MONSTER TRUCK vs Hilary Bank Fishing

Scott Martin

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    BIG BASS, Killer Bugs, Vicious Alligators and a BUNCH of craziness is what this 1v1 is all about. Hilary bank fishing versus Monster Truck Fishing.
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    1. Scott Martin

      SMASH that Like Button and share this with your friends because if we hit 5,000 likes on this video I will give away 5 more Favorite Rods! 👊🏼🔥

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        I would just like any

      2. Misty Corbit

        I like your blog they're awesome. travis

      3. Bryce Ware

        My is the Abu Garcia revo sx/vendetta casting rod and reel combo

      4. Bryce Ware

        My is the Abu Garcia Revo SX/Vendetta casting rod and reel combo

      5. Misty Corbit

        I like your KGup channel. TAVIS

    2. Jeff Fournier

      Any rod would be find with me I will put it to good use I'm poor and use cheap gear. Relentless Fisherman Fishbrain.

    3. Jeff Fournier

      Lol Scott you're having fun messing with the young ones had me cracking up. The fish in the truck was great.

    4. Michael Przybylski

      I would love the 7' 2" MH Sick Stick. Love the vids, and keep up the great work!

    5. Alex Goodson

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    10. David Sorensen

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    11. Fenderbay99

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    12. King James

      Googan Squad Rod and 2 of Your FAVORITE Rods lol.

    13. Triston Wurm


    14. SendIt718

      Y’all would make a great team after seeing what she landed at the end of her video! My rod of choice would be YOUR top rated casting rod

    15. Carson Ray

      I would like the one you had you catches your first two fish with the backlash

    16. Carson Ray

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    27. Ashley Taylor

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      You guys should sweeten the pot 1st. Fish biggest fish, last fish who ever cared the first and last fish gets to snag a rod from the other and give it to one of their subscribers and then big fish is 2-3 Rod's rigged the way you fish it work the bait your using in the video

    50. Stephen Owens

      Hex or summit.. you and wild Bill (Billy) need to do a challenge

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