Grab Your Tissues! Ronda Felton Makes Lionel Richie Cry! - American Idol 2021

American Idol

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    Ronda Felton has faced some challenging times throughout her life, but nothing has taken away from her kind, loving spirit. Ronda absolutely blows the judges away with her rendition of “One Night Only” by Jennifer Hudson, as Lionel is moved to tears by Ronda’s performance. Katy Perry tells Ronda: “You don't have to be strong. You just have to be Ronda and that will take you all the way." We’re beyond excited to see what Ronda has in store for Hollywood Week!
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    AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
    American Idol 2021
    Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.

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    1. Sylvia Smith

      Damn this hit me hard. Such a beautiful soul ❤️

    2. sherry mitchell

      God is so good... all we need is a crack .. praise God

    3. JC Rodriguez

      She went to grab her mama 😍😘😘🙏🏻 May God bless them both 🙏🏻

    4. Angela Challow

      Sanging with her soul! This BabyGal gave me chills💥tears are flowing.I felt her running for her ❤️Momma.

    5. Felesha Rookwood

      I'm crying ....tears of joy

    6. C-Rance

      This was so fake. Just manufactured to get ratings.

    7. Jessica Kennedy

      Mashallah 🥰

    8. dornette marsh

      She so pretty/Natural beauty/which her all the best/stay safe/when God bless you there are no disappointment

    9. Dolls Way!!!

      I'm not crying, I'm cutting onions!!

    10. Papi Chulo

      Thats a hard song to sing but she did it nicely

    11. mee mee the cat


    12. K Ronnie

      What in the COVID handkerchief was that? That was a great audition.

    13. patti disch

      LOVE HER

    14. mr me

      Beautiful young lady!!!

    15. Evelyn Rodriguez

      Omg.. I’m in tears. She’s beautiful. Mom great job. A heart of gold. Loving.. blessings

    16. Elemuelle Harris

      Lionel Rickie's analogy about the "crack" really put things into great perspective.

    17. Rouzard Angelic Boutique

      They're so beautiful, when she ran for her mom 🥰 God Bless Every Single Mom Out Here Making it Happen For Their Kids 🧡

    18. Priceless Raw

      That poverty line is no joke 😥 her mom had multiple useless jobs and look at all that happened to them. So working is not the key either

      1. Stacey J

        I felt that part so real

    19. lee denise

      Beautiful spirit, and voice. Such a tear jerker... keep pushing ma!!!

    20. AEMTRAMP

      Brilliantly Magnificent!!!

    21. Linnet Minnot

      Mom you are an inspiration

    22. КоТэ ПоД нОрКоТэ

      Зачем столько жрать?

    23. gle bouvay

      I am so touched by this. She and her Mom are truly Blessed. Thanks Lionel for that Powerful Inspiration. TGBTG

    24. Zainab Georfo

      I really love Lionel Richie. ❤

    25. Helen McCroskey

      Rhonda, God is singing through you! You are awesome. 👏

    26. Booked and Busy

      Sistah! You can blow!!

    27. Karen Bond

      As the old Baptist Hymn says” I Stand Amazed of Jesus The Nazarene” this shows that God can do anything but Fail!! This young Lady even after crying , stood there and nailed that song, and I agree with the Judges this is not the best from her !! I had chills then, and I believe in time to come I will feel I’m in Iceland!! Go get your dream young lady!! It’s yours for the asking ! Karen

    28. Gloria Mitchell

      Beautiful soul.

    29. Carol Jefta

      baby girl u fantastic made me cry the Almighty will carry both of u

    30. Berri Hill

      It's her mom's words for me..... Lord we must get up and fight.... Now the daughter has me crying more

    31. Karen Walton


    32. Robert Perdue

      I can't stop watching it my heart goes out to that young lady

    33. Robert Perdue

      This the best thing I seen all year

    34. Robert Perdue

      Wow I pray to God with all my heart that she make it she made me cry

    35. Robert Perdue


    36. Robert Perdue

      She don't have to sing at 1:31 she touched my heart

    37. Nelly

      When she ran n got her mom n we mom and Lionel song her favorite song together I tear up no matter what what life throw at u be strong n believe

    38. Nelly

      Her note coming out I got chills I knw she was gonna hit all the notes 😍👏🏾🔥

    39. HarmoniesbyAJ

      Had me slopping crying

    40. Mr Nix


    41. Tracey Curenton- Lenton

      You got this, God has you covered and sweetie your voice is phenomenal. Love it

    42. Brandon Hamilton

      I pray she makes her dreams come true and that she can put her and her mother where they deserve to be. Somewhere happy. God blesses us all. Some of our journeys aren't as easy as others. But the hardest paths have the most beautiful destinations.

    43. Amy Graham

      This one is a keeper!!!❤️ Every now & then you hear words of substance, clothed with compassion & hope!!! Lionel Richie, hats off to you, dear Sir!!!

    44. Malinda Jones

      Wonda i love you don't give up hope you're beautiful

    45. lynda waters


    46. Shaniece Mills

      Lord these 😢 😿 😹 😭 😂 😢

    47. Soulful Creations 4u

      Wow I'm not a crier. But, I teared up on their story and her voice!

