Quitting YouTube and GOING PRO in 2024!

Scott Martin

78 миӊ. көрүүлөр60

    His confidence is leading him to going pro in 2024.
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    1. Zach Renk

      Scott where is Brandon

    2. The Great Outdoors With Parker Strickland

      the back for the motor said 250 the front said 300

    3. kenneth knight

      Is Brannon (AKA Spinner Worm) still filming with you?

      1. y2000air

        Yeah. Where is Brandon

    4. Bravo25

      Tiny fish

    5. Jonathan Forrester

      Is Brandon still your camera guy

    6. Bic Lighter

      7:48 did it spit the bait and hit it with its tail?

    7. Joe Shock

      Just watched a video review on the Garmin Trolling Motor. Got a great review, but the user is sticking with his Ultrex because the foot pedal on the Garmin's he felt need's some revamping(reaction time and sponging feel). He also didn't like the overall physical size of the Garmin Trolling Motor compared to his Ultrex. Just thought I'd share that info since you mentioned your new ride is rigged with a Garmin.

    8. R&R Projects & Adventures

      Dude looked like Skippy from ebassmaster when he said '' we can make it a 400 if you want'' 🤣

    9. Pieter van Niekerk

      That bundito bug can't swim that Rob juckt in the lake 😡

    10. Jon Turner

      I appreciate your videos I like a lot of em but could u run an actual livetarget video .... I have quite a few of there baits and fish in Kansas and would like to see them being used in a video maybe even pass on some of your knowledge on how to fish them in dark waters of Kansas

    11. ThomasHardenFishing

      So that's how you beat the tournament guys to the honey hole, you have a 300hp and then put the 250hp panels on it. Niceeee! LOL!

    12. Sean Drumm

      Thatd be sick if mr. Martin had a discount code us viewers could use at bass pro shop/ Cabela's

    13. Devin Clark

      Right before you told us about the panels i just told my wife that you had a 300 on it. Lol

    14. George J.

      Scott, I need those black bugs with gold or copper flecks!!!

    15. Steven Forrest

      Thought BASS had a hp limit on outboards

    16. Justin Toscano

      What backpack does rob have for his fishing gear, anyone know?

    17. Bennie Maxwell

      Hey Scott. Been watching your videos for a while now but just subscribed. I live in south eastern Michigan so the Bass fishing is a little different here. I’m trying to save up for a little boat of some kind to get off the bank and apply some of what I have learned from you. That’s my goal by ice out! Anyway,Just saw Hillary’s videos. As a 54 year old father of 3 girls I know you must be sooo proud. She has grown up to be quite a young ladie and a good fisherwoman. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to future videos.

    18. Sherry Williams

      Scott you fish professional and you have fished with rob alot you think he has what it takes to compete with the best in the world? I think he would do alright if he put what he put into his youtube career he would kill the game lol.

    19. TexasAirGunner

      I work for fun n sun boats. Lol Nice to see u using one of our boats....

    20. Shaun Roberts

      Good luck this year Scottie..

    21. Austin Hubatch

      I think you and Rob should do your own thing together. Y'all are never too EXTRA when you're together. Dont try and entertain just fish and do what yall started these channels for! 🤘🤘

    22. Noah Glover

      FunAndSun is gonna be piiiisssssed

    23. Douglas Jackson

      What favorite rod you and flipping with? I went to website and nothing looks likes you rod

    24. Michael Jackson

      That’s right it’s not a 300 but is the fastest Ranger ever with a 250! Nice looking boat and you better get Rob back for that beat down on your home water

    25. Alan Alfonso

      What's Rob's channel?

    26. Junior Peterson

      Wheres Brandon?

    27. kyle b

      Scott - I know you wont be fishing the classic this year but any plans to hang out at the expo?

    28. Nicholas Estes

      Yo take me pro with you. I need help getting there. Lol I'll send ya my number holler if you need a partner in Missouri.

    29. Brian Gmerek

      Flying taco fish. Aggressive. Wow. Dramatic footage. Epic jump. Nice finish with the hockey check

    30. Check Mate

      Thank you... That's soooo much fun.❤

    31. LilMorrisMan 14

      Why 2024 why not 2022?

    32. opticalriot

      Sorry Scott, rob is an ass so im skipping this one

    33. Henderson Lawn Company

      Did Bassmasters change the 250hp rule?

    34. Brandon Knuckles


    35. Bob Root

      When are you going to give away the Costa sunglasses or did I miss the video where you did give them away? Also wanted to know what size trokar tk130 hook size would you recommend? Keep up the good work.

      1. Scott Martin

        I’ll be randomly picking and posting the winner in my YT story tomorrow

    36. Preston Hartle

      noooooooo dontttttt

    37. Steve schisler

      Great looking boat. Question: with the Panoptics you had on your last boat, can you see the bedded fish by the pad stems in Okeechobee?

      1. Scott Martin

        You can

    38. Steve schisler

      Captain Mudfish!

