Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. 587


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    GOOD DAY TO YOU CHOMOS!! In this episode of YMH, Tom Segura and Christina P discuss the film "The Secrets We Keep," Armie Hammer's cool leaked DMs, and The Night Stalker Netflix documentary. They watch a video explaining last week's subway boot licker, a cool guy pastor on why women are weak, more clips of Hilaria Baldwin pretending to be from Spain, several Horrible or Hilarious videos, an NFL wife's daily routine, some open defecation, and a dude's Charles-esque video message asking out a girl. They also do a deep dive on Matthew McConaughey's Instagram and watch this week's batch of CP's TikToks.
    Cameron Van Hoy is a writer and director. He joins the Main Mommies via Zoom to discuss his most recent feature film "Flinch," which Tom is in. They discuss how Cameron got the movie made, watching the film in drive-in theaters, and the fun Tom had during the stunt scenes.

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    1. FelipFlop Media

      Tom should do a TomTalks episode with Cameron Van Hoy about the movie 🙏🏼

    2. FelipFlop Media

      FLINCH (the movie tom is in) interview with creator and trailer at 54:55

    3. Alyster Reyes

      NFL wife was the best upn show from the early 2000

    4. nick custer

      Todd Segura: Action hero

    5. Colter Muse

      Toms bathroom breaks involve snorting chopped up oxy now. thanks dunk contest...

    6. konstantinmilekic

      matthew mcconaughey should have been in that rappin for jesus production

    7. justsherman4

      “I think this case had to be between 15 and 20 years old. Try the 80s”. That’s 35-40 years lol doesn’t feel like it when you think about it fast tho.

    8. 20113160

      02:04:00 just blew my fucking eardrum out

    9. Cyrus Upshaw

      Uh wtf is the trivia and fun facts or whatever category for the flinch?? That shit was funny doe

    10. Will Whalen

      Christina is looking extra hot lately you go Christine

    11. Steve Padilla

      My mom has a story of a time when she was home alone and looking after my older brothers when they were toddlers and on the news they announced that the night stalker was in our city. Lmao

    12. Sigourney Brand

      I’m a paid channel member, but I can not find the uncensored version, can other people see it if so where? It’s possible that I’m having some type of error as well.

    13. Lawrence Leong

      Tina's Toks had me LOLing in public.

    14. lucas beatty

      Hearing about tom breaking the stall lock shovingthat guy was so hard makes me so happy

    15. Ryan Wendel

      Armie Hammer's taste for flesh: UNLiiiiiiiiiiMINITED!

    16. homerun217

      when did Matthew McConaughey turn into Woody Harrelson?

    17. Coty Orsbun

      a dumb sociopath runs into a 7/11. a smart one usually knows its easier to fake it or at the very least not do anything to go to jail.

    18. Francisco Torres

      I'm surprised Tad was able to film his part in that movie with a broken arm and leg!

    19. EcksRichEcks

      I really thought the video date was a bit. Holy shit.

    20. Cad Chamberlain

      That movie fight scene has to be the highlight of Toms life

    21. G Swervo

      Tom I love your wife and I’m 29 years old

      1. Charles Marshall

        Same bro lol

    22. nikki kilman

      Did Tim just say sheered his feelings?

    23. Elizabeth Mitchell

      can anyone tell me the name of the podcast Tina was talking about????

    24. Anthony Jackson

      42:10 there was an American Dad ep about this kinda thing. Steve joined a group for virgins that went on dates with their father’s. Steve was the only boy.

    25. YanTheGameWolf VR

      NADAV YOURE MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE theyre giving me drugs Oh, youll be fine.

    26. Sherri Mollett

      That “bartender” sounds controlling.

    27. Kaleb Helms

      tom says 15-20 years ago then says the 1980s...

    28. Julio C Sermeno

      Shout out to that upper playground Jeremy fish T-shirt Tom is wearing

    29. Saigon6

      Tom is the original skywalker

    30. Jacob

      Milli Tom is an absolute banger 🔥

    31. Nelson NoName

      So what?! Armie H was just saying he prefers Hustler over PlayBoy, that doesn't make him a monster, just weird, and a psycho, prob with low "I'll take anything" standards

    32. CommandoJenkins

      The video of the king guy is borderline pedophilia.

    33. C M

      Tom you got sociopath and psychopath backwards

    34. Djentile 777

      Y'all are TikToks if you're planning on taking that vaccine!

    35. Emma H

      Tom thinks it’s still 2010

    36. Michael Reynolds

      1:41:00 Jason Genova it's pisssss

    37. Malorie Shald

      What's the preachers name?

    38. Dave L

      Wait.... Arm and hammer? Like the baking soda hahahaa

    39. Brett Sullivan

      The King talks about the kings and the queens but what about the Jeans?

    40. El Scorcho

      I agree with Tom I think the video of the chick falling out the window is staged

    41. Polybius Nymb

      This episode is continuously auto played on KGup for me- And every time it starts I switch to a different video. So I’m just going to dislike it

    42. Lupex

      Why fade the intro music out so quickly when you could just run it quietly in the background of the ad read. Don't steal the intro from us!

    43. rdmcelligott

      Nadav for the love of christ learn some hot keys lmfao. If you cmd + click on the link it'll just open a new tab and you don't need to right click. I get so stressed out when Christina is dogging on you too and there are some super easy ways to shape up your google game.

