!

    30. Jk Fishing

      The Alabama shake sure is deadly in south carina

    31. James Davis

      For shallower dirty water one technique i like to use is a 3/8 to 1/2 once darker colored (black/blue or balck/green) swim jig. i trim the skirt so on the pause it flares more agrresively and fish it similerly to a crank bait. I skip it under or through thick cover to the bank if possible and Immediately start the retrieve reeling at a medium to fast paste to keep it just off the bottom the key is to direct the bait so it rams into any available cover. Doing so makes the bait flare and change direction Like a crankbait and thats when ur strikes will happen.

    32. BMiller

      Jacob you got any tips for Swim Jig techniques and setups in Stained muddy water? Thanks

    33. CTE outdoors

      1500th like

    34. ALforYou

      This was a badass video🎣 Those subtle pump and shake techniques should be very helpful👍

    35. Charles Tarver

      I like running it about a foot off the bottom in a similar way that u do the alabama shake I really like doing that with a 3/8 or half with a googan swim jig combined with either a berkley soft ribbed swimbait I think that swimmer was made for chatterbaits but works really well

    36. Charles Tarver

      Do u ever use the berkley power pro braided line it the only one I've used that doesn't seem to wear out over rocks as fast

    37. Coach K

      I’m thinking about using this for Red Fish. Will this be an effective tactic? I’m just curious about this.

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        I would bet so! I’ve caught a few doing it down in Louisiana and Texas

    38. Tiny Mason

      Has anyone ever asked you to slow down, damn speedy. Love the info, Thank you

    39. Bass Raiders

      Great video I like how you show us the retrieve techniques.

    40. krystalmetherson

      Entertaining and informative.... Never change Jacob 'The Animal' Wheeler.... Never change

    41. Chris Margarum

      Digging it, thx bud

    42. Mana Channel


    43. BIG J Fishing

      Liked your video, really helpful! 🤙

    44. CaptureFish

      Great Stuff Jacob! Love the "alabama shake", that yo yo method is typically my favorite when fishing through heavy cover. Underwater footage is key! Killin it!

    45. Ron Bennett Outdoors & Country Life

    46. Jake Crone

      Ducket rods and reels with a 13 fishing hat?

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Jake Crone I use duckett rods and reels but work with 13 fishing on hardbaits.

    47. Chuck Hoeppner

      I really like your videos. They have great content. I like the fact you explain every aspect of your thinking process during your explanation. You include the why I do it this way. I really like when you say the baits name and why you use it. I'm going to copy my entire swimbait system to exactly how you have yours. THANKS for the great information, keep making videos.

    48. owen outdoors

      Keep the good work up Jacob and stay safe cause there’s a virus going around

    49. Milam Mcillwain

      Jacob do you know Nathan Martin I went fishing with him and he said he knew you we tried to face time you be he said you were fishing Nathan and me was fishing at pick wick

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Milam Mcillwain absolutely! He’s a good friend of mine. We were on the road yesterday driving through some of that hurricane and I couldn’t pick up. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to meet you some day

    50. Randy Crabtree

      Do you leave your skit long? This could be a mini series on this subject.....

    51. David James

      Jacob, Do you throw straight braid on those or braid to flouro leader?

    52. Shawn Lai

      Great video JWheels! What clues you in to throw the swimjig instead of chatterbait or spinnerbait?

    53. Fishing Louisiana

      Great video, keep them coming... I subscribed so I won't miss any. If you get a chance check me out.

    54. James Ainsworth

      Surprised he doesnt run a solix on the dash units

      1. James Ainsworth

        Wheeler Fishing oh interesting, I didn’t know that. Had a buddy use a solix for crappie but he mainly used 360 imaging but its rarely used now with livescope

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        Solix's have more software issues and aren't as consistent as the helix

    55. Crocker FBC

      Throwing into those trees, I would be hung up in a minute, Ha!

    56. Quigley's Hunt/Fish Adventures

      I love watching your videos on my home water! You missed an awesome derby a few weeks ago just ask Dan the man😉 Don't worry your invitation stands hopefully it works out for 2021 we'd be honored to fish against you JW !!!

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      Great info! I felt like I was in the boat with you. Thanks for the lesson!