      1. Scott Martin


    39. Steve schisler

      I think if a clothes pin was your confidence bait, you could catch fish on it Scott! Flex-Seal, not a bad thing to have in my boat emergency kit. May be enough to at least get you back to the trailer...

    40. Jonathan Tharp

      Garmin force yes sir

    41. M

      BS-It is a 300. I ain't buying that. Where I live. We keep trash fish and stop on the way home and throw them out in a field. That being said we don't have water in the bar ditches year round. Trash fish are the worst!!!!

      1. Scott Martin


    42. Dpatt69

      Love the new boat!

    43. Wesley Threadgill

      Great video as usual can’t wait to see you fish some more tournaments!

    44. Another Somebody

      I've got your next competition Scott. Roland Vs Hillary. You will have to be the middle man moderating that kind of competition

    45. Ron Hinchliffe

      I think you're sandbagging, Scott. You is gonna tape over the "real" decal and make folks think they got smoked by a 250, but under the cover it's a 300! Lol. Great content.

    46. Mark A Bailor

      You're right Scott, everything looks good in the Florida lakes. Coming from Pa and fishing for small mouths, I have that problem. Everything looks good!

    47. Jacob Bull

      Curious on your thoughts on the new FXR.🧐

    48. Roland Mcclendon

      Scott I can fix rods boat I do body work for my family body shop

    49. DJ Combs

      What’s going on with the old Trokar battle machine ?? Give a way ? Selling ? 🎣😎

    50. mikes construction / maintenance roofing guthridge

      Love your new boat Scott

    51. Dbars19

      scot, do you have good enough internet to stream a live fishing trip from twitch? would be something new and amazing imo.

      1. Scott Martin


    52. Hunter Fraser

      Where is Brandon at? He get let go?

      1. Hunter Fraser

        Scott Martin I’m glad you replied. That’s awesome!!! Made my year already lol

      2. Scott Martin

        To much sleeping on the job...Jk😂

    53. Black Bass Angler

      Did you make the Elites? Also, why 2024?

    54. Austin Borden

      8:55 Scott swings bass at camera guy. "It jumped bro it jumped." Lol

      1. Andrew Donohue

        @Trey Ferguson lol, lip a bowfin. Tell me how that works out!!

      2. Trey Ferguson

        @Steve schisler if you got a man. In your boat not at least trying or asking to lip the fish or get the net they don't deserve to be on your boat!!!!! ALWAYS pay attention. Keep your head on a swivel at all times, you hear a fish jumping you either get your cast in ASAP or push the button to free spool and get the net or your ass down on your knees and get that fish. Also in team tournaments the man in the back of the boat gets the net, takes care of the fish, culling, puts cull tags on em, keeps g juice and ice on em and the whole 9 yards. Least a good back decker does!!!!@

      3. Scott Martin


      4. Steve schisler

        Austin Borden, that’s a stunt I pull on everybody unlucky enough to not be paying attention in my boat....

    55. Robert Jacobs Fishing

      Keen on hearing what you think of the new Garmin trolling motot.

      1. Scott Martin


    56. HarvestLandTv

      Hard work running all the electrical nice!! I need to do an internship with you to learn that haha

    57. kason mcmullin

      Scott, I’m rooting for you this year on the Bassmaster tour. The new boat looks it will be nice once it’s done

    58. Rick Walter

      Love the videos love to fish the bigO right now get out off this snow

    59. Bgbass Goo

      Eric makes it happen !!! Hardest working man in the marine industry !

    60. Flippin Jigs Tv

      When ya gonna buy Hilary a boat?

    61. Ekin Vang

      To think I use the same bait and tackle as Scott Martin... but I catch nothing lol

      1. Scott Martin


    62. A.L. Gilley

      love your videos!

    63. James Green

      Lit Video, and nice new boat!!!

    64. WayneRc

      I wish I would know u where in Columbus

    65. Rad Reeling Fishing

      The Mudfish bite is on, ha ha. That music interlude at about three minutes 30 seconds was awesome editing. Excellent video as always.

    66. Justin Rider

      Why can’t you fish the classic this year?

    67. Andrew Matlock

      I love watching your videos and I would love to come fishing with you one day, I look up to you as a fishing friend. Hopefully one day it'll happen since we both live in FLORIDA.

    68. Jerred Wayne

      I absolutely love this collaboration

    69. Gene Rosen

      Scott is using the John Wayne catch and release lol

    70. Thomas Hardwick

      Nice to see Rob going pro in 2024 will be watching him for sure. I am sure your daughter Hillary will be there some day as well you have taught her well. Tight lines.

    71. Wes Gordon

      Shake, shake, shake it like a Polaroid picture....oh yeah.

    72. Lone star Outdoors

      Trying to get a liked comment from every googan and u can u help me out Scott?

      1. Lone star Outdoors

        Scott Martin thank you Scott!!!

      2. Scott Martin

        You got mine

    73. Andrew DeBey

      Scott. Fairly new to the channel. Love the content. Have tactics questions.