    44. Grant Horvath

      Tom "I'll sell anything" Segura

    45. sheri matzke

      Tom please come to England on your world tour!!

    46. mickey6688

      The homage to Norm Macdonald. Love it.

    47. Ty Spencer

      Key word with "new charles" when he says "text me BACK if your interested" meaning he's texted her, but she hasn't responded. For obvious reasons. Just thought I should point that out.

    48. JoeyOTR

      Tom has been watching norm clips

    49. Maurice Price

      Is it just me or does Christine possibly have a mild case of Bell’s palsy? The right side of her face seems to have some paralysis.

    50. Darren B

      Hey Tom. 1980 was 41 years ago lol.

    51. W J

      Armie is a good lad, just letting some steam off.

    52. Justin Wilhelm

      What the fuck is a hillicopter, Todd?

    53. Leslie Degnan

      I love the outro song, 10 Milli Tom. It's super catchy. :)

    54. Jacob H

      Yeah, Tom you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Most middle schoolers have a better grip on what is sociopathy vs. psychopathy.

    55. RustyBallz

      I think Tom's definition of a psychopath and sociopath is mixed up. The sociopath is more methodical and usually very intelligent. The psychopath would be the one just randomly robbing stores and killing people.

    56. Gazz82

      Wow even Tom pushing the bullshit vaccine. No thanks

    57. Brandon Brady

      R.I.P Nadive

    58. MrPierreBoch

      I adore Tim for his hot queen over 18

    59. Kanga The Roo

      Over average for a white male at the height of 5’ 10”... so....small?

    60. Justin Gar

      What’s with the faint laughter in the back ground, is it on a track? I thought it was nadav but it’s the same laugh every time.

    61. Flynn°-°94

      1:50:00 Gotta get Tim in The Mandalorian next

    62. B Dizzle

      Anybody have a link to the video of the Cool Guy Pastor in this episode?

    63. zankfrappé

      Tom is just as bad as yenta at Googling.

    64. joesnuffer

      Tom kicked a dude's ass in a movie. I love it.

    65. MINTYFRESH650

      That's pretty fucking weird yo. Keep an eye an Armie. Hollywood nut jobs I swear

    66. Nathan James

      Half this episode was just teaching Nadiv to google

    67. Ethan Wrinkle


    68. TheSpiceWeasel

      when chstina was ttelling of the note bill cosby left with some victims "take care of yourself ...etc." I thought the words would be "my queen above 18"

    69. Ethan Wrinkle

      Looks like a cheaply produced movie and quite frankly I don’t think I wana see it 😂. Looks kinda lame.... but congrats on the part!!! Hahaha

    70. Chloe Damone

      Home town boy Ramirez

    71. Davin Boerstler

      "...I'm a recovering attorney with an MBA who's about to be a millionaire in the next 18 months building a digital marketing agency whilst bartending..."

      1. SuperFlyIndustries

        fuck that was rough man

    72. Jerry Decker

      Elliot...definitely when best kept secrets & hidden gems literally collide...obviously, man!

    73. CricketsCoffee

      they guy with the lollipop, is that a battery made out of Jack Daniels bottles behind him???????????

    74. Derek Markham

      Watched ep330 and Tim said “won” weird way back then

    75. Emmburla

      Wasn't the accident kinda Tom's midlife?

    76. Emmburla

      Soup is stupid. Soupid.

    77. topher cabba

      i called it i said , sapp incoming on another vid lol

    78. Derek George

      Where can i watch/rent flinch

      1. Derek George

        Its not on prime

    79. blue.inbloom

      “This has got to be about 15-20 years ago” - Tom *searches 1980s* ya know, 40 years ago 😂

    80. Rutger Ruckus

      I came here for Rick G great show and this record is lit sheesh

    81. jurj

      My wife and I watched Star Wars again over the weekend and we didn't notice Leia having a British accent at all

    82. Danny Monterroso

      please loose that fucking intro


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    84. no prob

      What happens when kink shaming is a kink?

    85. Tristan Gruener

      Elon on the podcast 2021!

    86. Gonzo80

      McConaughey is living life 365.

    87. Skummy Skelly

      Mommy Teena goin back to her goth roots? Diggin this hyper pale, never goes outside, hates everyone skin tone your rockin gal. Highest and the tightest always.

    88. Alexander Muller


    89. Kris Brooks

      Salty Army

    90. Sydnie Shaw

      This is what happens when old people get a podcast.

    91. Amanda Macke

      The Nadav song is my absolute favorite jam.

    92. completenalayak

      I am 6 mins in and all they have spoken about so far is Adds and plugs.

    93. Andrew Watson

      I don’t know how Christina and Nadav didn’t pick up on the boot licking being sexual

    94. Btm1021

      10 Milli Tom is fire!!!

    95. jamie

      VW Beatle that's something the nazi got right

    96. axxionjaxxn

      Come on now, 1K likes for Christine to go on a date with the King! Come on, Christine. Don't be stingy. Just have fun with it!😀

    97. Coby Nuccio

      Bruhhhhhhhhhh that fucking tub video. Wtffffff chritinia???

    98. Isitnotmate

      lotta rape this episode FYI

    99. Earl Wolfgang

      Please help me

    100. Earl Wolfgang

      What’s the guys From the intro TikTok cause I want to follow him