    58. Steven Bernard

      Man.... There's a lot of Russian BOTS responding to this video. J Wheelz when is your next tournament?

    59. Kevin Bolen

      Great video!

    60. Brian Grigsby

      I will also use a single tail grub

    61. Derek Kaalberg

      Love skipping them back into flooded brush/laydowns. Any color as long as its white w/ a big flapping craw trailer 🤷🏽‍♂️

    62. Paul Fontes

      Thank you so much for including the underwater footage. Makes such a big difference

    63. Chris Griffin

      Your gay

    64. michael sheppard

      Awesome video. I really needed this video. Ty for going into deep detail. I use a swim jig with a keitech swim bait for smallies in rivers or whenever I can find current over rocks and crawl it ever so painfully slow. I caught 4 small jaws over 4lbs last year in the West fork river here in West by God Virginia. That's a big smallie around these parts and not a huge river. Thanks again for the info. I had often wondered about the Alabama shake.

    65. wotman2

      Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    66. Bethany Williams

      Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

      1. northCALIFA

        I see you comment on so many fishing vids

    67. HBeretta

      @wheeler fishing you nearly beat tom monsoor earlier in the year on his home lake and many consider him the godfather of swimjigging. he runs qtr oz swimjigs on 12# fluoro. he reel sets to land his as well. what are your thoughts on his technique of no sweeping hooksets and light line used considering it contradicts basically every how-to youtube video on swimjigging?

    68. Fridurin

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      pitch and flip a swimjig in tullies or vegetation like at the Ca Delta

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      I'm using a swim jig 90% of the time. Zman finesse frog trailer has worked grate for me.

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    83. Blay 7

      Hey Jacob do you use a fluorocarbon leader on your braid? And if you don't, do you color the first couple feet of braid black with a magic marker? I've heard of guys doing that. Wondered if you do that stuff.

    84. David Hidalgo

      Liked video but there was a miscue with the editing. When you are talking about bandito bug you show the crakin craw and when you talk about crakin craw up shallow you show the bandito bug so those two inserts videos were backwards. But love the stuff.

    85. MO Fishing with Pete

      Swim jigs are easily the most underrated bass set up outside of slow bouncing Texas Rigs. Great video man!

      1. Baden Culpepper

        But I might be wrong

      2. Baden Culpepper

        I feel like a lot of people use Texas rigs. At least a lot of people on my home lake

    86. SaltyFreshFL

      Good info sir! I caught 11 bass ( one 7lber) the first time I ever used a swim jig in a spot (with 2 cameras rolling). Ima have to try a white one.

    87. George M

      Do u recommend Turing the trailer sideways or keeping it regular?

    88. Troy Harper

      Great video Jacob 💯👍 #HometownGuy

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      Awesome video bro. I posted on DC channel to make a video just like this about a month ago. Thank you so much for doing this. So much great info. You are truly the best at your craft. Love your channel. GWG

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      Just got home from school in Australia, I was about to search up how to use a swim jigs but then this popped up. I’m 12 and your so influential, thank you.

      1. Howard Garrett

        @Kyson Harrison I will try it out right now. Seems promising :)

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      What lake are you on Jacob?

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    95. Brian Patrick

      Good stuff! I started to get comfortable with a swim jig last year. Scattered weeds, weed lines, ledges, and deep docks. I usually bulk up the profile in staind water to displace more water. In clear water here in Michigan, white with a 3.8 or 4.2, has caught a ton of big bass, smallmouth and largemouth! Skirted jigs I prefer braid, everything else is fluorocarbon, 12-17 lbs.

    96. Mason Bryant

      My grandpa just got the NITRO Z-21 and he bought it for my high school fishing cause I'm going to be on the high school fishing team and he wants me to fish in the flw someday

      1. northCALIFA

        Must be nice to have a supportive and generous family. That’s awesome! (I’m a teensy bit jealous) 😆

    97. Jack Stein

      Thanks for the stroll done swim jig lane! Super informative, I tend to throw either a craw or swimbait trailer. I like fishing braid but utilize flouro carbon 15 pound for most clearer water situations.

    98. J C

      Thanks I'm learning how to use them. Great tips.

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