      1. Scott Martin


    74. jason daniels

      Dues Ex Machina, GO GET EM SCOTTY!!!!!!!

    75. jack weisz

      Yep I agree, about the KGup shit too many cut into what I am watching commercial

    76. Jonathan Creed

      Why the straight shank worm hook and not the usual flipping hook?

    77. Fishing With Smokey

      Does that mean your still giving me......I mean doing a giveaway on your old boat? Love the new boat by the way looks nice!

    78. Garrett Stilley

      Back of the motor says 250hp and the front says 300hp?

      1. Garrett Stilley

        @Scott Martin I have done that with snowmobile hoods. Put a 600cc hood on a 800cc sled. It's all good until you get passed by a true 600cc lol.

      2. Scott Martin

        It’s so when i pass them they think that’s a fast 250

    79. Evvan Amundson does Tattoos

      Is Brandon not doing your filming anymore???

    80. John Savage

      Lol no matter who’s boat if Scott is on it it’s his boat

    81. sphen23

      FSU plate on the burb?!? Love it! Go Noles! Go SMC!

    82. The Fluffy Chub

      Pal...I'm gonna sound like a flim flammmmer here.. please put on some sun screen or something of the sort .. your wrists are looking like they are 9000000 years old. Dont wanna see ya catch any problems guy. I love your videos.. I love your kids videos... they are no joke the only bass fishing videos I watch.. Keep it tight

      1. Scott Martin

        I will thanks

    83. Nathan Nelson

      I hope neither of you quit KGup. Your videos are what I watch when piddling in my boat.

      1. Nicholasolinghouse

        Nathan Nelson probably click baiting

      2. Nathan Nelson

        Also... no clue many lures I’ve bought after watching.

    84. Wayne Heath

      Them ain't bruises on the ribs. Probably just pulled the rib muscles laughing at robs craziness lol. The boat gonna be sweet.

    85. Dave Rasnake

      Great video like always. looking forward to seeing the new boat. Rob Hooking da fish.

    86. Fifties kid Bob Mckinstry

      2014 what's wrong with 20 21

    87. The Great White

      After using left handed reels I will never go back, don’t have to worry about that awkward swop

      1. The Great White

        Anthony Barta nnooooo I hate right handed reels. I actually came across left handed baitcasters by accident. I bought my first combo years ago and I was terrible at it, kept bird nesting, got pissed off and starting using spinning tackle, got really use to the left hand retrieve, started using baitcasters again but quality ones this time. From then on it was game on.

      2. Anthony Barta

        @The Great White oh I must've been confused, I thought you were saying right handed reels are easier. I use all left hand reels so you don't have that awkward swap over and over

      3. The Great White

        FLX Outdoors I’ve seen a lot of people miss bites flipping when they swop hands. All of my curado set ups are all leftys

      4. Anthony Barta

        @FLX Outdoors Idk, isnt holding the rod in your right hand and one handed flipping it easier? You dont have to transfer the rod to another hand to reel. Flip with your right hand/arm and then reel with the left when you need.

      5. FLX Outdoors

        Ehh right hand is better for like when u flip and stuff one handed and then u just move it to the side

    88. That Fishing Guy

      Scott’s running a 300 with a 250 decal. 🤔🤭🤫

      1. Scott Martin


    89. RiderOnThe Storm

      Going to launch at Harney’s pond tomorrow, hope to see you on the water

    90. Nathan Sisson

      What happened to Brandon ?????

    91. Scott Jewett

      hi scott , what happens to your boat from last year?

    92. Harold Stone

      Love the videos. I've been a Martin fan longer than I want to admit. I've watched your dad shows fir year and now enjoy your and his vlogs. Keep up the good work. Can I have your old boat?

      1. Ron Hinchliffe

        How 'bout me?

      2. Scott Martin

        But no..😆

      3. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro

    93. TEXAN_LIFE

      Can u do a video on how you hook up your own electronics?

    94. Jim Brew

      "It's a big'un!" Translated - means any fish that bends the rod tip when setting the hook.

      1. BIGbass addict

        I'm guilty for saying it too. I think its honestly just a habit at this point. If I say it every time I set the hook then eventually I'll be right haha

      2. Trey Ferguson

        If your with Icanonelli there all giants!!!!! And big ones!!!!!

      3. Scott Martin


    95. Mark Chambers

      That kind of action would drive me crazy 😜 2024 lol 😂

    96. Brandon Garner

      Was that a dad joke? Lol “that’s a hole another story”? 😂

    97. Mulldrifter Z

      I'd watch a 1 hour video of you catching fish.

      1. Scott Martin

        We might just do that

    98. Troy Harper

      Great video Scott 💯💯 cant wait to see you in a fully finished 2020 Ranger 💯💯👍

    99. South Florida Lunkers

      Does anybody else wonder where Brandon is

    100. David Gerber

      Nice looks awesome down there.