    48. Jah Dale

      Who else in here cried?

    49. Lenora Walters

      And they sent her home! She needs to be on Broadway ASAP!

    50. Sade` With The Receipts

      Ok ALL OF MY CHILDREN ARE ON PUNISHMENT EFFECTIVELY ASAP! I HAVE TOLD THEM OVER AND OVER ABOUT COMING INTO MY ROOM CUTTING THESE DAMN ONIONS RIGHT NEXT TO ME WHILE I AM WATCHING VIDEOS ON MY LAPTOP! 😠 😡 I was watching and listening to gospel music on this rainy Sunday morning on 4/11/2021 at 11:28 a.m. and here comes these folks 😢 😭🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👑

    51. Renata Conage

      Beautiful Beautiful 🤎🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

    52. BHORBABY BBaby

      Made me cry so touching shes going places

    53. BHORBABY BBaby

      May God bless your life with wealth

    54. BHORBABY BBaby

      Bless your heart may God bless you

    55. No Games

      Amazing. Both of them are beautiful souls. Kudos Moms. You should be very proud!!!! God bless the two of you!

    56. Empress Watson

      Got dammit I cried to😭😢😥😰😨🥺

    57. Zaire Dravis

      I love her and her mommy We all god kids 🖤🖤🖤🖤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏 lord bless them 😔😔😔😍😍

    58. Valerie Willams

      Look at God's and won't he do it. Amen....

    59. Nicki Hope

      Record deal NOW!

    60. Aquabayb

      Yesss she is amazing

    61. Marquesha Sheffield

      Sound like jennifer hudson on god 🙏🥺😯💚🙄🤔🤨😨🙊🙉🙈

    62. Casual Finley


    63. Rebdhl

      Wow she brought me to tears

    64. Loveth Cherish

      Wow....this is so emotional,i can't stop crying. Nice one guys👍

    65. Mohit Bhandari

      She looks so innocent 😊😊

    66. Wejaune Henry

      You have an amazing voice... You deserve this opportunity. Your great. Just keep fighting

    67. Linda Gitau

      This relationship is pure love, the Mama is the baby and the baby is the Mama.

    68. Renee Allen


    69. Susana Sunshine


    70. EDWR FLE, Chef

      Sing sing sing just wonderful 👏🏾 wow 👏🏾

    71. Bridget Baffour

      U a so beautiful God bless

    72. Maya Smith

      This touched my soul ❤❤❤ made me cry. I will make it. No matter what

    73. Loqua Wade

      Blew me away! Wow! 🥰

    74. Jojo Harte

      Beautiful inside and out !! You keep going girl gods got you .. xx

    75. T Black

      Imma really need KGup to add a tissue emoji to these videos that’s gonna have me water falling. GOD IS AMAZING

    76. Rebecca Cavitt

      This was beautiful made me cry too, touched me to the core and, I love Zoom 💘

    77. Scarlet Frances


    78. Feel Good to Look Good

      If THAT 8 minutes wasn't a beautiful moment - what is??! Thank you!

    79. CherylDW59

      JESUS , Thank you for this child .

    80. Tiara Monee

      She did that.,🤩

    81. aghogho ochuko

      I couldn’t hold my tears

    82. Angelita Paton Bacchus

      I don’t know but Lionel is getting younger and better 🥰

    83. Kanya Mpelane

      I love everything about this audition. The love and sincerity displayed is humbling. Also, uncle Lionel being a great soul and singing her mom's favourite song makes it even more heart-warming💚💚💚

    84. CourtneyS_ Co

      “God provides a crack in the wall”.... whew🥲🙌🏾

    85. Larry & Karen Life Laughs & Love

      Lionel Richie is a great guy...and I love him as a judge on this show

    86. Mel T

      Yaasss 🙌🏾🙌🏾

    87. Mildred Sanders

      That Was Very Touching 😢 She has a Beautiful Voice. AMEN🙌🙌🙌

    88. Mejia onerose

      It hurts

    89. jam

      That piano jazzist was on point! He knew to play the instrumental & then Lionel, the mom and daughter just took it away!

    90. Priscilla Reyes

      I love you young lady

    91. Tyree Crandle

      That made me cry

    92. Janice R Wilson

      The combative knickers immunophenotypically deceive because anatomy mechanistically glue round a encouraging use. energetic, yellow apparatus

    93. Lodj Lodjv

    94. Jessica


    95. Keely Christine

      I love how rocks Lionel is by this whole wonderful experience.

    96. Aneet Saanggg

      With Jesus Christ in the Vessel, we as God's People can smile at all the storms! With our Head held high, knowing that our best is yet to come, IN the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, AMEN AND AMEN. Hallelujah! thank you Sweet Jesus for your blessings on us yours people, always and forever more amen!!!!!!!.

    97. Yolanda Sulton


    98. Apostle Harriet Locklear

      This American Idol show It’s not just about only talent but it’s reaching out to so many that never had a chance of feeling worthy they are important .I was a Single Hard Working Mother I Just Wept so much 😭because I know what it is to travel in her

    99. Latoya Harvey

      Just puddles over here😭. Just Beautiful !!

    100. Yvonne Wallace

      Great job